Scorpio Horoscope for June 2018


This month Saturn will transit through your second house. In order to earn money, you will work very hard. Chances are high of buying a property. You are expected to get financial support from your siblings and friends. Transition of Jupiter through the Eleventh House Lord will give you a huge monetary gain. Health of your children will stay good and their success in education will keep you happy. Change in your business may give you beneficial result. Because of the transit position of Dragon’s tail in the fourth house, you are likely to stay away from your family or you may change your house. Your mother need to stay alert about her health. You will get benefit from the foreign sources due to the transit position of Venus and Mercury in the sixth house. On the other hand, you need to be careful about your marital life. Transit of Mars through the eighth house is warning you to stay alert and take special care of your health. Also you have stay alert while driving. You are expected to start a new business because of the transit of Sun through the seventh house. There is a possibility that you might face some problems in your marital life. Think properly before any big investment in your business. You are expected to change your job due to Dragon’s Head transit through the tenth house. Be careful at your workplace because you might be a victim of a conspiracy.


A huge monetary gain is waiting for you because of the transit of Jupiter in the Eleventh House Lord. Your income will increase but the expenses will also be high. Although, you will get new sources of income and there will be no hurdle in your daily earnings. You are likely to get financial help from one of your friends or siblings. If you have given a loan to somebody, than chances are less of getting it back during this time. People connected to education, buying or selling of religious goods, designing, art, theatre, play or acting, paper or stationary, machinery, factory and leather industry, are expected earn huge amount of money. During this period, you will be anxious to buy expensive luxurious items. But avoid unnecessary expenses because you might face financial crisis further.


When it comes to health, you need to be really alert. You are likely to suffer from seasonal diseases. If you are suffering from a long term illness then it will not get diagnosed easily and because of it, you might face problems in your treatment. Insomnia may trouble you. Try to keep control over your anger otherwise, you might face mental stress. You need to stay careful while driving or using machinery. If you are associated with yoga and meditation, you will feel a new energy in you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

If we talk about your marital life, you need to stay alert. Your speech is likely to be crass and blunt with your partner. You will be in dilemma regarding your thoughts. So, try to keep yourself calm and bring transparency in your thoughts. You are advised to walk hand in hand with your partner to stay in a positive relationship. Instead of blaming each other, try to face the difficult situations together. It will be the best option for both of you. Your love life is expected to stay good. Some natives might feel more in love with time. Avoid giving more importance to logic than emotions. If you are planning to propose someone, then chances are high of getting success. You will get opportunities to spend some good time with your love partner.

Family & Friends

During this period, you will try to enjoy your familial life. But you will get failure in this attempt because of the positioning of Dragon’s Tail in the fourth house. You will spend more on entertainment, luxuries and other comforts of life. You need to control over your extra expenses. You may stay away from family because of your work. You are expected to change your residence. You may get a solution of a problem related to your ancestral property. There are chances of tension with your spouse so avoid getting into unnecessary arguments. This will be better for you. Success of your children will be enough to make your happiness double. Your mother need to take special care of her health. This time will be quite beneficial for spiritual growth and a religious travel may give you mental peace.


Keeping a coin or a piece of copper in your pocket will be beneficial for you.

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