Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2021


This month is not at all favorable for financial matters. Financial losses are possible. Expenses may increase beyond limit. If you are into business, income may reduce a lot. Chances of loss of job or change of job location are there for those who are in job. Disputes with life-partner, domestic stress, problems in domestic life, and health problems are possible. Overall, the time is not in favor. Maintain calm and mental stability because these problems will not last for long.


The time is very sensitive for your financial situation; hence, you need to handle it. If you do not have sufficient funds, situation of taking money on debt may come up. Chances of loss of job or change in job location are there. Cooperate with your seniors at workplace, otherwise problems will occur. We will advise you not to go for any big investment or business expansion this time.


Health problems will occur due to mental stress, irregular routine, blood pressure and diabetes. Health of female members of the family may remain disturbed.

Family & Friends

This time seems to be a little unfavorable. Financial problems will pop up, which will further affect different dimensions of your life. Tension will remain in family atmosphere, because apart from your mother, every other member of the family can cause problems. Instability will come in your thoughts, you will think a lot before taking any decision. This time will affect the auspicious results of future as well. You need to control your anger and speech, else you will harm yourself. Handle situations calmly and take decisions with a stable mind. There are great chances of occurrence of any auspicious or spiritual task at home. Time is average for education and competition; hence, increase your efforts for gaining success. Some problems are possible while travelling. Examine your vehicle carefully before leaving home, otherwise it may create problems.


Patience is the biggest cure of every odd situation, and you need to maintain this. Stay calm because this kind of situation will not last for long. Donate yellow lentils and Besan Laddoo to any religious place and avoid having cold items.