Scorpio Horoscope for June 2019


You can gain support from distinctive individuals for business and job advancement. There is a possibility of increase in your interest in religion and there are signs of some disrupted work to sort out in this month. You can obtain name fame and land-related benefits. There can be increase in the comfort resources related to house, vehicle, etc. Due to your fierce nature, you may have to face financial problems. It can be beneficial for you to have a discussion about your ideas before doing any work. The situations pertaining to your wealth, real estate as well as relationships etc. can be normal. From the career point of view, this period can be a promoter in advantageous ways. You can gain good money benefits related to work, as Saturn is transiting into Sagittarius zodiac sign, which is good for money etc. There is a possibility of receiving family support in this month. There may be chances of achieving good success from outside travels and outdoor work-related areas. There may be obstacles because of some or the other reasons, as Venus is transiting into Gemini, because of which you can see the situations of fluctuations forming in the career. If there are any problems related to any of the court case, then it can be in your favor this month. That decision can be good for you. It would be better for you to try to stay away from any kind of confusions. Do not try to engage in unnecessary controversies. Or else, you may have to suffer the losses. Conditions can be better from the financial point of view. There can be good opportunities of profits in money matters related to work, as Mercury is moving in Taurus along with Sun, which is very good and progressive in terms of career. If you have made up your mind to do a new business professionally this month, then you can do it. This can get you good benefits. The mind can be happy by getting the benefits related to work. It may be better to keep a distance from your close relatives due to the transactions related to money. You are an over excited person. Therefore, doing any work in a hurry can be harmful for you. Hence, working wisely is thus rewarding. If you are a student then this period can be strenuous for acquiring your education. You can achieve success with great efforts and hard work. There are indications of getting good results in an exam. Try to stay away from the wrong association and try to fulfill your responsibilities. Only then can you achieve good success.


Form the economic profit point of view, this month will generally be good for you. The efforts to gain meaningful profits in this month are likely to be successful. By receiving the cooperation from your in-law's side, you may get good opportunities for monetary gains. Gaining the support of your spouse can also lead you to progress in your economic conditions. In the early stages, the Sun and the Mercury are transmitting in Taurus, because of which, the circumstances of growth are good not only on the economic benefits but also, in the areas of work. There are possibilities for you to, likely achieve good success by the efforts made by you. If you are trying to expand any of your work plans, then there are chances of it to be likely successful. You should try to do any of your work with a proper sensibility and understanding. You are a person who holds a courageous nature. You are the ones who try to complete their work in a hurry. You should be careful about it. Trying to do any sort of work in haste can prove to be a disaster for you. You can be successful in expanding your work plans. From this, it is likely for you to gain good economic advantages. The financial conditions can be good for you. Before making any investment of any kind, it is better for you to reconsider and get information about it and then make an investment. The situations can get better according to the time.


There is a possibility of problems arising out of health concerns in this month. You may face problems related to any type of throat infection or problems in the lower part of the waist related to urine. Venereal diseases can occur. In such situations, it would be better for you to take care of yourself and take your treatments accordingly on time-to-time basis.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There is a possibility of tensions arising out in your love relationships. However, any kind of travel or any kind of work, which is in relation to going out or meeting each other, may solve the problems. The mutual harmony between you both can be better. There are chances of your boyfriend and girlfriend's travel visits in this month, which will be likely to cost you more. Due to which your mental problems may be high. There are chances for you to travel outside but you can face problems in the journey. Therefore, you have to try to reduce your travel on journeys, which can prove to be rewarding for you. You can be successful in executing any task along with your boyfriend/girlfriend. There are possibilities for you to see your marital status getting better. The conditions for receiving the support from your life partner are good, but occasionally there are chances for a problem to arise due to the mutual fights between you both. In such situations, it can be beneficial for you to take care of each other and to do any work with having a discussion with each other. Otherwise, due to the domestic problems there can be bad effects on the areas of your work. The situations are likely to be normal with respect to your love relationships and in terms of your married life. Therefore, there are chances of loss in these two areas, which you may have to suffer due to putting in your excessive straining and efforts. Thus, let the conditions just run as they are going on. Try to do things, which can yield better results from you.

Family & Friends

In this month, family conditions are likely to be favorable. Interpersonal relationships in the home family can be better with each other, and by getting the views of each other there can be a growth at your home and in area of your &


You can apply vermilion and jasmine oil in the Hanuman temple on Tuesday. Offer Bundi to Hanuman Ji. Also offer cloves at the feet of Hanuman Ji and recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sundar Kand. Doing so can get you good benefits in your upcoming work areas and in your health.

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