Scorpio Horoscope for March 2017


Lord of your sign Mars is going to transit into your birth sign from twelfth house. Time is favorable for your health. Mars will now form conjunction with Saturn and this might prove beneficial for you. You might also perform good in the field related to hardwares and softwares. You may remain busy in your friends during the entire month. Your expenses on friends might also increase. Try to control your expenses. Planetary position of all the planets might bring some health issues for your mother. Take utmost care of her health. Stay cautious of your enemies, they may try to harm you. Time is not favorable to start any new work. Some differences might arise between you and your paternal uncle. Health of any of your family member might be the reason for your stress. Time may not be too promising for love birds. You will emerge as a winner in all the competitions. All of your opponents will stay behind you. Postponing your plans related to giving or taking loans might prove beneficial in the long run. You must maintain a calm and compost attitude in order to maintain love in your family. Good profits are predicted for businessmen during the later part of this month. Responsibilities and authorities at your workfront might also increase during this period. Time is also crucial for getting promotions this month. You must not try to gain money from any unfair means. You must take every step carefully during this month.


God might test your patience in your work this month. Someone from the opposite sex might help you in completing your work. You may get successful in turning your work environment friendly and entertaining during this period. You may get praised for this also. Your expenses might show an upward graph this month. Take all the necessary steps in order to improve your skills. You might spend quite a long time in physical allurance of life this month. You must act witty at your work, if you are engaged with banking or other related sectors. You must stay cautious about your reputation at work. Energy and anxiousness might also flow your mind during this period. You might get a good chance to start a new business or job. Lying entirely on your luck may not give appropriate profits to you. Thus, hard work is necessary to reach your goals. Control your emotions and try to concentrate more on your works. Time is rewarding for people who are engaged in politics. Diplomatic nature might help you in completing your pending works.


Your health will remain average this month. You might get concerned about health of your elders in your home. This might be the reason for some mental pressures and tensions.

Family & Friends

You might give good hospitality treatment to your friends this month. You might have to visit hospitals this month for your mother’s routine check up. Take good care of her health. Time is favorable for students. Environment at your house will remain enthusiastic and joyful throughout the month. You must control your aggression to maintain the present situation of your house. You might also plan to start renovation work in your home. Small outings with your family is also possible. Too much of expectations from others might hurt your feelings. Your children might also disappoint you during this period. Your children might be the reason for your financial losses this month. Thus stay cautious. You may spend good time with your siblings this month. Some seniors member of your family might take you to some entertaining place this month. You must respect your father. Some family get togethers are also possible during this period. Some differences might also occur with your younger brothers and sisters. Interference of someone might disturb your smooth and peaceful life this month.


Start worshiping Lord Shani if you have some mental stress. Wear ring made from horse’s shoe or boat’s nail. Spell bounding the ring before wearing it might prove auspicious for you. This might also help in waving of all the ill effects of Shani Sade Sati over you.

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New Delhi, India, Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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