Aries Horoscope for February 2019


In the beginning of the month, your confidence level will be at its peak. You will be able to complete your tasks with ease. You will earn name and fame and your social prestige would increase. Money matters would not be a problem for you during this month. You will share a congenial relationship with your blood relatives. However, you might have to face some problems during this month if you intend to buy a new vehicle or property. The transit of the shadowy planet Rahu in the Zodiac Sign Cancer might disrupt your mental peace. Your children will be fine during this month. You will be healthy and would be able to accomplish your goals easily. However, you need to stay alert and cautious while being on road. You are advised to drive your vehicles carefully and adhere to the traffic rules. There are probable chances that you might gain money by making foreign trips. There is a probability of benefits through your spouse too. If you have been planning to start a new venture, you might begin it during this month. It is indicated that you will be able to achieve success in your endeavours. You will have a good time at your career front and will be able to get the fruitful results. You will be financially stable during this month. Your financial status will further improve during the latter half of the month and you will be able to make an impression at your workplace.


The month looks to be good as far as your financial status is considered. The transit of planet Saturn in Sagittarius will be lucky for you in terms of wealth and finance. If you are serious regarding your work, you will be able to gain monetary benefits by the same. You should try doing the tasks that will help you to boost up your financial status. If you have been planning to lend your money to some person, drop the thought of doing it during the month of February as the whole idea of it can backfire and your money might get stuck for a long time. However, you might be able to regain your money that you have given to people in the past if you keep trying for it.


Observing the position of the planets, it can be deduced that you will enjoy a good health status during this month. However, you might be prone to physical injuries during this period due to which you should be cautious and alert. Also, you should make sure to take care of your respiratory tract as well as your digestive tract as these systems will be more susceptible to damage during this month. Because of the transit of Mars in the zodiac sign Scorpio, you might have to face health issues every now and then. You need not be nonchalant about it and should seek medical advice whenever necessary. Doing this will ensure that you are physically and mentally fit. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself in shape. Avoid overeating to keep obesity at an arm’s length. Try to consume a nutritionally balanced diet.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

It is foreseen that the month of February will witness your love growing multifold. You will be able to improve your relationship with your love partner. The two transits taking place during this month- Sun transit in Capricorn and Venus transit in Capricorn will further help you strengthen your bond. Those who are married might have to face some hardships in their married life because of the transit of Jupiter into Libra. This transit might lead to a difference of opinion between the wedded duo, resulting into disagreements. To cope up with such a situation, you will be required to stay calm and patient while dealing with your spouse. If you coordinate with your loved one and seek their advice, you might be able to witness a steep rise in your career graph.

Family & Friends

There might be some problems in your home due to frequent clashes of words between your family members. You might also get embroiled in heated arguments with your family. The transit of Rahu in Cancer might disrupt the peace of the family and might also create issues in the relationship of your father and mother. Your parents will, however support you through thick and thin. It is presaged that their health might get affected during this period of time, due to which you will be required to take care of their well-being. You should make sure that they take proper medicines for their treatment. You need to take care of your children regarding their health, as an indication is there that their health status might degrade. If a problem arises in your family, make sure to combat it before it takes the form of a never-ending issue. This way, you will be able to spend a happy time with your family.


On Tuesday, mix jasmine oil in vermillion, and apply the mixture on Lord Hanumana’s idol in his temple. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa or Sunderkand will help you during tough phases. Serve the people you find outside the temple of Lord Hanumana and feed the needy. Doing this will help you fight health problems with ease and will also lead to accomplishment of your tasks. Try to refrain from wearing red clothes. Wearing yellow clothes will help you sail through difficulties.

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