Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2021


You will get profit from father and higher officials. Luck will support. Cooperation and benefits will come from life-partner. If you are trying for going abroad, results may come in your favor. Your decisions making abilities will be great. Happiness will come from children and success will come in competition. Troubles due to enemies will come to an end, but disputes or differences may occur with siblings. You are advised to stay cautious from servants and try to make them happy.


Present situation of business is not sufficient for gaining profits, so try to add on some new things. Chances of going abroad are very good. If you are delaying your trip from a long time, don’t delay it now, some new opportunities are waiting for you there. Take suggestion or approval from your life-partner before taking any financial decision. There are good chances of promotion for those who are in job.


Keep yourself safe from cold weather and don’t take cold products. Take help of Yoga and meditation to stay active. Take care of your mother’s health because condition of planets is not very favorable for her.

Family & Friends

Take care of domestic goods and keep them properly. If your vehicle is not insured, make it insured, because it may get stolen which will create problems. Siblings will give their support in any important work. Time is extremely good for domestic works. Long halted home related tasks will get completed. Chances of getting a good news are very high for which you are waiting from a long time. Result of legal issues will also come in favor, but don’t be careless at all and take a tough stand wherever necessary. Good news will also come from children. Time is also good for those who are preparing for any competition.


Make donations to pacify Rahu and Saturn on Wednesday and Saturday, respectively. Worshiping Lord Vishnu can increase your luck. Stay away from alcohol, bad company, anger and ego because these things increase problems in Shani Sade Sati.