Scorpio Horoscope for January 2017


Month is favorable for savings. Time might be crucial for getting answers to all your questions. Your family life may remain normal this month. Do not trust other people over your own family members, as someone may try to ignite fire in your family. Travel safely, as some problems during your small trips are predicted. You must also try to postpone all your trips before middle of this month. Relations may not stay too cordial with your mother. Work related problems might be the cause of your worries this month. Your financial condition will remain strong during this month. Good profits are predicted from things which are risk prone and need lot of courage. Investing your money in stock market will also prove beneficial for you. Time is crucial for starting new ventures. Finding solutions to your problems might also prove beneficial for you. You may not remain satisfied with your ongoing business and start urging for something else. This might ignite some mental tensions for you. Do not take pity decisions. Taking advice from your seniors or some elder person is recommended for you.


Your expenses might increase during the beginning of this month. Do not befriend strangers. Do not get bribed by someone during this period as it might defame you. Some profits are expected from your mother this month. You might also get advantaged by some windfall gains this month. Profits from an investment that was made earlier might also pay you off good. Do not fool others in order to get your works done. Try to indulge yourself more into spirituality and meditation this month. Hard work is surely going to pay you off. You might also plan to purchase a land quite far from your place of birth. Sign any documents carefully after giving a thorough reading to the contract during this period. Will to establish your business overseas might take you to some foreign country. You might have to try your luck hard in order to complete your each work. Time is favorable for merchandising this month.


You might get aggressive easily. You might also suffer from some heaviness in your forehead. Blood pressure related problems might also arise this month. Control your anger, as it might create a negative impact on your health. Do rigorous hard work to gain success.

Family & Friends

Month is going to be a bag of mix fruits for you. You might get little tensed due to your children and family during this period. Your relations might also improve with your younger brothers and sisters. You will maintain harmonious relations with your spouse. Time is not favorable for starting any new work. Your family members might not trust each other during this span of time. They may even work against each others will. You might get successful in deepening your relationship with your friends this month. You might get displeasured with your family and friends. Relationship with your mother might get bitter this month. You might find your mind unstable and little tensed. Middle of the month might not be too favorable for you, it might make you feel forlorn. Your children might not let you feel delighted this month.


You must start wearing eight face Rudraksha in order to reduce the inauspiciousness of Rahu.

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