Taurus Horoscope for October 2019


Some ongoing projects might be hampered during this month. There may be an increase in concerns related to your child. Problems may arise due to useless expenditures and hardships. There is a good possibility of receiving social honor, respect and honour. All in all, the month is favourable when it comes to receiving prestige. If there is any kind of ongoing family debate or any other kind of debate, then situations are likely to get normal during this month. If you are trying to earn money and are engaged in completing a task, then you are likely to succeed. The situation might get stressful. If you crave for a higher position in your job or a stature pertaining to career; then you may have to face disruptions. There is also a possibility of hinderance in any higher designation related to professional life. This is going to be a good year for you from the perspective of education. You are probably blessed with good fortune. Lots of fantastic tendencies are anticipated during this year. You may experience more enthusiasm, creativity and empowerment, as your zodiac sign is dominated by Venus–the significator of creativity. You could acquire the reward of your hard work together with your high-end willpower. Taureans, you need to just recognize your intention and devote more time to your studies. If you are planning to head overseas for better studies, then you may get success throughout this month. Additionally, you're headed towards achieving academic success via your intellect and positivity. The time period appears to be a golden duration especially for college kids. Once in a while you can feel lack of awareness due to pressure related to your exam. But you're suggested to stay away from poor mind because it attracts horrific success. So, alongside your research you could take a break and spend a while on a laugh and leisure. Forecast for 2019 says that you are in all likelihood to attain brilliant marks in your examination, particularly if you are getting ready for an aggressive examination. During this time period, you may research something new on the way to enhance your abilities. Then again, students of unconventional courses are in all likelihood to get suitable possibilities to show their expertise. Try and devote your coronary heart in something you do. So, preserve all the issues apart and circulate forward. Students gaining knowledge of art, psychology and media are predicted to get preferred results. At work, this year seems to be perfect for you. You may work very hard to achieve success because it is a well-known fact that there's no substitute for hardwork. Taurus horoscope 2019 also indicates that you might receive guidance from your seniors and boss at your place of work. Additionally, you may receive tremendous amount of appreciation for your paintings. You may overpower your enemies along with your smart and creative work like Steve Jobs used to do, if you align your mind in the direction of innovation. Then again, you are probably to take interest in controversies and can be turn to be a sufferer of politics played in the back of you at your administrative center. Consequently, you may want to get indulged more often in the field of art and craft. The movement of planets advises that you should try to avoid any kind of arguments and tiffs with your seniors and associates. Due to your pointless aggression you may land in hassle. You could even lose your projects. You'll be a success in case you try your luck in a new project. If you are into business, then you’ll need to be extra cautious while dealing with money matters. You may now not get the expected end result in the course of this era. In case you are making any plans to begin a new commercial enterprise, time isn't favorable for you and for all people belonging to this zodiac sign. Stay away from the game of lottery as you may have to suffer from a prime economic loss. If your work is related to art, printing, media, tour and tourism then chances of being successful are very high. During this month, there are good chances of receiving the comforts of car and house. However, the conditions pertaining these comforts are likely to get better during the first half of the month of October 2019. If you are a politician then you are likely to get political benefits this month. The conditions regarding this are bound to get better in the second half of the month. Therefore, it is essential to carry out the tasks very carefully. If you are a student then there will be no interruption in achieving academic success. You are likely to achieve success by staying calm and composed. If you are preparing to participate in a contest, then there are chances of achieving success during this month. You are likely to expect brilliant academic results. Health related problems might arise during this month. Do take care of your health. If you intend to travel abroad in this month, then the same would be successful. If this journey is related to a specific project then you are bound to achieve success. From business perspective, you might remain stressed during this month. Unnecessary interruption in the field of work might lead to mental problems. Domestic co-operation will ensure brilliant benefits for you throughout this month. Conditions pertaining to finances might remain controversial. Therefore, it is very important to take precaution during monetary transactions. Extending an existing work plan or starting a new project during this month might lead to multiple problems. During this month, on 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th, 24th and 25th; you might have to face stressful situations. At this time, you need to be active and alert regarding your business. Otherwise, you may have to face any kind of difficulties. Do try to maintain a warm relationship with your colleagues as this would enable you to achieve success in your area of work and you’ll be able to receive economic benefits.


Economic situation may be controversial during this month. There may be confusion in any kind of work undertaken in order to benefit economically. It is very important to take special precautions during transactions pertaining to capital. Do not try lending money to any other person. Beware of all your enemies. Do not enter into an argument with anyone regarding your work, else you might have to face physical problems in addition to financial issues. There are high chances of an increase in disputes due to some kind of unnecessary callousness. In addition to this, your intention of defeating your competitors might land you in financial trouble. Work done using physical and mental effort are likely to complete on-time. You need to put in all kinds of efforts for befitting economically. However, working in accordance to time and situation, you’re likely to reap maximum benefits. During this month, it is an absolute necessity to invest money only after an in-depth analysis. If you’ve made up your mind to invest in something, then the second half of this month would prove tremendously beneficial. Additionally, there would be great opportunities for reaping economic benefits.


Problems related to stomach and urine are likely to hit you during this month. You might also suffer from pimples or wounds. There are high chances of getting infected by blood related disorders. Therefore, do take proper care of your health and pay special attention to your eating habits.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love relationship are likely to remain in good condition. If you love someone, then you might get an opportunity to express it. Keep a sense of cooperation in any work, along with maintenance of a cordial relationship with your partner. Support from each other will enable you to achieve success in different projects. By maintaining a good relationship with each other, you’ll stay calm and happy just in the similar manner as an increasing level of confidence aids in resolving a wide range of problems. Any work would be completed quite easily. This month, you might get a chance to take a healthy break from your romantic relationship. There are excellent chances of progressing due to co-operation received from the spouse. If you start a project with the help of your spouse then you’re likely to achieve success instantly. In addition to this, you’ll get opportunities to travel abroad along with your spouse. You’ll also be successful in your work and overseas journey would also turn to be completely positive. Your relations with the in-laws are likely to improve during this month. In addition to the family members, even the favoured friends would render you the desired support. All in all, it will be beneficial to maintain a mutual relationship with each other.

Family & Friends

Family conditions are likely to remain good and stable throughout this month. An intention to achieve success in a task via family support will prove to be advantageous. You’ll be able to achieve success in your area of work via support rendered by family members. With an excellent reconciliation within the home family, there will be an overall development of the children within the family. In addition to this, you’ll be able to notice welfare of the entire family. Works done with self-confidence would offer you the expected results and you’ll be able to achieve success. Any work could be done easily with the interaction of each other. There is a possibility of receiving parents’ blessings throughout this month. Conditions regarding mother’s health may be unfavorable. Relationship with your father are likely to remain good and there’s a good possibility of receiving father's cooperation in this month. There’s a good possibility of receiving support from brothers and sisters in the family. Make sure to maintain a warm relationship with each other according to time and circumstances. During this month, you’re likely to receive contentment from your children. You’ll be satisfied with the work handled by your child. You’ll stay stress-free regarding the education and career of your children.


Do meditation and yoga. Act according to the most appropriate time. Donate white coloured items on every Friday and worship Lord Shiva. Donate decorative items in your nearby temple and in addition to contributing towards temple maintenance, make sure to serve people visiting the temple. Doing so will enable you to fight your problems.

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