Jupiter Transit 2017 (Guru Gochar in 2017)

Jupiter has a unique place and is a planet that rules various aspects of a person’s life that are children, marriage and wealth. It puts impact on our lifestyle making us healthy and building a positive attitude in us. This planet has multiple benefits but sometimes it also places negative effects and acts as a barrier in a person’s life. In 2017, Jupiter is casting all the zodiac signs and will be placing its influence on the horoscope of different natives.

In 2017, the planet Jupiter will be present in Virgo, and will start declining from 6th February. It will again start moving towards advancement on 9th June. On 12th September, Jupiter will enter into Libra and from 12th October to 9th November, it will flare again. This planet has a lot more to bring for all the 12 zodiac signs in 2017. So let’s start exploring the effects of this planet.


Jupiter, the planet of fortune, is ruling your 9th and 12th houses which are symbolizing expenditures, hospitals, recreation, prestige and luck. The Jupiter Transit will help you to win over legal disputes, but still you have to stay alert. Going on some trip with the family and loved ones will make your tensions fly away and will relax you. Your hard work will also be fruitful and provide you a salary hike. Jupiter will remain in your 6th house from your moon sign, till September, creating problems and disputes in marital relation. Differences will increase and arguments will also be there. Your patience will be your weapon to come out of this problem. At September end, Jupiter will move to your 7th house from moon sign, bringing a suitable partner in the life of unmarried people. Your cards are showing good income in this period and your siblings will also reach to new heights in life.


The planet Jupiter is ruling your 8th and 11th houses which are symbolizing strength, evolution, profits, income and success. As per Jupiter Transit Horoscope 2017, there will be more earnings and fortune coming to you. You will incline towards religious activities. Jupiter is present in the 5th house from your moon sign. Students will do well in exams and get favourable results. As September will end, Jupiter will transit the 6th house from your moon sign, which is alarming you up to be very careful from your enemies. Avoid such things that might not be liked by your seniors. Obesity is one problem that might trouble you so keep a watch on your diet. Regular walks and exercise will help to bring you back into shape.


The luck bearer planet, Jupiter will rule your 7th and 10th houses responsible for partnerships, life partner, occupation and performance. Your domestic life will bloom, as Jupiter is present in the 4th house from your moon sign. You will get full support and love from your family and loved ones. Your wonderful decisive power and intellect will bring success and fame to you. You will be interested in going on some religious trip and get involved into religious deeds and charity. Jupiter will move into 5th house from your moon sign, after September, showing signs of tying a knot soon.


Jupiter, the auspicious planet, is ruling 6th and 9th houses which are accountable for good luck, popularity, hardship, foes and diseases. Your marital life will be blissful and happy, as Jupiter is present in your 3rd house from moon sign. You and your partner will enjoy your life and your relation will flourish. You will get financial benefits through your spouse. Your cards are showing chances of pilgrimage. At workplace, your hard work will bring name, fame, promotion and salary hike. Financial condition will improve during Jupiter Transit. Your intellect and wiseness is an essential part of your decisive power, but this year, keep a watch on it. Jupiter will change its position to 4th house from your moon sign, after September. Your cards are also showing monetary profits and career growth. Your familial problems will also come to an end and situation will be soon under your control.


Jupiter the rational planet is ruling your 5th and 8th houses which are responsible for children, education, change and permanence. Your cards are showing some holy ritual at your home, may be childbirth or marriage. As Jupiter is present in your 2nd house from moon sign, you will be attracted towards religious deeds and do charity at maximum. You will have huge monetary gains during Jupiter Transit 2017 which will help in making your financial condition, strong. Career growth will also be there at its peak. Jupiter will move to your 3rd house after September, which will help in improving the situations around you. Some long awaited news will come to you soon. Marital life will also flourish and you and your spouse will support and understand each other. Unmarried people might tie a knot, this year. The atmosphere in your family will be full of happiness and harmony. Your health will also remain good as you will pay attention towards it.


