Scorpio Horoscope for July 2017


In the month of July you might have to face some problems. However, profits and benefits will come to those who will do hard work. You might get success in reaching your goals with your calm attitude. You might have to perform good even in some unfavorable situations. You are quite capable and do not possess any shortcomings in yourself. You may have many enemies. Being careful from your enemies might prove beneficial for you. Things might start falling on their places during the later part of the month. Your profits will also increase. Time is very crucial for you thus, make most out of it. Your income might also increase this month. You may be too generous. Sources for your income might also increase. Benefits from investments in property might also flow in for you. You might also plan something big this month. Legal decisions might come in your favor this month. Profits in stock market and betting are also foreseen for you. People engaged in businesses related to machinery, factories and other local institutions might make good profits this month. Progress is predicted for you in your business. Your expenditures might also increase this month. Those who are engaged in agriculture might also make good profits this month. Month is also good for education. You might find interest in poetry, teaching, astrology and bank related fields. You might find yourself more inclined toward entertainment and fine arts. You might also gain ample knowledge from religious and imperceptible knowledge.


You might gain prosperity in your business. Promotions according to your will are also expected for you this month. Your prosperity and reputation might also increase. You may also plan to expand your business. Transfers at the place of your choice are also predicted. You may also plan foreign business tours during this period. Luck is on your side this month, so make full out of it. Time is favorable for those who are in politics. You might meet some very prominent people during this period. Success will kiss your feet. You may also see some increment in source of your income. Your financial status might also increase. Profits is foreseen for some prominent people. This time you may meet some influential people. You may also plan to start a new business. Time is crucial for those who are engaged in business related to minerals, insurance and food. Good profits are also predicted for manufacturers, contractors, property dealers, police, transport, machinery, factory or those who are associated with some organisations. Partnerships might also pay you good this month.


You will remain lively and well throughout this month. You might find yourself healthy and your spirits high for the whole month. However, some problems related to blood pressure, eyes, fever and gall bladder might trouble you this month. Your power, activeness, courage and willpower might find an increase in you, during this period. But, still a healthy and immune health will be maintained. You might have to suffer from diseases related to mouth and ear. Some air borne disease might also bother you.

Family & Friends

Your family life might remain usual this month. Chances of celebrations are predicted at your home. You might celebrate birthday or marriage at your own house this month. Your family environment may remain happy and cheerful during the entire duration. Chances of arrival of a new member in your family are also possible. You might share good relations with all the members of your family. You may get benefitted from presence of your parents this month. Love and affection of your parents might delight you for the whole month. However, some misunderstandings might also occur with your spouse. You might waste your time unnecessarily this month. Spending some extra money on your spouse may increase your expenses. You might plan to spend a long vacation with your family. Sudden plan to a pilgrimage is also possible. You might complain about gas and indigestion during travelling. Thus, avoid eating street food in order to stay fit and healthy.


Reciting Ganesh Stuti might prove beneficial for you. Donate Dhwaja (flag) in temple. Feed birds daily. Reading Shani Stotra will be beneficial.

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