Chinese Calendar 2017 - Calendar 2017 for Chinese

Chinese calendar 2017 is here from our desk to you to provide the information regarding the various festivals and events of China. It will serve the best to the seekers who love to celebrate Chinese festivals.

Those who are ready for a trip to China, our Chinese Calendar Dates 2017 are also ready to plan it in the matchless way. Almost every event, festival and celebration is covered in this calendar prepared by our team of expert. A well organized schema of the upcoming events in China will help you to end up all your search here to this Chinese Calendar 2017.

Chinese Festival/Event Date Day
Laba Festival (Yiwei Year) January 05, 2017 Thursday
Chinese New Year's Eve January 28, 2017 Saturday
Chinese New Year's Day January 29, 2017 Sunday
Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Holidays Jan 28, 2017 - Feb 02, 2017 Saturday - Thursday
Lantern Festival (Yuanxiao) February 11, 2017 Saturday
Tibetan New Year February 27, 2017 Monday
Blue Dragon Festival February 27, 2017 Monday
International Womens Day March 8, 2017 Wednesday
Arbor or Tree Planting Day March 12, 2017 Sunday
Birthday of the Goddess of Mercy March 16, 2017 Thursday
Flower Festival March 20, 2017 Sunday
Shangsi March 30, 2017 Thursday
Cold Food Day April 5, 2017 Wednesday
Qingming Festival April 5, 2017 Tuesday
Water Splashing Festival April 13, 2017 Thursday
Birthday of the God of Wealth April 11, 2017 Tuesday
Labor Day May 1, 2017 Monday
Buddha's Birthday May 3, 2017 Wednesday
Youth Day May 4, 2017 Thursday
Children's Day June 1, 2017 Thursday
Dragon Boat Festival (Duanwu) May 30, 2017 Tuesday
Rain Festival June 07, 2017 Saturday
CPC Founding Day July 1, 2017 Saturday
China Maritime Day July 11, 2017 Tuesday
Army Day August 1, 2017 Tuesday
Double Seven Festival/Chinese Valentine's Day August 9, 2017 Wednesday
Armed Forces Day/ Victory Over Japan Day September 03, 2017 Sunday
Chinese Ghost Day/Spirit Day (Zhongyuan) September 05, 2017 Tuesday
Teacher's Day September 10, 2017 Sunday
National Day October 1, 2017 Sunday
Mid-Autumn October 4, 2017 Thursday
Double Ninth Festival/ Chongyang Festival (Dual-yang) October 9, 2017 Monday
Journalists' Day November 8, 2017 Wednesday
National Constitution Day December 4, 2017 Monday
Dongzhi Festival (Winter Solstice Festival) December 21, 2017 Thursday
Christmas Day December 25, 2017 Monday
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Upcoming Festivals 2017
Festivals Dates
Christmas 25th December, Sunday
New Year 1st Jan, Sunday
Pongal, Makar Sankranti 14th Jan, Saturday
Basant Panchami 01st Feb, Wednesday
Chandra Grahan 10th Feb, Friday
Valentine's Day 14th Feb, Tuesday
Maha Shivratri 24th Feb, Friday
Holika Dahan, Chhoti Holi 12th Mar, Sunday
Holi 13th Mar, Monday
Gudi Padwa, Chaitra Navratri 28th Mar, Tuesday