Libra Horoscope for August 2022


Beginning of the month will be beneficial for those who are engaged in some business. Luck is on your side and is providing you with benefits. Relations with your mother might turn sour this month. Do not get arbitrary over unnecessary things. You might also gain some mental stress. Behave politely with the people around you at your workplace. Beginning of some new secret relationship is predicted for you. Profits from alternate source of income are also foreseen. You might turn harsh to people. Disappointment from your children might overpower you this month. Month is going to provide mixed outcomes to students. Relations with your lover may not be too cordial during this period. Situations might also turn worst during the later part of the month. Do not sacrifice your love for sake of your pride. You might gain some profits after certain period of hard work. Your financial condition might also get weak during this month. This might be the reason of your mental stress. Though, later part of the month might be favorable for you. You might maintain affectionate and loving relations with your relatives and friends. Your parents might come to know about your secret love affair which may be the reason of strife in your house. Your father might condemn you the most during this period. Do not play with your lover’s feelings. You might also experience pain in your lower back. Take help from Yoga in order to avert all such pains.


Your enemies might try to set a trap for you. They might also try to create problems for you at work. Someone might also entrap you by talking, stay cautious. This might bring losses for you. Those who are engaged in competitions might get successful this month. Try to remain calm while doing any work or some interruptions might also occur. Mental stress might also arise during this period. Try to self evaluate your work. Always keep in your mind that ‘hardwork is the key to success’. Thus, you have to work with full dedication to achieve your goals. Do not get into any disputes unnecessarily. Some ideological differences might take place with your father. Time is good for your business. Take every step towards success very cautiously. You might plan to purchase a new vehicle this month. Mixed outcomes are predicted, if you are going to give any interview during this time.You, might also plan to switch your current job.


You might have to face some health issues this month. Thus, keeping a check on your health is recommended for you. You might have to face some bone disorders, but do not worry as they will be easily curable. Take care of your eyes. Rinse your eyes regularly with water, this might help you in keeping them clean.

Family & Friends

You might have to face severe depression and tensions during certain days of the month. Your family environment may not remain too cordial for you this month. Your speech may need to be controlled. Do not get harsh on people. You should take help of your sweet voice in order to complete your own works. You may take a step back after your work has been done. You may remain angry from your children unnecessarily. You must take good care of them and maintain a friendly attitude or you might have to feel sorry for the same. Some ideological differences might also occur with your well wishers. This might turn your relations sour with them. Do not get too proud and do not let such situations arise. Air travels are also predicted for you.


Start keeping Feng-Shui at your home. Keeping three leg frog with a coin in its mouth is a good omen. It is known for boosting luck, if kept near the main door of the house. You can also bind three old chinese coins together with a red thread or ribbon. Hang these coins on your main door. This might benefit all the members of your family. Do not hang them inside or outside the doors. Coins should be hanged in between the doors.

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