Taurus Horoscope for April 2019


Taureans will possess a calm demeanor during the month of April. You will do your work the way you like. There are chances that you will achieve success in your endeavors. You will do well at your workplace and would get acknowledged for the same. You will bask in materialistic comforts and will lead a luxurious life with your family. If you do your work to your best potential, it is likely that you will get an increment in your income or bag a promotion at your workplace. Your memory and intelligence will upgrade to a higher level, adding charm to your personality. If you are in a field associated with banking or insurance, you are likely to flourish during this period. This will be a major turning point in your life and will definitely lead to financially better future for you and your family. It is anticipated that you will be favored by your luck and will be able to witness the miraculous support of your luck during this month. There might be some tensions at your workplace. Several obstacles might lie on your path, thus, you need to be prepared to overcome them with your efforts. Some of the new that you begin during this month might end up in pieces. Therefore, you need to be very careful while making decisions. These problems will, however, get cleared up in the latter half of the month. Avoid beginning new tasks, and if a need arises, do it in the second half of April. Your friends will come to your rescue whenever the need arises. Do not plan to buy a new vehicle or property during this month as the month does not seem to auspicious for such activities. You will play an important role in your family and will realize your duties. Financial growth is on the cards. You are strongly recommended to avoid performing your tasks in haste. Also, be very careful in financial matters if you do not want to face unwanted losses. You will be extravagant during this month. The outflow of your income will be balanced by your inflow of income. Keep an eye on the activities of your rivals, and do not let them overpower you. Do not fall into the traps set by your enemies, otherwise, you might have to spend your money in order to come out of the difficulties. Physical health issues might trouble you during this month. Setting your foot on long journeys will beget fruitful results. If you are a student, you will be able to score well in your examinations. Those who are preparing for competitive examinations will be able to move ahead of others in the race. You are strongly recommended to concentrate on your goals and do not let yourself deviate from your path.


You will have an average month as far as your career front is concerned. You will witness many rises and falls in the field of your career and will have a hectic work schedule. You might have to exert yourself to achieve the desired results. You will be required to stay patient and calm and do not indulge in any activity that might deviate your mind from your goals. Your continuous efforts will help you to sail through difficulties. You will not have to strive through monetary problems during this month as your financial conditions will be stable. There might be some troubles at your workplace and will be required to tackle them at the earliest. The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius might affect your career adversely. Thus, you should be prepared to guard yourself against the negative effects of this transit. You will get success in your endeavors if you continue with your hard work. You need to remember that performing your tasks in haste would end up making a mess. Work in an orderly manner to ensure the best results. Monetary gains are highly probable during the stretch of this month. Avoid lending your money to others and invest it for getting beneficial returns. Save your pennies to make use of them in times of need.


There are chances that you might develop health issues related to your throat and respiratory tract. Also, beware of water-borne diseases as you will be prone to falling ill due to the consumption of contaminated water. It is recommended that you avoid eating junk food and consume healthy and nutritious food. Seek medical consultation as and when necessary.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

The month might not pose pleasant situations in your love life. You might have a sensed relation with your love partner. You might have problems in being with each other due to frequent clashes and different perspectives. The transit of Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Pisces might further add to your problems. Make your best efforts to let your relationship fight this tough phase and emerge victorious against all the adversities. Do not engage in unnecessary talks and keep your temper in control to avoid problems. Consider the opinion of your partner and respect them for what they are. Married duos might have it rough in this month. There are chances of separation or severe bras that might ruin your relationship. Avoid entangling yourself in heated arguments with your spouse as it might give a wrong turn to your relationship. You and your spouse might face health issues due to stress. It will be better for you to try your best to keep your relationship going. Do what it takes to keep the vows of marriage. Make your spouse understand your point of view in a calm and gentle manner. You are advised not to force your opinions on them because your dominating nature might make them think that you do not value them. Do not make decisions in a haste, as it can backfire. Approach your parents for help if the need arises.

Family & Friends

The conditions at your home front will improve and you will get to see a better picture of your family. The transit of the Sun in Pisces will be good for your family life. You will understand your family members and will realize their importance. Some auspicious activity might take place at your home. Some of the members of the family might start a new business during this month. All your family members will cooperate with each other. Your parents will be very affectionate towards you and you will get many chances to make them proud of yourself. Do treat your parents with respect and understand their opinion. Make sure that you maintain an amicable relationship with others family members too. You will earn respect in your family by performing good deeds. Your words will hold value to your kinsfolk and they will adhere to your piece of advice. The support of your friends will never let you feel lonely. Your pals will be by your side whenever you will need them. You might have a new friend in your circle. This new friendship will lead you to the right path. The seeds of this friendship will sprout during the second half of the month of April. You will find yourself to be lucky to have such a friend.


Offer water to Lord Sun daily. Donate white colored objects on Friday and yellow colored objects on Thursday. Worship Lord Shiva on Monday and offer water in Lord Shiva’s temple. This will help you in getting rid of your problems at workplace and will also improve your health status.

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