Aquarius Horoscope for April 2019


You will exhibit a tough demeanor during this month and will take every work seriously. You might have to spend some money this month and will also waste your money on some unnecessary stuff. So, think before you spend and cut your expenses. You are suggested not to trust anyone blindly as there are chances that you might get betrayed by some of your friends or relatives. You will be happy and satisfied with the results that you get after the completion of your work. Your mind will be at ease as you will get the support of your family. you should avoid undertaking non-essential journeys as they will put a strain on your body and will add to your expenses as well. The month seems to be favorable for you if you are looking to get a promotion at your workplace. Along with this, your financial status will also improve due to the Mars transit in Sagittarius. Buying a new vehicle or investing in property might turn out to be a good decision during this month. If you sell or buy land during this month, it will make your economical condition better. Students will be able to ace their tests if they work hard and concentrate on their studies. If you are a student, it is likely for you to get good results in your examinations. this will make you happy and contented and will motivate you for performing even better. Those who you want to take admission in a college or university of your choice, you will be able to make your dreams come true during this phase. You need to be careful of your enemies as they will leave no chance to defeat you or bring shame to your name. Refrain yourself from arguing with anyone and try not to stay away from controversial matters. You will get a chance to go on a number of trips. Your relation with your in-laws might be affected during this month. You might have to face some physical problems and mental stress as well. The hard work that you do will lead you towards prosperity. will definitely get paid. You will get success in your work because of the transit of Jupiter in Libra. This transit will open the doors to success for you and you will get many chances to make money. You will be supported by your destiny in the month of April. You will be able to finish your tasks in time and will get appreciated for the same. Any task that you do with your confidence and hard work will likely achieve success. You might want to start a new business or venture for earning more income. The plan will prove fruitful for you if it is well executed. However, you are advised not to take decisions in a hurry as it might lead to confusion, which would adversely affect the results. You will be respected in the society for the efforts that you put in your work and the confidence that you possess.


The month of April will be favorable for your financial life. You will have a steep rise in your career graph during this stretch of time. You might get your hands on a new project if you were looking for one. Business will flourish and you will be able to strike it rich during this period. However, you should save your money and not indulge in unnecessary expenditure. Bragging about your money and buying way too expensive stuff for show off will eventually lead to the depletion of money from your piggy bank. If you continue doing this, you might have to face a financial crisis. Complete your tasks in the given time and be passionate about what you do. You will be satisfied with the results that you get during this month. Investing your money for good returns, in the long run, should be done in the second half of the month. You should not get overconfident as it would create problems at your workplace. Do not argue with your seniors, otherwise, you might displease them. You will earn respect for what you do and will be content with your life.


You would be more prone to physical pains and injuries during this month. Therefore, you will be required to be extra careful about your health. An unhealthy lifestyle might further affect your health adversely. Hence, you should consume a balanced diet and have an adequate sleep. Be careful when being on road. You are advised not to perform&

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You might have to spend a lot of money on your love relationship. Exchange of gifts would take place between both of you and this might put a pressure on your pocket. Tighten your belt and do not spend unnecessarily. The difference of opinion might create a rift between the two of you. Try to sort out the problems by means of communication. You should avoid going out on a trip with your partner during the span of this month. you should not let your love relationship deviate your mind from your academics or career as it would affect you adversely in the long run. You should believe your partner as trust is the foundation of any relationship. Do not let misunderstandings seep into your bond and ruin your relationship. The transit of Mercury in the Zodiac Sign Pisces would adversely affect your relationship. Therefore, you should not let your guard down as there are chances of separation between the two of you. Try to be gentle to your partner and do not force your opinions upon them. Everything will get better by the end of this month if you make the efforts to do it. Your married life will be average and you will not face major problems. You will get along well with your spouse and will love them for what they are. The advice of your spouse will lead you to success. Your life partner will be your pillar of strength and will by your side through thick and thin.

Family & Friends

You might have to face a chaotic environment at your home. Reckless expenditure of money would be one of the major reasons that will lead to frequent clashes between your family members. If the problem is not controlled, your family might have to suffer through a financial crisis. Therefore, all the members including you should try to cut your unnecessary expenditures in order to save money. You might also get entangled in an argument with your parents. This will stretch for a long period of time and will disrupt the peace of your mind. There might be disputes related to land and property. Some of you might get involved in legal cases due to the same. In such a situation, all the family members must support each other and serve as each other's strength. Do not let anyone create problems between you and your siblings. Trust each other like a family does and if any misunderstanding arises, take no time to bring it up and discuss it right away with your siblings. Respect your parents, teachers, and mentors because they are the ones who made you what you are. Their role in your life is of paramount importance and they should be treated with the respect that they deserve. Consider their advice before making a decision or drawing a major conclusion. Fulfil your responsibilities calmly and do not stress yourself over them. You should not let the name of your family down by involving yourself in any kind of misdeeds.


Offering water to Lord Sun will prove to be beneficial for you. Donate black colored objects on Saturday and worship Goddess Bhagvati with unfaltering devotion. This will help you to get rid of the problems that have been disturbing you.

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