Cancer Horoscope for July 2020


This month indicates reasonably good gains in finances and speculation on a moderate level. Promotions/increments are also possible. Good month for love and marital affairs. Health will be good. Educational pursuits are going to be beneficial and fruitful.


Jupiter, the great benefic is transiting over the 1st house. Venus is in the 12th house and has aspect over the 6th house, the house of job / service. It is good for monetary gains. Income can come from more than one source. However in this month, you will not able to save your money. Unexpected expenditure would create a big hole in your pocket. If, you’re interested towards speculation and additional investments, this month may be advantageous. Those who are in service will proficient to win heart of their superiors and higher authorities. Promotions and increments may take place in this month. Those who are in business would be quite satisfied with the flow of money and success of new and major ventures. This is the suitable period, when you enter into new and prized profitable deals. Overall, it is an auspicious month for those natives, who’re born under the Taurus ascendant.


Saturn influences your health. Therefore it would give sluggish or sick health. Most of times, during this month you will enjoy a good health, however you are likely to suffer due to stomach problems or infections related to virus.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Transit of Jupiter over the 1st house is very constructive for love affairs & allied matters. In fact, this month has a magical box for you. If, you’re waiting or searching for your partner then rest assured, now your search would be finished and you would discover your dream girl or dream prince. If, you’re already in love with someone, long drive, candle light dinner or other kinds of passionate situations may take place. You should be ready to enjoy. Influence of Saturn and Mars is very constructive for those natives who are married. Your spouse may bestow his/her best support for you. Both of you would share internal feelings/vibes with each other. Family atmosphere will be full of all worldly comforts and cheerfulness. Transit of Saturn over the 4th and transit of Mars over the 4th will certainly assist you in buildup of social reputation. Your name and fame will increase.


Significator planet of education noble Jupiter is transiting over the 1st with Sun, the planet of vitality and it receives aspect from Saturn, the planet of patience. As a result, during this month you would obtain encouraging consequences. If, you’re preparing for any competitive exam or interview planets are in your support and you would acquire astonishing accomplishment. Long distance journeys are moderately promising.

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