Taurus Horoscope for October 2021


Enemies will try to dominate this month. Take care of your health, especially your eyes. Month is good for the well being and prosperity of family. But, time is not that favorable for you, stay cautious from servants, in financial matters and regarding your relationships. Useless travellings are also possible, which will not result in favor. Losses can also arise from children. Pregnant ladies need to stay more careful. Avoid addiction and illegal works.


Expenses will increase a lot. Journeys will happen, but getting the desired results will remain doubtful. If you are going for an interview or competition, work a bit harder. Although, chances of going for a competition will not arise soon, or if it happens, success will remain doubtful. Financial losses are possible, if you are into a business. Time is not favorable for doing experiments in business and at workplace. Maintain a safe distance from your senior officials and don’t get into any unnecessary dispute.


Confusion in thoughts will keep you disturbed. You will not be able to concentrate in any work. You need to understand the views of elder members of the family; may be they are wrong, but try to understand their viewpoint. Keep your mind and speech under control, health may remain weak. Ill health of any elder family member may trouble you. Any sad news may come, which will produce a direct impact on your health and work. Time is extremely sensitive for pregnant ladies, so stay very careful. Health problems are also possible to children, especially to girl childs.

Family & Friends

Starting of the month is not favorable for love-birds, unnecessary disputes will arise and trust on one another will also reduce. Arguments with someone close may disturb you. Difference of opinions are also possible with father and brother. Don’t experiment anything in business and job, time is not appropriate for that. You will gain success in social works with your own strength. If you want to propose someone during the last days of the month, time is favorable for that. Love and trust will also remain in the relationship of married people. If any tension was there previously, it will be cleared out soon. Some might get into a relationship with elder man or woman. New contracts and new opportunities are waiting for businessmen. Your decision making abilities will be great. You will get a chance to meet someone closer. Your daughter may become a reason of problems.


Establish Kuber Yantra for getting success in business. If going to travel in North direction, take curd and sugar (Misri) before leaving. Chant ‘Om Ram Rahave Namah’ 17000 times and make donations to pacify Rahu. Avoid red and yellow color food items and clothes. If Dasha (period) of Sun and Mars is there, don’t get into any dispute with elders. Maintain a safe distance from fire. Donate wheat and offer water to Sun to gain his blessings.