Gemini Horoscope for October 2019


During this month, you’ll embrace new avenues of money acquisition. Your physical pleasure resources are likely to increase. There may be an increase in the count of opportunities to perform new tasks. In addition to this, there are a high possibility of getting connected with a dignitary during this month. This would assist you in becoming successful careerwise. You are a wise individual. Your ability to think and understand is quite impressive. It is due to this reason that maintaining warm relations with everyone aids you in completing tasks successfully. Throughout the year 2019, the combined consequences of Jupiter and Saturn might help you to show your mettle for your career area. This will be a great period to widen your horizon in terms of commercial enterprise ventures. A new section of existence awaits you during this era pertaining to your professional arena. You should no longer be content with your current achievements, rather aim for the moon. There might be a few bloodless-shoulder technique from colleagues this year. Be cautious about their moves and try to earn the goodwill of authorities at your place of work. There could be a sluggish but regular progress of your profession discipline this year. Teamwork pays off now throughout this era for Gemini guys. The love existence of Gemini natives might be full of vigour and flavour this year. Jupiter's position would help enhance you emotionally and you will be extra enthusiastic to your love lifestyles. The unmarried ones would be able to up-scale their level of appeal to address the other sex. Your social existence expands now just in time to enhance your love lifestyles as nicely as possible. There would be a whole lot passion, pride and sensual movements to your love region this year. However, some of you would possibly keep a grudge against their partners as a result of an experience wherein your feelings or feeling aren't being retaliated as per expectation. Then, there are those Gemini men who might be caught among two parallel relationships simply to end the year on a bad note. To keep away from additional complications, its way better to prune your relationships periodically. The year might see a few separations, reconciliations and twists and turns in your love vicinity. Obstacles may arise in the case of money collection and there is a possibility of financial loss due to sour relations with your friends and relatives. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious with your relatives. Refrain from making them a part of your business processes as the same would cause you financial loss. If you’re into a job then there is an excellent chance of attaining a higher position. However, these conditions would be possible during the first half of the month. You should try maintaining good relations with your higher officials at workplace. Doing this would ensure a higher success rate in your area of work and you’ll receive good support from colleagues. If you are trying to purchase a vehicle or a house in this month, then your effort may turn to be successful. Sun alongwith Mercury is transiting in Virgo zodiac sign and this movement is beneficial for purchase of home and vehicle. Guru is transiting in the Libra zodiac sign and this is quite beneficial in terms of achieving success in the field of education. During this month, you’re likely to get interested in religious activities and may benefit from a good fortune pertaining to work. Overseas travel is likely to be successful during this month. You’ll be profited via the support rendered by a close friend. You need to be careful about your health. From a professional point of view, fields such as printing press, education, finance, export etc. might prove benefitting. There’s a need to be vigilant in financial matters. Otherwise, you may have to face any kind of financial problems. Small drawbacks might lead to major issues. Therefore, handling a job responsibly and actively would turn to be absolutely fruitful. In this month, there is a good possibility of receiving less support from your spouse. This would lead to problems in your area of work. It is necessary to do a proper analysis before doing any work on dates viz: 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 30th during this month. If possible, do not try to work on a new project or fix a meeting on these days. If you are planning for some kind of investment during this month then it is recommended to wait for sometime. Time period isn’t too favourable for the same. You may have to face heavy financial losses. There’s a need to be alert regarding your enemies. Do not try to create any kind of tension. Deliberately doing everything according to time and situations would be fruitful.


Conditions regarding economic benefits can be stressful. Unnecessary dispute may arise during monetary transactions. Also, there are changes of money getting stuck somewhere and you may have to face numerous troubles for extracting the amount. Therefore, be very careful about monetary transactions and be aware of any kind of economic benefits. Any attempts to save money are likely to fail during this month. Since Dragon’s Head is transiting in Cancer zodiac sign, the month is not favourable for money acquisition. Money-related tension might arise from your relatives’ end. So, refrain from lending money to all of your relatives. Works done with an intention to gain economic benefits are likely to get completed on-time. You’re likely to succeed in extension of an existing work plan. However, you may have to wait for receiving economic benefits. Fate would accompany you and there is a huge possibility of receiving economic benefits from your field of work. If you invest in any kind of overseas work, then you’re likely to receive benefits. The conditions are likely to be favorable in the second half of the month. Situations might cause you mental unrest and tension. There may be problems pertaining to time.


There is a possibility of health problems affecting you during this month. You may suffer from any kind of unnecessary stomach-related disorder, an injury, pimples or any skin-related infections. Hence, it is important to take care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love affairs will remain good during this month. Good feelings are likely to arise for each other. There are chances of receiving love from each other and this love would play a vital role in ensuring successful completion of projects. If you want to go somewhere with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then you can go during this month. You can also share things popping up in your mind. You can also provide any kind of personal proposal to someone. Major problems are likely to arise due to minor issues. Therefore, it is important to maintain a good ideology in addition to believing in each other. Only then, your relations with your partner will improve and you’ll receive support in your area of work. Situations regarding marital life will remain stressful. There are chances of family life getting spoilt due to mutual differences between the husband and wife. There might be a possibility of staying away from each other due to some or the other reason. Due to non-cooperation from spouse, you might have to face huge financial losses. Family support is necessary. Therefore, you may be expected to put in additional effort to maintain a warm relationship with your husband or wife. There are good chances of receiving success by putting in extra efforts and also the interpersonal relations will improve by great bounds and leaps.

Family & Friends

Family conditions will remain normal during this month. Interaction with family members is bound to get better. Good feelings are likely to arise for each other. Any task can be completely successfully with confidence and collaboration with other members of the family. Having a mutual association with the family members will ensure the existence of Goddess Lakshmi in the house and also the sustenance of all kind of comforts. Reconciling with the ideologies of family members would ensure overall welfare and development of the family. Receiving support from each other will also bring success for the entire family. There is a possibility of having good relationship with mother, father, brothers and sisters. Also, you’ll be provided support from one and all. You may be able to complete any task successfully in this month because you’re likely to find good support from the family. You are likely to receive your parents' blessings and luck will be by your side during this month. You’ll be satisfied with the projects handled by your children. There is also a possibility of receiving support of children in this month. So, it would be good for you to ensure mutual harmony with everyone in the family. You are a responsible person and are also capable of gaining the confidence of family members. Therefore, you need to make continuous efforts towards family welfare and development.


Donate green coloured items on every Wednesday and also worship Lord Ganesha. Serve students and render them every possible support. By doing this, all kinds of physical problems will stay at bay. Apart from this, you may also choose to feed green fodder to cow.

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