Cancer Horoscope for August 2019


In this month, there’s a possibility of disruption in the usual tasks. Domestic and economic complications may increase. Harmony in family might get interrupted. Health concerns can be high but there may be possibility of accidental money gains. On the 9th, 10th of the second week of this month, due to mental problems or confusion, your work might be affected. Hence, doing any important work at this time can create a stressful situation. Mental troubles can be more due to unnecessary thinking. Time is favourable in terms of money and immovable property. Relationships with your relatives will remain coordial. Chances of gains due to addition of new relationships are high. Efforts made for real estate can be successful. If you are planning to purchase a car or a house during this month, then proceed ahead. There are possibilities of getting high posts on the career front. If you are already employed and striving for a good position, then this month will bring you success. Things will improve towards the end of August 2019. The basic reason for this being that from 17th August, Sun will stay in the Leo zodiac, which will fulfill your ambitions. Discussing or launching any important work on the 18th, 19th, and 27th, 28th August, in the second half may be disadvantageous. This month will introduce certain frustrations and a slight bit of awkwardness, pertaining to the circle of relatives and officials. This will slightly complicate your life. You will start the same work for more than once and this can be traumatic. The coolest news is that you will have tremendous flair for pulling far from a reality that will be disturbing and you might not turn down this possibility. And why now not? You will have discovered the right solution for getting anybody to agree. Your intuition and convictions will provide a safeguard and you may lightly maintain matters strolling on a day by day foundation, while staying commendably independent. You may consequently keep away from putting your foot in it, without trying to. On the 17th and 18th August 2019, you may be touchy without obvious purpose. You may focus on brand new approaches to inculcate focus and security into your life during this month. You could work on being stable and mentally balanced with the passing month. Also, you may crave more for peace, which will make you feel extra cozy. For people belonging to Cancer zodiac sign, Neptune will stays in one of the sectors ruling your thoughts, assisting you to have a greater active imagination and fantasize greater. You can benefit from an overseas tour, and this could open you up even more. Mars is on this sector mid-november to the end of the year, so that you may additionally need a few extra space for the vacations, and might get familiar with new things like going to school or beginning a path, trying to understand more approximately the arena, or getting out and building new opinions on studying and growing as an individual. If you are a student and want to travel overseas in relation to your studies or want to complete the out-of-school course, things will turn to be in your favour. Your efforts will help you in achieving success. With Mars transiting into Capricorn, studies seeking higher education will be successful. Out-of-country travel will prove advantageous. However, marital life may get affected. There is less chance of receiving life partner’s cooperation. Destiny will be good. You can get good success in whatever work you do. From career perspective, this month can be quite good and progressive. The efforts made by you will fetch you success. It may be better for you to do any work with a solid decision. Staying under stress for small matters might cause problems for you. Therefore, handling a job with courage and strength can be utmost beneficial.


Stressful situations pertaining to economic growth may arise during this month. Attempts to gain economic success are likely to be normal during this month. So, it is advised to do any capital-related work intelligently. Don’t make decisions in a haste. Success can be achieved only by working according to time. The Guru is transiting in Libra, which makes you fortunate on the work front. Any kind of business expansion plan will be successful in order to gain economic benefits. A lot of problems may arise but the period is good for earning huge sums of cash. Investing in real-estate is good for you. It would be better to invest in your work space. Extracting money from an individual is highly advised. You can go ahead with starting a new project that would fetch you economic gains.


Stomach-related illness may bother you during this month. Also, there may be a possibility of any type of injury, disease etc. So, you try to be wary of problems related to these health issues. If you use a vehicle, do it carefully and also take all possible precautions related to your eating habits. Health would be in a good stage in 2019. Many opportunities will come your way to embellish your fitness both bodily and mental. Each time you get time, make sure it’s the right time to rejuvenate and re energize your thoughts and mindset. Preserve a healthy way of life by means of eating a balanced diet and exercising. Because of the emotional turmoil of 2019, maximum cancerians might feel tensed and under a lot of pressure. Ensure that your strain degrees are low with the aid of being positive and surrounding oneself with positivity. Strength degrees might extend occasionally throughout the month of August 2019. Do now not over work yourself, work and relaxation time ought to be balanced well to live a wholesome life. Indulgences ought to be averted as it might cause awful consequences on the longer term. While the time period is full of excitements, you would possibly feel cozy. Exercising or following your hobbies or a particular game you adore would be an excellent way to spend the month of August 2019. Set a strong routine that balances work in addition to a laughter. Knowing one’s limits is one of the ways to live a healthy and stress-free life.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month will have satisfactory love relationships. Since Mars is passing through Capricorn zodiac, there are chances of winning your beloved via self-confidence. Mutual ideology of lovers will be good. However, some or the other reason might cause disagreements between the couple. Under such a situation, taking care of each other and not believing any other person’s opinion is important. Stay confident while doing tasks. You may express your love for someone in August 2019. You may consider getting married. Mutual understanding between you and your partner will make things work. Conditions regarding married life can be stressful and this may cause problems in family as well. Lack of coopration from spouse will case interruption in work-related areas. Therefore, make efforts to improve the household relationships. Things will be fruitful via harmony within the husband-wife relationship. 2019 might turn out to be a year of emotional turbulence in your love life. In case you are already dating someone, assume a boom in your relationship. Remember to address disputable subjects in a smart manner and pay special attention to the usage of your internal feelings and instincts. In case you start searching for each others fault and stay impatient then you may neglect the significance of having a long and happy romantic relationship. Be cautious about your moves as they might hurt your companion without you knowing about it. Feelings of your partner need to be understood and you should keep your own desires under control for some time. It might be hard for some cancerians to pick one partner whilst provided with many alternatives. You could look ahead to the end of 2019 as it will carry charm and upload a positive diploma of boldness on your mindset therefore making you extra attractive to potential partners. The love relationship you are already in would possibly become one of the nicest things that happened to you. This may be averted by using the choices you are making. Create a transparency for your love life with the aid of preserving top conversation stage so that misunderstandings may be averted. It is going to be vital to listen to your partner in case you want the connection to last for a lifetime. Do not allow the month of August 2019 to end up terribly for your love relationship. Rather, turn it into one of the most passionate months for lovers in the year 2019. The year will also be a favourable one for people who are planning to have a baby. 2019 additionally predicts that it's the proper time of the year for cancerians who're unmarried to discover an awesome partner. For this to show up, you may want to step into unknown territories and seek an appropriate partner. Observe the hobbies that you like to discover a companion with similar interests.

Family & Friends

This month will witness good family status. Compatibility with each other will be impressive. Collaborate effort by family members will ensure success in every task. If you require family support in any of your work then you may get it. There is a possibility of having a good relationship with your family. So, try to maintain a good relationship with everyone. Ignore any useless talks. Refrain from creating a noisy atmosphere at home. Small problems can be seen. You’ll have to play the role of a family preserver. The possibility of receiving parental support is good. Parental blessings can be beneficial for you. There’s a possibility of purchasing a vehicle via the parents’ support. Situations can get tense when it comes to expecting things from the children. However, your child will always try new methods of pleasing you. This will keep you in a happy state. Friends and relatives will render you the required support.


Donate white items on Monday and offer milk mixed with water to Lord Shiva in Shiva temple. Chant the Panchakshar mantras. Doing this will free you from health issues and you’ll be able to achieve success in the work area.

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