Aries Horoscope for February 2017


This month seems progressive for you. Ketu is travelling in your eleventh house. Saturn posited in eighth house is aspecting your tenth house. This sort of Yoga lead to unexpected financial profits in professional life. Jupiter is retrograde this month. It might create situation of ups & downs in financial life by associating with Rahu from fifth house. Health looks stable in this duration. Mental troubles might affect you. February is good for students and they will successfully achieve higher education. Innovative ideas might strike your mind. Success quotient is very high for professionals belonging to technology, medicine, computer science and civil services. Your interest will develop in Tantra-Mantra and mysterious subjects. Your confidence will remain heightened. Foreign trip related to studies is possible. Your fame is likely to increase. Entertainment and joyful activities will gain your attention. Financial status will improve comparatively. Business will grow tremendously along with possibilities of expansion. Business sources will increase. Ideas to do major tasks or you can say something innovative might originate in your mind. Control on your tongue is a must at workplace. Sun, being in tenth house, is spoiling relation with authorities by positing in Capricorn, the sign of Saturn. Change in job or expulsion from it are also possible.


Self confidence is what you need to keep this month. An optimistic approach can help in keeping away all the troubles possible at workplace. Delay in business endeavors will add up to your expenses. Your continuous hard work and dedication will help you in improving your financial life. Owing to Rahu’s influence, you might turn over ambitious. Your astrological readings predict Saturn Dhaiya prevailing on you. As a result, mental stress and struggle might increase. Government matters might lead to troubles, as Sun is posited in your tenth house. Earning in business seems going up. Friends and colleagues will help in accomplishment of endeavors and fetching profits. However, expenses will also rise on equal pace. Enemies and opponents will be at their worst best. New endeavors need to be avoided. Investment in share market might lead to losses, be careful. Your leadership qualities might decline in the month end. Try to finish major tasks before this period. February is a blessing for writers, publishers, novelists, accountants, bankers, and professionals associated with education.


Physical ailments like indigestion, acidity and high blood pressure might attack you this month. Keep yourself away from spicy, fried, and similar food. Shani Dhaiya might become the reason behind headache, muscles, shank (leg) and pain in joints. Besides this, oral diseases are also possible. Expenses might increase due to these complications. Instability of some sort will go in your mind. This phase will make you generous, but mental stress won’t leave your side. End phase of the month might lead to increase in these issues. Be very attentive towards your health and avoid doing work which involve physical force. Alertness is needed toward health of children as well. Be very careful while driving any vehicle.

Family & Friends

Your children might annoy you this month. However, familial atmosphere will remain stable. Last week of this month seems causing stress in family. Control on temper and anger can help you in putting stress at rest. February is definitely not the month for love birds. Even married couples might lack satisfaction. However, you will feel good with friends and might make new friends as well. You will get many opportunities to spend time with them, go on outings and fulfill your every desire. Any auspicious activity is foreseen happening in your home. Expenses are likely to be made by you on your spouse. February is all about being calm and patient. You will enjoy affectionate bond with your parents. Health of child looks getting affected for some time. Rahu posited in fifth house along with retrograde Jupiter is forming possibilities of ideological differences with children. It might eventually lead to distance between you and them. Profits are strongly foreseen from journeys.


Feed grains to the birds, as it will improve your astrological conditions. Wear 3 faced (Teen Mukhi) Rudraksha on a Tuesday. Chanting Hanuman Chalisa for 40 days and offering jaggery, grams and Chola (sacred cloth) to Lord Hanuman on the 40th day will bring auspiciousness. Arians troubled by problems related to workfront should wear one faced (Ek Mukhi) Rudraksha. Be dedicated toward your spouse for a blissful conjugal life.

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New Delhi, India, Saturday, February 25, 2017
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