Scorpio Horoscope for May 2017


This month might prove fruitful for you. Jupiter is present in your tenth sign during the early period of this month. Transit of Jupiter in Leo might help in gaining more profits and good income this month. Transit of Saturn in your sign is giving Sade Sati Dosha to you. You must postpone all your new ventures during this period. Do not invest money in any property. Time is favorable for taking rest for you. Jupiter will be responsible for distributing financial profits to you. You might also find good profits in your business. Benefits are also predicted from your siblings. Transit of Ketu in your fourth house may provide you with great benefits if you will do hard work. Profits are also foreseen in gambling, betting and stock market. Time is also favorable for getting bank loans. Children might plan to make their future bright by studying further. Your interest might get inclined towards religious and other pious works. Time is also crucial for getting success along with increase in your expenditures. Opportunity to make sudden money might make you feel glad this month. Your love life might not remain too stable during this period. Some problems, might also arise in your works. Do not worry as success is assured for you. Start working toward your goals.


Mars, lord of your sign, is posited in your first house and is also benefitting you with money and wealth. Presence of Jupiter in your tenth house is providing you with progress, promotion and transfers. You may maintain a stable financial status this month. Some foreign visits are also predicted for you in search for a new business or job. You might also develop some new contacts during this period. Your arbitrary attitude may create some problems at your work. You might also take loan from bank in order to fulfill your all needs. You may get satisfied with your wealth this month. Sources for your income might also increase. Transit of Mars in your first house may boost your self confidence. Your hard work and dedication might give you positive results this month. Stay cautious while spending money as this might increase your expenses. Postpone all your plannings for a while if you are planning to invest in property or other wealth. You must take some time out from your work and rest for a while. Profits might be slightly low for those who are doing business in partnerships or individually. Presence of Mars in your sign might provide benefits to those who are engaged in works related to teaching, psychology, mechanics and other commercial products. Prosperity is predicted for lawyers and judges also. Month is favorable for building reputation in your business and work.


You might get relieved from a prolonged illness. Chances for suffering from diseases related to gastric, stomach and other disorders are also predicted for you. Diseases related to your gall bladder might also occur. Utmost care should be taken by those who are having high blood pressure. Anxiety might also take place. You might also suffer from laxity in your speech, headache and other mental stress. Thus, taking good care of your health is necessary for you.

Family & Friends

Mixed outcomes are predicted for you this month. Take good care of your mother's health, as her health might bother you this month. Some tensions might also arise with your spouse during the early period of this month. Your children might be the reason for your mental tensions. You might share cordial relations with your father. His support is also predicted for you. Relations with your siblings might also remain affectionate. Someone new might also join your family this month. Try to be polite with everyone around you as aggressive behavior might arouse tensions in your family. Jupiter is making many favorable situations for you, which is also responsible for giving pleasures in your life. Relations with your friends may remain usual. You might also plan a family vacation to some pilgrimage or shrine this month. Transit of Rahu in your sign might promote migration of you and your family. Festivities and celebrations might overpower your house this month.


You should read Shani Stotra to get benefitted in your health. Establish Mahamrityunjay Yantra in your house and start wearing Rudraksha to wave off all the diseases. Doing Saraswati Vandana might prove beneficial for you. Offer Panjeeri to ants. Scorpions should wear Coral. Start wearing coral in your ring finger with copper ring. This gem is beneficial for health point of view also.

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New Delhi, India, Saturday, May 27, 2017
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