Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2019


Getting indulged in different tasks would increase your struggling power during this month. New business related plans will continue to be created and the related benefits will also be available according to time. There may be additional expenditure on land and vehicle-related works. Family complications might increase. Due to stress in marriage, family problems might become more prominent. Overseas tours are likely to be successful during this month. If you intend to travel abroad for work, then it will be successful. The work area will be in a better condition. Any plan to extend a project may be successful. Starting a new project will help you gain economic benefits. Sun along with Mercury is transiting into Virgo zodiac sign, which is good and progressive from career and business perspective. There will also be good opportunities for economic benefits. Venus alongwith Guru is transiting into Libra zodiac sign, which might be better from financial perspective. Futile runways and stressful situations may arise. However, works done as per a well-planned strategy would lead to better results. You’ll be content from monetary and real-estate perspective. In addition to having a strong relationship with relatives, co-operation will also be received from can also be done in the field of work. You may find brilliant opportunities of higher positions at workplace. If you’re into a job, then having a good relationship with a high official might allow you to grab a good position and you might be expected to perform tasks responsibly. Projects handled with courage and fear are likely to get completed successfully. If there is a plan to purchase land vehicle etc. then it is likely to be successful. This month there is every probability that you may end up going all over without getting any closer to your goals since the stars are not too positively inclined. A vast majority of you would travel fundamentally for business and by rail or by street. This in any case, may well seem, by all accounts, to be an inconsequential exercise. Indeed, even the most supported direction, i.e. West, would not bring any help. Some of you would add to your hardships by attempting an excursion abroad which too would be a far from being effective. Some of you may embrace a family occasion which may turn out to be inefficient. With Mars transiting into a high zodiac sign there is a good possibility of receiving honour in the area of work. Luck will accompany you and you’ll be successful in different areas of work. If you are doing any work related to academics during this month or are trying to complete any course, then it can be successful. Therefore, it will be beneficial to put in efforts according to time. You must continue making efforts and success would be yours. You may be physically unfit. Under such a situation, it will be necessary to take care of yourself. Mental disturbances and stressful situations might also prove advantageous for benefiting economically. Concerns related to children might increase during this month. Saturn’s fortnight is likely to cause mental unrest and stressful situations. Tasks that are about-to-complete might get interrupted. Conditions may get better during the second half of the month. Expanding an existing work plan might prove to be beneficial. It isn’t fruitful to start any new work on dates, including 4th, 5th, 13th, 14th and 22th, 23th October 2019. It would be better to postpone any important work that was otherwise scheduled for these days. You may work according to your sense of understanding. It is better to put in additional efforts for handling the ups and downs of life and continuous struggles. Therefore, your effort can be successful.


There are brilliant chances for achieving economic benefits during this month. Any work done with an intention to earn money would be completed successfully. Business conditions are likely to remain positive during this month. Good benefits related to work can also be obtained. You’ll receive support from relatives and friends on the work front. Destiny will be your best companion during this month. There is a possibility of progressing due to good fortune. You may profit from overseas-related work areas. If you want to make any kind of investment in this month, then you may go ahead with the same. However, before investing, it is absolutely necessary to get familiar with all the terms and conditions, which will ensure good profit as per time. The possibility of receiving benefits from real estate perspective are high during this month. Put in efforts towards gaining economically. You may start with other kinds of work. Do tasks in order to gain profit, which will ensure a brilliant future ahead. According to time and conditions, the first half of this month is quite favourable. You may also get profits during the month’s second half.


There is no possibility of any serious health-related problems during this month. Small problems might arise, for example cold and cough, fever etc. In such a case, try to avoid infections and be careful about your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There may be a situation of stress related to love relations during this month. Mutual differences might arise with the boyfriend/girlfriend. An interference of a relative might cause more problems in your love relationship. There may be a lack of sympathy for each other, which may cause mutual disharmony. There may be obstacles in vacations or any kind of work. All such plans may have to be postponed. If you want to share a particular thing with your boyfriend/girlfriend in this month, then wait. If you try to propose him/her or intend to make him/her an integral part of your life, then all such initiatives might fail. Situations might get stressful in your marital life. There might be problems associated with relations with your wife. Small problems might cause major issues. Due to non-cooperation of a spouse, work areas may also be hampered. Any attempts to earn money might fail. Relationships with the in-laws may also get worse and an overseas travel might also get interrupted. Therefore, try to maintain a warm relationship with your wife, which will enhance the empathy for one another and also ensure successful completion of tasks due to mutual support of each other.

Family & Friends

Family conditions are likely to remain stable during this month. There is a possibility of completing some auspicious work within the family. Any kind of demanding work is likely to get completed, which will create a festive atmosphere in the house. Having mutual harmony in the family may solve all kinds of problems. Works can be completed successfully with co-operation from each other. In this month, there will be good opportunities for getting financial benefits due to family support. Any kind of family business might turn to a huge success. A sense of cooperation might be generated for each other. Lifestyle may also get better, which may lead to overall development of the family. There is a possibility of receiving support from parents. The blessings of parents might make you successful in different ventures. You may also receive support from friends during this month. The situation can be stressful on the child's side. Problems related to health and education might arise. Unnecessary problems may have to be faced, which may cause mental unrest. Domestic issues might lead of mental problems. Therefore, try to maintain good rapport and synergy with your family members. October 2019 is a genuinely impressive month from the perspective of family welfare. Tr primary reason for this is that the arrangement of stars is confronting you this month. Your family would have the capacity to get the most extreme advantage from your servants. The family atmosphere would generally remain very lovely with congruity among the individuals. In addition to this, the way in which you’ll grow economically is absolutely great. What's more, the month of October 2019 would be quite fulfilling for all family members.


Worship and observe a fast on every Thursday. Also, donate yellow coloured items on every Thursday. Feed the cow with gram and jaggery. Serve and support any poor Brahmin. Doing this will get you brilliant benefits.

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