Scorpio Horoscope for April 2018


This month the transit of Saturn will be from your second house which might result in you shifting your house. Your elder brother and sister should take care of their health during this month. Property related work will profitable. Due to the transit of Jupiter in your 11th House there will record breaking success in financial matters. Students of arts, music and medicine will achieve great heights. This period is really good for spiritual growth and development. Surprising progress in your business is possible in this month. The transit of Dragon’s head in the tenth house indicates a possible job change and transfer. Your expenses will increase. The transit Dragon’s tail in the fourth house might disrupt your mental peace and tranquillity. You might sell some of your property. Your mother will be interested in spiritual activities; she is suggested to take care of her health. The transit of mercury and Mars in the sixth house indicate that your opponents will dominate you. You health will be good. The transit of Sun and Venus in the fifth house indicate an extraordinary profit in your business. Your married life will also be at the best.


The month brings profit at the financial front. You will work hard and business will flourish. Share market, commodity market, stock market are profitable ventures this month. Your intelligence will make you earn a lot of profits. You will find new opportunities to earn money and increase your income. Eatables, ready made garments, tools related work, automobile, tourism are the businesses that promise high returns. Service class people are likely to get a promotion or a job change. You will feel financially secure and at peace. Time is good to make both long term and short term investments. You will succeed in clearing your old debts.


Due to the transit of Mercury in the sixth house this month will be a blessing for you in terms of health. Aamod pramod and entertainment will keep you busy. To bring a change in your mundane life you might go on trip soon. You will exercise and practice Yoga & Meditation to become physically fit. Try avoiding speeding while you are driving. People with high blood pressure are especially advised to exercise caution. Keeping your temper in check will be good for your health. You will feel more emotionally attached towards your partner. This is the time to enjoy, party and travel. You may also travel with your partner.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

For married people this month is going to be really good. You will work together and share all responsibilities, which will increase your understanding for each other. Your relationship will become more soulful. For unmarried couples also the time brings the best. If you are planning a date for your partner, then choose the middle of the month to do that. Also, this time see you popularity grow in among the opposite sex. You spend quality time with your partner. It is likely that you will spend time on different means on entertainment. If you are planning to propose to that special someone then this time ensures your victory.

Family & Friends

This month will bring both good and bad for you as far as your family life is concerned. Dragon’s tail is posited in the fourth house, which tells that a family member might experience health related issues. There is a possibility of you shifting your house or you might stay away for while. The property you have been trying sell might find its sellers this month. If you have had any disagreements with your siblings and parents then this month will solve all such issues. There will be more transparency and intimacy in your relationships now. Saturn is aspecting the fourth house, indicating happiness and prosperity at home. Your children will achieve extraordinary academic excellence. You might get some financial help from your friend. You will enjoy luxuries of life and will make your parents proud. Religious or work related travel is possible in this month.


Keep either a copper or gold coin, or a piece of them for good luck.

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New Delhi, India, Thursday, April 26, 2018
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