Gemini Horoscope for June 2019


You are a wise and intelligent person and hence your ability to think and understand is good. If you are performing any task then do it with full responsibility. Still, in this month, situations can be stressful due to the money related gains from real estate. Your relations with your close relatives can worsen and you may have to encounter many problems related to money matters. In case of collection of money, you can stay behind. Because of which your financial problems may have an increase. Therefore, it may be beneficial for you to perform any task with great discretion. It can be better for you to do any work while taking full responsibility of it other than taking it in otherwise. Any work done with courage and strength can lead to good success. If you do service then it will be better for you in terms of position in this month. The later half of the month can increase to be better. If your are trying to achieve a position, then there is a possibility of gaining good success and you can benefit from good contact with any of your high officials. Every work done by courage and heroism is likely to give great success. If you are a business person, then you can get good support from your colleagues and there may be good progress in the field of your work. You may have to face many strainful and stressful situations to get a car or a home. There are good opportunities for you to get respect for social values. If you planning to sell a property, you can do this later in this month. If you are a politician then you can get good opportunities to gain political benefits in this month and you can even get support from the public because the Sun is transiting in the Taurus with Mercury, which is better for the political advantage. You may have to face family problems. In the case of outside travel and marriage, your conditions will be normal. If you are trying to travel outside or trying to get out of work related to it, then they can be successful in achieving it. However, your married life can be normal. You can be hard over to your enemies but it is better if it does not fall into any kind of unnecessary confusion. In this month, your fortune will accompany you and you are likely to achieve success in whatever work you do. However, only after putting in a lot of trying and effort, this situation can happen. From a business perspective, this month can prove to be advantageous for you. So, keep continuing your efforts. Your economic conditions can also remain strong even in opposite conditions.You can achieve success in any work done with sheer hard work and diligence. If you are doing any kind of transactions related money with someone, then it will be better for you if you try to be careful. There can be situations in which you can become a victim of some kind of injury,accident etc. So try to be cautious and when you driving a vehicle, then try to be more careful. Do not indulge in any work that needs unnecessary thinking, and only perform such works that need your stability and seriousness. By which you can get good amount of success within time. There are indications that your working life will usually give you auspicious results. Therefore, any work can prove to be fruitful as time passes by.


You should try to be careful in terms of money during this month and you should also carefully perform any work, these steps can be beneficial for you. Even in the adverse circumstances, which are opposite of hard working, there are chances of having economic benefits. However, you can gain the benefits with the work done with stability and seriousness. As Mars is transiting into Capricorn, which is likely to be economically damaging, and in such situations, if you have given money to someone and now you are trying to take it back, then you will not be successful in such cases. There can be disputes related to some kind of property, due to which there can be an increase in your economic loss. Situations can turn into opposite regarding the work related to your economic conditions, because the Jupiter is transiting in Libra, which can be better in terms of your career and outdoor traveling. However, due to problems, these areas can have a bad effect. Therefore, you will need to improve your workings to overcome your financial problems. There are very good situations rising regarding the real estate acquisition. Therefore, do not invest money in real estate acquisition. Investments can be better in terms of business expansion plans or any new work. You may have to face financial problems this month. Problems can arise due to unnecessary run behind work operations.


An alarming situation may arise in this month about health. Due to frequent health problems, there are also possibilities of suffering from physical problems. There are possibilities of getting any kind of injuries, etc, and blood-related disorders could arise. In such cases it is important to take care of your health. Apart from this, you may also have to face some type of stomach related infections.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

In this month, the mutual harmony can be better between the boyfriend/girlfriend. With proper understanding between you both you can reach out to accomplishing any work. The better the harmony between you both the better will be the performance in your working areas. If you want to have some kind of mutual discussions or want to talk about any proposal in this month, then you can do it. You can also consider talking and discussing about taking a step forward in your life. In this month there are possibilities of traveling around in terms of journey related travels. You can go out to roam with your boyfriend/girlfriend. There are chances of stress being arising in your married life. The harmony between you and your wife/husband might be deteriorating. Having concerns regarding small small verbal fights between you both are reasons to see a rise in mutual stress. Due to this, your family problems can increase. In some field of work, there is a possibility of not receiving the support of your life partner. You can observe effects of this on your in-law's and on your outer traveling. if you try then the conditions can turn to be favorable for you. The mutual harmony between the husband/wife can be sweet. In the latter part of the month,due to your mind being in a happy state, there can be a change in the relationship between the husband and wife. Conditions are being favorable in terms of love relations. However, situation can be stressful in your married life. In this month you are likely to get success if you keep trying.

Family & Friends

The harmony within the family can deteriorate. Difficulties may arise due to unnecessary striving. There will be less sympathy with each other. Due to having excessive problems in the family, it can lead you to mental unrest and stressful situations. There will be situations in which it may happen that you may have to travel with your family this month. There are possibilities of mutual reconciliation with your parents and there is a possibility of receiving support from your favored friends. With some help from one of your friends your good work can be successful. There can be a rise in worrisome events from children’s side. Anxiety worrisome situation can arise. Because of your children there are possibilities of mental unrest and dissatisfaction. There are chances for you to get the cooperation from your children, but circumstances can be problematic due to unfavorable conditions. Due to domestic disputes, your working areas can have a bad effect on your career. If you are maintaining harmony along with your parents, and if you keep on trying to make efforts in any work then you may definitely achieve success. Along with the people you may face some troubles and even problems may arise with some people. However, efforts put in the right direction will resolve the conflicts with each other and this can favor you and influence you in your work life. You can be successful in carrying out any work by having a discussion with the people of the family. You may have to use your diplomacy. You may have to work very hard to make everyone be together. According to time your coordination can be good.


In this month, you should worship Hanuman Ji the most and on Saturday, light a lamp filled with sesame oil in the Shani temple and in front of a Peepal tree. Apart from this, donating black goods on Saturdays can be beneficial for you. On Tuesday, putting Bundi in Hanuman temple and serving Hanuman Ji can be beneficial for you.

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