Aries Horoscope for May 2021


We will advise you to stay calm and restrained this month. Control your anger and words, health will also remain weak. Stay very careful if you are a patient of high blood pressure. Enemies will not be able to harm you, but they will also don’t stop chasing you. Income may reduce, expenses are possible in renovation of home or other domestic affairs. Journeys will not remain fruitful, so delay your business trips, if possible. Your mind will remain a bit distracted, try to stay calm. Despite all these problems, closeness will increase in love relationships and life partner will support a lot.


Flow of income will stop, financial crisis are possible, you may have to travel away from home. Possibilities of financial losses are arising constantly, so stay aware. Don’t invest anything big this time for gaining more profits in less time. Gain and loss none is in your hands. Those who were in search of a job, their wait will get over soon. This is the time to believe in yourself rather than in destiny. Stay away from gambling and stock market. Overall, you have to deal very carefully with financial matters. Don’t experiment anything this time, let the things go the way they are.


We will advise you to take someone along while travelling and also carry some important medicines along, as your health may deteriorate. Problem of blood pressure may crop up. Drive carefully, otherwise injuries are possible.

Family & Friends

Your mind will remain distracted, contradictory thoughts will disturb you a lot. Negative arguments will remain very high, which will disturb the people around. Extending issues unnecessarily and insisting others or forcing your views on others will spread negativity in the environment, so avoid it. Presence of atheism and theism will lead to strange mental situation. This is not the right time for going for competitions and interviews. Sudden and unexpected disputes can arise at workplace. Health will remain weak. Drive slowly and carefully. Disputes with any close friend is possible, so be careful. If looking for a life-partner, you have to wait a bit because things may not work out this time.


Clean old iron goods of your home. Offer Lotus flower to Maa Lakshmi. Donate yellow lentils and gram flour sweets (Besan sweets) to any religious place. Apply white sandal or offer it to god before leaving home. If travelling at night is necessary, worship Maa Durga and lit a mud lamp (Diya) before leaving home.