Scorpio Horoscope for February 2018


This month saturn will transit through your second house and because of it you will work hard to make your financial position strong. Your mother might feel detached from the materialistic values the world has to offer. The time advises you to keep a check on your parent's health. You may earn profit related to a house or land. Chances are high of buying a new property. Your spirituality will increase due to Jupiter’s transition in the eleventh house from your moon sign. If you are a businessman, then you might garner huge profits, honour and respect in this month. This transition of Jupiter is also good for your business. There are chances of monetary benefits. Success of your child in education will bring lots of happiness for you. Dragon’s tail (Ketu) transit through the fourth house is not a good sign for your mother’s health. Spirituality will increase in your mother. You may struggle hard to maintain your mental peace. Change of residence is expected. Transition of Dragon’s head in the tenth house from your moon sign will increase your chances of getting a job. Your transfer is also possible. You may go on a work related trip. You might suffer from unrest on familial front. Transition of Sun through the third house from your moon sign will increase your valor. You might go on work related small journeys.


This month is favorable for you in monetary terms due to the change in signs of Jupiter and Mercury. There are chances of increment. On the job front, you might get promoted at a high post. In order to earn money, you may go on a long trip and this journey will prove to be very beneficial for you. If your work is associated with foreign sources, then you might get good profits. If you are associated with a religious institute, Educational Institute, Management, Electronics, Electricals, Export-Import, Garments, Silk Production, Iron and Machinery then you may earn a huge profit. After February 22 think twice before making any big investment.


Your health will be good this month. You will find mixed feeling of energy, enthusiasm and spirituality inside you. You may get associated with any religious institute or you may go to a religious place for mental peace. During this month, you may not face any health related issues and you will experience an amazing feeling of peace. Mentally you will be more happy. Morning walk and jogging will make you feel better. Meditation will be really beneficial for you.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your married life will be awesome this month. Love and harmony will prevail in relationship. Your soulmate’s interest will rise in worshiping and spiritual deeds. You both will be in sync with each other. Your partner will get success in both personal and professional life. Couples wishing for a baby might get their wish fulfilled this month. With the help of your partner, you may achieve something big. In matters of love, you will be lucky this month. You might visit your favourite place with your lover. Trust and love between you will increase by each passing day. If you are single then get ready to mingle because you may get your partner very soon.

Family & Friends

Your familial life will be full of struggles. Transition of Dragon’s tail through the fourth house is not a good indication for your mental peace. Your mother’s interest might increase in religious and spiritual deeds. She must be cautious about her health. There will be lack of understanding between the family members. But you will spend some good time with your family. You will feel more attached to your child. Your child may achieve something big in education. You will get full support of your father. His advice will prove to be a key of success for you. Siblings will help you financially. You might plan a long journey with your friends. This month you may change your residence. Along with this there are chances of buying a new property.


Consuming pure honey everyday will be good for you.

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