Libra Horoscope for August 2019


During this month, you’ll be expected to work in accordance to at your financial situation. Here, you’ll need to strike the right balance. Doing any work in haste wouldn’t help. Extra money may be spent on lavish amenities. Attempts can get you good opportunities. There is a possibility of a pleasant change in the domestic situation. With the Guru transiting in the Libra zodiac, your married life will turn to be a bliss. Also, there are high chances of an overseas tour. You’ll receive great honour and respect. Physical exertion can make you successful. Sale and purchase of immovable property is on a rise during this month. Amenities such as car, home etc. will be available in this month. Mars will be transiting in Capricorn zodiac during August 2019. The possibility of obtaining a higher rank is good. If you’re already employed or are looking for a good job, then you are likely to receive a good offer in this month. Attempts made with courage and bravery wouldn’t get void. If you are a politician, then this month will get you multiple opportunities for gaining a political advantage. You will also get good public support. If you are a learner, then you are also likely to succeed in terms of education. You’ll get success in the area you are preparing in. The enemy would be in a weak condition. If you’re facing a dispute related to any of your properties, then there is a possibility of emerging successful during this month. You might be physically unhealthy and might have to face stressful situations. Careerwise, the period is favourable. From business perspective, the month will give you success in every new project. If you work for the food industry, then you’ll emerge as successful. Things will be satisfactory on the economic front because Sun is passing through the Cancer zodiac sign and would be transiting in the Leo zodiac sign from the 17th August 2019. The effort you’ll be making will likely fetch you incredible success. Thoughtful thinking will turn to be fruitful. If you’ve been trying to do a work since long, then you’ll be able to do it in this month. Dates viz: 14th, 15th, 22nd, 23rd and 30th in August 2019 aren’t favourable for undertaking a new project. There are chances of facing hurdles in your area of work.


This month will be favourable in terms of economic benefits. Efforts put in by you will definitely fetch you the desired results. With Sun and Mercury transiting in Cancer zodiac sign, you’ll have fortune by your side and be able to enjoy monetary gains. Luck will favour you on the career front as well. You’ll come across a large number of opportunities which will fetch you brilliant monetary gains. In this month, you’re likely to receive accidental benefits. If you’re thinking about expanding your business, do it rightway because this month is utmost favourable for the same. In fact, you can go ahead with any kind of work during this month and achieve the desired results. The second half of the month has a lot well in store for you because Sun would be transiting in Leo zodiac sign. This would also guarantee an inflow of opportunities that would ensure a healthy economic benefit. In order to grow your economic profits, you can conveniently gather assistance from a known colleague/friend. However, you’ll often be self-sufficient when it’d be about turning ideas into a hefty sum of cash. You may wish for intelligent finance management throughout August 2019 but it would be tough to combat unexpected expenditures. However, you will wise enough to spend in a planned way. Planet Saturn will come to your help in matters of finance control. You may need to ensure that you’re well-equipped for the financial hardships that may come your way. Towards the end of this month, you may find it convenient to keep a tab on unwanted expenses. Expenditure on friends and family would possibly pop up from nowhere and unannounced. So, be extra cautious while spending money during this month. Refrain from making small investments in this month. Investments which you have made or will make are sure to bear fruit in this month. Overall, the time period is favourable to manage your finances after a detailed analysis and interpretations. Decisions taken by self in addition to continuous zeal for economic growth will prove advantageous. Tasks performed with self-confidence and enthusiasm will turn to be successful. All in all, the month of August 2019 will prove to be befitting and prosperous for all money-managers.


During this month, you may experience illnesses related to stomach and lungs. There are strong chances of getting affected by cold and cough, seasonal viral fever etc. Therefore, it is important to take good care of your health and visit the doctor in case of a possible illness.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will be favourable for love relationships. Interaction with your boyfriend / girlfriend will be better. Better coordination with boyfriend/girlfriend will aid in implementing a job in an impressive way. If you are trying to do any work with your beloved during this month or intend to do a specific task via his/her support; then there are good chances of the job being completed successfully. You intention of shopping or an overseas vacation will be fulfilled in this month. You’ll achieve success in your area of work as well. In this month, you’ll be able to convey your heart’s feeling to your boyfriend/girlfriend. Do give him/her some appealing gifts as this would please both of you. Refrain from flaunting your attitude during this month and rather sympathize with each other on all minor and major matters. This would result into better relation with your romantic partner. 2019 will be the 12 months duration wherein you and your partner will begin recognizing each others feelings in a much better way. Love will come to librans in a brand new light. Planet Jupiter will play an important role in the development of meaningful romantic relationships with your loved one. Love and passion will fill the love life of Librans throughout August 2019. Librans would want to begin increasing the horizon of affection but do not make choices related to love in a hurry. New developments will occur inside the love life of librans. Your partner would turn out to be extra compassionate and would be willing to take complete control of primary situations within the romantic relationship. All in all, the life of Librans would be filled with love and romance. A few librans may also have to let go off the unhappy romantic relationships that don't seem to have a future. Your love life will honestly increase in some way. You'll have more time to be spent with the person you love. Keep in mind that exact communication skills must be maintained in order to nurture the bond of love and care. Learn from past mistakes so that you can improve your relation with your partner. If you’re planning to start a family, then this is the month when you should be discussing about the same with your life partner. Stressful conditions regarding married life might arise during this month. The problem can get worse to a level that the couple might decide to live separately. Hence, do try fixing all the matters of concern between you and your partner. Lack of support from your spouse would even serve as a major hindrance in your overseas work travel plan. Your work may also get affected due to disagreement with your life partner. Only mutual harmony within the marriage would guide you towards the right direction.

Family & Friends

Your relationship with parents might get sour during this month. There are chances of mutual differences, which may lead to a tense environment at home. Continuous arguments may lead to heavy losses. Being calm will enable you to reap economic benefits or else you’ll be stuck in domestic disputes. Since you’re the kind who’s competent in striking the right balance between work and family life, so you’ll be competent in maintaining harmony within the family. You are also a responsible person. So, you’ll be successful in maintaining a warm relationship with your parents. You’ll benefit from respecting them, seeking their blessings and providing them all kinds of amenities. You’ll have commendable relations with your siblings as well. Support from the family members will help you in achieving success in every venture. Expenditure regarding domestic issues is likely to rise during this month. There may be an increase in unnecessary expenses as well. Therefore, it is necessary to keep family matters under control, else you may have to face tough situations.


Observe a fast and worship on every Friday. Also, donate white coloured items on every Friday. Doing this will prove beneficial for you. Apart from this, you can also observe a fast for Santoshi Mata and worship her. This would help you in keeping the physical problems at bay and ensure seamless economic growth.

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