Cancer Horoscope for May 2018


This month Dragon's Head(Rahu) will transit through the second house from your moon sign because of which there's possibility of sudden profit or loss. You should think twice before making any big investment. Family members may lack unity, integrity and brotherhood among themselves. Lord Jupiter will transit from your third house that will strengthen your fortune. Father will be very supportive to you and that will add to your social status and respect. Transit of Saturn in sixth house will neutralise the effects of your health problems. You will dominate over your enemies and adversaries. Insomnia, eyes and leg related issues may crop up. Transit of Dragon's Tail(Ketu) from eighth house will increase spiritual activities. Mother may have to face health related difficulties. Transit of Venus from ninth house will increase the social status and respect of Father. You may go for a long trip with family members. Possibilities are building up for purchase of an palatial house. Transit of Sun and Mercury in tenth house is giving indication of considerable development at the Job front. Chances are there for getting high position and promotion in job. Blessings of top Officers of your workplace are coming upon you in a big way. Transit of Mars in the eleventh house is increasing possibilities of significant achievement at workplace. There's indications of amazing results in your children's education and also in your valour. At work place you may gain more with less efforts.


This month appears better at economic front. Position of the mighty Sun in the tenth house may cause very high profitability of earning money. Very good probabilities exist for encashing good opportunities in professional life. Around this time you will think seriously for investment in new business ventures. For people engaged in Jobs, there are chances of financial gains and increased amenities. Physical hardship and exertion due to travelling will increase for the professional people. You should think twice before making big investments in land and property deals. An expert's advice will be quite helpful in such proposals and business expansion. Don't sign casually without going through documents related with Financial transactions, important contract etc.


From health perspective this month appears appears to be pleasant one. You will spend more time relishing tasty food and travelling while maintaining your fitness regime for which you will concentrate on Yoga, meditation, physical exercises etc and you will gradually move towards spiritualism. While working see that you are not exceeding your physical limit else you will be exerting upon yourself into fatigued state of health. In order to bring about some change in your routine life, there are possibilities that you may take up tour of places known for Natural beauty along with your family members. You need to be cautious towards health issues related with stomach, intestine, liver, joints and knee pain etc.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You need to tread cautiously this time around. The position of Saturn (seventh house lord) in the sixth house will cause tension with your life partner besides indications of health problems. You should avoid unnecessary argument with your partner during this period to pre-empt any soured relation with you. You both may complain with each other and it's better to have mutual understanding without imposing any thing against the respective wishes. For lovelife this time however appears very appropriate, although you may feel more aggressiveness in your lover's behaviour. By the month end, you will have very proper time to go for a date with your lover. For those marriage proposals are under consideration may face some difficulties.

Family & Friends

This is going to be kind of mixed situation at your family front. Position of the lord Venus of fourth house is in ninth house will increase happiness in your family. You will continue to gain love and full support from your father. Indications are there that he will continue to enjoy good health, social respect and honour in society. During this time parents may have very good health. Position of Dragon's Tail(Ketu) in the eighth house may turn you towards spiritualism. But it is advisable to care for Mother's health as well. Transit of Dragon's Head(Rahu) from second house may cause sudden increase in spending. You will continue to blessed by the Higher Officials. Strong possibility exists for promotion to higher post. You may get to hear very good news from your children. There are clear signals of getting some amazing feat of success in their studies. You will probably get some big accomplishment at your workplace by the help of your friend or assistant. At home guests will continue to come and go whereas you may go for long pilgrimage along with your family and friends.


Donating a packet of milk to a poor women will be beneficial for you.

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New Delhi, India, Saturday, May 26, 2018
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