Virgo Horoscope for October 2019


Money might be spent on auspicious tasks, but opportunities for financial gain and progress will also get better. Work done with confidence can be successful. If there is a plan to expand an existing project, then it would be successful. Your intelligence is sharp. You do every work after a detailed analysis. Therefore, your chances of achieving success increase. The time period is favourable from financial perspective as well as relations with associates. There is also a possibility of getting connected with some new persons during this month and the same would be beneficial from the business perspective. The possibility of getting friends' co-operation is high. This can help you withy your area of &


You may have to face finance-related problems during this month. Problems might arise despite putting in lot of efforts and severe hardships. You may have to deal with an economic crisis. An attempt to get economic benefit might turn to be unsuccessful. Therefore, avoid any kind of investment in this month. Care should be taken during monetary transactions. Expanding any kind of action plans or starting a new task with the objective of achieving economic benefits can prove to be disadvantageous. You should try to save money during this month. Try reducing unwanted expenditure and working in accordance to a well-thought-out strategy will get you remarkable benefits. This increases chances of an increase in overall income. There are chances of purchasing an immovable property. If you are going to receive a property from your family or a relative, then it may happen during this month. You may have to face interruptions during tasks performed for receiving economic benefits. Putting in efforts will ensure success for sure, else an economic investment can turn to be disadvantageous.


This month is not a matter of concern about health problems. No serious problems of any type are likely to arise. Occasionally, you may suffer from unnecessary illnesses which could be cured gradually. You may get bothered by any kind of viral fever. Therefore, be aware of your state of health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, the relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend are expected to get better. Every possible effort might be made to keep each other happy. Everything would become possible with the happiness of each other. You’ll be able to purchase a vehicle, house etc. with the support of each other. You may choose to gift some good things to your boyfriend / girlfriend, which will ensure a lot more love from your beloved’s side. You’ll be supported in your personal tasks. You’ll be satisfied with the behaviour of each other. There will be progress in the areas of work as well. There is also a probability of receiving social honor. Marital life is expected to improve during this month. Having good relations with husband or wife will ensure good relations with relatives as well. Any new work can be started with the help of each other. From career perspective, there is a good possibility of receiving support from your spouse. Also, you’ll be able to reap benefits from an international tour and also from your in-laws side. In this month, there may be a slight fluctuation in love relationships. However, good co-operation may be obtained from marital life.

Family & Friends

Family conditions will be favorable in this month. Due to mutual co-operation within the family, there will be chances of receiving support in each other’s area of work. With the support of the people in the family, you’ll be able to grab the opportunity of purchasing property. There is also a possibility of having good relations with your relatives. By having good rapport with each other in the family, there can be a festive atmosphere at home. There is also a possibility of auspicious events taking place at home during this month. Co-operation from others will ensure development of the house and you’ll receive honor within the family. Every member of the family will respect you wholeheartedly. You’ll have great feelings for your parents and there are chances of receiving their blessings. With the help of parents, there is a possibility of purchasing a car, house etc. There may be some problem from the child's side. However, putting in a lot of effort will ensure brilliant opportunities for your child. Children's progress may be good, which may make your mind peaceful. There is also a possibility of receiving support from the children during this month. So, the mutual harmony of the family will prove beneficial for you during this month.


You can donate green coloured articles, for example green lentil wrapped in a green coloured cloth can be given to a needy person. In addition to this, feeding cow with green fodder to cow and setting up a green garden can be good for you. You may also choose to worship Lord Ganapati.

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New Delhi, India, Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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