Capricorn Horoscope for August 2019


You’ll receive a lot of honour and respect throughout this month. There will be opportunities for successful execution of new projects. If you’ve been provided with any specific responsibilities in the past, this is the month when you’ll be able to execute the same in a proficient manner. All projects undertaken responsibly will undoubtedly fetch you brilliant results. There are chances of receiving respect from a specific individual. Any hindrance in the flow of income will be eliminated in this month. Financial crisis may lead to mental stress. If you do a task with a good amount of self-confidence, then there are chances of succeeding in the same. Since Mars is transiting in Capricorn zodiac sign, there are excellent chances of achieving success in all the projects handled by you during this month. There might be a delay in succeeding, but luck will definitely shine upon you. During this month, there will be an increase in your expenses. There is possibility of an expenditure on any auspicious task. Additionally, you’ll also spend money on auspicious works pertaining to the family. The path of your progress will be enlightened. There are high chances of receiving amenities like car, home etc. Towards the end of this month, there are strong chances of purchasing a car or home. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a home or house; this is a favourable time period. If you’re into politics, then there is a possibility of receiving political profit. As a politician, you’ll also be receiving support from the public. If you’re struggling with education, then there are good chances of excelling in your area of interest. Irrespective of the area that you’re trying to build your career in; this month will be absolutely favourable. You need to stay calm and composed in order to complete a given task successfully. The month also shows signs of distraction in an overseas tour and marital relationships. Failure to receive the right kind of support from your spouse will cause obstacles in your ongoing projects. Interpersonal disturbances would interfere with your work profile. Destiny will favour you and you’ll receive ample monetary gain. Since Venus would be transiting in Virgo zodiac sign, the month is not quite favourable from career perspective. People into jobs would have to face a lot of stress regarding their assignments. However, the month also has some of the most remarkable opportunities for earning money. All in all, your financial condition is likely to improve during this month. If you’re planning to invest during this month, then you can go ahead because things will remain favourable. You are a stable individual and love doing things in accordance to a set time-frame. Working with such an approach makes you successful in everything you do. Entering into unnecessary arguments with someone can land you in a trouble. There is a possibility of unwanted expenses and hence you need to refrain from planning useless tours. Projects handled with a good level of understanding and analysis will be executed successfully. Staying anxious and stressed may cause you mental instability and also increase tension associated with your work.


There are good chances of receiving economic benefits throughout the month of August 2019. Although, you might have to face certain types of interruptions or obstacles; the chances of attaining success are quite high. Since Mars is transiting in Capricorn zodiac sign, the chances of rapid economic growth are high. Any kind of unnecessary investment may cause you monetary losses. Therefore, refrain from undertaking a transaction without analysing the situation. You may have to face extensive expenses throughout the month. These expenses would guide you regarding the financial situation in the future. If you’re planning to invest a specific sum of cash with an intention to grow economically, then it is absolutely essential to stay cautious and alert. Avoid investing in real estate. You may go ahead with investing in business processes. Every attempt to gain monetary benefit will prove successful. Since Venus is transiting in Virgo zodiac sign, there may be possibility of certain ups and downs in your career. However, you’ll receive monetary benefits for sure. Every attempt of yours would turn to be absolutely fruitful. Your effort to gain economically wouldn’t go in vein. All you need to consider is the right time and situation. Your fate wouldn’t disappoint you at any point during this month.


The month of August 2019 shows possibilities of fever. You may also get prone to some or the other kind of infection. Cold and cough may also bother you during this month. Since health is wealth, it is important to take care of your health above everything else.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

During August 2019, conditions will be favorable for love relations. Mutual harmony will lead to good fate. You’ll succeed in your field of work. This month will also witness a remarkable amount of mutual cooperation among lovers. This would assure interpersonal support from each other in addition to mutual gain in all respects. Both the romantic partners would remain contented with each other. This month shows signs of travel plans for boyfriend and girlfriend. The couple may also choose to travel in order to spend some quality time together. If you’re intending to convey your heart’s feelings to your partner, this is the month to proceed with the same. Situations pertaining to marital life wouldn’t remain good during this month. The married couple would share positive feelings for each other. There are very high chances of stress prevailing among the husband and wife. Due to continuous tension, there might be a situation of isolation between husband and wife. Marital conditions would indeed remain stressful throughout the month. Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from any kind of mishappening. Try and find measures to resolve pity issues among each other and assure lovable relations. Doing the same would mark your success in all the ongoing as well as future ventures. The failure to receive support from the life partner would put you under a lot of pressure and the same may also inculcate stress in your mind. Make regular attempts to maintain a cordial relation with your partner or else you might have to suffer, both physically and financially.

Family & Friends

Your family life will remain good throughout this month. You’ll receive tremendous support from your family members. You’ll be interested in working with the family members in a collaborative manner. There will be a festive atmosphere at your home. Towards the end of this month, there are good chances of an auspicious event at home. Work done with self-confidence will be completed successfully. There is also possibility of receiving emotional support from the family members. This would become the sole reason behind your success in all walks of life. Harmony within the family would also lead to overall development of the family. Additionally, there will be higher chances of progress in the family business. Throughout this month, you’ll be expected to maintain warm relations with your family members. This will not only enable you to receive respect and honour within the family, but even make you reputable within the society. In addition to receiving blessings from your parents, you’ll also receive their support in handling minor and major challenges throughout your life. Your wish to purchase a vehicle, home etc. would undoubtedly get fulfilled during the month of August 2019. Continuous support from your family will encourage you to work on innovative projects. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy all the finest amenities that are required for leading an excellent life. From the perspective of parenthood, the month shows signs of utmost satisfaction. Just minor worries related to children might crop up during this month. You may have to expenses associated with your child’s studies and health. Hence, it is essential to pay special attention to your child’s academic status and overall health. Doing this would enable you to retain harmony within the entire family.


Every Saturday, light the sesame oil lamp under the peepal tree or inside a Shani Dev temple. Also, make sure to recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday. Donate black coloured items. Doing this can remove your physical as well as financial problems.

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