Aries Horoscope for April 2017


Mars, lord of sign, will transit into eighth house along with Saturn. Such a planetary movement might affect your health. You might get affected by an injury, blood disorder or even tuberculosis; hence, be careful. Get yourself medically examined. Owing to Yoga formed by Mars, you might turn aggressive; therefore, try to act calm. You might turn upset from the beginning of this month. Taking too much of work pressure might hamper your health. thus, stay alert. Intellectual activities will not excite you. Stay away from investing money in land or real estate. Make sure not to take help of illegal ways to fulfill your professional commitments. Plans of changing job need to be put on hold. Professional enemies might put some allegations on you. Time is crucial, stay attentive toward your mother’s health. Don’t ignore health issues this month.


Mars and Saturn are acting as hurdles in your courage and dedication. Investing money in hurry or taking any decision in anger might lead to regrets later. Postpone professional trips for some time. Luck seems uncertain toward you. Being honest and hard working can help you you in reaping better results. Positioning of Sun, Venus and Mercury in twelfth house are likely to drop down your confidence level. Exalted Venus will divert your attention into natives of opposite gender. Short journeys will go in vain. Use your intellectual abilities in accomplishing major tasks. Decisive ability will not be that good. Give your best on the beginning of the month to raise your income. Don’t depend on colleagues for completion of your work. Considering yourself over clever might create troubles for you. Expenses will rise on friends and journeys from the beginning of this month. You can expect control over them in the middle of this month. Your creativity, artististry, and managing skills will be at their best. This positivity will strengthen your financial life.


April is not that good for your health. Mars, lord of sign, is forming inauspicious Yoga with Saturn. In the first half of this month, Jupiter will remain retrograde and Sun will reside in twelfth house. These planetary changes will lower your immunity; thereby, making you prone to health issues. Excessive bleeding, malaria, typhoid, and pain in back, hands and legs are possible. You will feel better and healthy during the end of this month. Avoid heavy and spicy food.

Family & Friends

April will come with some problems in conjugal life. You might turn insomniac as well. Problems will start resolving after mid of this month. Addition in the number of family members is also possible. You might work toward material pleasures of your family. Health of children and spouse might get affected, be careful. New bonds and friends will add up in your life. For fortunate Arians, this bond will turn into love affair with quite long life. Change in the behavior of your children will give reasons to worry. Your thoughts might differ on some matters. Handle crucial times with understanding and affection. Time is troublesome for old flames. You might meet your relatives. Time will be spent in fun and entertainment. Arguments will spoil the bond between you and your children; hence, avoid them. Expenses seem rising up on matters of familial happiness and luxuries.


Worship Mars (Mangal) Yantra to improve your luck. Light Panchmukhi Ghee Diya in honor of Dakshinmukhi (west facing) Lord Hanuman. Also, offer jaggery and grams to the lord. You should recite Shiv Chalisa, as it will open doors of success for you. You can also wear Rudraksha. Feed jaggery and gram to cow on every Thursday.

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New Delhi, India, Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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