Grahan in 2017 (Surya and Chandra Grahan in 2017)

Grahan, called as eclipse, is called the process when any celestial object is covered by another object, fully or partially. In other words, when the shadow of one celestial object covers the another celestial object. In terms of astronomy, when three celestial bodies; Sun, Moon and Earth get positioned in a straight line; and either Moon or Earth comes in the path of rest of the two, this astronomical event called Grahan occurs. Grahan or eclipse are of two types:

Surya Grahan 2017 Dates and Timings

Eclipse Date Type Of Eclipse Visibility in India Places where Grahan will be visible Time(IST)
26th February, 2017 Surya Grahan No South Africa, South America, Antarctica, South Atlantic ocean, Southern pacific ocean 17:39 to 23:04
21st August, 2017 Surya Grahan No Northern Pacific region, Antarctica, South Africa 21:16 to 02:34

Chandra Grahan 2017 Dates and Timings

Eclipse Date Type Of Eclipse in 2017 Visibility in India Places where Grahan will be visible Time (IST)
11th February, 2017 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Yes Indian Ocean, Asia, North America, Africa, North America, South America, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic, Europe, Antarctica. 04:04:14 to 08:23:25
07th August, 2017 Partial Chandra Grahan Yes India, North America, Africa, Australia & East of Asia, Europe 10:44 PM - 11:43 PM - 1:59 AM

This event is not considered as good for different zodiac signs and also have adverse effects over the life of people. Indian mythology strongly concentrates on Grahan and its after effects. Various Mantras are available to chant during the period of Grahan to minimize its effects over one's sun sign. In 2017, there will be in total four grahans in which two are Surya Grahan and two are Chandra Grahan.

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