Scorpio Horoscope for October 2019


Progress of destiny might be affected by numerous obstacles. Due to excessive anger, disruption in work may arise. Struggling in vain may cause mental stress. Conflicts may arise with your favored friends and brothers. Relations might get worse with close relatives, but wealth might increase from the perspective of investing in real estate. Works undertaken with consistency and seriousness are likely to fetch you success. Conditions will be favorable in the first half of the month. Therefore, whichever auspicious work you intend to do or you wish to extend an action plan, then you may go ahead with the same during the first half of the month. You’ll succeed from business perspective. Opportunities to gain economic benefits will be available. Some casual money may also be received and there are good chances of an improvement in work-related fortune. You are a brave and mighty person. There is an incredible ability to perform any task. Works done in a haste may prove to be disadvantageous. Any decision taken in anxiety or anger may prove to be disastrous. Therefore, any decision regarding purchase of vehicle or home must be taken wisely in this month. If you are a politician then you’re likely to receive great political benefits. Public relations may get better. You’re likely to face your opponents for mimum number of times. You’ll be able to see yourself in a better position. If you are employed, then from career perspective, you’ll be able to attain a higher position at workplace. You might get a good position with the help of some of your best friends. You should try to maintain good relations with your officials or colleagues, which will ensure success for you. If you are a student and are preparing for an examination, then you may have to face struggle and stressful situations this month. You will get opportunities to get profit. Therefore, every work should be done with a lot of courage. You may have to travel more often during this month. Try to avoid unnecessary trips, otherwise the burden of expenses might increase, which may increase mental problems. Due to Saturn’s fortnight, there might be an inflow and outflow of family disputes and economic crisis. Good profit might occur due to proper action plans. In addition to economic benefits, there will be gain on the work front as well. During this month, doing a task on the dates viz: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 11th, 12th, 20th and 21st might cause losses. Do not take any concrete decision or fix any kind of meeting or start a new work on these days. This time reflects your mental turmoil and stressful situations. Under such a situation, doing any task might be harmful. Working according to time and the situation might be rewarding.


Economic conditions will be favorable in this month. The effort to gain an economic profit is likely to be successful. There is a possibility of getting good profits from the works done in the first half of this month. If you are trying to start a new work in order to get an economic advantage, then it would give you huge benefits in the future. Destiny will also be with you during this month. Success would be achieved in accordance to time. Conditions may be unfavorable during the second half of the month. If you want to invest in something then try to do it in the first half of the month. Do not invest in anything during the month’s second half, else you may have to suffer from heavy losses. Efforts made from the perspective of real estate might fail. Therefore, do not invest any money in terms of real estate acquisition. Family support might be required for executing work plans successfully. So, don’t make any attempt to receive family support. The situation can be rewarding from career perspective. Therefore, make an attempt to gain economic profits. You’ll be able to reap economic benefits as per time.


There is no serious issue related to health. There may be some minor troubles. Any kind of injury might bother you. Take good care of your health as per time.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Struggle and stressful situations may arise in love relationships, during this month. In spite of your repeated attempts, there may be problems in establishing a warm relationship with the boyfriend/girlfriend. Controversy with one another and disputes may arise due to some or the other argument. A situation of staying away from each other might also be generated. Problems pertaining to your boyfriend/girlfriend may arise. There is less likelihood of receiving cooperation of each other in any kind of work. If you want to share something with your lover in this month or wish to propose him/her, then you should wait. Situations regarding marital life might be stressful. You might stay away from the luxury of having a wife and might have to travel as a couple more frequently. This would make you dissatisfied with each other. Continuous interference by life partner might trigger tensions. Overseas travel and married life will generally be auspicious. The more effort that’s put into making a romantic relationship successful, the better it would be for you. You are a mighty man. Therefore, try to do any task after going through the situation and circumstance. Do not do any work that will cause a problem to your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband wife.

Family & Friends

Family conditions are likely to remain good. The feeling of cooperation between each other in the family is likely to be good. The possibility of success in real estate is clear due to mutual support from one another. From the family perspective, collaboration with each other may result in overall welfare and development of family. In the field of work, the hope of receiving cooperation may also increase. It is very important for you to maintain harmony with each other in the family. Having a good relationship with friends and brothers can benefit you at workplace. Any work can be completed successfully. Small problems might arise, but you shouldn’t panic or get stressed. In the latter part of the month, conditions might get a bit stressful. However, conditions will remain favourable in the first half of the month. You’re likely to receive your parents’ blessings and cooperation. Some problems might arise due to parents' ill health. However, there is no sign of a serious issue. It would be good to take care of your parents. Conditions related to offspring might be stressful. There might be stress due to children education and health, which may lead to mental unrest and stressful situations.


Worshipping Lord Hanuman and visiting a nearby Hanuman temple on every Tuesday will prove beneficial for you. Offering and distributing boondi in Hanuman temple in addition to serving and support people within the temple premises will be beneficial for you.

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