Cancer Horoscope for March 2018


This month Saturn will transit through your sixth house and you will find your work efficiency has been improved. You will try your best and may be able to able to impress your critics. Eye and feet related problems might arise during this month. You could expect a success in competitive exams. Transit of Dragon’s Head (Rahu) in the twelfth house doesn't seem favourable regarding family and finance. There might arise some conflicts between family members. You will find it hard to save,despite of earning well. A change in job place or transfer is possible. Transit of Jupiter in third the house will give you full support. You will earn a name and fame in the society. Siblings might experience health problems. You should try to be in good terms with your siblings. Father’s health will be a matter of concern. Position of Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) in the eighth house, indicates your interest in spirituality. Take care of your health as you are prone to illness during this period. Transit of Sun in the eighth house may increase expenditures. Don't rush to big investment as Mercury in eighth house is not favouring you during this month. Your siblings might face health problems, there are scope of foreign trips also. Transit of Venus and Mars together in ninth house may give you good results in job. If you are planning to purchase a land than this is a right time for that.


This month you need to be careful about money. You might have monetary loss or splurge unnecessary. Spending money carefully will not burn a hole in your pocket. You must think twice before any big investment. However you are most likely to get promotion in job and this is going to improve your financial condition. Transit of Venus and Mars in your ninth house will give you support from seniors. You could expect major gains at workplace. People, who are associated with Iron work, machinery, factories, properties,liquids, hotel and restaurant business should expect a profit. Though not a right time to invest in share market.


Health is excellent, during this month. Your energy level is at peak this time. There is excitement and enthusiasm. You might put on little weight, watch out your diet. Avoid fried food. Joint and muscle pain might worry you. Regular walk and oil massage will help.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month has some high and low points at domestic front. You will need to work on mutual relationship with your partner. Any type of arguments might turn your relationship sour. Take care of your partner’s health. Be patient towards things in married life. Those, who are romantically involved will find it a perfect time to be with their lovers. You may go for a long drive with your sweetheart. You may find yourself attracted to many people, at the same time. Your friend circle will expand. Your lover will be committed and loyal.

Family & Friends

Transit of Dragon’s Head (Rahu) in the second house may create some conflicts at home. You should avoid controversial matters. Family member may show less unity. During this time, you may not be able to save enough money. Watch out your expenses and plan a budget to save more money. Children will perform excellently in academics and could expect a long distance travel to pursue higher education. Your parents may experience improvement in health, but health of siblings will need attention. A family get together will rejoice you. Showing positive attitude towards friends and siblings will bring harmony in your relationship with them. You may go for family outings.


Showing respect to your mother will bring good luck for you.

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