Capricorn Horoscope for March 2018


Transit of Saturn through twelfth house may increase your expenditures. Expect Income from foreign trades but Health should not be neglected. Relationship with your father might need improvement. Transit of Jupiter in the ninth house would push you towards spirituality and pilgrimage. Relations with kin and friends will remain cordial. Children will show their best in studies. Transit of Dragon’s Head (Rahu) in the eighth house might make you interested in spiritual matters. Transit of Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) in the second house is indicating to stay cautious in money matters. You could experience sudden change in your health. It would be advisable to keep your mood calm because There might be a job transfer. Father’s health need to be cared. Sudden gain or loss, is possible. Change of residence, is predicted. Transit of Sun in the second house would be problematic for family affairs. A health related issue or dispute may arise in the family. Never invest in hurry however transit of Mercury in the second house will give you financial support from you father. Long distance traveling may prove profitable. Transit of Mars with Venus in the third house will be beneficial in the work field. Kin and friends will stand by you.


You must be careful about money related matters during this month. Position of Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) in the second house might give you sudden gain or loss. Consider your plans, before investing money. Transit of Saturn in the twelfth house, would be auspicious in earning money from overseas. A good position in the job is awaiting. And this will make your financial condition stronger. Do not invest in share market or lotteries, during this time. Long distance would be worthwhile. You will receive financial backup from your father. If you are associated with any sacred organization or activity than you would be able make profit. Business deals in the field of education, religious items, garment business, art and theater, cinema, music, automobiles, antique and imported items will be turn out hugely successful business.


At health front, this period might cause some worry for you. Transit of Saturn in twelfth house is bad for health and wellbeing. Get check up for mouth and feet related diseases. Transit of Dragon’s Tail (Rahu) in the eighth house might warn you against physical injuries. Do not drive during this time to avoid any mishap. You could face sleeping disorders. For better health Indulge in spiritual activities. Traveling to a serene place will refill your energy and inner peace.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

A very fortunate time for married people. Your partner’s excellent performance at workplace will double your happiness. Married life would be full of romance and prosperity. Your mutual understanding will be wonderful and your partner would be very supportive. Taking a romantic trip with your spouse will make it a memorable event for lifetime. Love life would be on cloud nine during this time. Your meetings with your lover will make your relationship deeper. You will get expensive gifts. Singles may find a new love interest.

Family & Friends

It is going to be a mixed phase, for domestic life. Your expenditures, will rise. A medical urgency in the family, may add up your, expenses. Change of residence, is indicated due to job or business. Children would get success in the education. Friends and siblings, will be supportive. Your relationship, with them is blissful. A friend, would give you, a right advice in work related matters. parents ‘s health will be better. You may consider, visiting a religious place. Due to transit of Jupiter in ninth house, you may connect to religious and spiritual institutes. Those who are trying to sell their old house, will be able to do so during this month.


Staying away from bad influence and serving the needy, will bring you good luck.

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New Delhi, India, Thursday, March 22, 2018
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