Aries Horoscope for January 2017


January looks normal for health. Expected improvement will come in family. 2017 will begin on a favorable note for you. Luck will play a major role in achievements this month. The change of sign by Jupiter - Sun will lead to success and extreme self confidence in studies. Venus, lord of second as well as seventh house will also change sign with Mars, lord of ascendant and eighth house. Drive vehicles very carefully in this period of time. This month will fulfill your every interest and desires. You will successfully take out time for your hobbies. Opportunities to go on journeys are likely to come your way. Friend list will increase with new friends. However, you might lack support of family members in your tasks.


January will raise your courage quotient. By channelising your diligence you will successfully achieve your goals. Talking about finances, this month is quite favorable. Saturn is aspecting from eighth house, which is raising your workload and responsibilities. Association of Jupiter with ascendant and eleventh house will open gates for increased income and healthy body. Relation might get harmed with seniors as well as juniors. Capricorn, the sign of Saturn, is posited in tenth house; hence, you might get less support from seniors. However, Mars posited in seventh house is forming link with tenth house. Owing to this, financial life is getting directly linked to hard work, courage, and spirit. Don’t compromise with these traits of yours to gain profits in financial life. Ups & downs are possible in income. You might feel lack of guidance and knowledge in many aspects of business. Change in job is also possible. Business deals will prove fruitful.


This month is average from health point of view. You may behave exactly opposite to your actual behavior. Your slow immunity rate will make you take longer time in recovering from diseases. In the middle of the month, conjunction of retrograde Jupiter and Rahu will affect zodiac sign Aries, thereby creating health complications. Bone marrow and stomach might get affected. Pain in legs, stress in mind, and physical weakness could trouble you. Aspecting bond between Mars, lord of sign and birth sign will create aggression and provocation. Keep yourself restrained and enjoy health diet to raise prosperity and bliss.

Family & Friends

Slight ups & downs are foreseen in your married life. Family matters might give you reasons to worry. Jupiter, after getting retrograde, is in conjunction with Rahu in fifth house. This might lead to troubles in getting bliss from children. You will experience lack in domestic bliss and harmony. Keeping a check on your words will help you in fetching peace in family. Instead of doubting your children, try to trust them. Doing so will keep the relation warm and strong. Arguments are possible with spouse willing to positioning of Mars in seventh house. You will get attracted towards opposite sex. If married, be dedicated toward your partner. Retrograde Mercury in ninth house might bring partial lack in fortune and differences with friends. Yogas possible in this month are not worth taking stress. Fame & prestige could be achieved in the month end by keeping control on your behavior.


Cleanliness and purity of your diet should be your priority. Don’t do anything that has been advised not to do. Reciting Shani Stotra will keep you physically fit and mentally stable. Remaining goodness will come by establishing Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra. Wearing 7 faced Rudraksha will keep diseases at distance. Wear a Coral and forget all health ailments. Wear Coral in copper/gold in ring finger on any Tuesday of Shukla Paksha.

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New Delhi, India, Sunday, January 22, 2017
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