Libra Horoscope for October 2021


Your decision making abilities will improve a lot. Speech will remain serious and logical power will increase. Social circle and contacts with influential people of the society will increase. You will also be able to put a good impression on them. Income will come from more than one sources. There are good chances of getting success in business and promotion in job. Enemies will not be able to stand in front of you. Your health will remain good, but maintain a safe distance from fire and drive carefully. Disputes are possible with elder brother, so take care while talking to him. Journeys will produce desired results, especially of West direction. Luck is supporting you and will get the results of hard work.


This month is going to be very good for financial matters. Income will come from more than one sources, you will also get back the long halted money. Job seekers will also get the job very soon. Those who are waiting to get promoted will also get some good results. Journeys will produce great benefits this time, so don’t delay them.


Your health will remain good. If you are already suffering from any disease, a great improvement is likely to come in your condition. Health of your family members will also remain great. You will feel happy and do all your works sincerely.

Family & Friends

Your personal life will remain very fine. Nothing major is foreseen other than minor disputes with life-partner. You may feel angry this time and ego may also come in thoughts. Those who are ready to get married and searching for their life-partner are advised to wait a bit more, because they may not get the desired results this time. Your logical power will influence the people around. Your social circle will increase a lot and new relations will develop with the influential people of society. Planetary conditions are indicating that time is not at all favorable for your enemies, they will not be able to stand in front of you. All the journeys are likely to give positive results this time, but any business related journey in West direction will produce special benefits. Some arrogance and anger will also be there in your thoughts, this will lead to disputes with elder brother, so try to avoid this kind of situation.


Stay cautious from fire. This month is going to produce some great results, if you will stay away from proud and anger. Worship Maa Bhagwati and offer grains to pigeons.