Taurus Horoscope for February 2020


You may be mentally disturbed this month. If you undertake any task with hard work and passion, obstacles may obstruct the path of that task. You may lose your mental peace and be stressed due to constant issues cropping up in your business. You may lose confidence at this time. Moreover, if you try to accomplish a task responsibly, it may remain incomplete. Since Venus, along with Saturn, is transiting in Sagittarius, your chances of earning respect and reputation may affect. If you are planning to buy a new house or car this month, you may succeed in doing so. Your relatives may also support you in this kind of investment. Your effort to gain wealth may turn fruitful towards the latter half of February 2020. If you are working, there may be delays in you achieving a higher rank or position. There may arise obstacles in salary increment. Your luck may not favor you at this time. You may, however, gain political success. If you are making any efforts to be successful in politics, you succeed. There are fair chances of you earning people’s support. On one hand, you may develop interests in social work while on the other hand, there may come obstacles in such work. Therefore, act according to time and situation, as doing so may only be prudent. If you act with wisdom, you may easily attain political success. You may have to face your opponents. Your enemies may be more powerful than you may at this time. You need to, therefore, be careful of your health and enemies. If you are a student, there is strong possibility of your success. If you are preparing for competitive exams or job interviews for career growth, you may succeed in your attempts. As Mercury is transiting in Aquarius, you may do better in studies. Your marital life may remain favorable this month. Moreover, your plans to travel abroad may not also be in vain. You may travel internationally this month. Your life-partner may also support you more. Your luck may not be very favorable or unfavorable. You may have to achieve success through hard work and actions. It may be beneficial for you to conduct business with full responsibility. Your financial condition may stay favorable at this time. There is strong probability of you benefitting every way towards the latter half of this month, which is why; you may need to act accordingly. You may be advised not to act in haste, as you may encounter several issues otherwise. There may be dispute in the family and you have to face opposition of your near and dear ones. 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, and 21 dates of this month may not be favorable for Taurus natives. Refrain from undertaking any important task on these days or engage in any kind of inauguration. Focus on your job to achieve success in it. Circumstances in future may be favorable.


Your financial situation may improve this month. If you work towards making monetary gains, your efforts may help you succeed. You have fair chances of accumulating wealth through your business. You may travel abroad for work. In fact, if you travel abroad for work purposes, you may emerge victorious in your business. In case you are in contact with foreign companies, there are fair chances of you making huge financial gains. If you try to meet a foreign company this month, you may be able to establish relation with them. Your financial situation may improve this month. All depends on your efforts, as your luck is on your side. You may even expand your work plans. You may win a contract or tender over your competitors. If you have plans to start a new venture or expand existing business plans, this time may be the most favorable for you. February 2020 may be promising for your business. It may perform better than before. Your financial situation may be stressful towards the beginning of this month. Circumstances may turn in your favor towards the latter half of the month. Do not stop trying to improve your finances. If you act according to time and situation, you may do better financially. You may even make monetary gains. It is crucial for you to be careful while transacting money at this time, as otherwise you may have to incur losses.


You may be advised to take better care of your health this month. There is possibility of you being injured or meeting an accident in February 2020. Be careful while going out or driving. Ask someone to accompany you at the time of moving out. Do not take the risk of travelling alone, as this time may not be very conducive for you. There is possibility of you suffering from stomach and heart-related diseases. It may, therefore, be better for you to go for medical check-up, take tests, and seek consultation from a specialist. You may face bile problems. You may even fall a victim to diabetes or indigestion. You may need to pay attention to what you eat. Refrain from eating outside. If you wish to eat out, visit only hygienic places. Maintain control on your sugar intake as well. It is well said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Therefore, seek medical advice before it is late.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life may be stressful this month. Situation, however, is in your control due to which your love relations may improve with trials. When you become more compatible with your lover, you may extend more support to one another. Moreover, your love relations may also go well. There are fair chances of you establishing lovelier relations with your lover towards the latter half of this month. If you expect your lover to support you in business or profession, he or she may do so. Your lover may guide you better. Conditions of your marital life may also improve. Your spouse may support you more this month. Love and support of your life-partner may help you succeed better in your business. You may seek any kind of assistance from your spouse at this time. Not only your relations with your life-partner may become lovelier but also, you may develop sweeter relations with your in-laws. You may earn support of your in-laws, as and when required. Keep calm and maintain amicable relations with your spouse, especially at this time. It may be better for you to be at peace with him or her. This implies your better half may prove lucky for you. Travelling abroad may also greatly benefit you.

Family & Friends

Your family circumstances may remain normal towards the beginning of this month, i.e. February 2020. Sometimes, you may have to face family disputes. There may be lack of cooperation among your family members at this time. Your business may also face hindrances. Conditions may, however, become favorable in the latter half of this month. Your near and dear ones may lend you support as per your expectations. You may also earn more support of your parents. Health of your parents may even remain stable at this time. If you are looking for help and support of your parents in business, your wishes may fulfill. You may stay happier with your child. Their daily routine and activities may impress you more than before. You may even feel proud of your child’s academic achievements and career growth. It may be beneficial for you to instill empathy and compatibility among the members of your family. Your near and dear ones may also support you more in your business. An auspicious event may occur in the family towards the latter half of this month.


Donate white-colored objects every Friday. Worshipping Goddess Durga, visiting temple, and fasting every Friday helps you a great deal. You may donate decoration items in a temple or serve people there. You may even serve elderly men and women in an old-age home. You may progress more by doing so. All your problems may be resolved by practicing these remedies.

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New Delhi, India, Monday, February 17, 2020
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