Leo Horoscope for February 2019


You will take up adventurous tasks during this phase.Your courage and valor will know no bounds and you will be a conqueror because of these admirable traits possessed by you. You will be able to get the positive outcomes in anything you do, provided that you give your best shot for it. You will be able to extract benefits out of everything, which will help you in maintaining a stable financial status. A new house or vehicle might be acquired by you during this month. Your social status will be good and people will value your words. If you are involved in political matters, you will be in a position to gain the public support, which will strengthen your political position. The transit of Jupiter in Libra will help you to earn social prestige as well as respect in the society. Your family members will enjoy a good health during this month. Your opponents will be powerful and will do whatever they can in order to defeat you. Despite that, you will have the potential to bring them down on their knees because of the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius. This transit will help you to gain an upper hand over your foes. If you carry out your work with determination, success is sure to come to you. You might witness the growth and expansion in your business because of the Mars transit in Scorpio. You will be able to luxuriate in comforts and gain materialistic pleasures during this month. If you have a desire for possessing a property under your name, it might be fulfilled in the month of February. The transit of Mercury in Capricorn will be financially beneficial for you. Due to this transit, you will be capable enough to maintain your financial standards. You will have an erratic time in your married life. Try not to lose your focus and do not let yourself deviate from your goals if you want to achieve success.


As per the February Horoscope for the year 2018, it is foreseen that you will enjoy a good financial status during the month. The beginning of the month will present you with many opportunities to roll into money. It will be good for you if you invest your money in share market. This will yield fruitful results and you will be happy and contended due to the same. Nonetheless, you should look deep into the situation before letting your hard earned money at stake. By doing this, you can prevent losses and maximise your benefits. You will gain money if your use your brain to the best potential.


It looks like the month will not load you with health problems. In spite of the previously stated fact, you would be required to take care of your health because a number of health issues might affect you during the first half of the month. During the same stretch of time, your spouse’s health might also be affected. Thus, you should be well prepared to take necessary precautions and tackle the problems if they arise. Mind that you do not eat anything that might harm your body and interrupt with the natural processes of your body systems. Your health will get better in the latter half of the month.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life will be filled with many ups and downs during the month of February. You should try your best to keep the relationship strong, otherwise, there are chances of separation between the two of you. If your lover is angry with you over some trivial matter, do take the initiative to talk about it with an aim to resolve the problem. Do not hold grudges against your love partner. As far as your married life is considered, you might get to observe a change in the behavioral patterns of your spouse. If your life partner advises you over something or the other, you should pay heed to it as it might prove to be beneficial for you. You might get monetary gains due to the same. You will experience an upliftment in your standard of living if you stay in harmony with your spouse.

Family & Friends

You will have a cordial relationship with your family members. Despite that, you will be required to keep a control on your words as well as your actions. Do not let your anger take a toll on you and make a mess of your family relationships. Respect your parents and do not indulge in any kind of activity that would bring shame to their name and status in the society. You should remember that your parents always wish for your betterment and never mean any harm to you. On the other hand, you will be respected by your children. They will look up to you as an example and you have to ensure that you raise them in the best possible manner. Do not get entangled in arguments with the elderly people at your home. If a problem arises at your home front, look out for a solution. You should also learn to respect and value the opinion of other people.


Offer water to Lord Sun and recite the Aditya Hridaya Stotra. Mix red roli or red flowers in the water that you offer to the Sun God. This will help you in becoming a courageous person with the ability to fight the adversities. Feeding gram and jaggery to cows on Thursdays and making offerings to Brahmins would help you achieve success as well.

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