Cancer Horoscope for October 2017


Credit for your success should go to your hard work and vigor. You may have to struggle hard in order to get fruits for your work. Try to gain benefits by taking help of some influential persons. This month you may use your contacts to your advantage. Being polite might help you in completing your pending works. Monetary gains from foreign investments are also predicted. Some disagreements with people are possible at your workfront. Work in this direction has to be done urgently or there are chances that you might have to change your job. Some problems regarding support of your colleagues and seniors may also arise during this period. Be cautious, as there is a need for efforts this month. You might lack in hard-work and efforts during this period. Try to inculcate the habit of punctuality and determination in your life. Showing creativity in your business can be beneficial for you. Do not give responsibility of an important work to any of your subordinates, as this might lead to a delay in your work. You might get support from your seniors easily during this period.


Your savings might be the mirror for your success. Changing your old business schemes and techniques might play a pivotal role in getting you monetary gains. Avoid any disputes at work. Your business might go through a low period at the end of this month. Do not worry, as everything will take a turn for the better after a certain period of time. You must maintain control on your expenditures during this period. You might be able to gain administrative expertise by the end of this month. You may spend your remaining time doing managerial works. Starting any partnership organisation might be beneficial for you. Lack of willpower might lead to delays in your daily business routines. Chances of getting a job overseas are soaring this month. You may find your subordinates to be loyal and sincere towards their work. Your seniors may get annoyed on you. Avoid investing in any foreign organisations. Due to your concern about your public image, you might get a little aggressive, if anyone tries to taint it; maintain your patience and do not trust any loud mouths. Uncertainties in your incomes might continue for a while. Your work might get hectic during this period. Do not get disheartened due to any failure or a drawback. You should be patient as there’s always a ray of light at the end of a tunnel.


You might suffer from fever this month. Take good care of you and your partner’s health during the mid of this month. Your immunity might get weak during this period. Do not worry as you both will recover soon.

Family & Friends

You’ll have a positive outlook towards love this month; although chances are that your expenditures might increase. Support from your friends might help you in sorting out differences in your love life. You may plan an outing with your partner this month. There are chances that your partner might be a little harsh on you during the mid of this month; maintain your temper. You might gain popularity among people belonging to opposite sex. You might also experience increase in your friends. You should maintain love and coordination with your spouse in order to make your relationship healthy. Some disagreements might also occur with your father during this period. Your friends might also benefit you during the middle of this month. Though your married life may remain same till the end of this month. Do not let any arguments breathe between you and your partner.


You can wear ten face Rudraksha, if you want development, security, prosperity and children. This Rudraksha will help you in gaining happiness and other spiritual benefits. It will also prove beneficial for success, peace and development. Wearing this Rudraksha can help you in winning any court case.

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New Delhi, India, Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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