Cancer Horoscope for June 2017


Time is favorable for getting success in your professional life. Your efforts might help you in starting pending projects. Be careful and do not spend money on unnecessary items. Some troubles might occur if you are planning to take any loans further. Staying confident throughout the month will help you in resolving problems in your work. You might also plan to expand your business during this period. Promotion to an honorable position is predicted for you. Time is favorable for switching your jobs. Your colleagues and seniors both will support you in your work. Avoiding any foreign business tours will prove beneficial to you. You might get successful in some works for which the credit also goes to your subordinates. Keep your business plans as a secret or your enemies might take its advantage. Your determination might help you in completing your official tasks this month. Long experience of your seniors may not prove beneficial to you. Your health will remain good during this period. You might experience less troubles in your married life this month. You will remain happy throughout this month. Your enemies might try to harm you during the beginning of this month. You may feel more tensed during your vacations or tours. Some good news is predicted. Someone new might also get introduced in your family. Take good care of your mother’s health. Some ideological differences might also continue between you and your father this month. Expenditures spent on religious excursions might increase this month.

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New Delhi, India, Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Month Jyestha
Disha Shool
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Christmas 25th December, Sunday
New Year 1st Jan, Sunday
Pongal, Makar Sankranti 14th Jan, Saturday
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