Aries Horoscope for October 2019


During this month, you will be able to receive monetary benefits after a lot of struggle. A large number of opportunities pertaining to success would come your way. While you’ll be able to achieve success in your area of work, there may be some unexpected expenditures associated with a particular work. Tasks undertaken with a lot of courage and strength will fetch you the expected strength. However, there is a need to stay calm and composed. Projects undertaken in a haste may re-direct you towards the path of failure. You may have to face a lot of fluctuations pertaining to your field of work. However, following a specific strategy for executing the projects will prove to be tremendously beneficial. In addition to excellence in work domain, there are higher chances of attaining a new position in your job. You’ll achieve success in the business and job-related matters. There is perfect chances of trading in money and immovable property. There is a possibility of an overseas travel becoming successful. If you’ve been struggling to travel outside in relation to some work, then there are chances of emerging as successful. Th situations would remain favourable for married couples as well. The month of October 2019 also has a clear possibility of receiving a lot of co-operation from the spouse. Although there might be some stressful situations in the work system, putting in a good amount of effort would help you in gaining huge benefits. There is a chance of connecting with some of the top professionals. Also, there is a possibility of receiving honor from a respected person at workplace. Fate will also favour you throughout this month. You will be successful in your field of work. If you are planning business expansion then the conditions may be favorable in the second half of the month. If you are trying to purchase a car or a house then your efforts might be hampered. There may be delays in the acquisition of vehicle and house due to some or the other reason. If you’re into a job then you might face stressful situations due to relations with your colleagues. Also, there may be hindrances in achieving a higher position in the company that you’re employed with. If you are a student then the month would be beneficial from the perspective of studies. However, bad association might interfere with the quality of studies. An effort to stay in good company would turn to be successful during this month. Any plans to start a new project or expansion of an existing work plan might prove unfavourable if done on 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th, 23rd and 24th October 2019. Mutual harmony within the family might get disturbed. Conditions will remain unfavorable from the health perspective. So, it becomes extremely important to take care of your health. Struggle and and stressful situations during this month also shows good prospects of receiving good profits. You might receive success during struggling times throughout this month. Being patient during an ongoing project will make you successful. You might find a brilliant opportunity of completing the tasks that you’ve thought of in the past. You may have to face stressful situations during this month. This month academic endeavours may not have smooth sailing because the stars might not be on your side and hence might not prove to be beneficial for you. A huge majority of people belonging to Aries zodiac sign might lack the openness of thoughts and an enthusiastic spirit, which is absolutely important for gaining knowledge of. Those of you who’re about to appear for competitive examinations must move in for extra education. This may be the issue that would deliver fulfillment. Further, the ones learning new languages, journalism and different varieties of mass-conversation would be equipped with the right strategies for meeting their goals in a brilliant way.


Conditions will be favorable in financial matters. Any effort to gain economic benefits will be successful. Every task undertaken with an intention to achieve the final goal will be successful. Since Saturn would be transiting in Sagittarius zodiac sign, the time period is favourable from the perspective of economic growth. Therefore, any kind of work undertaken with an intention to achieve economic benefit will be fruitful. Situations related to monetary progress will improve during this month. Although you may receive excellent cooperation from friends and relatives, you’re a person who makes an effort to perform a task on his/her own because you are brave and powerful. During this month, any intention to improve the work strategies or expansion of an existing work plan will be successful. This is a favourable time period for any kind of investment. Any kind of investment is likely to benefit you in the long run. It would be beneficial for you to be careful during monetary transactions. Try and do any work in accordance to time and situation. Your destiny will accompany you throughout this month. Overseas travel related to work is quite possible in this month and the same would benefit you economically.


There may be a possibility of any kind of problem related to health in this month. Water-borne diseases might bother you. Also, problems pertaining to lower back, an injury etc; may arise. Under such a scenario, do make sure to take very good care of yourself.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Mutual disharmony is likely to arise in romantic relations. There are chances of arguments due to some or the other kind of argument between the love partners. There are good chances of a difference in ideologies of boyfriend or girlfriend. An atmosphere of tension might arise due to intervention by a third person. Interpersonal issues may arise between the love partners. Make sure to put in extra efforts to reconcile with your partner’s ideology. Also, try convincing the partner for a casual date. Doing this would hone your love relationship and strengthen your bond of love. In addition to this, you may also choose to go on a shopping spree. This would ensure mutual harmony within your relationship. Both of you can get reap maximum benefits from trusting each other. If you’re intending to offer a proposal to someone you love, wait for sometime. There are chances of an improvement in marital life. Obtaining perfect co-operation from your spouse would enable you to achieve success in the areas of work. Your ideology is likely to match with that of your spouse’s ideology and the same would ensure success in all the ventures. Relations with your relatives are likely to get better. In this month, there is a possibility of traveling overseas along with your partner. Additionally, you might also go on a vacation.

Family & Friends

Family conditions might get worse during the month of October 2019. Due to mutual differences in the family, there can be an increase in discord within the family members. A difference in opinions of family members will lead to major arguments on a regular basis. Problems ca arise due to no specific reason(s). There might be disharmony amongst the family members. In addition to a bad state of home, there might be negative consequences on the areas of work as well. Poor family conditions might result in mental turbulence and stressful situations. The areas of work might also get impacted negatively. There may be a possibility of unexpected expenditures. If you’ve been trying to improve the condition of your family then there are chances of being successful in your initiative. However, make sure to work in accordance to time and situations. Refrain from doing a task or improving the family situation via anger or force or may might have suffer from additional losses. There is less chance of receiving parental support in this month. Problems pertaining to the health of parents or any kind of work might arise in October 2019. This would make you prone to more difficulties. Conditions regarding children might remain controversial. Any kind of problem might arise. Therefore, try and diagnose of all kinds of problems. This is the month in which you can sit up for a pleasing family harmony with only a few issues are likely to hit you because the stars are in quite an obliging temper. Throughout this month, as a result of your correct deeds towards the elderly in the family, you may have ample opportunities of benefiting in your area of work. The atmosphere comprising of a circle of might additionally remain quite first-rate with concord among the family members, and no discordant note be heard. Youngsters in the family might show extensive development in their behaviour and performance in academics and some co-curricular sports. From the perspective of financial gains, your family would witness an improvement in the flow of income. Mother and father of children appearing for aggressive tests would do quite well in order to insist on extra education, in view that this might be important for success.


Chant Hanuman Chalisa or Sundar Kand on every Tuesday. Visit Hanuman ji in Hanuman temple and offer Bundi followed by distributing the same to everyone outside the Hanuman temple. In the morning, apply vermilion and jasmine oil all over the Hanuman idol. This will reduce your physical problems and may also turn beneficial for work or career.

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