Aquarius Horoscope for October 2019


During this month, the means of income will continue to grow. Any effort done physically is likely to be successful. Auspicious and pleasant works are also likely to get completed in the family. You are a person of reserved nature. Therefore, you’re likely to succeed in works done seriously. From an economic perspective, this month might be fulfilling because Guru would be transiting into Libra zodiac sign, which is a significator of progress in economic matters. From business perspective, the month might turn to be stressful and full of struggle. You’ll be able to progress irrespective of the struggle and stressful situations because Mars is transiting into Capricorn zodiac sign, which may lead to a better situation career-wise. Professional benefits will be quite good. Destiny will also favour you because Venus is ascending and transiting into Libra zodiac sign, which is good for enhancement of destiny. Materialistic happiness is likely to come to you. Spiritual development is good. An increasing interest in religion might increase your concentration level and allow you to achieve success in areas of work. Money can prove to be an added advantage for people thinking about purchasing real-estate. Better relations with relatives might increase the expectation of receiving co-operation in the area of work. You might be successful in saving money. Economic status will remain strong during this month. Enemies might cause tension. If there is any controversy then try to remain normal during this month. Despite your continuous efforts, the dispute is not going to be resolved because Dragon’s Head is transiting into Cancer zodiac sign, which will increase the disputed conditions rather than decreasing them. Therefore, do not try to engage with your enemies. Do not do any such work that can increase disputes and many make you face problems. If you are intending to travel for work during this month, then some or the other kind of interruptions might bother you. Also, some kind of physical problems might also arise. It is also forbidden to fix any important meeting or starting a new work because this time is likely to create mental stimulation and stressful situations.


Economic conditions will be favorable during this month. Any new work can be started with an intention to earn money. This would also allow you to embrace new opportunities for money-making. In this month, there is a possibility of a successful international tour and a fully-completed project. You’re likely to receive profit from abroad or overseas companies. Your fortune will also accompany you during this month. Any work done with a lot of effort will turn to be successful. If you want to invest during this month in order to make money, then you can go ahead with the same. You can also invest in the area of &


There is no possibility of any serious health-related problems during this month. There is a possibility of any kind of infection or any kind of headache, winter cold and cough, fever etc. Beware of any kind of infection.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

This month isn’t favourable for love relationships. There is a possibility of any kind of unnecessary dispute arising within the couple. So, be serious about love relations during this month. Do not enter into any kind of unnecessary arguments that may make you prone to problems. There may be problems related to the health of your boyfriend/girlfriend. Problems are likely arise due to an interference of a third person in your relationship. Also, due to difference in opinions, there might be a situation of separation from each other. Therefore, in order to retain a happy situation, you should try to maintain mutual harmony you’re your partner. For this, you should offer a gift to your lover and make efforts towards maintaining a warm relationship. Conditions related to marital life will remain unfavorable. Small arguments might create distances between husband and wife. Tension might get triggered by being away from each other. There is a possibility of not receiving support from the spouse. This can have a bad effect on your area of work. It is necessary to maintain harmony within the relationship and also cooperate with each other. This would protect you from all kinds of problems.

Family & Friends

Family conditions are likely to remain favorable throughout this month. You’ll be respected within the family. You’ll be expected to offer support for the development of the family. Therefore, you need to cooperate in the household matters. Also, you should try to maintain synergy with members of the family. Support from the family will play a vital role in your overall development. In addition to your development, the entire family would get rejuvenated. Destiny will accompany you for sure. You might feel proud of yourself due to support received from the family. With the help of family, you can also get good profits in the areas of your work. Since you may have to struggle a lot and deal with stressful situations during this month, it is essential to receive support in the form of love and family co-operation. In addition to support from parents, you’re also likely to receive support from your brothers and friends. There is a possibility of progress in fortune due to blessings of parents and support offered by them. Conditions regarding offspring can be stressful. Concerns about your child’s education and health might get triggered, which may result in mental unrest and stressful situations.


Every Saturday, light the lamp of sesame oil and smear the ido of Shani Dev inside the Shani temple with mustard oil. Donate cleaning articles in the temple and also serve at the temple. Some black goods can also be donated. Doing this may eliminate your problems.

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