Taurus Horoscope for August 2019


The beginning of August 2019 will witness incidental expenses and a rise in difficulties towards the month end. Unnecessary hardships and anxiety will be on a rise. Latter part of the month will have things turning in your favour. Money matters will remain normal. Be wary of undertaking projects responsibly. Economic benefits will be obtained after multiple hardships. With Saturn moving through Saggitarius, the time period is auspicious in terms of career and fortune advancement. Work in an intelligent and well-organized format to obtain the desired results. Since Sun is moving into the Cancer zodiac, this is the right time to purchase a car or home. If you are doing any courses or are preparing for a job, then you can get success during this month. During the month’s first half, you may have to face mental problems on 12th, 13th. Some projects may be hampered. Overseas travel is likely to be successful. If you are trying for an overseas journey related to work, then it will be successful. Married couples will stay happy. On the financial front, conditions might get worse. If you’re planning to expand a project during this month, it would be better to postpone it to avoid financial crisis. Beware of enemies as they may turn to be dominant. Stay secretive while implementing a plan/project. Doing any work in haste can be harmful. Hence, it is recommended to follow a strategy. Marital relationships will fourish. You’ll receive support from your spouse. Dates, including 21, 22 during the second half of this month may be stressful for you.Avoid taking any decision on these days. Regular hardwork and a few compromises will get you huge gains. Try and maintain your work regime so as to reap the profits in the future.


You may face economic crisis during this month. Strong chances of a financial dispute exist in this month and the same may lead to stressful situations. Be careful with monetary transactions. Rethink about any monetary investment that you’ve been planning since a long time. If possible, avoid any kind of monetary investment in this month. Stressful conditions might crop up on the work front. There is a possibility of financial loss. Financial transactions should be avoided during this time period. Act according to time and circumstances for achieving economic profit. A major economic expansion play may fail during this month and lead to heavy financial losses.


This month witnesses a huge possibility of injuries. If you’re using a vehicle, take appropriate precautions while driving. There are chances of getting affected by disorders related to blood and stomach. Therefore, take special care of your food and liquid intake during travelling as well. The movement of planets and stars will keep you occupied with health issues and you’ll be expected to pay a lot of attention regarding your overall wellbeing. Not an exceptionally motivating prospect. However, stay alert so as to remain free of stresses related to the general health. Those officially inclined to unending anomalies like asthma, bronchitis and so forth, ought to guarantee that appropriate care is reliably taken to keep any stressful situations and unwanted worries away. Likewise, you should immovably abstain from over-effort. Since in the event that you don't hold back, a state of general debility may set in which would exacerbate your misfortune impressively. Avoid potential risk, and don't charge yourself a lot by avoiding stressing circumstances.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month is favourable for love relations. If you love someone you can get an opportunity to express it. During the second half of this month, there is a good possibility of achieving success in any work with the help of your boyfriend/girlfriend. Any effort to travel somewhere in this month will turn to be fruitful. Disagreements are likely to occur between love partners. Be wary of romantic relationships as there is a possibility of mutual involvement between boyfriend and girlfriend. Avoid any kind of disagreements to maintain a pleasant love relationship. Those who are married will witness marital bliss. If you’re planning to travel overseas with your spouse, then go ahead with the same in August 2019. Harmony within family and success in career is expected in this month. However, tensions within work life might interfere with the love relationship. However, all tensions can be eased out by following specific strategies.

Family & Friends

This month will witness a good probability of an excellent family life. Family welfare will be guaranteed due to mutual support among the family members. Work will fetch you the expected results. In addition to work, it is vital to think about the welfare of the family members for the overall development of the house. You are a family-oriented person and are concerned about the family’s welfare. You’ll receive respect from the family members during August 2019. Your efforts will fetch you success. You’ll have excellent relations with your dad and siblings. Collaborative support can be expected from the entire family. Blessings of your parents will be with you. Stress regarding father’s illness is likely to hit you. Children will keep you pleased. Situations could get haywire regarding studies and this may lead to stress. Stay determined to achieve academic success.


On every Monday, donate white goods and offer diluted milk to Lord Shiva. Chant Om Namah Shivaya. Do meditation and yoga in the morning. Serve the Brahmin and donate goods to Brahmins. Doing this will be good for your physical problems as well as for your career.

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