Libra Horoscope for October 2019


In addition to respect and honour, a growth in economic gains is likely to take place during this month. There is a possibility of solving a complex problem with the help of a loved one. Venus is transiting into its own zodiac sign, which can ensure success in works undertaken with self-confidence. There may be an increase in honour and worldly pleasures. Your relations with relatives may also improve. You may get rid of any kind of obstacles. There is a possibility of completion of some deteriorating tasks during this month. The situation may get tense in the second half of this month. Mental disturbance, anxiety and a decrease in confidence level is likely to be noticed during this month. So, try to work normally in the second half of the month. Do not try to get involved in any kind of problems. Do not enter into a fight with anyone or form a stressful situation. If you’re doing a job then you are likely to progress in your field of work. The time period is favourable from the perspective of acquiring a higher position at workplace. Any plans of purchasing a car or house might be successful during this month. If you are a politician then you may get an opportunity to get political advantage. You are supposed to work according to situation and circumstances. You do any task after a detailed analysis. Therefore, you are likely to receive success as per time. If you do a specific kind of business then you may get profits in the same. New plans for extending the business might be created. Trade of vehicles is also possible during this month. If you are a student then this month would prove to be favourable from the perspective of education. If you are preparing for a good job, then you’re likely to get successful. You might feel uncomfortable physically. Overseas travel might be successful. Traveling abroad due to job can prove to be advantageous. Your fortune will also be in a good state during this month. However, you may have to face several ups and downs in addition to other challenges. There may be ups and downs pertaining to career as well. However, regular efforts can prove to be successful. The chances of investing in real estate are quite high. Hence, the time period is good for you because Sun alongwith Mercury is transiting into Virgo zodiac sign. This is good for economic gain and an advancement in one’s fortune. Venus along with Guru is transiting into Libra zodiac sign. This reflects that the month is favourable from the perspective of wisdom, intelligence, speech, knowledge and materialistic happiness. You might get interested in spiritual activities as well. An improvement in work policy might lead to better profits. It is prohibited to start a new project on the dates, including 9th, 10th, 18th, 19th, 29th and 30th of October 2019. It isn’t recommended to start a new work plan on any of these days. Also, refrain from doing any decisive work on these days.


Economic activities might turn to be unfavorable during this month. There might be stress and hardships related to work. Economic progress would be possible after putting in a lot of effort. You’re likely to receive profits only after struggling in this month. Economic conditions might get favourable. Investing money during this month might be a loss for you. Refrain from any kind of investment. Whatever money you have, should be spent wisely so that it will be of good use at the appropriate time. Success may be achieved via works done with an intention to gain economic profits. However, there are chances of receiving monetary benefits after a specific delay. Destiny might accompany you during this month. This situation may arise only as a result of your hard work. Work arrangements might get interrupted and difficulties may be encountered in getting profit. Opportunities for investing in real estate might come to you after a considerable delay. You are a struggling person and are quite balanced in nature. Therefore, if you strive for financial growth after an in-depth analysis, then you’re likely to succeed. Conditions may be favorable according to time. However, it is necessary to be cautious during monetary transactions.


You may have to face some kind of health-related issues during this month. Small problems may cause physical problems due to excessive confusion. Problems may arise in the lower part of the stomach or health issues related to urine might hit you. So, take care of yourself physically.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions will be favorable for love relations. The possibility of mutual connection with the boyfriend/girlfriend is likely to improve. A sense of co-operation may be generated for each other. There may also be sympathy for each other. Efforts might be made to complete a task successfully via the sweet relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, which can prove advantageous in accordance to time. If you’re trying to start a new project in collaboration with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it can prove to be advantageous. You can reap maximum profits via the untiring effort put by both of you. In the second half of this month, you may also go on a vacation together, which may hone the relationship between both of you. Conditions regarding marital life might be affected by disturbances. Tensions might arise due to some or the other minute issues. There may be a possibility of living separately. Every work may remain incomplete without receiving enough support from the spouse. Therefore, make an effort to please your life partner. Try to maintain mutual harmony among each other, which will prove fruitful for the future and you’ll be able to achieve success in this month. All this would become possible by putting in right kind of efforts.

Family & Friends

Family problems might be witnessed during this month. Due to absence of mutual harmony within the family, there is a possibility of distortment within the house. Tasks that are about-to-get-completed might get ruined. It is very important to maintain harmony with everyone in the family, which will ensure development of the family and success in all kinds of projects. There is a good possibility of having a good relationship with parents. Any work can be completed successfully with the help of parents. However, there may be possibility of a dispute with other members of the family. If timely effort isn’t being made and people aren’t connected to each other; then problems might arise. Therefore, maintaining a harmonious and cozy relationship with everyone in the family can prove to be beneficial for you. Co-ordination among the family members might result in successful execution of works related to the overall development of the family. Every kind of work can be made completed successfully. Due to unnecessary problems, small issue might crop up. Therefore, the timely elimination of these problems is necessary. You can do this work because you have an ability to do it.


Donate white coloured goods and decorative items at a temple. It may be good for you to render monetary support to a Durga Temple. You may observe a fast for Mata Vaibhav Lakshmi on every Friday and also serve the elderly.

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