Chinese Horoscope 2017 and Chinese Zodiac Astrology

It's time to assume a more relaxed pace, take care of number one, and even pamper yourself a bit! There are three things you need to know about the Sheep. One, it's a member of the kindest and gentlest group of signs in Chinese Astrology. Two, it's sensitive and emotional. Three, it's a lover of beauty and the arts.

Now, three things you need to know about Wood. It's a gentle element ... to a degree, especially when it comes to caring. Compromise is also a Wood characteristic, as is creativity - Wood certainly appreciates the arts.

Finally, consider the roots of a tree as they are anchored in and connected to the earth. Family and community are crucial this year. For you personally this year, it's about the things money can't buy: love, friends, family, beauty, creativity, doing good,. All those intangible things that make life worth living. Put all those feelings to good use by showering love and appreciation upon others. Recognize all the beauty in your world.