Libra Horoscope for February 2019


It looks like you will be in a confused state during most of the time in February. In order to tackle this problem, you should avoid over thinking. Do not let yourself get&


You will get many good opportunities to get economic benefits during this month. Because the Sun is transiting in Capricorn, conditions will be financially profitable for you. Destiny will favor you through all the ups and downs. You will be able to make money in whatever work you do. With the aid of a good fortune, your financial condition would be strong. This month is beneficial for investing your wealth in the real estate. You would be able to earn well during this month. If you have lent your money to someone and want to get it back, you will manage to do it by the end of the month. A good inflow of money will balance out your expenditures.


As per the predictions of Vedic Astrology, you will have to be wary of waterborne diseases. You should consume water that is pure and clean in order to ensure the proper functioning of the body. Your respiratory system, as well as urinary system, might get affected. You should seek medical advice at once if you encounter a health problem. Do not forget to take care of yourself and maintain a balance in your life. Take care of your family members as well. Indulge in meditation to attain mental peace.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love relationship will be good during this time. The transit of the planet Saturn in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius will further favor the growth of love and passion in your relationship. There will be minor ups and downs but you will overcome them and gain victory. This will further sweeten the bond between you and your lover. If you have been planning to go out for a trip with your loved one, do not delay in doing so. Time spent with your love partner will bring happiness to your mind and soul. You might also gain benefits through your love partner. For those who are married, a peaceful period awaits in your married life. The advice of your spouse will make a change in your life, which will lead you towards betterment. The company of your spouse will pan out to be beneficial for you. You might as well go on a journey with your partner. There might be some arguments in the first few days of the month, which would settle soon.

Family & Friends

You will enthusiastically take part in family matters. Your relationship with your family will be good. You will get the responsibility of taking care of your family and you will fulfill your responsibilities well. You will try to give a new direction to your life, leading to the betterment of your family as well as your own self. Your family members and your children will have a good time during this month. You will gain reputation in your family and your family will cooperate with you through thick and thin. You are advised to take care of the sentiments of your family members.


You should observe a fast on Fridays and abstain from consuming anything sour on Friday. Wearing white clothes and donating white objects on Friday will prove to be beneficial for you. This will also help you in solving your problems easily.

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