Pisces Horoscope for April 2019


According to the position of planets, it is predicted that you might be distracted during this month. You will have a hard time in making decisions and will find yourself in a muddle. Due to delayed decisions, your work will be delayed and you might have to face difficulties due to the same. There is a possibility that you might have to face some monetary problems during this month and might have issues with some higher authorities. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your colleagues as well as your seniors at your workplace as it will help you advance towards your betterment at your career front. The transit of the Sun in Pisces will help you develop a confidence in yourself. You will gain power and authority during this span of time. Any work that you take up will be met with success. This month will be favorable for accumulating wealth, getting benefits in real estate, and getting the desired outcomes in your relationship. You will develop some new connections during this month and will get in touch with your distant relatives. Your lucky star will shine bright and will lead to your progress at your work front. If you put your best efforts at your workplace, you will be able to achieve success. The transit of the planet Jupiter in Libra would give rise to stressful situations at your career front. You should not lose hope and should continue with your efforts because only hard work will help you to overcome the difficulties that you face. This month will pan out to be beneficial for you because of the transit of Mars in Sagittarius, which is considered good for wealth, real estate, relationships, etc. You will be inclined towards performing religious deeds and might go on a religious trip with your family. You will have a firm belief and devotion in religion. This will help you to get good results, no matter what problem lies on your way. The transit of Venus in the Zodiac Sign Aries will help you to have trust in your own abilities. You will become more courageous than ever and will gain hold of a higher position at your workplace. If you are involved in a business, you will witness a growth in your line of business and will acquire money in the second half of this month. Some new people would like to be a part of your business and will try to connect with you. If you get the right partners, your business is likely to get a new direction. Your economic conditions will be good during the span of this month. The transit of Saturn into Sagittarius will let you get good results from journeys and trips that you undertake during this month. Long distance journeys and trips to a foreign land will yield unexpected good results. If you are a student, you need to converge all your attention to your studies and prepare well for taking your examinations. You will be able to score good marks with your own efforts. Do not depend on others or on shortcuts like cheating as it might taint your image. You are advised to continue with your hard work and efforts in order to get to your destination. If you are employed either in the government sector or in the private sector, you will get good increments in this month. There are chances that you might get elevated to a higher position due to promotion. Problems related to work might disturb you, but you should fret not as conditions will gradually improve later during the month as the time after April 15th seems to be favorable for you.


According to Vedic Astrology, it is predicted that you might have to encounter some problems during the first half of the month of April. The transit of the shadow planet Ketu in the Zodiac Sign Capricorn is considered to be unfavorable for financial growth. However, things will eventually fall in place and the conditions will improve during the second half of the month. Unexpected monetary gains will be your silver lining in the clouds. Erratic conditions at your workplace would prevail and you would have a hard time in adjusting to them. Try to be as flexible as possible in order to easily adapt yourself to the given situations. Tenacity and your indefatigable efforts will make you emerge successful and help you to get over the problems that you might face. The transit of Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius will be good for your career and financial growth, but the transit of Jupiter in Libra might pose some difficult situations for you. Be prepared to do the best that you can because this is how you will be able to fight against all the odds and achieve success. A constant inflow of money due to monetary gains will stabilise your financial conditions. You should utilise the second half of the month for executing your major plans as the desired results are expected during this time.


You might have to face many health problems, but none of them will be severe. You might succumb to illness during the first few days if the month. Take the necessary precautions against weather changes that occur during April. Otherwise, you might have to suffer from fever, headaches, etc. Mental anxiety might trouble you from time to time and you should resort to yoga to get mental peace. Be careful about your health. Do not ignore your health issues and take proper medications as necessary.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

You might have to encounter certain problems in your love life during this month. There are chances of frequent banters and clashes between you and your love partner. You should not act aggressively with your partner as it might ruin your relationship. The transit of the shadow planet Rahu in the Zodiac Sign Cancer will be the underlying cause of the problems that you face during this month. You should try to calm down the situation whenever you see your conversations proceeding in the wrong direction. You should just drop the thought of communicating your feelings to someone and proposing them in this span of time. Your proposal will be refused instantly and you will repent doing it. While spending time with your partner, you should avoid bringing up such topics that might lead to arguments. In case a quarrel starts, try to convince your partner and let them understand your point of view. Be very gentle in your approach if you do not want to worsen the situation. Those who have tied the knot of marriage will have stressful conditions in their married life. It will be good for you to act maturely and avoid unnecessary fights. The problems between the two of you might affect your parents and other family members too. Therefore, it is advised that you try your best to keep a harmonious relationship with each other. You will be required to take care of your spouse as their health might dwindle during this period of time. Frequent quarrels would lead to the development of stress, which would further deteriorate the health of your life partner. Therefore, you should not let your relationship fall apart due to petty issues. The transit of Rahu and Ketu will not be beneficial for your relationship. The transit of Mercury in Pisces will also pose some problems, which you should be ready to tackle. You will be able to settle down everything if you make the efforts to do it.

Family & Friends

There might be a turmoil at your home during the beginning of the month of April. Family members might have trust issues with each other that will not let them live in harmony. Misunderstandings will make their way into blood relationships and lead to splits in the family. These kinds of problems can poison the relationship between the family members and should be eliminated at once. You might have differences of opinions with your parents and siblings. You should try to let them understand your perspective and should understand theirs as well. These problems might disrupt the domestic activities of your house and affect the life of your family members. You should remember that united you stand and divided you fall. Do not let outsiders make use of your weak points and use them against you. During the later part of the month, some auspicious activity would be organised in your home. This will let prosperity make its way into your home. Also, the members will come close to each other when it takes place. As a dutiful member of the family, you should spare no effort to stop your family from falling apart. Eliminating misunderstandings will help to bring the peace and harmony back into your family. You should communicate well with your family members and spend time with each other to develop a close bonding and to clear out the problems that exist between you and your family members.


You should regularly offer water to Lord sun early in the morning m recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra and observe a fast on Wednesdays. Donating yellow coloured object on Wednesday will help you pacify the malefic effects of Jupiter and will help you in the expansion of your career. Also, it will lead you to a happy and blissful married life.

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