Libra Horoscope for April 2019


You will try your best to save every penny that you can. You will think well before making any decision and this will eliminate the chances of any losses taking place. Your physical, as well as mental health, will improve and you be happy with your health status. You will trust in your own capabilities rather than relying on others and this will be secret to success. You will perform well in your career front and will get rewarded for your efforts. Words of praise and admiration will be showered upon you and you will be in limelight because of the hard work that you put in during your tasks. There are chances that your social circle will expand and you will befriend new people. A new relationship might blossom during the span of this month. You will spend a lot of time with your family members. You and your family will be inclined towards performing social deeds and will earn respect from the society because of your own actions. You will have a soft spot in your heart for underprivileged children and will try to do something for their betterment. The environment at your workplace might be a little tensed as there will be a lot of competition and conspiracy for power and authority. However, you will be one of the people who will rise and shine during this month. Those involved in business would face a number of obstructions, which will be overcome by them. Emerging victorious, you will gain at your business too. If you are a student, you will get many chances to showcase your skills and prove yourself at your academic front. Those who are looking forward to their higher education might get enrolled in a prestigious institution of their choice. The natives who are involved in politics will get the public support and enchant the public with their amazing oratory skills. Your enemies will stand no chance against you and will admit defeat. However, you should not let your guard down as they will try to attack you as soon as they find a weak spot. The transit of Rahu in Cancer will lead to obstructions in your endeavours, but you will be able to overcome them with all your might. You should continue trying to you make it. Doing your work with utmost devotion and efforts will not go in vain and you will definitely get to taste the sweet fruits of your labour. You should not stress yourself because of the conditions at your workplace otherwise it might affect your health adversely. You will be an organised person and will carry out your tasks in order. This will help you to do the work in a better way and get better results. You will act according to the conditions and this will help you in adapting well to the society as well as your workplace. You will gain if you are involved in a business related to food industry. You will be contented with your life. During the end of the month, you will be happy with your achievements. You will also get inner peace by the end of April.


You might have stressful conditions when it comes to money matters. You might be able to retrieve your money back if you have given it to someone. But, at the same time, you should avoid giving your money to others at all costs. It is highly probable that you would not be able to get that money back in times of need and would repent lending it. Think well before making any decision. Starting a new venture during this month would be risky as it might not yield the results that you hope for. If you have to start something new, put all your experience into making decisions and take advice from experts. Do not rely merely on your intuition and let logic be the foundation of all the decisions that you make during this span of time. Give your all in whatever you do if you want to get the desired results. If you are involved in a business, try to expand your business and earn profits gradually. The ones who are doing jobs should work hard to prove themselves at their work front. You will be in the beneficial zone during the latter of the month. The transit of the luminary Sun into the Zodiac Sign Aries will help you improve your financial status. Your luck factor will support you and you will be able to achieve success. You should face the prisms with all your might and get over them in order to reach your targets. You should remember that losing hope will only pull you away from success. Fill yourself with optimism and prove yourself.


It is indicated that you might have a deterioration in your health status during long journeys. You will find yourself to be drained and exhausted of energy. Also, consuming unhygienic food and drinking contaminated water might increase the risk of infection. It will be better for you that you take care of your health and take adequate measures to keep yourself in good health. Avoid eating food from local vendors who sell unhealthy food. Drink clean water and take adequate sleep. Do not let your body become lethargic and keep it fit by going for a walk regularly.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You will have an average love life during the month of April. Paying heed to the advice of your partner will pan out to be beneficial for you. You will be open to discuss everything with your partner and will consider their opinion in decision making. Your connection with your partner will be deep and both of you will be there for each other, no matter what the situation might be. It is likely that you would utter something that might hurt your partner. Thus, you should keep a check on your words and think well before speaking. You will go for shopping with your partner and will likely spend more money than necessary. You need to tighten your belt if you do not want to run into a financial crisis. The wedded duos will live in harmony with each other. You and your spouse will perform well at your workplace and will get rewarded for the same. You might go out together to celebrate your achievements. Your chemistry will be appreciated by your family members. Those who are looking forward to getting married will tie the knot or find the one they intend to marry. You should know the one whom you will marry before making a binding choice. Once the marriage is fixed, you will long for each other and wait for the day when you will get married. Couples will extend their support to each other and would live peacefully.

Family & Friends

It is predicted that there will be an arrival of a new member in your family. Either a childbirth or a marriage ceremony will take place in your home premises, which will fill the house with beautiful colors of happiness and melodious peals of laughter will echo in your home. Everyone in your family will be together and close to each other. You will the object of affection of your parents and will bond well with your siblings too. Any business plans that the family makes together will be greeted by success in future. Your family will get profits during the second half of the month of April. The transit of the red planet Mars in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius will improve your relationship with your blood relatives and will lead to profits in the real estate sector. Your family members will coordinate with each other when it comes to running your family business or making combined efforts for achieving the same goal. Peaceful&


You should donate white colored eatables like sugar, rice, milk, etc. on Friday. Observe a fast in Thursday and donate yellow colored objects. Apply a tilak of yellow sandalwood on your forehead. Feed gram and jaggery to cows as this will help you to eliminate all your health problems.

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