Leo Horoscope for October 2019


Your interest in religious activities and social domain is likely to increase during this month. Your respect and honour is likely to increase. Works undertaken with self-confidence are likely to create excellent economic prospects. Also, relations with relatives will get better during this month. Conditions may get better with the addition of some new people. Also, you’re likely to become successful in your area of work. You are an ambitious person. Also, you are quite courageous. You are capable of handling any type of task responsibly. Therefore, situations regarding work are bound to improve during this month. If you’re into a job then there are good chances of achieving success. Your colleagues will offer you the right kind of support and you’ll grow economically. You’re also likely to receive commenedable support from favored friends. If you are thinking about purchasing a car or house this month, then there may be some disruption in the same. However, the situation is likely to get better in the second half of the month. If you are a politician then you may have to face your opponents more often. You may have to work under a lot of mental turmoil and stress. However, continuous efforts would improve the public relations. There would be progress related to academics. If you are planning to do some course related to studies, then you’ll be successful in the same. There is an excellent possibility of staying physically fit throughout the month of October 2019. While your enemy would be in a weaker position, it is always better to refrain from getting confused during project handling. The enemy should never be considered weak. An international tour during this month would be successful. Travelling overseas for work will fetch you expected results. Marital life is bound to improve during this month. You can get a lot of support from your spouse. Fate will also work well. You’ll be successful in fulfilling work-related plans. After the 17th of October, Sun would be in a low-grade zodiac sign and this may assist your enemies in causing you harm. So, it is necessary to be vigilant. Unconditional conflicts and stress may arise within the family and the same may affect your work negatively. You are a person of fiery tendency. You attempt to finish any work as soon as possible and the same may cause interruptions in your projects. You need to be alert and active in the second half of this month; irrespective of the matter. This would aid you in achieving success. Especially on 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th and 22nd, 23rd, starting a new project or compromising on anything or lending money may turn to be a big loss. Under such a situation, it is necessary to be vigilant.


Any effort made with an intention to succeed economically is likely to get successful during this month. Whichever work you intend to do for earning money might get obstructed due to some or the other reason. However, there is a chance to receive excellent opportunities. Maintaining good relations with any of your relatives or a different person will ensure good support for you and the same will introduce new opportunities for gaining an economic advantage. If an effort is made; either individually or in collaboration with someone confidently; then you’re likely to become successful. There is a probability of expenditures during this month and also conditions related to money expenditure might be unfavourable. Therefore, it is vital to do a task with complete stability and sincerity. This would increase your chances of reaping economic benefits. It is necessary to work in accordance to time and circumstances. Your fortune related to work domain will remain good during this month. If you are planning to invest in any specific area during this month, then you can proceed with the same only after undertaking proper investigation. Efforts to purchase real-estate are likely to be successful. However, you may have to face numerous ups and downs. Also, there might be some tense situations during several intervals throughout the month.


You might have to face health issues during this month. Physical problems might arise due to some kind of unnecessary illness. Physical disorders might arise due to mental unrest and a struggling phase of life. There may be problems related to any type of injury, pimples or boils. Therefore, take care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions will be favorable regarding love relations. In this month, mutual harmony with your boyfriend/girlfriend is likely to be good and there will be immense progress in the respective areas of work. In addition to mutual relations, there is a possibility of receiving cooperation from each other in the areas of work. Your behaviour towards an existing love relationship is likely to improve during this month. In this month, you’re likely to go on a tour with your boyfriend/girlfriend. If you want to propose to someone or are interested in sharing something with someone, you can go ahead with the same. It may be beneficial for you to give a gift to your boyfriend/girlfriend during this month and keep them happy. Your marital life is likely to be good. The possibility of receiving support from your spouse is high. Your family life and work life is likely to improve with the support rendered by your spouse. Support of your spouse will also improve chances of success in work area and overseas tours. So, it is necessary to have a warm relationship with your spouse. This would make you successful. Conditions are likely to get favourable during certain intervals within this month. Do keep this thing in mind.

Family & Friends

There is a possibility of a mutual dispute within the family. Large problems might be generated due to minor issues. Such problems may arise due to dissatisfaction with each other. Disharmony within the family may lead to all kinds of problems. Due to domestic dispute, disputes may arise in the field of work as well. You may have to suffer losses due to financial issues as well as the health of someone in the family. You may have a heated argument with some or the other person. It is very important for you to maintain harmony with each other in the family. Otherwise, you might become a victim of domestic problems and may have to face disrespect within the family. Relationship with mother can turn sour. Problems regarding the health of your parents may arise and this may increase the discord in the home family. Respecting your parents and taking good care of them will be good for you. Do any work only after a deep understanding and in a responsible manner. You have a good attitude towards the entire family. Hence, make every possible effort to connect everyone in the family.


It is beneficial for you to donate red coloured goods on Sundays, continuously offer water to Sun and recite Aditya Hridya Strotra. You should also burn the lamp of sesame oil under the peepal tree or inside Shani Dev temple on every Saturday.

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