Cancer Horoscope for December 2017


Some barriers may arise in your work. You might have to work more than your capabilities during this period. You might relocate to another city for your work this month. Time is favorable for getting fruits from the seeds which you have reaped earlier. All your plannings whether big or small may get successful during this month. Month is providing you auspiciousness from every side. Your success will play a mirror for your hard work. Maintaining peace and staying calm will play a crucial role in waving off troubles for you. Luck is on your side during this period. Though there is a need to make sure that doing hard-work is also necessary. Give importance to your partner’s emotions and do not expect too much in return. Mental pressures might also increase this month. Support from your friends might play a crucial role in getting your works done. Both happiness and sorrows will come your way during this month. Self inspiration might help you in keep moving even through tough times. Time is in your favor if you want to switch your job. Insufficiency of good relations with your seniors might provoke you to change your job. Following the path which your seniors has shown might improve such chances. You might gain opportunities to discuss plans with your seniors and its perspective might prove helpful to you. You are mentally a strong person.


You will get benefitted from the works that you have done earlier. Your expertise in work will save you from doing mistakes. You might get a good chance for moving ahead in your life. Chances for getting opportunities to improve your working efficiencies and relations at your workplace are high. You will take interest in starting up a new business. Time is not favorable for commencing any partnerships. Be cautious, as you might have to encounter politics at work. You have to act wisely in order to avoid such situations. Your financial life might get affected which may cause problems in savings. You must control your expenditures in order to save more. You might give preference to luxuries rather than religious and spiritual benefits. Time is favorable for indulging in professions like teaching, writing, travel or publication. You are blessed with the quality of taking right decisions at the right time. You give more preference to social values than your nature. This month you might try to express your feelings and thoughts wholeheartedly.


Your health may not remain stable this month. You might have to face some diseases or illnesses during this period. Relationships with your family may not remain good this month that may affect your health adversely. You can make your spouse happy by offering gift to him/her. This might help you in building your relations strong with your partner. It might also keep the negative energy away from your house. You might also plan some family outings this month. Indulging in such activities will help you in retaining your lost energy.

Family & Friends

This month will bring auspiciousness to you and your family. Your entire family might gather together for a family function. Problems in your married life will end soon and you will be able to live peacefully. You will share average relations with your parents. You might not have a cordial bond with your father during this period of the month. Some financial assistance from your father is also predicted for you. Your behavior might be the cause of tensions in your house. You may have a quarrel with your spouse related to unevenness in your rights. You might not be able to give ample time to your family due to your ongoing work load. Resistance with your father might also increase. However, time is favorable for those who wants to haves a child. If you are from the ones who prays for a child then some good blessings for an angel are expected for you this time. All your pains and sufferings might go away from your family and you will be able to live a happy married life. Your interest in some spiritual works might also increase. Some problems might arise in your family. You may get chances to visit parties, festivals or any other big occasions which will help you in making new contacts. You will make new friends. Worldly things might attract you this month. Do not loose your confidence. December will bring multiple good news for you.


Donate things which are related to Ketu. You can donate white and black things according to your ability. Donating things related to ketu might help you in eliminating problems of your life.

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