Aries Horoscope for February 2020


You are a brave and chivalric person. You are inclined towards work and try hard to accomplish the task. You are responsible towards the tasks assigned to you. You always try to complete the task before time. Therefore, you have fair chances of accomplishing success at work. This year may prove to be progressive for you. You may be able to earn respect and build better reputation in the society. Besides your family, outsiders may also support you this month. If you undertake a task with more zeal, you may earn support to succeed well. In addition, there is possibility of you achieving success in jobs undertaken with confidence. During this month, circumstances related to attaining wealth and moveable property may be favorable. Your relations with your relatives may also improve at this time. Time is favorable for you. This implies that you may succeed. You may even be inclined towards household chores. You may gain a higher position or rank in your company. Your financial condition may be favorable. If you are working, there are fair chances of promotion. You may make financial gains at this time. If you own a business, your profits may rise. Such conditions may arise in the latter half of this month. You need to work harder, while acting according to time and situation. If you are an Aries native and a politician, obstacles may come in the path of your political success. Your opponents may overpower you. Hence, you need to strategize to achieve success in politics. You may have to work harder for people’s support. Your child may become the cause of your stress. Besides, difficulties may crop up in your love life. There is possibility of harmony among your family members. Enemy and disease may remain in normal situation, which is why; you may accomplish success in a tough task too. Your marital life and travel plans to abroad may affect. You may emerge as the winner in whatever you do. You may fail to travel abroad this month. Moreover, your marital life may become stressful at this time. Your health may remain stable. Your luck may not be quite favorable for you. Situation may be stressful in the first half of this month. Your work may be affected. Your financial life may stress you more. Avoid travelling abroad and any kind of helter-skelter. If you do not refrain from travelling or roaming around unnecessarily, your health may affect, in addition to useless expenditure. 1, 9,10,17,18, and 19 of February 2020 may not prove very lucky for you. Hence, making an important decision or beginning a new job at this time may prove harmful for you. Act according to time.


You have to face financial problems in the first half of February 2020. Several issues may crop up due to unfavorable financial condition. Hence, it may not be conducive to plan any type of investment in the first half of the month. You may not think of starting a new venture as well. In the latter half of this month, your financial situation may become stronger. Your efforts may bring you success. If you are trying to start a new business, you may be able to do so. You may emerge as a winner in your financial life. You may seek help of your besties and relatives, if required. This is the time when they may be ready to support you financially. Maintain lovelier relations with them. Your relations with your siblings may remain normal at this time. Be careful while transacting money. There may be times when you suffer financially. Do not trust people easily. Spend money only as and when needed. Refrain from being over-enthusiastic. Stay determined when it comes to financial matters, so that others may not harm you. You may be able to make monetary gains towards the latter half of this month. Moreover, property investment may prove beneficial for you. You may be confident regarding the completion of any work, if you are confident enough. You may continue to gain financially. You may face issues due to delays but there are fair chances of financial gains.


There is no possibility of any serious health problem in this month. You may, however, get injured or meet an accident. You need to be careful while driving or when going out. You may ask someone to accompany you when going out. There are chances of you suffering from viral fever. You may face trivial health problems at this time. It may, therefore, be better for you to take the best care of your health. You may seek medical consultation to prevent any big health issues later. In order to avoid trivial health issues, take a balanced and nutritious diet. It may even be better to engage in some form of physical activity. You may practice Yoga, exercise or work out in a gymnasium. Avoid eating unhygienic food outside.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life may favor you this month. This may, however, happen towards the latter half of the month. Since Sun will be in Capricorn sign till the first half of month and Dragon’s Head is also occupying this sign, you may have to face stressful love life. Hence, try to maintain lovelier relations with your lover. Do not make an important and tough decision in the first half of this month. Be normal with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Towards the latter half of the month, you may spend quality time with your lover and share your feelings with him or her. If you are planning to discuss some important matters with your lover, refrain from doing so in the first half of February 2020. You may hang out with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Your marital life may be unfavorable this month. There may arise dispute in the family due to lack of compatibility between you two. You may, therefore, develop ill feelings towards your life-partner. Your work may also affect likewise. Due to lack of your spouse support, your travel plans may hinder. Your relations with your in-laws may also spoil. It may be better for you not to engage in any significant job during the first half of this month. You may succeed in the latter half of the month. This implies that the first half of February 2020 may be more fruitful for your love and marital life as compared to the second half.

Family & Friends

Your family condition may be stressful in the first half of February 2020. Your work may affect due to unnecessary discord in the family. Your family life may also face problems, due to which situation at home may become adverse. There may be dispute among your family members. It is crucial for you to be compatible with your close ones and shoulder your responsibilities properly. You are a responsible person by nature. You may attain success, grow, and develop better if your family is united. You may earn less support from your parents. Moreover, their health may also affect. You may need to take special care of your parents at this time. Work on your relations with your elders, so that they support you more. As far as your child is concerned, conditions may be stressful. Try to give right direction to your child. Circumstances may favor you towards the latter half of this month. It is prudent to act according to time and situation; giving right direction to your family. You are capable of facing all odd circumstances. Try to maintain compatibility among the members of your family, as it may prove fruitful. If you fail to keep your family united and compatible, there may be discord in the family. Your work may also affect at the same time.


You should fast every Tuesday and worship Lord Hanumana by visiting his temple. You should also offer Hanumana Chola. You should donate red-colored objects every Tuesday. You may also distribute gram lentils and coconut for better results. If you practice all these remedies, you may do better in your career. You may not even face any kind of health issue.

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