Pisces Horoscope for October 2019


During this month, problems may arise from spending more money in unnecessary projects. Mental disturbance and stressful situations might be more intense. Works which are about to get completed might get interrupted. Opponents might get successful in their intentions. Therefore, working in accordance to a thoughtful strategy can lead to success. This month is not very good for you and you might fail to progress during this time period. Hence, it is better to do any work with stability and sincerity. From business perspective, your work might get affected. While attempting to do any work, you may have to face problems during the initial phase but later on the situations are expected to get better. Any plans to doing business related to foreign companies might be successful. If efforts are made related to overseas projects, then you’re likely to get successful. Fate will also accompany you because Mars is of a high zodiac which enhances the chance of economic benefits. While there might be an increase in economic benefits and an upliftment in your destiny; you’ll be expected to put in additional efforts. If you keep striving, there are chances of getting successful. Relations with relatives and conditions regarding real-estate are likely to improve during this month. If you’re into a job and are interested to attain a good position, then you might have to wait for sometime. In this month, your relations with certain employees or colleagues might get worse. Deteriorating relationship might have a bad effect on your work as well. So, it would be better to be careful. If there is an attempt to purchase a car or house, then there is a possibility of achieving success in this month. Additionally, you may also obtain political benefits. If you are a politician, then there is a clear possibility of getting political gains. There is no likelihood of getting cooperation from your spouse during this month. Differences with the spouse might lead to mental troubles. Problems associated with health will remain normal. Some issues might get worse. Therefore, it will be good to take care of your health. If you are thinking about making an investment of some kind then you should wait as of now because the situations aren’t favourable during this month. You may have to face any kind of problems. Stressful situations might arise from nowhere. It may be harmful to initiate a new project or execute a detailed work plan on specific dates, including 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 11th,12th, 20th and 21st. In addition to this, fixing an important meeting might also turn to be a huge loss. Hence, do not undertake any important project on these days.


There is a possibility of having a good economic status during this month. The time period is favourable in terms of purchasing immovable property etc. You may have to spend some time in struggling and under a stressful situation. However, the chances of receiving profit are high. Efforts to achieve economic benefits are likely to be successful. Work according to time and situation. If you are planning to invest for economic benefits during this month then you can do so in the second half of the month. You can get some good benefits with the help of someone who knows. If you work with a business partner, you’re likely to progress in the same. You’ll succeed according to time. The first half of the month of October 2019 will be good and favourable. However, it is very important to be cautious during monetary transactions so as to avoid any kind of loss. Do not indulge in money transactions with any other person. Make regular attempts to accumulate wealth and be aware of your work plans. Expanding the areas of work and starting a new project would prove beneficial for you.


There may be problems related to health during this month. Problems related to any type of hidden diseases might arise. Any kind of disease might occur in the lower part of the waist, which may lead to problems. Therefore, take good care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Love relationships might be hit by stressful situations during this month. There can be a possibility of unnecessary dispute with each other. Due to continuous quarrelling, a situation of living away from each other may also be triggered. A ready-to-complete work may get ruined. Any kind of work plans might also become questionable. A distortment in mutual harmony between boyfriend and girlfriend may also lead to loss of one another. A situation of getting separated from each other may also arise. Therefore, in addition to maintaining a pleasant relationship with each other, make sure to go on a vacation. Also, do present stunning gifts to each other. Marital life is likely to remain normal. In addition to receiving support from the spouse, you’ll also achieve success in different areas of work. In this month, there is also a possibility of an international trip with your spouse. There is a possibility of receiving co-operation in the field of work as well and the same will aid you in obtaining economic benefits. During this month, support from one other will ensure a good fortune. You’ll be successful in growing economically. You’re likely to receive co-operation from any of your close relatives. There is a need to understand each other according to the time and situations. Otherwise, you may have to face any kind of difficulties.

Family & Friends

Family conditions are likely to remain auspicious during this month. Companionship among the family members are likely to remain good. A sense of co-operation may be generated about a specific work. Any plan to complete a task successfully collaboratively will prove fruitful. With a good relationship with the family, there is a possibility of achieving success in every kind of work. Your home would be filled with happiness, peace and prosperity. The house seems to be like a temple. All family members stay together happily. There is commendable cooperation of each other in other areas of work. Therefore, there is a brilliant possibility of a peaceful home. There may be a worrisome situation regarding the health of your parents in this month. There is also a clear possibility of expenses on the health of parents. This may lead to mental unrest and stressful situations. However, serving your parents would prove to be a boon for you. There may be concerns regarding your children. Also, there are chances for expenses associated with the health and education of children, which would increase your mental problems. Therefore, you should join the family together and ensure that the members support each other well.


Donating yellow coloured items and seeking blessings of a Brahmin on every Thursday may prove to be advantageous for you. It may be good for you to observe a fast and worship on Thursdays. Also, it is beneficial to support a Brahmin.

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