Cancer Horoscope for April 2017


Sun and Saturn will remain in exalted sign, while Mercury will reside in debilitated sign. Mars will remain in its own sign and Jupiter & Rahu are in conjunction in your second house. Time is crucial for travelling, holidaying and entertainment. Luck might not remain on your side during the beginning. But, do not worry, as things will recover soon. Your luck will provide you with favors during the later part of this month. Exalted Sun will provide you with honor in your designation. Your job may bring some increments and changes in your living style this month. Do not follow someone else’s advice in your business. You might also try to indulge yourself into some kind of training during the middle of this month. You may get successful in overcoming existing deficiencies by accompanying special people in supervising work and might gain higher profits. You may get a chance to meet any influential person and make contacts with him. For this, you must maintain a polite and friendly relations with everyone around you. Plenty of chances to get successful in meetings are predicted for you this month. Use your farsightedness while planning for future. Travelling to places will prove beneficial for you. Keep control on your speech. Do not depend on others for your work. Maintaining cordial and friendly relations with your seniors might help you in attaining promotions. Your subordinates may work in accordance to you this month. You will be praised for your intelligence and wit. Though, you must not use this quality of yours for taking credits of someone else’s work.


Friendships in your professional life might prove beneficial for you this month. You may not gain appropriate income from your partnerships. You might also find saving money difficult due to increase in both profits and expenditures. Spend your money carefully during this month as you might spend it unnecessarily. Travelling will prove beneficial for your livelihood. Some useful advices from your friends may help you in gaining profits this month. You should stay careful as your enemies might create some problems for you. Staying alert might avert these kind of situations. Someone belonging to opposite sex might help you in coming out from difficult situations. Some unexpected gains might also follow you this month. You may shift your interest towards religious activities. Your profits are also expected to increase this month. You may get praised for your work during the beginning of this month. Things with even minute mistakes might not seem acceptable to you. Time is favorable for partnerships. You may find your financial conditions going better day by day. All your finance related works may end shortly. You may take utmost care in strategizing all your plans on time this month. Some profits from share market are also expected during this month. You might get inspired and interested in doing work by your own choice.


Your health will remain average throughout this month. You might speak harsh to people during the beginning of this month. You may not get ample rest during this period. Work pressure may make you feel tired. Increase in work might lead to anxiety in you. You might also feel a new light or energy arising in you after spending some time in leisure activities.

Family & Friends

You may try to understand and respect your spouse’s feelings. You might also get ample support from your family members during this period. Some auspicious event might also be performed in your house. You may get successful in fulfilling all your duties toward your family. If you are married, there is a need to maintain proper control over yourself from getting attracted towards a person of opposite sex. This might lead to your disrespect in society. You might drop your plans for purchasing a property/home this month. You may plan to purchase a new vehicle for your family. Time is favorable for offering a marriage proposal to your lover, especially during the beginning of this month. Month is also crucial for travelling and exchanging ideas. If possible, postpone all your plans for travelling along with your friends this month.


Worship Shiva family regularly. Make sure to offer white flowers, Belpatra and white clothes to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha with Sindoor (vermilion), Durva grass, jaggery and yellow clothes. Also offer Cannabis and Bhang-Datura during the Puja. Offer Lord Shiva with white sweets and Lord Ganesha with his favorite Modaks (Ladoos). Chant Lord Shiva and Ganesha Aarti with Dhoop, Ghee (purified butter), five Diyas and camphor (Kapoor) . Ask for Lord Shiva’s and Ganesha’s blessings to bring happiness and prosperity for you & your family.

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New Delhi, India, Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Month Chaitra
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