Aries Horoscope for October 2017


This month you will not take interest in intellectual things. Making plans and taking decisions should be avoided in this period of time. Your leadership qualities will come under the spotlight. Hard work will bring success this month. Courage will help you defeat hurdles affecting your luck and you will start getting the best of it. Worries related to your competitors will take away your peace of mind. Harmony of family will be disturbed owing to your child’s stubborn attitude. All you need to do is act calm and affectionate with them. Increase the auspiciousness of your luck by taking advice from your spouse. Support of mother will lead to increase in income. Following her suggestions and discussing things with her will help you enjoy success. Relation with father might get bitter; however, you can keep things smooth by taking an initiative. Enemies at workfront might get powerful and harm you in the month end. Plan ways to escape this, else your image will get tainted. Postpone foreign trips related to business. Try to take as much rest as you can. Avoid exerting yourself at work. Expenses on health can be expected by the month end.


Being humble and polite will take you in the company of powerful personalities. Credit behind your income this month will be your juniors. Business expansion is possible from abroad. Meetings will turn into success. Plans should be made keeping future in mind. Try to look for ways which will help you in coming out if financial trauma. Ego needs to be avoided owing to your talent and knowledge. Monthly budget might get affected due to expenses on someone of opposite gender. Financial concerns are expected to peak due to an increase in your expenditure. Business experiments or training will attract your attention in the mid of the month. You might get a chance to work on new plans. Avoid taking useless risks in order to make ends meet. Expenses are foreseen on journeys. Job seekers can try their luck this month as the time looks favorable. Mid of the month is the perfect time to return debts. This will improve your financial stability.


This month is not at all good for your health. This will go on till the mid of the month. Don’t increase your workload and try to work according to your capacity. Health will improve in the middle of the month and thus, expenses will fall down. Diseases related to blood pressure are likely to affect you. It would be good to keep an eye on it. Arguments and tiffs might stress you; it’s advised that you lower your anxiety issues and focus on living a happy life. Some health ailment might affect your mother’s well being this month.

Family & Friends

Your spouse will support you in the best possible ways. Time is extremely good for familial happiness. Mother’s affection and support will be with you throughout. Auspicious deeds are possible in family. This month is great for income. Workload might affect your love life. Parent’s blessings will bestow success and glory in your endeavors. Troubles are possible from children; hence, be careful.


Observing fast on every Thursday will be beneficial for you. Besides this, wear one faced Rudraksha for the betterment of your livelihood. Offer gram and jaggery to a cow on Thursday.

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