Virgo Horoscope for June 2021


Expenses will occur on father’s or elder brother’s health. Opposition as well as support will come from father and government. Luck will support you. However, don’t make any big investment in share market, or think very carefully before doing so. Life partner may give some troubles, but in-laws will remain in your favor. Income is likely to increase with regular income sources. Some mental complications will be there. You may remain busy in unwanted journeys or works. Don’t take tension, otherwise it will affect your health. Drive carefully and take extra care of upper part of your chest while travelling.


Time is not very favorable, so maintain situations the way they are. This time may produce fruitful results for those who are associated with the field of education, but for others time is going to be very average. Don’t think of making any new investment or business expansion for some time. Expenses will occur on unnecessary works and journeys. Those who are in search of a job have to increase their efforts, otherwise it will become difficult for them to get the desired result.


Patients of blood pressure and heart diseases have to stay careful, as mental stress will remain very high. Injury is possible in the upper part of the body, during travelling. Hence, stay aware especially from iron and wooden objects. Health of your father may get spoilt because of you, so take care and don’t say anything which may hurt him.

Family & Friends

This month is going to give mixed results to you. Happiness and some problems, both will remain in domestic life. Your mind may not remain calm and this will lead to some turbulence in thoughts. Father will support you, but after opposition and disputes. You will feel reduction in familial happiness. Relation with spouse may not remain harmonious. You will feel confused and indecisive. Your in-laws may support in some matters. Some unwanted and unnecessary tasks may also consume your time. Delay your journeys a bit, because chances of getting desired results from them are very rare. You may feel some stress due to your child’s education, although the problem will get resolved in the future. If you want to try for a baby, time is not very auspicious, it would be better to delay this for some time. Pregnant ladies are also advised to take extra care of themselves. Your decision making abilities may also remain weak, so don’t take any major decision this time.


Don’t take mental stress. Avoid hurry while travelling and drive carefully. Eat a basil leaf (Tulsi) and drink some water before leaving home for travelling. Gift some sweets and fruits to your servants, on Saturday or Wednesday. Maintain good relations with your father and try to keep him happy.