Leo Horoscope for April 2019


You will like to be a free bird during this month. You will not like anything or anyone that would put you in chains. You will take decisions based on your own skills. You would like to work on your own and would despise any interference from others. Your ambitions will be sky-high and you would try your best to achieve your goals. Your hard work and perseverance will help you to bag a promotion or a hike at your workplace. You will try hard until you succeed and this attitude of yours will push you towards your betterment. You will be a courageous person and will perform all your tasks with dynamism and enthusiasm. You will be spontaneous and will not refrain from doing something that will be good for you and the society. Unexpected profits will are predestined for you in the month of April. Progress at your career front will bring about a positive change in you that will further push you towards your own improvement. You will not accept defeat until you gain victory over your opponents. Your trust in yourself will be the major factor determining your success. You will get along well with some of your relatives and might start a business partnership with them. You might as well consider some of your trustworthy friends for the same purpose. Be very cautious in money matters and do not be an emotional fool as people will not skip a chance to trick you. Your business will expand and you will gain profits out of it.Good position at your workplace will keep you satisfied and will make your family overjoyed over it. The Jupiter transit in Libra will be favourable for the growth and development of your career. You should try to give your best shot as all your efforts will be rewarded during the span of this month. You should realize the fact that time and tide wait for none and should understand the value of time. Do not waste your precious time as it might adversely affect you. On the other hand, you need to remember that performing tasks in a haste would end up in creating a muddle. Try to work in an orderly and organised way and get your things done in time. Keep your anger in check. Losing your temper might disrupt your relationships and would entangle you in problems. Think well before you act and execute your plans with accuracy. You will receive a good amount of money during the second half of the month of April. You will be able to fulfill your duties at your home. You should respect your parents and serve the elderly. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations should gear up and work hard to achieve the desired results. Some of the students will get the chance to get enrolled in a prestigious institute of their choice. Do not rely on others for help and be independent in your life. You are recommended against going on long journeys in this month. These will put a strain on your health and create problems in your marital life. If necessary, schedule the trips in the latter half of the month. Financially, you will be satisfied. Good earnings will compensate for the rise in expenses that you will have during the span of this month.


At your career front, you will be able to get profits. Your efforts will give positive outcomes and you will be happy due to the same. Your business will expand and monetary benefits will fall into your lap. You will be able to save an ample amount of money for future use. You can also earn a good interest from a bank if you carefully choose the scheme that is the most beneficial for you. You will be financially strong and will be able to carry out your work according to your convenience. The real estate sector will pull you towards itself. Your interest in this field will shower upon you innumerable benefits. You will be able to repay your loans. However, you might have a hard time in getting your money back from someone who borrowed it earlier. At the same time, you should avoid lending your money to others as it would not be easy for you to recover that money back. Do not let financial problems put a strain on your health. You should remember that every problem has a solution and you just have to look for it. Do not lose hope and advance in the forward direction.


There are chances of getting pimples, acne, and lesions in your skin. Also, injuries are highly probable during this month. You need to take care of yourself and consult a dermatologist as and when necessary. You might have to endure pain in the pelvic region of your body and might suffer from fever during the span of this month. You will be able to keep yourself hale and hearty if you try to. Avoid physical exertion and lifting heavy weights. Breathe in fresh air and have adequate sleep. Let your body take its time to recharge itself. Pay attention to your health and do not ignore any downfall in health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month will be ecstatic for lovebirds as they will get plenty of time to spend with their loved ones. People belonging to the Zodiac Sign Leo would be able to communicate their feelings with the one whom they love. It is anticipated that your love proposal will be accepted&

Family & Friends

You will have a good relationship with your parents and every member of your family will lend their support to you. You will get help from your family that will lead to a boost in your career front. It is suggested that you take the advice of your parents and your elders before making a big decision as it will prove to be favorable for you. You should not do anything against the wish of your parents. Respect and serve the elderly members of your family. You should remember that whatever your family members tell you, they do it for your betterment and do not mean any harm. You should never be disrespectful towards them as it might hurt them deep down. An auspicious activity might be organized in your home premises which will bring about your family members closer to each other. You might begin something new during the second half of the month with the help and support of your family members. Starting a family business will be beneficial for you and your family. Your siblings will share a cordial relationship with your siblings and they will show you that blood runs thicker than water. They will lend you support whenever you will need them. Your children will look up to you as an example and you should try your best to set a good example for them. The transit of Mars in Sagittarius will be beneficial for your domestic life and for your children. You might get blessed with an offspring. You will be required to take care of your newborn. A new friendship might blossom during this month. This might even turn into a business partnership that might help you earn profits in the long run.


You should immerse a piece of coal or coconut in a flowing river/stream on Saturday. Bundle up black lentils in a black colored cloth and donate them to the needy. Offer water to Lord Sun daily in the morning and chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly. This will help you in terms of health as well as at your career front.

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