Capricorn Horoscope for October 2017


This month looks good for you. Siblings will help you in your low times. You will get unexpected profits at the job front. You might consider spending money on things that attract you. Mental peace might get affected owing to responsibilities given at work. Try to keep yourself relaxed by indulging in things which give peace and bliss. You will impress everyone with your influential way of talking. Family life will remain joyful and harmonious. You will crave to eat delicious food and sweets. It is suggested that you refrain yourself from speaking lies and keep transparency in everything. If you are related to media, success is assured this month. Health will remain normal and nothing major will affect. This month is not good for your love life, be careful. Friends will keep you happy and will support you throughout this month. You might turn religious and go on a pilgrimage with your family. Charity will also attract you by the month end.


October is good for your financial life. Distant journeys are predicted for you. You will accomplish your targets on time and this quality of yours will impress your seniors. As a result, your confidence will increase and you will perform even better. Do not turn arrogant and be generous in your attitude. Good news regarding finances is possible this month. Investment in stock market is possible in the month end. Do not spend money blindly and keep a check on your expenses.


Be very careful towards your health this month. Sugar level might increase; hence, keep an eye on it. Health of your children might get affected by the month end, take good care of them.

Family & Friends

Your children will keep you happy this month. Time is good to participate in competitive exams. Middle of the month will bring bliss in your conjugal life. You will take interest in learning a new language. Professionals related to mining or real estate will earn huge profits. You will engage yourself in charity and donation. You might go on a pilgrimage by the month end. Doing social deeds will bring recognition and fame for you. People will admire you and your respect will increase in the society. Last week of this month is quite fortunate for your married life. Disputes related to property might increase this month. Make sure to respect and obey your elders. If you are dating someone, differences might pop up in your relation. It is suggested that you don’t over expect things from your lover. You will enjoy cordial bond with your neighbours. Outings or trips are possible with friends.


Stay at bay from alcohol and people who are indulged in bad habits. Keep control on your temper and avoid getting angry over minor issues. Respect your seniors and don’t do anything that can hurt them.

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New Delhi, India, Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Month Jyestha
Disha Shool
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