Cancer Horoscope for February 2019


You might get entangled into problems if you do not stop pondering over petty issues. This might put a strain on your mind and cause you mental stress. You should end stressing yourself over unnecessary things if you do not want to deteriorate your health status. If you start a new venture during this month, you might have to wait for a long time to get the desired results. You are advised to give your all in any task that you take up if you want to achieve your goals. The latter half of the month seems to be favorable for your career. You will be able to achieve many things that you have been yearning for. The transit of Mars in Scorpio will lead to your progress at your workplace. You will feel a soulful connection with your family and will like the company of your family members. You will have to bear the responsibilities of your family during this month. You will get along with everyone in your family. You might face a hard time maintaining peaceful relationship with your spouse. Do not embroil yourself in heated arguments with your life partner as it can worsen the situation between the two of you. The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius might affect your married life adversely. Hence, you will be required to take care that you do not ruin your relationship with your spouse by uttering wrong words. The transit of Jupiter in Libra will, however, help you by making your fate favour you. You might have to face some obstacles in the beginning of the month, but as the days pass by, you will be eventually able to get the desired results. You will be affectionate towards your parents and will take care of them. Your children will have an amazing time in this month. The beginning of the month might be a bit rough on you due to finance related problems. However, you will get many opportunities to stabilize your financial conditions during the second half of the month. You might have a hectic work schedule, but you need not to be disheartened as you you will get fruitful results. You would be required to take care of your health. Physical health problems accompanied by mental stress might become the cause of your worries. Some of your plans might get canceled during this month.


You might have to work hard during the beginning of the month in order to gain financial stability. If you perform your tasks with the sole motive of gaining money, you might have to face a lot of hurdles in doing so. Nevertheless, you will be able to make all your dreams come true related to finance during the latter half of the month. Monetary gains are highly probable and and if your money has been stuck somewhere, you will be able to get it back during the second half of the month of February. If you have been planning to invest your money, you should not do it right away. Wait for some time and see if it will really give you the desired returns in the long run. Doing this in the latter half of the month seems to be fruitful for you. Do not lend your money to anyone who intends to borrow it during the first half of the month. If you do so, your relationship with that person might get spoiled and you would not be able to gain your money back as the person may become insolvent. Think well before you let your money slip out of your hand.


The second half of the month might present health issues in your life, which you need to be prepared for. Stay alert about your health. Do not let your hectic work schedule affect your health adversely. Remember that health is wealth and is of paramount importance for your life. Consume a balanced diet and adopt a regular exercise regime in order to keep your body fit. Take care of the health of your family members too.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There are chances that you might witness the colors of romance making their way into your love life. You might as well as express your love to your loved one. There is a racing certainty that your love will be reciprocated due to which you will find yourself on cloud nine. The transit of Mars in Scorpio will be advantageous for you as it will lead to a happy love life for you. Because of this transit, your lover will perform well at their work front and will get the desired results. The wedded duos might have to face some problems in their married life during this month. You should do your utmost in order to make your marriage work. Try your best to get along with your spouse. You will be required to be cautious about the health of your life partner. With your own efforts, you will be able to make your married life better.

Family & Friends

Peace and harmony will prevail in your family. Some petty issues might surface during this month, but they will not be serious enough to disrupt the environment of your home. You will be able to solve these issues with ease. You would be required to take care of the health of your parents, failing which it might degrade. You will get some good news from your children. They will be the apple of your eye and source of your happiness. Your children will live up to your expectations and will not disappoint you during this month. The love and blessings of your elders might serve as the key to your success. Serve them and treat them with the respect that they deserve. Spend time with your family members and let them know how important they are for you. You will be deeply connected to your father during this month and his advice might help you in your business too.


Donate white colored eatables like milk, sugar, rice, curd, etc. on Monday. Observing fast on Monday will help you sail through difficulties. Offer milk to Lord Shiva on Monday and chant the Panchakshara Mantra. This will bestow benefits upon you and will cure your health ailments.

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