Scorpio Horoscope for August 2019


You are of an over-enthusiastic nature and love doing things with a whole lot of fun and excitement. However, your aggressive nature makes you prone to arguments with others. When angry, you tend to cause problems for yourself. Being stubborn during situations is one of the major reasons behind the massive amount of stress that you’re exposed to; all the time. It is always better to work responsibly in order to reap maximum benefits from an ongoing project. From the perspective of financial gains, this month would prove to be absolutely advantageous. Brilliant opportunities for financial growth will come your way, during the month of August 2019. Every kind of business will fetch you massive profits in this month. Destiny will accompany you throughout the month and every effort of yous will render you success. Here, an important point to note is that a set strategy for project execution will get you unimaginable benefits. You’ll have enough capital to purchase immovable property. If you’re employed with a company, then there are good chances of getting a higher position and a better salary. In addition to this, you may also get good social dignity and prestige. You’ll enjoy a cordial relationship with your higher officials because Mars is transiting in a good zodiac sign. Students will excel during this month. If you’re a student or are preparing for any kind of examination’ luck will favour you during this month. The second half of August 2019 will bring a better phase of life for all the students belonging to the Scorpio zodiac sign. Also, the time period will be good for businessmen. After 17th August 2019, Sun will be transiting in the Leo zodiac sign and this is a good signal of a successful career. An overseas travel will also prove tremendously fruitful. Since Venus is transiting in the Virgo zodiac sign, you might have to face certain difficulties during your overseas tour. Time period is favourable in terms of financial profits. Work done with a good amount of confidence will lead to excellent results. In August 2019, there are brilliant chances of excelling in the field of administration. You may also choose to build a successful career in the field of medicine, electronics etc. Lack of patients might make you face some problems in your field of work. It is advised to perform a job with a lot of patience and dignity.


From the perspective of economic benefits, conditions will be favourable throughout August 2019. You’ll receive monetary profit in accordance to your investment. This would in a way also ensure an upliftment in your overall financial situation. Tasks performed by you will fetch you maximum economic benefits. Your fate will also be by your side and render you outstanding advantages. Good deeds will ensure maximum economic benefits for you. Getting in touch with a reputable individual would increase the likelihood of receiving a remarkable economic advantage. There will be benefits on the work area as well. You may have to face a stressful situation in addition to undergoing a lot of struggle. Despite all the hassles, you’ll continue to earn a good amount of money. Be careful while undertaking transactions. Avoid investing money elsewhere so as to avoid any kind of difficulties at a later point of time. Try working on a project in accordance to time and situation. Any kind of financial investment should be made intelligently. Try maintaining a cordial relationship with everyone around you. This is beneficial for ensuring a better business relationship as well. With fine professional relationships, there are greater chances of achieving success.


This month shows signs of health issues among people of all age groups with Scorpio as their zodiac sign. Illness related to skin, joint pain, boils etc. may keep you under a low state of health. In addition to this, you may have to face a specific kind of infection etc. Therefore, do take very good care of yourself.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Pertaining to romantic relationships, this month will be full of hardships and stressful situations. Unnecessary problems can cause tension between the partners. You may become a victim of mutual misunderstanding. This month will bring major struggle for the partners. Therefore, it might get tedious to take time for each other. Even after putting in a lot of effort, it might get difficult for the girlfriend/boyfriend to spare time for his/her partner. This may lead to a deterioration in the romantic relationship. The month of August 2019 shows strong possibility of unnecessary expenses. Therefore, refrain from having a vacation or shopping during this month. In addition to the expenditure, the mutual harmony between you and your partner might also get affected. All those who’ve tasted the marital bliss will have a great time throughout this month. Mutual cooperation and mutual ideology will be the key pointers for executing a task successfully. Support from your spouse will definitely bring prosperity for you. With an improved efficiency in performing domestic activities, there will be a positive impact on the relationship of husband and wife. In addition to improved conditions in the field of work, there are high chances of an overseas travel. Having a stable mind will be favourable for success in the work domain. While love relations will see a lot of ups and downs during this month; those of you who are married will continue to enjoy the bliss of a married life.

Family & Friends

This month will witness stability and seriousness in your family atmosphere. Family members would try and complete a particular task with utmost stability in accordance to the most appropriate time. You’ll receive all the support from your family members and be successful in completing an important task. This month shows signs of an improved mutual reconciliation among the members of your family. You’ll receive appreciation from family members after having put major efforts into completion of an important work related to the entire family. Harmony within the family will improve. In addition to receiving the much-needed support from your parents, you’ll also experience excellent relationship with your mother and father. Your parents’ blessings are more than sufficient to help you in coping up with the multiple challenges in life. You might be bothered about their health and hence should take good care of their health. In addition to receiving support from friends, you’ll also see your relatives coming forward to render you the right amount of support. Your relations with close relatives will definitely improve and the same may lead to successful execution of projects. You might be dissatisfied with your kids. There is a possibility of additional expenditure for the children and it may cause you mental issues. During this month, there is a high probability of additional expenditures on the family front and hence it is imperative to keep a tab on the expenses. Also, try and maintain mutual harmony within the family.


Recite Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis. Pray to Lord Hanuman by visiting a Hanuman temple. Pour jasmine oil and vermicelli all over Hanuman ji’s idol. After offering prashad to Hanuman ji, distribute to one and all. Make it a point to serve people at the Hanuman temple. If possible, support the temple from monetary perspective. Doing this will help you in staying fit, both physically as well as mentally.

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