Cancer Horoscope for March 2017


Retrograde Jupiter is under the malefic impact of Rahu. Besides this, it is aspected by Saturn, lord of eighth house. Thus, Jupiter is unable to give all its favors to you. Time is not appropriate for financial issues. You should stay careful this month. Make firm efforts to complete all your pending tasks during this period. You might get success in making balance between your profits and expenditures this month. However, you might get tensed due to your expenses and weak financial situations during the middle of this month. Time is not favorable for investing money in stock market. Do not get tensed due to weak financial conditions. You must not get arrogant regarding your abilities and knowledge. Do not blame yourself responsible for failures in your business. Learning lessons from your defeats is more important. You might get interested in administrative work during this period. It is recommendable that you must give your planning and calculation work to someone else. Your pending works might get completed with support from your dear & near ones after mid-March. Supervising work done by you during this period will be praised by others. Speaking harsh with your teammates might spoil your relations. Thus, you need to be soft-spoken and utmost care in this regard has to be taken. Working in a disciplined manner can reduce barriers between your profits. Feeling of distrust might also arise in your nature. You might see problems barricading your way, but don’t worry as you will get over them soon. Disputes in your family are also likely to occur this month.


In order to get success, you should get determined and work towards attaining your goals. Develop your skills to face the difficulties of life. Chances are possible that some work which is below your abilities might get offered to you. But you must stay calm, as things will change soon according to your preferences. You might stay busy for the whole month dealing with some tensions at your home. Some ups and down related to profits and money are also predicted. You may plan to take some money on loan during the middle of this month. Some work at your workplace might create troubles for you. There is a need to control your expenditures. Time is favorable for planning foreign tours. This might affect your reputation in foreign organisations. Time is also crucial for extending official relations overseas. Your subordinates may help you in gaining profits this month. Keep yourself away from indulging into any immoral activities. Do not take any important decisions in hurry. Haste might lead to loss. Time has arrived for reaping fruits from the seeds which you have sowed earlier. Benefits for your previously done deeds might arrive soon. You will maintain proper balance between your profits and expenditures. You can easily maintain continuity in profits with the help of your knowledge and abilities.


It is better to take care of your health, especially during the beginning of this month. You might get aggressive, suspicious and doubting in nature. This behavior of yours might also affect the health of your partner adversely. This might also increase your tensions. You may try to understand your children this month.

Family & Friends

You should give some more time to your married life this month. Different types of ideologies are getting shaped in your family. Different perspectives of your family members to certain things might come into your consideration. Disputes related to property might also rise. Your family members might claim about their monetary rights during this period. You may act in full cooperation with your family matter. Be careful, as your rude behavior may affect your relations adversely. Month is also crucial for spending some quality time with your family. Time is also not favorable for getting much physical pleasures this month. Time is not good to make any new friends or start a new relationship. You might experience some leap in peace of your family. You may plan to meet some of your relatives along with your family this month. It will play a crucial role in binding relationships with your relatives. There are chances that you might get angry over your younger brothers or sisters this month. You may get support and blessings of your father, but relationships with your mother may not remain too affectionate. You might not stay happy with your married life. Some estrangement might also occur between you two. Do not worry as situations will come in your control soon.


Keep Mahamrityunjaya Yantra in temple of your house. You can do this on Monday. Worship this Yantra with the same materials you use for worshiping your Ishta Dev.

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