Virgo Horoscope for April 2019


You will be a logical thinker during the span of this month. You will perform your tasks well and this quality of yours will pave your way to success. You will possess the ability to act wisely according to a given situation and will garner praise in the society due to the same. Being a hardcore liberal, you will despise the things that shackle you in chains. Keeping your head high and advancing forward towards your goals will be your only shortcut to success. You should unveil your true potential and give yourself the chance to show the world what you are made up of. Do not hesitate to move ahead of others in the race of competition. You will be known for your remarkable efforts and the hard work that you put in your work. Your seniors will praise you and your subordinates will look up to you with respect. You will be honoured to find yourself in such a position. The conditions at your workplace will favour your growth and development and will give a boost to your career. The transit of Mercury in Pisces might lead to a delay in getting the results, but you need not lose hope as none of your efforts will go in vain. Do not lose the confidence that you have in yourself. You will get support from your relatives and will share a warm relationship with your blood relatives. You will not rely on anyone else and would not fall the victim to the problems that arise due to blind trust. You will act based on your own logic and intelligence. The month will give a steep rise to your career and you might bag a promotion as well. You will be supported at your workplace and will find a conducive atmosphere for the progress of your career. Avoid being a part of political groups or unwanted elements at your workplace. You will hang out with your pals and they will freshen your mood. There might be some ups and down at your career front, which should be tackled by you like a pro. Do not let mental stress become a reason for your health issues. Do your work with dedication and commitment. Anything that you decide to do should be completed, and should not be left midway. You might have to face financial problems if you do not spend your money wisely. You are advised to manage your expenditures and avoid extravagance. The Jupiter transit in Libra will be favorable for you and you will get better results during the second half of the month. The first half might be a bit rough, but you will be able enough to cope up with it. You should try to overcome all the hurdles that might lie on your path. Coming forward and facing your problems will help you to get rid of them. Do not run away from difficulties as they will pile up and create problematic situation situations for you. You might get a chance to visit a foreign land or go on a long trip because of the transit of Jupiter in Libra during the second half of April. There are chances that because of your problems, you might feel exhausted at a point and might decide to give up. This should be avoided at all costs as it would be detrimental to your growth. Also, you will regret this later and get stressed due to the same. So, it will be better for you not to give up in the first place. Constant efforts and tenacity will help you find a way to overcome your problems. Be positive and do not let negative people affect your thinking and actions. Maintain a timetable and do not waste your time in doing unnecessary things. You might acquire a land or a vehicle during the second half of the month. Also, those who are involved in politics will get the support of the common masses. Your social status will improve and you will earn name and fame. Students will pass with flying colours and will be satisfied with their performance. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations should not hold back in giving their best shot if they want to get the desired results. The month will end on a good note for you and you will be in a relaxed state during the last few days of the month.


You will have an average time during the month of April. You need to be aware of the market trends and the position of your competitors in the market if you want to enjoy a good income. Do not let your expenditure put a strain on your pocket and lead your way to a financial crunch. Some difficult situations might arise, but tackling them with your abilities will make them go away. Do not perform your work in a disorganized manner as it might affect the efficiency of your work. Avoid spending your hard earned money for the sake of boasting and bragging. Be very careful when carrying out a financial transaction. You should not give your money to others as a loan. If you are looking for investing your money, weigh the pros and cons before executing your plans. The latter half of the month will be better for you as compared to the first half. You will be able to find the solutions to tackle your problems. You will have the support and cooperation of your colleagues and superiors at your workplace. Perseverance will help you to achieve your goals at your workplace and will thus help you financially.


There are chances that you might acquire problems related to your digestive tract. The food that you consume during this month will have a direct impact on your health. Hence, you should make sure that you eat healthy and hygienic food. You are advised to avoid having dinner just before sleeping as it might lead to indigestion problems. Consult a nutritionist if you want to know what needs to be eaten to keep your body hale and hearty.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There are chances of arguments between couples during this month. You might not agree with the opinion of your spouse and might start a clash of words. You are advised to keep your temper in control. You might get entangled in other problems due to your relationship. You should try to keep yourself away from bickerings and brawls. Do not indulge in a fight with your peers because of your partner. Think well before you act. Do not give up in tensed situations and do your utmost to calm down the situation. Do not lose your temper over petty issues. The natives who are married will witness an improvement in the relationship. You will be in a romantic mood on several occasions and will make the most out of this month. Your participation in household activities will make your spouse proud of you. You can discuss your problems with your life partner and search for their problems. You will get wise bits of advice from your partner. They will be by your side, no matter what happens. You will be emotionally stable because of the love and support of your partner. This will make you cheerful and you will enjoy this month.

Family & Friends

Some petty issues might crop up, which might disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of your family. These problems might get all the family members get involved in the bickerings and would thus, affect their relationships. The mental stress might also affect other spheres of your life, majorly your career and your health. You will, however, have an affectionate relationship with your parents. You will feel that your parents have played the most crucial role in your life. As a result, you will realize your duties towards them and try to fulfill them. On the other hand, your parents will be proud of you and will find themselves blessed to have a child like you. An amicable relationship with your siblings will keep you satisfied during the stretch of this month. Taking the advice of your blood relatives will yield positive results. Nevertheless, you might be unsatisfied with your own offspring. Your children will not pay attention to their studies, which will make you worry about their future. You are advised to let your children understand the importance that their studies and academics hold in shaping their career, and thereby their future. Your approach should, however, be very gentle and should not involve harsh physical punishments for your kids. Doing this will lead to an improvement in the performance of your child and you will find them progressing well during the second half of the month of April. You should not be a part of the arguments that take place at your home. Avoid talking about topics that might lead to a session of disagreements and debates among your family members. Keep yourself in control and advise your family members to do the same. Do not try to dominate the other members of the family. With everyone's support, the conditions will gradually improve and you will finally be able to attain mental peace during this month.


You are advised to visit the temple of Lord Hanuman and apply the paste of vermillion (sindoor) on his idol. Offer him clover and recite Sunderkand as much as you can. Donate yellow colored objects on Thursday to increase the benefic effects of the planet Jupiter. This will help you to knock off all your problems.

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