Sagittarius Horoscope for April 2019


Despite of the mental stress and unfavorable circumstances, you will be able to achieve success during this month. You will get a lot of golden opportunities to get monetary profits. Your hard work will yield good results. You might be mentally stressed regarding your financial problems. Tensions may arise between you and your relatives, which can even lead to serious arguments and fights. There will be problems related to some property issues that might create a rift between you and your distant relatives. You would be required to take these matters seriously as they can take the form of grave issues that might later become legal matters. With your courage and hard work, you are likely to get a promotion at your workplace. But Mercury will transit into Pisces, which is not good from the perspective of your career. This transit can create hurdles for you at your career front and you might have to face many problems due to this. You will be able to achieve success in what you do. However, you would be required to be calm as the progress will be slow and steady. You need to remember that patience will lead you to success. The Sun transit in Pisces will make your luck factor favor you. The conditions will get better after 15th of April and you will be able to perform well at your workplace. The initial period of this month might be stressful for you as you would have to face difficulties every now and then. Nevertheless, you should not get disheartened due to this as the conditions will get better during the second half of the month. The efforts that you put in the initial days will bear the fruit of your labor in the second half. This month will be a good time for you if you want to buy vehicle or land. However, it would be better for you that you acquire them in the latter half of the month. You can also get a chance to go on a trip. If you want to travel abroad because of your professional matters, the trip might get interrupted due to some reasons. You might have to wait a lot before you get the desired results. You will be in the profitable zone from your financial point of view. You will be required to do a lot of hard work and remain calm till the goal is reached. If you have given your money to someone, then you have to put all your efforts for getting it back. Do not make compromises when it comes to money-related issues. If you are confident, you will definitely get success. You might encounter some changes like a promotion or a transfer at your job front. A hike in your income is also likely. You will earn respect in the society and will establish connections with the upper strata of the society. You interest in social work will prove to be beneficial for you. Helping the needy will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness and will help you to attain mental peace. During this month, you will meet many new people who will help you in your future. You might also get a new project to work on, which will make your financial conditions better.


The month of April will be highly unpredictable in terms of financial stability. You will witness many ups and downs during this month. You need not worry much as your luck factor will be on your side. It will increase the desired results multifold. You would be able to expand your business if you are involved in one. You will witness a boost in your career and would be on cloud nine because of the fantastic progress that you make at your career front. You will garner praise from the society for your efforts and achievements. Your hard work will be acknowledged and you will be appreciated by your colleagues as well as seniors. Those who are trying to get a job will get a good one according to their choice. You will have a good standard of living and will enjoy the comforts of life. Your dream of acquiring a new vehicle or property might come true by the end of this month. The natives who are preparing for government jobs should immerse themselves in their studies if they want to get a good position in the government sector. Students will be satisfied with their performance and will make progress at their academic front. The month will turn out to be a major turning point in your career and will, in turn, lead you to a better financial status. You should not waste your time during this month as every minute will contribute to your success.


The monthly horoscope for the month of March predicts that you might have to face problems related to your bones, especially those of your legs. Pain in the pelvic area of your body might afflict you during this period of time. However, the tables will turn and your health will begin to improve during the second half of the month. You should adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure that you stay in good shape.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

It is predicted that favorable conditions will prevail in regard to love relationships. You will have a good relationship with your partner during the month of April. You might get a present from your love that you have been yearning for. In the second half of this month, you are likely to get immense support from your loved one, which will be your driving force and will help you in your growth and development. Your partner will give you wise advice whenever you will need it. The motivation and pieces of advice of your partner will help you move in the forward direction. The transit of Venus in the Zodiac Sign Aries will fill your life with beautiful colors of love. You will find peace in the company of your partner. Your love will grow by leaps and bounds and your partner will reciprocate your feelings. However, married couples might have to go through some hardships during this month. You might feel the lack of mutual understanding and trust between you and your life partner. The initial few days will put you in a tough test, where you will be tested to abide by the vows that you took during your wedding ceremony. You should not say or do anything that might hurt your spouse emotionally or physically. Keep your anger in check and do not let it ruin your relationship. You are advised to seek marriage counseling from some elderly people at your home or from experts if you find things going out of control. The initial few days might be difficult to cope up with, but as time passes you will manage to settle things. Clear any misunderstanding by means of communication before it takes the form of a chaotic argument. Behave well with your partner and be their strength in times of need. The second half of the month will give you many chances to spend time with your spouse during which you will pour your heart out to your spouse. This will let both of you come close to each other and cover up the differences that have been troubling you and your life partner. You need to realise that it will be with each other's support that you will be able to have a married life that you always dreamt of.

Family & Friends

Your relationship with your parents as well as with your siblings is bound to improve during this month. An auspicious activity might take place at your home which will create a happy atmosphere in the house. Your family will love to spend time with you and you will enjoy the company. You might plan to do a business in collaboration with your family members if you want to. Your kinsfolk will hope that you will support them through thick and thin. Your efforts and cooperation will be appreciated by all and they will be satisfied by whatever work you do. You are strongly advised to think twice before you speak because any confusion or misunderstanding might lead to disputes in your house which would affect the environment of the house in a negative way. Try to maintain a harmonious relationship with everyone in your family. It will be one of your duties to take care of your family members. Taking care of your parents and respecting them should be on your priority list. This will get you your parent's immense support and love. Your children will be supportive and the Mars transit in Sagittarius will turn out to be favorable for your children.


Observing a fast and donating yellow colored objects to the needy on Thursdays will help you to pull off your tasks with ease. Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him Durva. The Vighnaharta will eradicate all problems. Offer water to Lord Sun regularly and chant Hanuman Chalisa as much as possible. This will help you to progress at your career front.

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