Sagittarius Horoscope for July 2020


This month indicates an average month for Career and Financial gains. Difference of opinions between you and your lover is possible. For students this is going to be an average months. Health will remain sluggish.


This month will be average. Ascendant lord Jupiter is transiting over the 8th house and is exalted. Saturn is transiting over 11th in the sign of Libra which is a friendly sign. Therefore, you may have a few chances of gains. Opportunities will not come according to your potent or expectations. In spite of increased efforts and strain, it may give only average returns. Due to aspect of Saturn over the 1st house and the 8th, those are in service will be frustrated by the behavior of official authorities. Lack of confidence is quite visible in you. Working condition will not be satisfactory. Rashness would not lead you anywhere. Try to live with facts not on memories. Investment in risky spheres may be dangerous. It is advised that plans of quick money making should be scrutinized first. Do not indulge yourself in big your new ventures. 9th as well as 12th lord Mercury will transit over the 6th house. Therefore, you should not indulge in any kind of speculation. Investment in share market or other risky spheres August be a cause of losing of money and mental peace.


Transiting Saturn over the 11th house indicates that you’re chronic patient; there is no immediate relief for you. Take care of your dental hygiene this month. Minor allergic conditions may prevail. Caution is advised in health matters.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Saturn in the 11th house with Mars is not favorable. There will be difference of opinion between you and your spouse. You may be separated from your near and dear ones. Those who are unmarried may have to wait for some time. Family happiness will also be missing. Your relationship with your spouse will not cordial. Family atmosphere will be tense. Your family members will differ with you at certain occasions. Mars is a naturally cruel and malefic planet. Hence, this combination is clearly indicating trouble in family life. Probably, you may also get defamed due to your colleagues and superiors.


Transit of Venus, Mars and Mercury is not indicating about favorable and fruitful journeys. Therefore, you should try to avoid long and short distance journeys. Karaka planet of intelligence and 7th lord Mercury is transiting over the enemy sign. It shows, you may have obstructions in advanced education and competitive exams. Transiting Rahu in the 10th house will also try to turn away your concentration and your will not competent to get hold of heartening results.

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