Aries Horoscope for July 2020


For Aries this month indicates favorable results in Career as well as Financial gains. It is a favorable period for love and marital gains. Health may be sluggish while it is a best time for students. Fruitful journeys cannot be discounted.


Ascendant Lord Mars is transiting over the 7th house and has aspect over the 10th house. Ascendant lord is with Saturn, the lord of the 10th house. This is very favorable transit of both planets for professional and financial related matters. In this month, you will get opportunities for achieiving a higher position. Your relationship with your seniors will be very cordial and at the same time your career or business circle will increase. Profit in the career or business will be above average. Your friends and well wishers will also assist you. You will have lot of opportunities to do better. Your ambitions and desired will also get fulfilled. This month is quite encouraging as far as your professional life is concerned. Your confidence will make you invincible. You will also command much regard and respect. You will take the right decision at the spur of the moment due to your intelligence.


You are likely to suffer due to cough and throat related disease as well as from

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Transiting Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are very favorable for love and affairs. You can win heart of your sweet heart. Now you will have golden chances of going out with your lover/beloved. Several romantic moments will come in your life in this month. Married people will also enjoy to their married life. You will receive great help and cooperation from friends and relatives. Overall, family atmosphere will be full of all comforts and happiness. Transiting Sun over the 4th house will be very favorable for reputation and respect. You might come into contact of higher official and famous people.


4th lord Sun is transiting over the 3rd house and aspected by the 2th lord Mercury. Therefore, you may acquire very encouraging results in matters regarding travels. If, you’re preparing for competitive exam, you may perform according to expectations. Transit of planets is also indicating about long distance journeys. Probably, you may go abroad or long distance away from the birth place.

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New Delhi, India, Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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