Capricorn Horoscope for March 2017


A month coupled with mixed results is what you can expect March to be. Workload will increase and so will your responsibilities. Your carelessness will annoy seniors and they might point out you for it. It is suggested to carefully analyze your performance and improve quality of your work. You might get more than one source to make ample money. The more you work hard, the more benefits you will get. Your responsibilities might also increase. Instead of running away from your responsibilities, look for ways to fulfill them. Love birds will enjoy pleasure and romance after the middle of the month. Students preparing for competitive exams or planning for higher studies will get support of luck. Natives searching new job might get success and get it according to their preferences. Surprises are possible to amaze you, get ready to enjoy. Businessmen will plan to collaborate with others for the welfare of their business life. Avoid going on useless journeys and save your time & money.


Work hard this month, as there is no place for laziness. Efforts need to be increased and seriousness needs to double up. Achievements made last month will continue if you don’t drop that zeal of working hard. Opponents will try best to harm you and replace you from workfront. Businessmen might get profits from foreign. It is suggested to keep a check on your expenses; else problems will come up in near future. Stay away from stock market and also from betting. Travelling due to professional reasons is foreseen for you. Stay calm and don’t lose your temper under any condition. You might seek help from your colleagues to accomplish your targets on time. Workload will increase; thereby, increasing stress and restlessness. Try to take out some free time and spend it on your hobbies. Rise in income is possible in the last week of this month.


March is not that favorable for your health. It is suggested to take health issues seriously and visit your doctor on time. Blood pressure might rise, keep control on your anger. Add exercise in your daily routine and be alert toward your eyes.

Family & Friends

March will make you a bit complicated to understand. Mood swings of yours will annoy others. It is suggested to be open with family members and keep the bonds strong. Control on your speech is a must this month; else you might have to end some really precious connections. Minor issues will stress you and will directly affect your professional life. Try to keep your workfront away from family life and think about the happiness of your family. Bringing change in decor of your home will strike you mind and you will spend money on it. Some of you might buy a new vehicle as well. Respect your grandparents and take out quality time for them. Your expectations from your spouse might increase and he/she will try to fulfill them. Keep control on your expenses during the month end and concentrate more on your savings. Your money might get stucked somewhere. Going on pilgrimage with family members will bring prosperity and bliss in your family life. You might take out your loved ones for a movie or dinner. Businessmen will get profits with the help of their spouse. Before taking any financial decision, discuss it with your elders.


Don’t drive in hurry and avoid driving when drunk. Get up early morning and offer water to Lord Sun, as it will ward off negativity of planets.

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