Capricorn Horoscope for October 2019


The mind might get disturbed due to financial difficulties during this month. There may be fear of an injury during a journey. In the second half of this month, means of earning a sustained income are likely to exist due to support of family members. With Mars being exalted during this month, there are high chances of receiving respect and honour. The convenience of vehicle, house etc. can also be enhanced during this month. If you are trying to purchase property then you’ll be successful in the same. The situation is better in terms of acquiring wealth via real-estate but there is a possibility of expenditure as well. Unnecessary expenditure might lead to stressful situations. You may face conflicts and deception from close relatives. Under such a situation, it may be better to be careful with your relatives. On the business front, do not try to collaborate with any of your relatives, otherwise you may have to bear the loss. Conditions are likely to remain good from business perspective. Venus is itself transiting into the Capricorn zodiac sign, which can be very good and profitable from a business perspective. If you work in any of the domains, including fashion decorations, clothing, finance etc. then you may achieve success. Mercury is transiting into the Virgo zodiac sign, which is quite good for the progress of fortune. Positions may get better during the first half of the month. This month is going to be quite good from financial perspective. If there is a plan to make an investment of some kind then you can do so. You’ll receive immense profit from the same. If you are employed, then you may have to complete projects responsibly. With this, you’ll be able to receive great incentives in addition to a higher position as per time. If you’re planning to enter politics or are already into it, then you’ll be able to excel in the field. You’re likely to receive mutual understanding and co-operation. If you are a student then you can achieve good success in academics. Success could be achieved by putting in efforts. Tensions might arise in professional as well as marital life. Due to non-cooperation from the spouse, you may experience a negative effect on your area of work. Problems might also arise in an international tour. Unnecessary trips can result in financial loss as well as mental unrest. Under such a situation, it may be better to work sensibly. During this month, the dates viz: 6th, 7th, 15th, 16th and 24th, 25th aren’t very good for you. If no important work is done on these days, it may be better and fruitful because on these days, mental disturbance might be more. Thus may not be good from business perspective. Working as per your situation and circumstances is the befitting thing.


There may be good opportunities to get an economic advantage. In this month, the possibility of receiving honor along with economic benefits is high. Any kind of work may be done with due respect. There is a possibility of being successful in your area of work. If you want to create an expansion plan for your business, then the same may be successful. Destiny will favour you during this month. Any work done with self-confidence is likely to get completed successfully. Investing for economic benefits can also yield good benefits. Take care during monetary transactions in this month and do not try to lend money to any other person. You may get financial benefits related to an international tour or a work related to a foreign company. Overseas travel related to work can be successful. Efforts made to purchase property are likely to fail. Therefore, do not invest in real estate. You can go ahead with making an investment related to your business, which will fetch you financial gains according to time. In the second half of this month, work-related situations may get worse. Whatever you intend to do, try and do it during the month’s first half itself so that you can receive excellent profits.


The possibility of joint pain or injury etc. is high during this month. You may suffer from fever etc. Under such a situation, be vigilant about your health and stay protected from any kind of viral infection.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions might get be better with regard to love relationships. Your ideology can get hooked up with that of your partner. Also, any advice from your partner will ensure successful completion of a task. Giving a gift to a boyfriend/girlfriend and taking some advice from him/her can be beneficial. New work can also be started during this month. All the problems can be overcome by improving the mutual coordination between the two of you. With the intervention of another person, both of you may have a difference in opinion. Interpersonal tension may also arise.Under such a scenario, there’s no need to trust a third person. You need to work in accordance to someone’s advice. Situations related to marital life are likely to remain stressful during this month. There is a possibility of mutual differences with the wife. Due to some kind of unnecessary problems, there might be an increase in adverse situations within the family. Also, a dispute may arise. Major problems may arise as a result of with minor problems. Due to non-cooperation of a spouse, the areas of work may also be affected negatively. Outbound travel may be disputed. Try to keep your spouse happy in accordance to time and circumstances. Make every possible effort to make mutual coordination better, which will allow you to taste success as per time.

Family & Friends

Compatibility with the family members might get better during this month. An in-depth analysis may be carried out regarding the work front. Collaboration of each other is necessary and with the help of each other, any work can be completed with a higher success rate. Maintaining harmony within the family can solve all kinds of problems. Your ability to think and understand is remarkable. Therefore, you should use your instinct to try and maintain a warm relationship with the family members. There may be good development of the family and the co-operation of each other in household affairs can be extremely important. Being organized is a solution to all kinds of problems. Parental support might be obtained. There will be no stressful situation regarding parents' health during this month. Respecting parents and serving them may turn to be a boon for you. Conditions may be favorable on the child side. You may be happy and contented with the education and career choices of your children. Children would render the right kind of support in family welfare and development. You should every work after analyzing time and situations. Efforts to organize the family may be successful and this will lead to overall family development.


Every Saturday, light the lamp of sesame oil under the peepal tree or inside the Shani temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday. Donate black coloured goods on Saturdays and also donate cleaning items at the temple. By doing this, both your health and career will witness a positivity.

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