Taurus Horoscope for May 2021


Your mind will wander this month. Also, you have to keep a control on your thoughts, otherwise some decisions might get wrong. It would be better for you to delay some important decisions or take them after thinking properly. Give preference to the suggestions of your life-partner, also respect his/her desires. Luck will remain weaker, so don’t leave anything on it. If you are thinking of investing in share market, delay your decision for sometime or do it after thinking carefully. Journeys are possible, stay away from fire and deep water. You need to walk along with father or boss, otherwise disputes are possible. Drive carefully, otherwise injuries are possible.


Lord of eleventh house and fifth house, Mercury; and lord of ninth house and tenth house, Saturn both are retrograde. It implies that this time is not very encouraging. Destiny and work will remain a bit disturbed; therefore, don’t expect positive results. Constant fluctuation will remain in wealth. If present Dasha (period) is of Jupiter or Ketu, a lot of wealth will come with your strength, otherwise success will come after a lot of difficulties. Income will come, but unwanted expenses will also be there. Change in job is possible. This change might not produce good results in the beginning, but it will surely benefit you in the future.


Little turbulence will remain in your thoughts, due to the effect of Sun and Moon. Injuries are also possible. Take special care of your your eyes and face. Also, take care of your health. Anger and unnecessary excitement will be there. Drive carefully and at a limited speed, otherwise accident is possible.

Family & Friends

Marital and love relationships will experience little difficulty or discord. Life-partner and friends will not cooperate or will do nothing more than formality. This will create troubles to come to any final decision, which will not allow you to take final decision. This time two kinds of problems will come across: first, not getting support of closed ones; second, facing opposition by them after failure. This situation will put you in strange emotional tension and stress. You are advised not to disclose your weaknesses in front of anyone, no matter how much close he/she is. Along with this, don’t disclose your emotions also. Those who are trying for a baby should wait a bit, since time is not appropriate for that.


Apply mustard oil on your body before taking bath on Saturdays and lit a mustard oil lamp for Lord Shani (Saturn). Remove all the old furniture from home. Stay balanced and maintain a distance from those who speak unnecessarily. Offer red flower to Maa Kali on Tuesdays. Sleep properly and go for entertainment. Stay away from logics and arguments. Avoid arguments and interference in other’s work. If conjunction of Jupiter and Venus was there at your birth time, avoid cold items and addiction.