Virgo Horoscope for March 2021


April is indicating some sudden financial gains. New contracts will come for businessmen. Confidence will remain high, intelligence will support and decision making abilities will also be good. You will successfully get your work accomplished by others. Disputes are possible with children; however, they will perform great in education. Some difficulties are possible in getting success in job. Despite of all good things, differences with life-partner, dissatisfaction in family life and tensions due to siblings are possible. You may have to go on journeys due to family reasons. Any problem may arise in genitals, so don’t ignore even a small problem.


This month is really good for financial matters, sudden profits are possible. New contracts and options will come for businessmen. Jobseekers will also get some great results. If you are waiting for promotion from a long time, your wish will get fulfilled. Time is extremely good for people associated with business of cosmetics, milk, water, perfume, cloths and publication etc. People related to media and glamor will get new opportunities and respect in society.


If any genital problem will not arise, health will remain good. But, if you will notice even a small problem in private parts, visit the doctor immediately and don’t take anything lightly.

Family & Friends

April is not a very good month for enjoying domestic pleasures, because this month can give you some stress related to your child or his/her behavior. Also, there is a constant effect of Rahu or Ketu on your seventh house and arrival of Sun is making this a Grahan Yoga. Although effect of Lord Jupiter is also there, but mental stress will remain, either due to ideological differences with life partner or due to health problems. This will make you feel unsatisfied in personal life. Time is also not very favorable for those who are in love and ups & downs will come in their way. This is not the time to experiment something new. Stay balanced and avoid excessive laughter or extreme cold behavior. You will experience some sort of problems from siblings or relatives. Any unwanted travel is also possible due to family purposes.


Wear more of white, clean and new cloths. Avoid yellow and red color. Offer perfume to female members of your family. Take curd before leaving home and offer wheat bread and jaggery to a black dog at night.