Cancer Horoscope for January 2017


Presence of Jupiter (ninth house lord) in your second house might provide you with benefits during this month. You may not get benefits from advices of your seniors. Increase in your luxuries might take your expenditure graph high this month. You might spend more money on a person of opposite sex. Be careful, as this may lead to disturbance in your family’s monthly budget. You may also spend money on your life partner. Tensions and disputes might arise in your family. Work with vigour and self confidence in order to get success in your career. Your aptitude for solving problems has to be raised during this period. It is also possible that you might have to work below your abilities, but everything is going to be alright soon. This month, you will remain busy solving your domestic problems. You may also face some ups and down in terms of income and profits this month. You might also plan taking any kind of business loan during the middle of this month. A small holiday with your life partner is predicted. Traveling is foreseen on your future cards. Time is crucial for following your hobbies and travelling. You might find yourself busy in solving problems of your personal life. You might take help of your friends to solve issues of your love life. Be cautious about your health during the beginning of this month. You might turn angry and suspicious at times. This behavior of yours might affect your partner’s health adversely and might increase your problems too. Try to understand your child’s feeling this month.


Strong financial condition is predicted for you this month. You will start gaining profits from your previously done deeds as soon as the month begins. You will use your experience in order to maintain flow of your income. You may not listen to people who were earlier assisting you during the beginning of this month. You may try to indulge into some business trainings or other education related programmes. You might get successful in overcoming existing deficiencies by accompanying special people in supervising work. Higher profits are also foreseen for you. Being patient and polite during this period may lead to building contacts with some influential people. Chances of getting successful in meetings are predicted for you this month. You must have a farsight while planning for future. Good oration skills and travelling will prove beneficial for your career. You might also plan to take money on debt during the middle of this month. Matters related to property and judiciary might take some time to get sorted out. Start maintaining control on your expenditures. Chances of gaining some unexpected gains are also predicted for you. Do not think of your enemy as weak. Stay alert and careful from diplomacies of your rivals.


Try to wave off the mental pressures, which have been overpowering you due to financial problems. Be careful and do not feel proud of your abilities and knowledge. Do not blame yourself responsible for loss in business and learn from your mistakes. Affection from your children will keep your mind at peace and away from all the tensions of life. Watch for your words, as it may ignite disputes in family, which could adversely affect your health.

Family & Friends

Your entire month might get spent in solving your family issues. Rising disputes might lead to loss of wealth, peace and prosperity. Your friends will try to support you according to their competences. Relationships with your father might not remain same throughout this month. You might fall in love during the mid of this month. Do not get angry on your friends without any reason, as it will turn your bond with the concerned person. You may get some good news during the second week of this month, which will make your family’s environment cheerful. Remaining part of the month will also stay good for you. You might not find relationship with your mother to be too affectionate this month. Try to maintain cordial relationship with your mother in order to stay bless throughout this period. Your disputes with elder siblings need some more time to get sorted out. Time is not crucial for love related matters. To spare yourself from problems of love life, you must maintain tolerance and patience in tough situations.


Fourteen face Rudraksha will benefit your health. It will also build your moral strength and you will be able to do your works more efficiently. You can wear Rudraksha in order to increase your concentration power. Wear this Rudraksha early morning while reciting ‘Om Namah’ Mantra 108 time and facing east direction.

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New Delhi, India, Sunday, January 22, 2017
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