Aquarius Horoscope for August 2019


You are a person of serious and generous instincts. You achieve success by doing any work seriously. Saturn is transiting into Sagittarius zodiac and this means higher chances of achieving success in works done with stability and seriousness. Additionally, the month of August 2019 also shows signs of immense respect received by people belonging to the Aquarius zodiac sign. There is also a possibility of receiving income. Since your luck wouldn’t favour you much, it is essential to do any work in an intelligent way. It is better to delay any new project that you might be thinking to start during this month. Although situations are expected to get better during the second half of August 2019, the conditions might remain stressful during the early weeks. You may have to face a lot of stress related to work. If you’re into a job, then you might have to travel more frequently during this month. There is a need to stay active and alert regarding your work. There are fair chances of receiving a better position or role in your existing job. Hence, never stop trying and continue to put in your best efforts in meeting the project deadlines.If you are a politician then you may have to face defamation during this month. Therefore, it is essential to build public relations in a thoughtful manner. This would keep the problems at bay. If you’re planning to do a course related to academics, then you’ll definitely succeed in the same. However, you need to invest a great deal of dedication and hard work because Mercury along with Rahu are transiting in Cancer zodiac sign, which indicates stressful situations in academics. Your initiative of maintaining a cordial relationship with your higher officials and colleagues would turn to be quite fruitful. If you’re planning to purchase a car during this month, postpone it to the next month. There are chances of any kind of disturbances in the car purchase process. Stressful situations may arise in overseas travel and marital life. The deteriorating mutual harmony of husband and wife may also have a negative effect on the career of individuals. Conditions related to career might also remain stressful throughout August 2019. Although you might have to face certain challenges in work life, the month is bound to bring in success for you. Situations are likely to remain good during this month and you’ll reap the fruits of your hard work. Avoid hoping for absolutely outstanding situations. It is only physical hard work which is going to give you the expected results. Therefore, continue with good deeds and you’ll be benefited to the fullest. The second half of the month shows signs of new projects coming your way. These projects would get you a lot of easy money as well. You’ll be surprised to receive unexpected money from certain sources. If someone has borrowed money from you in the past, then you’ll get back the money during this month. Being careful during monetary transactions is one of the safest bets. From an economic perspective, the month is fulfilling. Therefore, any plans of investment should be executed without waiting any further. According to planetary movement and time, you’ll receive success in every phase of life. Before investing in anything, make sure to gather complete information about the same. Doing this would protect you from any kind of fraud.


Good opportunities for economic benefits could be achieved during this month. Efforts to achieve economic benefits are likely to be successful. Although destiny would gift you good fortune in this month, only hard work will fetch you the much-wanted success. You are of a reserved nature. Work as per your instinct and the same will make you successful. Doing any work in haste may land you in trouble. The month of August 2019 might have you under a lot of stress regarding work. However, work challenges and hardships wouldn’t stop you from benefiting to the fullest. Do not hesitate to put in extra efforts in any work. Do it with a whole lot of dedication so as to reap timely benefits. You may indulge in transactions. Any kind of investment may also prove beneficial. If you have invested with an intention to grow economically, then you’ll achieve the desired output in this month. In addition to this, you may go ahead with expansion of plans regarding a particular project(s). Although, your mind is bound to remain calm during this month, some or the other kind of problems might make you anxious. This may lead to stress as well. Therefore, work according to time and situation.


This month shows signs of more problems related to health. Small health issues might generate throughout the month. Any kind of viral infection might bother you. Cold and cough, viral fever etc. might also keep you in a low state of health. Therefore, take very good care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

There is also a possibility of distortions in love relations this month. Problems may arise due to some kind of argument between the boyfriend and girlfriend. Due to disagreements between the couple, there is a huge possibility of work getting affected in a negative way. Also, the romantic relationship may suffer badly. Forget about receiving cooperation from each other, even staying in a relationship would become difficult for the boyfriend and girlfriend. Since Sun and Rah are transiting in Cancer zodiac sign, things are bound to get sour between the romantic partners. In addition to this, even Mercury is under the evil effect of Sun and Rahu. This movement of planets plays a vital role in making love relations worse. Even the married couples will find it tedious to handle the relationship in a proper format. Non-cooperation from spouse could cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, it is essential to ensure mutual harmony within the family. Mutual understanding and harmony between the husband and wife will play a significant role in work-related success. An overseas travel will be fruitful. You may have to face stress due to constant arguments with the in-laws. So, ensure to maintain warm relationship with your in-laws. An excellent option to handle relationship with in-laws is to act as per the situation and time.

Family & Friends

Family stress could be high during this month. Due to domestic disputes, lots of troubles may arise. The atmosphere in the family can worsen and this can lead to possibility of an imbalance within the family’s harmony. A person from outside the family might be responsible for inception of a wide range of problems within the family. It is imperative to keep good thoughts for each of your family members. Never get carried away by the nonsense talks of a third person. Act with your mind and soul. This will ensure harmony within the family and also reduce the chances for any kind of turmoil. There might be disputed pertaining to movable and immovable property. You may have to face physical as well as mental problems during this month. There might be stress due to health of parents. Also, your relationship with parents might get bitter. Therefore, try and maintain mutual compatibility with your parents and utmost harmony with everyone around you. Do take good care of your parents. Make sure you are familiar with the right measures to tackle a problem that may emerge in the future. You are of a reserved nature and everything that’s been done in a serious and dedicated manner will give you the expected results. Don’t do any work in a haste. Refrain from getting anxious while performing important tasks. Efforts made in accordance to a well-planned strategy will give you best results. There might be stress pertaining to children. Also, you may have to suffer from additional expenses related to your child’s health. Overall, the month is bound to bring some problems with it. Be cautious about the same.


Every Saturday, flush a coconut or coal into a lake and donate black coloured items. Donate cleansing items in the temple and also make sure to donate money in the temple. Hold a spirit of service while performing a task in the temple premises. Doing this would keep you healthy and also ensure a successful career with immense earnings.

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