Capricorn Horoscope for April 2019


You will be a hard working person during this month. You will push your limits to prove yourself with your own efforts. If you perform all your tasks with courage, you will find success at your doorstep. There will be a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders but you will be passionate about fulfilling them. With all your efforts, you will definitely succeed in doing every task faultlessly. There is a possibility that you might get erratic results in your business. There will be an increase in your wealth and you will spend it on religious activities and for the comforts of your family. After 15th April, tensed situations might arise between you and your siblings. Problems with your relatives might crop up as well and you might have a quarrel with them during this phase. Your business will be affected adversely and you will be able to get lesser than the expected profits during this month. You will witness an increase in your materialistic wealth and you will be more inclined towards performing spiritual activities. You might consider buying a new vehicle in this month. The second half of the month will be a good time to acquire a new vehicle or a house. Beware of road accidents, as there is a possibility of an injury. You would be physically exhausted as you will have to travel a lot during the end of this month. You should avoid unnecessary journeys, but if you get any chance to go on a trip for business purpose, then you should give it a try as it will result in profit. You will be dedicated to your work. If you will work hard then it is likely to get good success because of the Venus transit in Aries, which is good for you in terms of career. However, there are chances of stressful conditions prevailing at your work front. You should not lose hope in difficult situations and should believe in yourself. You should remember that every problem comes with a situation and you just have to find it. You will earn well if you are associated with interior decoration, design, fashion, or any kind of decoration. If you are up for job hunting, you will be able to bag a good job during this month. Some of the students will develop an interest in the field of designing. You will progress well if you choose this field. There will be obstructions in going on a journey but you should try your best to overcome them if the trip is important for you. You will be backed by your luck in whatever you do and it will push you towards success. The transit of the Sun and Mercury in Pisces will amplify your luck factor multifold. Also, you will develop impressive communication skills and will possess a captivating personality. You will be diplomatic in your behaviour during this course of time. You will be adamant and will strive hard to achieve what you aim for. Your involvement in social work will be in limelight and you will get appreciated for the same. You will have a good financial status, but ebb and flow in your income would be evident all throughout the month of April. You will try as hard as you can to shape up your career and ensure a better future for yourself. You will not like the prevalent conditions at your workplace, which might lead to stress on your mind. This will eventually fade away as the conditions will change and you will adjust to them. You might feel that life is a struggle and you will be required to live it to the fullest while achieving your goals at the same time.


It is speculated that you might not receive many monetary benefits during the month of April. You would have a hectic schedule and would find yourself devoid of energy to keep yourself going. This would lead to the development of stress, which would adversely affect your health status. A disturbed mind might lead to unproductive efforts, which will, in turn, lead to unsatisfactory results. So, you should stay calm and patient and do not panic as the difficult period with surely come to an end. Your conditions will improve during the second half of the month. You should try to give your best if you want to achieve the desired results. There might be some problems that you might encounter, but tackling them would be easy if you have confidence in your own abilities. Investing in the share market or real estate will not prove to be beneficial for you. You should avoid gambling and betting as it might lead to severe losses that will not be easy to compensate. Plan well before executing your strategies. Do not make decisions in haste otherwise, they would end up blowing in your face. A friend of the opposite gender will help you during this phase. Their motivation and support will keep you going. You might get good results with their cooperation. Be very careful in monetary transactions. Avoid lending your money to people who might become insolvent when it comes to returning your money. Save your hard earned money for future use. Do not put a lot of efforts in expanding your business as the results will not be proportional to the amount of money that you invest. Do not act on impulse, otherwise, the conditions might get worse.


You might have to go through a period during which cold and cough might torment you every now and then. Therefore, you should take the necessary precautions for the same. Your joints will be more susceptible to physical pain. You should exercise regularly and take adequate calcium in your diet. Maintain personal hygiene to keep your skin healthy. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

It is anticipated that your love will be blissful during the month of April. You might be able to gain numerous profits because of your love partner. You will get to spend romantic moments with your partner, that you will cherish all your life. Both of you will depend on each other and will consider each other's opinion before doing anything. Those who are single would be able to find the one they were waiting for. The natives who will try to woo their partner during the span of this month will be able to get the desired answer. You should try to maintain a balance between your personal life and professional life if you do not want to suffer. As far as married life is considered, this month can bring about some undesirable situations. Different perspectives will lead to frequent clashes between the two of you. As a result, you might start to drift apart from each other. The transit of the shadow planet Rahu in Cancer is not a good sign for your married life as well as your health. Do not let the situation slip out of your hand. Take the necessary actions to keep your marriage strong and do not let it fall apart. Treat your partner with love and affection and make them understand your perspective gently. Do not use abusive words or disrespectful words that might hurt your partner. Your partner will be prone to health issues during this month and you should take care of them. Make them realize how important they are for you and how much do you love them. You will be able to set everything right with your efforts.

Family & Friends

It is expected that conditions at your home front will improve because of the transit of Jupiter in the Zodiac Sign Libra, which will gradually lead to the settlement of the existing problems between your family members. Everyone will try to live in harmony with each other. There might be some disagreements about some petty issues but you should try your best to settle them down as soon as possible. Otherwise, these might turn into heated arguments and disrupt the peace and harmony of your home. You should be united as a family and should not let anyone use the divide and rule policy in you. Your parents will support you in your good phases as well as your bad phases. They will never let you down and will spare no effort to make your dreams come true. Your children will be the apple of your eye and will bring a smile to your face. Your parents will help you financially if needed. Many guests will visit your residence during the stretch of the month of April and a social get together might also take place at your home. You will be able to meet your distant relatives during this month. A member of your family will achieve something remarkably good and this will call for a big celebration in your &


You should immerse a piece of coal or a coconut in a flowing river or stream. Light an earthen lamp filled with sesame oil under a Peepal tree on Saturday. Chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly as this will help you to eradicate your fears. On Monday, worship Lord Shiva and recite the Panchakshara mantras. This will help you gain a hold in your career and will keep you fit and healthy.

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