Taurus Horoscope for July 2020


This month of August indicates ample confidence for executing your plans and gaining in success. This month doesn’t seem to be positive for love related matters. Students should expect encouraging results this month. People suffering from chronic diseases should be careful during this month.


Due to Transit of 2nd and 5th lord Mercury over the 3rd house with Sun and Jupiter, you will find yourself full of confidence, zeal and enthusiasm. Here, Mars is aspected by Saturn, the karaka for profession in the 6th house, the house of job / service. This aspect combination of Saturn and Mars indicates that you would get huge benefits from your contracts and agreements. A marked increase in your income is indicated. Planets are indicating, you will be extremely happy. During this period, monetary gains are noticeably indicated. Money flow will be more than adequate throughout this period. You will acquire new opportunities to produce more. Your bank balance will improve. It is a constructive period. It shows, you will command admiration due to your qualities of delicate discrimination and superior accuracy in conclusion. Your imagination will be exceptional. Success is definite in innovative ventures and new enterprises. If, you have interest towards speculation, you may go ahead.


Patients suffering from diabetes, heart disease, fever and headache should be careful in this period. Therefore, you should properly take care of your health.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Transit of Saturn over the 6th house is not much favorable for love and relationships.
It may create obstacles and hindrances. You may not be able to maintain harmonious
relationship with your sweet heart. If, you’re going to propose someone, you should
use very cultured language and tricks otherwise you may find yourself in adverse
situations. 7th lord Mars is transiting over the 6th house. Therefore, you may not
have very good and cherished relationship with your spouse and other family members.
Your sub-coordinates will extend their full support towards you. Overall, this month
will be very average.


4th lord Sun is transiting over the 3rd house and aspected by the 2th lord Mercury. Therefore, you may acquire very encouraging results in matters regarding travels. If, you’re preparing for competitive exam, you may perform according to expectations. Transit of planets is also indicating about long distance journeys. Probably, you may go abroad or long distance away from the birth place.

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