Virgo Horoscope for February 2019


You will be a sensitive person during this month. You will try your best to get the things that you want. This month, your efforts will take the shape of success. If you are involved in any activity related to investigation, you are recommended not to draw conclusions without logical reasoning. This way, you will be able to decipher the things in an orderly way. You will be a wise person, bestowed with a remarkable power of reasoning and memory. You should try your best to adapt to the prevailing conditions. You will have the art of communication, which will help you in gaining benefits during this month. If you have been spending sleepless nights regarding some matters, you will be able to get rid of your problems and end your woes. You might buy a vehicle if you are looking forward to getting one under your possession. The transit of the planet Saturn in Sagittarius will help you in acquiring vehicles. This month might also pan out to be conducive for your family members, especially for your children. Your affectionate behavior and attitude towards your blood relatives will manage to win their hearts. From the career perspective, you will do the best you can and because of that, your career will advance towards development. Do your best to win the favor of your senior officials at your workplace. Do not engage in conflicts or conspiracy at your workplace, if you do not want to taint your image. You will be in the beneficial zone as far as your financial status is considered.


This month will lead to your progress in the field of finance. You will achieve success in monetary terms in whatever work you do, provided that you do it with honesty and determination. Sudden financial gains or losses are on cards during the second half of the month. Thus, you should carry out financial transactions with caution, otherwise, you might suffer from financial losses. You might also save your money on a long-term basis, as it will be beneficial for your future.


You will be more prone to injuries during the month of February. There are chances that you might suffer from some digestive tract ailment like acidity, gas, etc. if you do not consume a healthy and balanced diet. Do not delay in consulting a doctor in case a problem arises. You should not ignore your health problems if you want to keep yourself healthy.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The conditions will be favorable for your love life. You might have some problems as the month begins, but these will vanish from your sight as the days pass by. There might be some disagreements between you and your loved one. It will be better if you solve the problems in a cordial manner. The transit of the Sun in Capricorn might lead to separation of you two if you do not try your best to make your relationship work. However, married life would be happy and blissful. You will witness yourself progressing in various walks of life if you maintain harmonious relations with your spouse. You might also go on a romantic trip with your life partner as this will freshen your mood and bring both of you closer to each other.

Family & Friends

You will share a warm relationship with some members of your family and a cold relationship with the others. You should remember that maintaining a good relationship with your family can help you earn love and respect in the family. Your family members will support you in whatever you do. The health of your parents will improve and you will be showered with blessings due to the transit of the luminary Sun in the Zodiac Sign Capricorn. You will understand the point of view of your father and will get along with him well. However, there might be some occasions when you will have a difference of opinion with him. In such a situation, you should make him understand your perception in a friendly manner and you should understand his as well. You should not insult your father as it might hurt him. You might not be satisfied with your children's performance during the month of February. You might feel that they are not fully realising their potential and are performing disappointingly low as a result. You should make your children realize what they are capable of and should make them believe in themselves.


Worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays and offer him Durva. Chanting the mantra - “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”. This will lead to an improvement in your health conditions. Observing a fast on Wednesday will also ease your difficulties.

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