Capricorn Horoscope for February 2019


During this month, you will be the person who will stand above all when it comes to management and decision making. Your creative thoughts and your boldness will make you a successful person. You should understand that you will be able to achieve success by means of your hard work. Your results will depend on the efforts that you put in and the time that you invest in a particular task. You will be very dedicated towards your work, and your hard work and determination will get you the desired results. You can get profit during the beginning of the month because according to your position of the planets, this month is prosperous for you. You will get comparatively better results if you immerse yourself in your work with zeal and enthusiasm. If you have a plan to start a new business, then you should give it a go as this month seems to be favorable for it. If you are indulged in a business related to building material or furniture, you might get exceptionally good results. If you are involved in any work related to mechanical parts, machinery parts, or automobiles, unexpected success awaits for you in the month of February. The month will be lucky for entrepreneurs and others who intend to start a venture during this month. They will be able to extract high profits from the work done this month. The support from your loved ones will make you more confident. You and your relatives will be loaded with cash in this month&


From the career perspective, the month seems to be conducive for your growth and development. Due to the transit of Jupiter in the Zodiac sign Libra, situations at your workplace will improve. This will help you to gain authority and power at your work front. You might get a promotion or a hike in salary as well. This will, in turn, help you gain a stable financial status. Monetary gains are on cards. If you are looking forward to investing your money, you might do so by the end of the month of February as the month seems to be supporting you financially. The transit of the red planet Mars in the Zodiac sign Scorpio will further help in money related matters. The efforts that you put in for making money will be rewarded and you will strike it rich during this period. You are advised to work with dedication to gain the maximum benefits. Do not indulge in extravagance as it might put a strain on your pocket.


You will be more prone to skin related allergies and infections during this month. In case that you are affected with such kind of problems, you should seek medical advice at once. Do not waste your time in trying baseless remedies, otherwise, the infection might spread and become dangerous. You might also face some bone related problem or fever during this month. Taking care of your health must be the priority on your to-do list.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You will be satisfied with the way your love relations progress during this month. There is a possibility of having a better bonding with your lover. Both of you will find warmth in the company of each other. If you want to share your feelings with your love partner during this month, you should not delay in doing this. It is likely that your wishes might be fulfilled because of the transit of the planet Venus in the Zodiac Sign Capricorn, which is good for your love relationship. The transit will also make your luck factor favor you during this month. Those who are single and are looking for a partner would be able to find one who will live up to your expectations. You will be able to put your thoughts into words and reveal your feelings to the one you have fallen for. There is a possibility of having stressful situations in married life because Rahu will transit in Cancer, which is not considered to be favorable for married life. In such a situation, your relationship with your spouse might be adversely affected. Tension and confusion would crop up every now and then. In such a situation, talk to your spouse and try to sort out the problem. Do not indulge in a war of words as it might bitter the relationship between the two of you. Pay attention to your work and do not let your mind waver because of the tension in your married life.

Family & Friends

You will have an amazing time with your family members during this month. You might not get everyone's support during the initial few days of the month. But, by the end of the month, everyone in your family will cooperate with you. You will gain authority at your home front. You will have to fulfill your duties as a responsible member of the family. The month will be good for your parents and serving them will prove to be a boon for you. Hence, you should love and respect your parents and get their blessings. Listen to what they say and consider their opinion in your decision-making processes. You should not ignore the advice of other members of your family as well. Your children will prosper during this period and will make you proud. The month is likely to bring happiness in your home.


Donate black coloured objects on Saturday. Also, light a sesame oil lamp under a Peepal tree or in a temple of Lord Shani on Saturday. This will help you get rid of all your health problems. Venerating Lord Hanuman will also prove to be beneficial for you.

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