Sagittarius Horoscope for February 2020


You have the ability to undertake any kind of task but you may face confusion at the time of making a decision. You have to encounter stressful conditions to make a tough decision. You develop anxiety and stress to complete a task, as this is in your nature. When you have anxiety and stress, there are chances of delay in your work. There are chances of earning name and fame in the society. If you undertake a task with some objective, you may be able to achieve that objective. In the first half of February 2020, your relations with your close ones may deteriorate. There is possibility that you and your relatives may make a mountain out of a molehill. Doing so may create a situation of dispute in the family. If possible, try to avoid meeting your relatives much at this time. Moreover, do not stay closer to them this month. There may arise obstacles in acquiring wealth and moveable property. Hence, try to stay alert in the first half of this month. If you are vigilant of your business, there are chances of you achieving greater success. Time says that you may earn a higher rank or position in your company. Your besties may support you more at this time. You may not only develop more interest towards household work but also, your feelings and thoughts towards your family may become more positive. You may buy a new house or vehicle. If you are planning to buy a house or vehicle this month, you may succeed in doing so. If you are in politics, you may have to face helter-skelter and stress for political success. Politicians may have to work harder to gain success in their field. They may be able to exercise control over people’s minds only through hard work and determination. Conditions may stay favorable on child front. There are chances of achieving well-being through your children. You may expect to earn their support too. As far as your love life is concerned, conditions may remain favorable. If you are a student, February 2020 may prove quite lucky for you. If you set your objectives and aim to achieve them, you may attain success in the latter half of this month. Situation may be normal on your enemy front. If you are stuck in case or court related matter, you may succeed through mutual understanding between the two parties or out-of-court settlement. Your health may affect seriously. Your relations with your parents may not only improve but also, they may support you more. There are chances of favorability of your marital life and overseas travel plans. Your marital life may, however, be stressful in the beginning of this month. You may earn a higher rank or position in the month of February. You may do well in tasks undertaken with confidence. You may do well in tasks undertaken with confidence. Situation may be favorable for your business. If you are aware of business trends, are passionate about your work, possess capability to complete work on time, success is behind you. Your financial situation may be favorable at this time. You may feel stressed on these dates of February 2020 – 8, 9, 17, 18, 26, and 27. You may need to, therefore, avoid doing any important work on these dates. Undertake tasks with confidence to achieve success.


This month may be progressive for financial gains. Your efforts to gain financially may be successful. Since Venus is transiting in Sagittarius, your condition to make monetary gains may become better. Expansion of your work plans or calling upon a board meeting to discuss work may be significant to gain financially this month. If you are planning to start a new venture, you may be successful in doing so. If you have a business abroad, you may succeed well in it. This means that your business set up in a foreign country may bring in higher profits at this time. You may also avail opportunities to make monetary gains by travelling abroad for work. If you have plans to travel abroad for business purpose, you may be able to make that business trip. If your business wins a tender of international companies, it may prove fruitful for your enterprise. Try to be stronger at your business this month and make constant efforts to accomplish success. Be very careful at the time of transacting. Try to avoid any type of unnecessary investments. Refrain from being gripped by any form of greed, as otherwise, you may suffer from financial losses. Moreover, there are chances of you attaining sudden wealth. One of your businesses may result in better earnings. Act according to time and situation. Stay passionate about your work, so that you become financially successful at this time.


There are no chances of any serious disease affecting you. This means that you may feel relaxed, as far as your health is concerned. You may, however, suffer from viral fever infrequently. Cough and cold may also affect you at this time. This may happen due to change in weather. Keep your body warm and watch your food. Taking a balanced diet and doing some form of physical activity may be helpful at this time. Your body may be troubled due to such trivial medical issues. Except these small health issues, rest may remain good.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Majority of the conditions are in your favor with regard to your love relations. You may, therefore, be able to do any auspicious job with your lover. If you wish to engage in any kind of business with your lover as partner, you may not only earn his or her support but also, you may achieve success. In case you are planning to travel for leisure, you may travel in the latter half of this month. Your near and dear ones may deceive you. You may, therefore, beware of your close ones. You may also maintain trust on who you love. Your relations with your lover are lovely and good. You should express your love towards your girl or boyfriend at this time. You may avail an excellent opportunity to propose him or her. Your lover may stay happier with you this month. You may get a good chance to grow in your love relations. Your marital life may, however, be chaotic. Your relations with your spouse may spoil unnecessarily. Your marital life may undergo stress, as Saturn transits in Sagittarius moon sign. Your relations with your spouse may, therefore, normal this month. It may be better for you to first secure yourself and then, maintain lovelier relations with him or her.

Family & Friends

You may be stressed for your family this month. There may be helter-skelter due to the bad health of your parents. There is possibility of unnecessary expenses. You may have to face family-related problems. There may erupt dispute in the family due to some unnecessary reason. It may, therefore, be better for you to try to maintain compatibility with your near and dear ones. There is possibility of discord in the family due to lack of compatibility. It may be crucial for your close ones to be compatible with each other at this time. Conditions may be favorable on child front, which is why; there are chances of your child satisfying you. Your children may be appreciated for their efforts. If you are planning to start a new business with your family members or relatives, you may do so in the latter half of this month. You may be solely responsible to maintain balance amongst your family members. This may be your biggest responsibility at this time. You may fail to shoulder this big responsibility. You may succeed only when you are wise enough to maintain the family balance. You may not only think of your progress but also family growth. Your situation may only get better this way. Act according to time and situation and your luck will turn in your favor.


Serve cow and Brahmin so that your luck favors you more at this time. You may also donate yellow-colored objects. It may be fruitful for you to fast every Thursday. Worship Lord Vishnu on Thursdays. Fasting and worshipping Lord Vishnu may help you get rid of all your troubles.

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