The planet Jupiter will rule your 4th and 7th houses which are accountable for mother, pleasure, spouse and partnerships. This year will go wonderful as Jupiter is present in your moon sign. You will be able to maximize your income through your intellect. Your wise decisions will prove to be fruitful, not only for you, but for others also. Students will do well and get success, but don’t let these achievements distract you from studies. Your spouse will be with you at each and every step of your life. This transit is beneficial to think about your future and forget the bad memories of past. Put efforts to bring harmony among your family members. Socially, you will remain active, but do not forget to concentrate on your work also. Jupiter will make a move to your 2nd house from moon sign after September due to which you will be lured towards spirituality and religion. This transit will also bring stability and a positive change in your life. You have to keep yourself calm in every situation and be ready to welcome the changes coming to your life.


Jupiter is ruling your 3rd and 6th houses which are accountable for hard work, siblings, speech, struggle, rivals and diseases. As Jupiter is present in your 12th house from moon sign, it will affect your health and expenditures will be there due to health issues. You have to put efforts to keep yourself fit and fine. Balanced diet and regular exercise will help you to fight diseases. You have to be very attentive towards the opportunities coming your way, otherwise you will lose them. Be careful in deciding anything otherwise it will lead you to destruction. After September, Jupiter will move into your moon sign which will be very fruitful for you. You will feel energized and work hard to achieve your goals. To reach the heights of success, you have to move with full determination.


Jupiter is transiting your 2nd and 5th houses responsible for money, communication, education, immediate family and children. Jupiter is present in your 11th house from moon sign, which will boost up your education to new heights and helps in improving your knowledge. You will prove yourself ahead from others with your intelligence. Your cards are showing financial benefits due to your education and you might also go for long journeys. According to Jupiter Horoscope Transit 2017, some new relations will enter into your life. Love life will also move smoothly and happily. After September, Jupiter will move to your 12th house from moon sign. This move will bring difficulties and hindrances in your life. Your concentration and determination will be affected badly due to this transit which will make your studies suffer a lot. You will perform well at workfront which will give you fame, but at the same time number of enemies will raise up. You have to be alert from the people who always push others towards negativity. You have to pay attention towards your health and your children’s health..


The Jupiter planet is present in your Ascendant and 4th house responsible for personality, strength, character, mother, enjoyment and vehicle. Jupiter is present in your 10th house from moon sign which helps you in getting promotion and salary hike. You will be able to make a special place in the eyes of colleagues and seniors. Your wise decisions will bring you popularity and recognition. You will be spending money on your house decoration and comforts. Marital relationships might go through some tiffs during the Jupiter Transit 2017. To make your domestic life happy, try to spread joy in every relation. Personally also, you will have fun and joy. After September, Jupiter will move to the 11th house from your moon sign which will be responsible for a change in your life. Try to complete all your work in time at your work front, as it will bring benefits to you.


Jupiter is transiting you 3rd and 12th houses which are responsible for hard work, siblings, communication, expenditures, hospitals and loss. Your cards are showing religious and distant journeys, this year. As Jupiter is posited in your 9th house from moon sign, it will be better for you to stay away from people having negative aura around them. Don’t be afraid of failures coming your way, infact, use them as a tool to learn about your mistakes. You will be interested in learning new things in life. Income will rise due to some source from abroad. You’ll reach new heights in the education field and your siblings will succeed too. After September, Jupiter will make a move to your 10th house from moon sign. This will create difficulties in your life at financial level and workfront.


Jupiter is transiting your 2nd and 11th houses which accounts for immediate family, prosperity, communication, revenue, benefits and success. As Jupiter is posited in your 8th house from moon sign, money and position loss are on your cards. You have to control your expenditures to maintain a stable financial condition. Expenses might also increase due to spirituality and religion. Jupiter will transit your 9th house from moon sign, which signifies the starting of good time. You will be able to make good decisions during the Jupiter Transit 2017. Health problems, if any, will soon be gone. There will be a noticeable rise in your income. Moral activities will lure you during the transit. You will work for the happiness and comforts of your family and might go on a pilgrimage with them.


The planet Jupiter is posited in your Ascendant and 10th house which are responsible for personality, existence, occupation and work. Jupiter will be present in your 7th house from moon sign which will make your marital relation, fabulous. Your relation will become stronger day by day with lots of love and harmony. You’ll also perform well at health front. Jupiter will make a move to your 8th house from moon sign in early September, affecting your career growth adversely. Some unwanted journey might be waiting there for you. You will feel relaxed due to meditation and spirituality. Beware of the seasonal diseases, as they might attack you.

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