Gemini Horoscope for April 2019


You will be a champ at decision making and your analytical skills will be at par with those of experts. You will think well before taking up any task and will plan your strategies in advance. This will help you in doing your work in an organized fashion, which will eventually lead you to success. You will be able to finish your work in time and this will pack you up with a sense of satisfaction. You should try to be friendly with others during this month in order to get the favour of others. Also, some of these friendly terms will help you in the long run. Hard work will be the key to your success. Use your brain in order to dodge problems that might try to strike you. Do not make unnecessary compromises and stand by what you think to be the right decision. Avoid acting on impulse as it might ruin your chances of success. Execute your plans with full confidence in yourself and avoid relying on others. Do not let yourself be swayed by the opinions of others and do not jump to conclusions. You might gain in the real estate sector during this month. However, there might be some delays in obtaining the money. Be patient as you are bound to get the positive results. The Rahu transit in Cancer might create some issues in money matters. Be cautious when you deal in finance so that you do not have to suffer from losses. You will witness a steep rise in your career graph and will be able to get a promotion or an increment in your salary at your workplace. Students will get the chance to give their best in the field of education. They will get good marks and make their family proud of them. You will be liberal in your thoughts and will be open-minded. You will not like the interference of others in your tasks. Because of this attitude of yours, you might have to face problems. Be gentle in your approach to let people understand your point. Do not hesitate to take help from others when required. You will be a charmer blessed with a magnificent power of speech. You will grow at your career front due to this. You would develop the habit of changing yourself in order to adapt to the given situations. This ability of yours will prove to be very beneficial for you in the long run. You will be more inclined towards sports and other physical activities. You will find yourself to be an admirer of beauty. You might as well choose professions like interior designing and games to turn your hobbies into your profession. Thus, you will find happiness in what you do. You would also perform well at singing, dancing, and other cultural activities. If you are planning to buy a new house or vehicle, you will be able to do it. But you are advised to wait for some time because buying a new property or vehicle during this month would not prove to be beneficial for you. However, if you need to buy it during this month only, you are advised to do it in the second half of April. You might get to travel a lot during this&


You will witness yourself advancing towards your betterment at your career front. The workload on you will increase, but you will manage to do all your tasks efficiently. Your hard work and dedication will be acknowledged by your seniors and appreciated by your colleagues. Along with respect, you will receive monetary benefits because of your efforts. You will immerse your mind and soul in your work and this will prove to be an amazing turning point in your career. If you are involved in a business, you will get profits during the month of April. Also, entrepreneurs will get a chance to showcase their skills and make their dreams come true. Your confidence and hard work will be the main factors that will lead you to success. You will be able to see miraculous results in your endeavors by the end of April. None of your efforts will go in vain and you will find out more ways to make money. A number of options will be available for you and you should think well before making a binding choice. Benefits from the real estate sector are also probable. If you plan to invest your money, you can do it in the latter half of the month. You might get support from your business partners during this month. You should avoid giving your money to others as you might need that money sooner or later and at that time, the person might not return your money. Apply your skills to bring out the best in you so that you can enjoy a financially stable life.


You might have to face skin related problems during the span of this month. Keeping your body clean and maintaining personal hygiene will help you to keep skin problems at an arm's length. You might feel physically weak and are therefore advised to pay attention to your diet. Consult a dietician and consume a balanced and nutritional diet. You can make use of food supplements if required. Your health should be on top of your priority list and you should remember that health is wealth. There are chances of blood-related health problems too, so you are supposed to take care of your body so as to guard yourself against them.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

It is anticipated that your love life will improve during the course of this month. Lovebirds will get many chances to spend quality time in the company of each other. Romance and passion will give a new direction to your relationship. You might surprise your partner with gifts and presents. This might but a bit of pressure on your pocket but will definitely bring a smile on the face of your love partner. The results will provide you a feeling of contentment and you will fathom out that the deed was worth doing. Your relationship will further improve during the latter half of the month and you will realize what importance your loved one holds in your life. With the support of your partner at every step, you will progress in every sphere of life. The transit of the planet of love, Venus in Aries will be favorable for your love relationship. Married couples will have an average life during this month. You will understand your partner, but the transit of Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius might lead to frequent brawls and disagreements between the two of you. You might fight over petty issues, which would disrupt your relationship. It is advisable that you do not get embroiled in heated arguments with your spouse. If you face any problems in your married life, take some time and find an opportunity to talk about it with your partner. Do not force your decisions or opinions and respect their point of view. Make sure that you do not utter any word of disrespect that might offend your spouse. Try to be the counterpart that your spouse can always count on. You will have a good relationship with your life partner if you make efforts for the same.

Family & Friends

There are chances that you will get to hear some good news from your family front. This news will create a wave of happiness in your family and the members will be delighted upon hearing the news. There might be an addition of a new member in your family in form of a marriage or a childbirth. If a marriage ceremony is destined to take place in your home, it will bring your family members closer to each other. Your parents will lend their support to you in performing all household activities and you will also cooperate with them. Some issues might crop up during this period and you are strongly recommended to tackle them at the earliest. Do not let these problems take the form of a mountain out of a molehill. Do not ignore domestic issues and take out some time to deal with them. You will get support from your friends during this time and will find out who your true friends are. Also, you should not hold back in helping your friends as a friend in need is a friend indeed. However, you should not trust anyone blindly as it might harm you. Keeping cordial relationship with your parents and siblings will help you attain peace of mind and a feeling of happiness. Do not forget about your responsibilities towards your family and fulfill them with dedication.


You should venerate Lord Ganesha and donate green colored objects on Wednesdays. Feeding green fodder to cows and offering water to Lord Sun will prove to be favorable for you. Chant Hanuman Chalisa daily as it will help you to gain confidence and overcome the problems in your life. Doing all these remedies will help you to have a healthy body and mind and will shape your career as well.

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