Virgo Horoscope for October 2021


There are chances of difficulties in job and business. Income will remain unbalanced and expenses will increase a lot. You have to work on your married life. It will become difficult to maintain a sound relationship with business partners also. If you are thinking of starting a new work or business, delay your plans for some time and don’t think of doing business in partnership. Difference of opinion may occur with father or higher officials, so try to coordinate with them, otherwise you may have to face heavy losses. Postpone your journeys, if not very important. Although, your reasoning power will be very strong and you will solve many problems from that, but you are advised not to take any risk.


Don’t do anything that totally depends on luck, because time and luck, both are not supporting this time. Maintain distance from gambling, lottery and speculations. If you are thinking of investing in stock-market, wait for the right time. Expenses will increase a lot and income will almost stop. Stay aware from your business partners at workplace. People associated with business from foreign land will gain benefits. Political people may have to face some big losses.


Take care of your eyes and stomach. If any liver related problem is already there, you need to stay very careful. Health problems are also possible to your father or elder brother. Injuries are likely to occur while travelling. If Ketu is posited in ascendant in your birth chart, stay very cautious.

Family & Friends

Time is constantly unfavorable, but one thing that is in your favor is power of applying logic and tendency of coming out from every odd situation. Both these powers will develop inside you to a great extent. Disputes are possible with siblings, but you should try to avoid this. Close friends will not support in any difficult situation. Destiny is also not supporting you, so don’t take any risk this time. Controversy is likely to arise while driving. Your business partners may either cheat on you or leave the partnership. You will successfully able to control the situations, but problems will arise one after another. Try to avoid disputes with father and higher officials, otherwise it will lead to tensions and bigger problems. Time is unfavorable for married and love life, some will also try to get into a new relationship, but time will not support. Also take care of your old relationship. Your efforts may not produce the desired results this time, so it would be better to leave everything on time, it will solve everything by itself.


Stay careful while travelling and on workplace. Stay away from drugs. Make efforts to please Rahu. Visit Lord Bhairav temple on Sunday or on Tuesday. Reading Vishnu Sahasranamam by yourself would be very beneficial.