Gemini Horoscope for May 2021


This time is demanding extra cautiousness. Time is a bit difficult for money related matters. Income will be regular, but expenses will increase beyond limit. Expenses are possible on your or on any family member’s ill health, so take care of it. Disputes are possible with friends. Keep a control on your anger and words. Try to stay calm, as this adverse situation will end very soon.


Financial crisis can trouble you this time. Children can also become a source of mental tensions. Time will not remain good for education and competition, other than the first two days. Situations are not very favorable, so try to maintain them as the way they are. Financial situation will not remain under control. Constant uncertainty will also arise in business, so don’t take any big decision. Job will go as it is. If you are thinking of job change, this is not the right time. You need to stay away from unnecessary anger, as it is not the solution of any problem, infact this will further complicate the situation. Possibilities of long distance travelling are very strong, which will give both sweet and sour experiences. Don’t take any big financial decision after getting influenced by someone because this will not remain favorable in long run. Those who are in a search of job will get good news.


Stay cautious regarding your health. Take proper sleep, otherwise problems of headache and discomfort are possible. You will not find peace neither at home nor outside. Reason behind is that you are not getting peace from inside in your thoughts. Yoga and meditation are going to be very favorable in this situation. Take care while driving.

Family & Friends

This time you will feel that only your opinion is correct and everyone else is ignorant and unaware. This time you can go through two kinds of mental situations. First is very calm from outside, but stressed from inside; second is lots of logics and sophistry. Both these situations are not favorable. This is not the right time to take any big decision. Your decisions will be influential, but not balanced. Disputes in family will lead to decline in domestic happiness. Any new relationship can come into your life. Love relationships will face constant ups and downs. Enemies will trouble you again and again, but they will not be able to harm you much.


Moon represents water, so to keep your spirit under control, consume more and more water. Stay balanced and maintain distance from those who speak unnecessarily. Offer water and milk to Lord Shiva and offer fruits to the needy. Stay away from unnecessary logic and don’t interfere in anybody’s work. If conjunction of Jupiter and Venus was there at your birth time, avoid consuming cold products and drugs.