Scorpio Horoscope for February 2017


This month Jupiter is going to retrograde while Rahu is in with conjunction. Weak position of Jupiter in your sign is making it unable to give favorable results. You might try to overcome shortcoming related to money, finance and other managerial works. Inauspiciousness of Jupiter might also question your abilities. Do not start any new business or take other finance related decisions during this period. You might have to face losses also this month. Postpone all your travelings as they might turn troublesome. Some problems might also occur while completing your work. Your opponents might try to harm you this month, thus stay cautious. You may start expecting too much from certain people. You must stop this. You may remain busy traveling and meeting your friends during this period. Time is good if you are planning to switch your job. Some ups and downs are also predicted for you this month. Do not purchase any valuable item. Repent all your loans during this period. Stay away from any strifes.


Some instability and stress is predicted for you this month that might make you incapable of making good decisions. Profits are predicted for those who are working in water related businesses. Your long run search for your job might come to an end as time is favorable for you. Trusting God might also mend your pending works. You might also get delighted with the joy of getting your first income. Your work might get praised at your work front. Your financial status may show an upward graph. This might provide you with some mental peace. You might also get successful in saving a good amount this month. Profits from some foreign countries are also predicted. This might fill your heart with joy and pleasure.Your seniors may doubt your abilities. Trust yourself and try to make them happy with your performance. You might also get successful in switching your job during this period. Time is favorable for all the businessmen.


You might get pain in your left shoulders or the entire hand. Take good care of your health. Your mind as well as heart may not remain stable this month. Do rigorous exercise in order to get benefitted. Do not overeat as you might turn fat.

Family & Friends

You may plan a long vacation with your family and friends this month. Be cautious while spending money as spending unnecessarily might hike your expenditures this month. You must give respect to your sibling’s feelings. Bring sweetness in your relationships. Do not let negative thoughts overpower your mind. You might have to face some ups and downs during this period due to your children. You may also plan to send your children to hostel this month. You might get too sensitive this month. Your married life may remain cordial this month. You may meet any of your old friend this month. Chances of making some new friends are also predicted for you. Time is favorable for pleasures in your personal life. Do not get aggressive over your lover as it may make situations unfavorable for you. You might receive some good news also this month. Time is good for maintaining your love relationships. Give more time to your lover and try to sort out the ongoing misunderstandings between you two.


Worship Lord Shiva and his entire family. Start worshiping Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra to get prosperity and peace in your life. This Yantra is known for waving off all the troubles in one’s life. It also provides success in works. Worshipping this Yantra promotes growth in business and progress in work. Establish this Yantra at the place of worship in your house on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Worship this Yantra with Roli, Akshat (rice), flower, dhoop and deep. Keep this Yantra in north east direction and chant this Mantra 108 times.

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New Delhi, India, Saturday, February 25, 2017
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