Leo Horoscope for August 2019


You are courageous and brave in addition to being highly ambitious. You’ll continue to crave for a higher status. Attempts to hold a grip in the administrative area can be successful. But, you may have to face a lot of competition and stressful situations. During the initial days of the month, i.e. 10th and 11th August 2019, launching a new project or taking an important business decision might turn to be disastrous. The month will also witness an increase in expenditures. Hence, keep a tab on your expenses. You may have to travel more often throughout August 2019. So, plan your travel according to the real need. Opportunities for economic growth are likely to come your way. However, relation with your top officials may lead to a tense situation in your career. Work can be bad. Therefore, maintaining a warm relationship with your high officials and your colleagues can be fruitful for you. Ditch the though of gaining benefits quickly. You might face certain challenges but fate is supporting you. Works done with dedication and hardwork will complete on time. Since Mars is passing through Capricorn zodiac, luck will shine upon you despite all the stress and challenges on the work front. Some tension related to property might bother you. So, do not try to engage with your enemies. You may emerge successful in legal cases. Overseas travel would turn to be successful and bring you new prospects. Marital life will be fulfilled. You may expect support from spouse on important work matters. Situations pertaining to money might build stressful situations. With Mercury passing through Cancer zodiac, you may face stressful situations on the financial side. Having more expenses can also cause mental problems. Try doing a task with a consistent and serious approach. Your anger or hasty decision may be a disadvantage. So, you might pose as a trouble-maker during certain situations. Some hidden issues might keep you under a lot of stress. Be careful of any fraud during a transaction.


This month will witness difficulties on the financial front. Economic benefits will be obtained after a great deal of struggle and hardships. Make sure to consolidate all your hard-earned money. Avoid trading in money. Refrain from donating money as it may land you in a troubled situation. Destiny will accompany you. Efforts made to gain economic success wouldn’t go in vein. You are a courageous individual and possess the capability of performing any kind of job. Consider time and situation to gain economic benefits. Work schemes will fetch you monetary gains. You can proceed with expanding the work regime for a particular project. Conditions will be favorable after this month. Therefore, try to launch any new work in the second half of this month. Do not make your relatives a shareholder of any kind of economic benefit. Attempting to act by yourself can lead to good success. Support from a relative might cause loss or fraud. So, be very careful. In terms of finance, 2019 looks promising. Constraints and obstacles will constantly come your way however they will now not be able to keep you back for a long time and all your dreams would be fulfilled. Any kind of stagnant finances are likely to be trimmed. You may also want to liquidate and encash your investments throughout the month of August 2019. On topics of finance do not take decisions in a haste. Take decisions intelligently in order to stay away from any financial burden that might lessen your financial savings. Keep a vigil eye on all your finances so as to prevent from falling prey to the few hardships that might come to you during this month. Some situations might pop up, wherein you might be asked to spend money for your near and dear ones. However, stay away from such emotional financial disturbances as a whole lot because it might cause damage in the long run. Organize your budget nicely in a way that if any money owed and loans need to be taken, they may be paid off without any problem. There is nothing especially advantageous as per monetary prospects during this month, notwithstanding the relationship of a few educated individuals of extraordinary stature. The month would see the vast majority of you working very hard but not receiving success.


During August 2019, conditions related to health will remain normal. Small health issues like cold and cough might pose as a problem. This month your health will see both high and low states. You may want to stay wholesome throughout the month but a number of fitness troubles might pop up during different points of time. Weak point of the frame and mind are likely to increase. Stay calm and composed because this is the simplest way to regain power of mind and frame. You ought to make sure that you are following a healthy weight-reduction plan and workout session on a regular basis. Even during workout, understand that physical exertion is not prescribed, so do take rest each time needed. Pressure and strain are on the cards around the middle of the month. Headaches would possibly rise up, so stay alert about your fitness.Ensure to get engaged in daily activities that will hold your mind and body and keep you relaxed. Rejuvenating the mind and body should be on top of your priority list. Standard fitness might not be too suitable throughout this month but exercise sessions will help you meet your goal of maintaining a healthy and fit mind and body. Other important points to be kept in mind include lowering stress levels and not overworking. Seasonal viral may also affect you. You might have to suffer from problems related to feet and bones. So, take good care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month is favourable for love affairs. A long-pending work may get completed with the support of your girlfriend/boyfriend. A collaborate effort by girlfriend/boyfriend will ensure on-time completion of a particular task. The efforts made towards gaining economic benefits are likely to be successful. There is a possibility of foreign tour and a healthy interaction between the two partners. The mutual ideology of partners will be sufficient to solve any kind of problem. If you want to give any kind of proposal to your partner, go ahead with it. You should gift good things during this month. Conditions will be favorable for married couples. The ideologies of husband and wife would match. There’s a possibility of receiving support from your partner. Even the in-laws would support you. Overall, the month is favourable for love affairs and weddings.

Family & Friends

The month shows a probability of deterioration in the integrity of families. High chances for a dispute are also predicted. There can be a dispute about any kind of movable property. Therefore, efforts to strengthen domestic relations in this month can prove to be commendable. You have an excellent ability to keep your home organized and interact with other family members. You need to be sympathetic towards other members in the house in order to avoid problems. Economic growth might be interrupted due to domestic disputes. Your ambitions may fail. Hence, you’ll be expected to play a key role in the family. Things might get sour with parents as well. Additional expenses are predicted on the health of parents. So, do take proper care of your father and mother and respect them. Children will make you happy and you’ll be stress-free about their education. Make efforts to maintain harmony within the family. The month of August 2019 does not foreshadow too well for your family welfare, since the stars are in none excessively positive a state of mind. There is a particular probability that some of you would create genuine contrasts with your sibling, which could prompt unsavory circumstances. Fiscally, additionally, all of you may not do too well, such a circumstance making potential outcomes of obligations which would add to the weight. In light of the current situation, you would do well to design your costs well ahead of time, getting ready for possibilities. Youngsters would likewise require additional consideration, and may not demonstrate the coveted train and earnestness in their examinations.


Offer water to Sun on a daily basis. Also, recite the Aditya Hridaya stotra. Donate red items on every Sunday. Do meditation and yoga as this would increase your concentration level and improve your overall physical fitness. Additionally, you’ll excel in your career and stay healthy.

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