Capricorn Horoscope for August 2017


Majority of your problems will end this month. Success will follow you in every sphere of life. Do not talk against anybody and continue doing your work sincerely. Let things fall in places on their own and do not interrupt them by your actions. Love birds will see their love life blossoming every single day. Purchasing new vehicle or buying new property is possible during the month end. Married couples will experience lack of trust and loyalty during the mid of the month. Enemies will find difficulty in harming you; hence, no need to think about them this month. Accomplish your tasks in a single go and don’t stop or pause things in between. Business trips outside the country are on your cards. Take meetings and conferences very seriously. Finalize ever decision after thinking carefully. Mental tensions will decrease in the last week of the month. Don’t trust anyone blindly, as someone might break it.


You will earn income as well as additional profits this month. You might get any major good news via a letter or phone call. Old rivalries will come to an end and goodness will enter your domestic life. However, some problems are possible with close friends. Avoid taking decisions in hurry, as it might lead to heavy losses. Bond with father will grow stronger and you will follow his suggestions. Works done previously will bring rewards now. Hard work and dedication in work will bring promotion for some of you. This is the time when you should remain alert from your enemies. For businessmen, this month will bring extreme profits. It would be good to stay away from investing in stock market as well as in real estate. Opponents will try to harm your image, but will not get to do it successfully. Keep your secret plans under the wraps and execute them on time. Do not reveal your future plans to someone as your opponents might try to harm you. Lack of trust is possible in partnership business.


Mild fever might attack you this month. Acne and other problems related to skin are possible this month. You might face problem in your genitals as well. It would be good to increase liquid diet in your daily regime.

Family & Friends

This month will give you reasons to cheer and enjoy. Connection with siblings will strengthen and you might go out with them for recreation. Your friends will increase and so will your social connections. During this month, shopping bug will bite you and you will buy anything & everything that catches your eye. If you are dating anybody, time is good to tie the knot and settle down with your partner. Profits are foreseen from in-laws and they support you as well regarding your future plans. Mid of the month might make you rude and you might talk harshly with your colleagues. It is suggested to control this attitude and be in harmony with all. Your children will keep you happy and good news is possible from them. Talking about students, this month is not that favorable; hence, double up your efforts. Keep yourself focused on your goals and don’t allow any distraction deviate you from your path. You might get to spend joyful moments with your father and have a healthy conversation with him. Married life will be a ride of ups & downs; however, things will turn favorable in the last week of the month.


Nothing major is needed other than keeping moral conduct and respecting elders. Gift something useful to your mother.

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New Delhi, India, Friday, August 18, 2017
Month Jyestha
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