Aries Horoscope for April 2019


You will be packed with courage and valor. You will be energetic and will not hold back in taking up difficult tasks. You will try your best to complete your work in time. Rather than relying on others, you should have trust in your own capabilities. Your self-confidence will help you to boost up your performance and will eventually lead to the fulfillment of your goals. You will garner praise and respect in the society. If you have been trying hard to complete a particular task of yours that has been pending for a long time, you will be able to complete it during this month. The transit of Rahu in Cancer might create obstacles in your way to success but you will be able to overcome them with your hard work and persistent efforts. The month will yield favorable results in the field of love and relationships. Those who are studying or trying for competitive examinations will be able to come up with flying colors during this month. Do not let your confidence level dwindle, otherwise, it might hamper your progress at your workplace. The transit of Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Pisces might divert your attention from your goals. Do not let yourself swayed by useless things and focus on your objectives in life. You might face some problems in enjoying materialistic comforts. Curiosity will help you to gain immense knowledge about various walks of life. Students should not waste their time during this stretch of time. If you invest the proper time and efforts, you will perform well at your academic front. Your opponents will try to overpower you and you should not let them take advantage of your problems. Be prepared to face them and overcome any obstacle with all your might. There would be some conflicts and conspiracies at your workplace, which you should avoid being a part of. Journeys undertaken by you will yield favorable results. You will have a happy and blissful married life. If you plan to go abroad or start a business related to a foreign firm or company, you might have your dreams come true. Also, you are likely to gain by means of foreign connections. Health will be good only if you take care of yourself. You will find this month to be fortunate for you. However, you might have to tackle a number of difficult situations at your workplace. You should continue with your efforts and remember that your hard work will pay off. There will be some fluctuations in your financial status during the month of April. Unnecessary journeys should be avoided as they might put a strain on your pocket. Make use of your logical and analytical skills before making a decision.


You might have a rough phase at your workplace during the month of April. This might create problems in earning a good income. To avoid any financial problem, you are advised to perform your tasks with full devotion. Do not back out when it comes to investing your time and efforts. You should avoid starting any new venture or undertaking any new task by yourself during this month. Be aware of the motives of your opponents and guard yourself against their moves. Do not carry out your financial transactions with negligence. Trusting people blindly in money matters might prove to be negative for your financial status. Do not lend your money to anyone during this phase. Make sure that you do not make compromises related to money. The transit of Ketu in Capricorn might affect your career adversely. Therefore, you would be required to gear up if you do not want to suffer losses. However, the Saturn transit in Sagittarius will give a better direction to your career. You should try to get along well with your colleagues and subordinates. Respect your seniors at your workplace and earn their favor. Be aware of the activities of your competitor as well as your co-workers. They will leave no chance to bring you down on your knees in front of themselves. Trust your business partner/s, but not blindly. Making an investment for your future might help you in saving money, which would otherwise be spent unnecessarily.


You might have to spend a good amount of money to maintain the health and fitness of your body. The transit of the Sun and the planet Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Pisces might bring about various health issues in your life. Therefore, you need to take care of your health if you do not want to face the adverse situations. You as well your life partner will be more prone to falling ill during this period. As stated already, this might negatively affect your health as well as financial status. Do not set your foot on unnecessary journeys as it might degrade your health. Avoid physical exertion and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The conditions will be favorable for your love life during this month. It will be your duty to respect the opinion of your partner. Love partners will take care of each other and will find happiness in the company of each other. You might go out with your partner during the latter half of the month. You will share romantic moments throughout your journey and will be elated due to the same. A sense of satisfaction will prevail and you will try your best to keep the relationship genuine and serious. As far as married life is considered, wedded duos will have a happy time in their relationship. Your family will be happy to see the bonding that you share with your spouse. With the help of your spouse, you might have the chance to fulfill your dreams or go to a foreign land for making money. Your in-laws will be supportive and will treat you with the respect that you deserve. The health status of your life partner might degrade during the span of this month. Make sure to take good care of them. Seek medical advice when necessary.

Family & Friends

Peaceful conditions will prevail at your workplace if you keep your temper in control. Do not let your anger take a toll on you. Differences among your family members might arise and it will be your responsibility to help your family to come over these issues and see the bright side of having a family. Some of the members will have a hard time in trusting each other and this might end up creating a tensed atmosphere in your house. You should do your best to ensure that you do not indulge in any activity that might make your family misunderstand you. Try to win the respect and trust that you deserve. Be the reason that would bring a smile on the face of your parents. They will endow their blessings upon you and you will have a sense of confidence with them on your side. Maintain a harmonious relationship with your siblings. Remember that your kinsfolk will be your biggest strength in times of adversity. Domestic chores might further create a chaos in the family. You might have clashes of words with your distant relatives. Therefore, it will be better for you if you remain at a distance from them in order to keep arguments at bay. Do not get provoked if some outsider makes an attempt to sour the relationship between you and your siblings. If any quarrel takes place in your home, make sure that you tackle it at the earliest. Also, do not let it make a negative impact on your mental health as well as your performance at your workplace. Do not let others take the advantage of the problems at your home. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your loved ones. In case of business matters, take the advice of your parents and that of your elders. Treat your children with love and care. Your children will be affectionate towards you and you will be satisfied with their performance. You need not worry about the academic or career progress of your children as they will shine brightly at their respective fields.


Observe a fast on Tuesdays. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa or Sunderkand on Tuesdays will prove to be beneficial for you. You should also visit a Hanuman temple and venerate Lord Hanumana by applying vermilion (sindoor) to his idol and offer cloves too. On Saturday, immerse a coconut or a piece of coal in flowing a river/stream. Offer water to Lord Sun regularly. This will help you in shaping up your career and will also help you in getting rid of your health problems.

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