Pisces Horoscope for August 2019


During this month, there is a good possibility of accidental expenses but continuous efforts can play a vital role in generating high-end economic benefits. Lack of mental concentration will give birth of problems pertaining to strong decision-making. The second half of the month will witness a rapid increase in your willpower and excitement regarding work regime and strategies for successful execution of projects. Unnecessary expenditures might interfere with your state of mind and keep you under a lot of pressure and also deteriorate your health condition. In this month, you’ll find yourself interested in religious activities. Planned tasks will be executed successfully. The early weeks of August 2019 show signs of receiving economic profits from various ventures. The time period is favourable in terms of monetary trading, purchase and sales of immovable property. You may earn money due to support rendered by close relatives. Although a large number of opportunities are expected to come your way, it is absolutely essential to do a lot of hardwork in order to achieve the expected results. There might be situations wherein you may have to face a lot of struggle and stress regarding the work conditions. It is a good month for purchase of car and home. Since the planetary position isn’t favourable during this month, the efforts to make things work will fetch you results only during the second half of the month. If you’re a learner and are engaged in studying a particular subject; you’ll have to face a lot of troubles. There are strong chances of school and course studies getting interrupted due to some or the other reason. With Rahu transiting in the Cancer zodiac, there are chances of distractions. Hence, make an attempt to stay away from bad fellows, or else you’ll have to suffer loss pertaining to your academics. There’s a good possibility of succeeding during overseas travel. You’ll also receive immense support from your spouse on all vital matters related to work and family. Any overseas travel related to work will definitely turn to be a huge success. Businessmen might have to face stress regarding their business process and profit percentage. On the work front, a hypocritical situation might arise. Your mind might get disturbed and you may not be able to receive the desired outcome even after putting in a lot of effort. There are impressive opportunities of receiving economic profits in an unexpected format. You may have to face obstructions in ongoing projects. Additionally, unnecessary expenditure will also take a toll on your budget. This will lead to an unstable mindset. However, putting in effort will enable you to enjoy success. There are chances of getting inclined towards spiritualism. You’ll be huge benefitted by having a spiritual mindset.


Economic situations is likely to remain strong throughout the month August 2019. You’ll come across ample number of opportunities for reaping economic benefits related to a specific field of work. This month will also witness an improvement in conditions related to career. In addition to an improvement in wealth, you’ll also receive a lot of respect and honour from one and all. Destiny will be with you throughout this month and you’ll receive profits from your business processes. Unnecessary minor problems might arise and the same may lead to heavy economic losses. Therefore, be very careful while handling financial transactions or accumulating capital. Avoid giving money to anyone during this month because there are high chances of getting cheated. It is also recommended to be careful when dealing with the relatives. Do not involve any of your relatives in any of your business projects. Also, never compromise on the monetary profit achieved from a successful project. Work with your intelligence so as to reap the profits in a timely fashion. This month is quite favourable for starting a new venture. To sum it up, every effort make towards earning money will turn to be absolutely fruitful for you.


This month will be quite favourable for your health. There can be a possibility of illnesses such as cold and cough etc. You may also suffer from a specific kind of infection. Hence, it is mandatory to take care of your health and follow all the precautionary measures to fight any injections.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Conditions pertaining to love relationships will remain favourable throughout this month. Your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend would remain commendable. In addition to being empathetic towards each other, you’ll also be cooperative in areas of work. There is a possibility of vacation with your romantic partner. This holiday would improve your interpersonal relationships and make things great. Refrain from participating in any undisclosed discussion during this month. If you intend to pour your heart out to your partner, then gifing is indeed the perfect way to do so during this month. August 2019 is not a favourable month for married couples. There may be stressful situations, which may give birth to mutual differences between husband and wife. You may have to suffer from heavy losses due to non-cooperation from your spouse. This may even leave a negative impact on your career. An already planned overseas work tour might also get affected negatively. In order to avoid such a scenario, it is recommended to improve interactive between husband and wife. There is possibility of an argument on pitty issues and this may affect the mindset of the married man and woman. You need to be very vigilant while making any kind of decision. Try finding ways and methods that can be utilized for improving the interpersonal relationship between husband and wife. You should work towards making your married life a huge success, rather than a disaster.

Family & Friends

Family conditions will remain good during this month. If there’s been a family dispute which hasn’t been settled yet, then there is a good possibility of finding a solution during this month. Continuous efforts can make it quite simple to diagnose a variety of problems pertaining to family welfare. There are chances of mutual harmony within the family and you’ll be pleased with the behaviour of your children. You’ll be satisfied with the education of your children. Better mutual harmony can easily lead to overall progress of the family. There is a good possibility of organizing an auspicious event at home. You may experience a festive atmosphere at home. The mutual cooperation within the family members will prove to be a major factor behind success in every area of work. Additionally, you’ll be able to perform the domestic/household jobs in an efficient way, which would mark an enhancement in your reputation within the family. In addition to enjoying a sweet relationship with your parents, you’ll also be fortunate to receive their valuable blessings. You’ll also receive your parents’ support on the work front. Apart from parents, you’ll also get close to your relatives. In short, the future holds everything good for you. It is advised to maintain a cordial relationship with your family members because doing the same would redirect you towards the path of success. You’ll be able to enjoy the taste of success in everything you do.


Pray and observe a fast on every Thursday. Also, donate yellow coloured items on every Thursday. Feed gram and jaggery to the cow. Doing this would keep physical problems at bay and aid you in reaping maximum benefits in your career.

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