Gemini Horoscope for July 2020


The month of August indicates success in career, gains but not without hard work and some tensions. Good month for love and related matters. Good month for education and long traveling. Health may remain sluggish so you need to be careful.


Transit of ascendant lord Mercury over Cancer with Sun and Jupiter is favorable. It may turn circumstances in your favor. Jupiter in the 2nd house will bring tremendous success in your attempts and increase in wealth. You might be rewarded by official and higher authorities. During this month, you might also face difficulties. Be cautious against failures in important ventures as will a part of your professional life. Saturn and Mars are already transiting over the 5th will also enhance malefic results during this month. Hence, planets are not promising expected results and success. You must have to put hard work. Hindrances, obstacles, disputes and distress may bring depression and tensions. However, you would turn the situation in your favor due to your outstanding performance. Keep your distance from speculation and unfair means of earnings otherwise you may not be able to overcome adverse circumstances.


You may face health related problems. Due to fever, blood pressure, injury and diabetes you may have to go to doctors.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Karaka or Significator planet of Love Venus is transiting over the 1st house and is square with Rahu & Ketu. It is not a favorable combination of planets for matters of the heart. Therefore, those who are single may not fall in love. You will find yourself in an unromantic mood. Company of opposite sex may bestow you with lot of unhappiness and worry on your face. 5th lord Venus is transiting over the 1st house. During this entire period, Sun will be aspected by Saturn. Therefore, you may make a few silly mistakes and your partner would slip away from you. Overall, it is a mixed month for love affairs. Those who are married may have disputes and misunderstandings with their life partners. However, due to the presence of noble Jupiter major dilemma would not take place. Transiting Sun over the sign of exaltation of Jupiter certainly will increase your reputation in your social circle. You should try to control your language. Almost certainly, you may face difficulties because of use incorrect and unreasonable words.


Due to transit of 4th lord Mercury with Jupiter in the 2nd house August is very favorable. Encouraging performance is indicated by Sun. On the other hand, aspect of the transit planet Saturn over the 2nd house August show you the way towards unrewarding deeds. You should try to control yourself. Only your pre-planning and hard work may help you. This combination of planets is undoubtedly indicating long distance journeys at some point in this month of August.

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