Capricorn Horoscope for May 2018


You will be very occupied in business and may not be able to look after your family well. You may see insufficient return from partnership in your business but don’t lose your heart. Too hasty business decisions for higher returns may be more dangerous. JOb professionals will be able to encash the profit yielding opportunities. You may be very successful if you try your hand in new job. Transition of Venus from third house has indications of earning profits through communication media. Transit of Dragon’s Tail(Ketu) from second house may cause sudden profit or loss on investment. You should think twice before investing money. Spending may rise as your earnings during this time. Transition of Sun and Mercury in fourth house may affect mother’s health adversely. Some people may face tough time at their job front. Chances are that you may get involved in some social -religious work. Transition of Jupiter in ninth house may raise spiritual interests in your father. You may go for some pilgrimage. This time is very compatible for the growth of the siblings. This is golden time for students to move ahead in their life. Transition of Dragon’s Head(Rahu) from eighth house may cause sudden health troubles. You will have growing interests in Mysticism. Transition of Saturn in twelfth house may bring about good fortune from foreign resources. This time you may stay away from your family. Transition of Mars from fifth house may fetch you handsome returns from betting lotteries and sharemarket. There are also indications of purchasing land and properties.


This month will be starting with lot of spending. Some of them may be unnecessary while some may be spending on fun and frolic. Middle of the month will be mixed type. You need to exercise enough control on money transactions. Seeking expert’s advice before investing in new business will be good for you. Job professionals may gain financially by means of impending promotions.You may think to work beyound your capacity for earning financial gains. Very compatible time is visible for those related with overseas businesses. You will feel blessed with good fortune by your side. Farming, Real estate like businesses are building up as remarkable source of income.


Your health will be just so so.Some of you may be affected with problems related with eyes, insomnia or mouth. Otherwise you will be brimming with fun and frolic. You may like to go for travelling after taking vacation from work. You will take more interest in entertainment media. And you may also be taking to yoga and meditation for gaining peace of mind. You will be more at peace and happiness to see the employment and pleasant disposal of marriage of children.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You may face some differences in your married life. Life partner may have health related issues. You may take time out from work schedule for a romantic trip with your partner for bringing in sweetness in your relationship. This is very compatible month for love relations. But you will have to exercise enough control over your tongue. Try to avoid using harsh or tough language anywhere. Using too much of Logic and arguments beyond limit may hurt your love life. You may get attracted towards somebody special and you may make love proposals. Those already in love relations may have frequent meetings with each other. You may go for dating with somebody close to your heart near month end.

Family & Friends

You need to take very careful steps this time on domestic front. Mother’s health may remain problematic. This time is expected to be very remarkable for the growth of siblings. Father will have growing interest in Mysticism. You may go out on pilgrimage for visiting religious places. Your relation with siblings and friends will grow stronger. If your children are studying or engaged in Art, Management or technical subjects then their fortune is likely to sign. Pregnant women need to be very cautious for their health. There are strong indications of purchases of property. Some disputes related with paternal property may crop up.


Worshiping of Lord Bhairav will be beneficial for you.

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New Delhi, India, Saturday, May 26, 2018
Month Vaisakha
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