Cancer Horoscope for February 2020


There might be a steep decline in your confidence level during this month. This will lead to less enthusiasm and determination in the tasks that you do and will adversely affect your performance in all spheres of life. You should try to believe in your own self. Your body will be lethargic and you will tend to get lazy during this month. Try to be active and adopt a regular exercise regime to keep your body fit. You should be careful about your professional life as the month does not seem to favour it much. Time management will be an important element in determining your success. Being punctual will help you to complete your tasks on time and will also help you to develop a good reputation. You will have the support of your family and friends, who will motivate you and will be by your side through thick and thin. There might be some problems with your relatives. Try to solve them as soon as possible. If you do a job, you might have to face a delay in getting the results. Be patient and continue with your efforts. Try to maintain a cordial relationship with your seniors as well as your subordinates. You will get good results during the second half of the month. Your efforts will beget fruitful results. You might acquire land or property if you have been looking forward to doing so. Do not get involved in immoral deeds as they will end up tainting your reputation in the society. If you are involved in politics, you might have to try very hard in order to gain the support of the public. Do not let your guard down as your enemies will do their best to overpower you and defeat you. There would be a disharmony at your home front. You should act wisely and control your temper. Being aggressive will disrupt your relationship with your family members. You will have a passionate relationship with your lover and will spend memorable moments with them. Your journeys and marital life will not be full of obstacles. You should not unleash your anger at your spouse. Avoid uttering any disrespectful words as they might tear your marriage apart. Make efforts to keep your marriage strong. Be careful while setting your foot on long journeys. Your luck will favour you if you work hard. Monetary gains are on the cards. The 7th,8th,16th,17th,25th, and 26th of this month might be a bit difficult for you. You should be cautious on these dates and plan your moves wisely. Keep your speed in check and avoid reckless driving. Try to motivate yourself and work hard to achieve your goals. The transit of the planet Jupiter in the Zodiac Sign Scorpio will favour your luck and will lead you to progress. You might get good results in your professional life owing to the transit of the planet Mars in its own sign Aries. The first week of the month might be difficult, but you should hang on as the tables will turn and you will witness a better month for yourself.


The conditions might not be favourable for you in terms of money and finance. You should be careful in monetary transactions. Do not get yourself embroiled in heated arguments because of money as it will tarnish your image and will do no good to you. You should be dedicated to your work and should not let failure distract you. Keep trying unless you achieve your goals. Have firm belief in yourself and word hard to improve your financial status. You should not try to expand your business during this month. Starting a new venture does not seem to be a good option for you during this month. You should avoid relying on your relatives. They will not support you in terms of career and finance. Depending upon them will lead you to harsh consequences. Also, arguments and war of words are likely due to financial problems. Try to get along with your business partner well. Respect your seniors at your workplace and earn their favor. Do not get involved in any controversy at your work front. You should try to maintain a warm relationship with your colleagues. Do remember that hard work and perseverance will lead you to success.


The second half of the month might present health issues in your life, which you need to be prepared for. Stay alert about your health. Do not let your hectic work schedule affect your health adversely. Remember that health is wealth and is of paramount importance for your life. Consume a balanced diet and adopt a regular exercise regime in order to keep your body fit. Take care of the health of your family members too.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Your love life will be one full of passion and romance. You will share a strong bond with your partner during this month. You will bare your heart out to your partner and they will do the same. Your love and trust will keep you strong in difficult times. You might propose your loved one during the span of this month if you have been looking for a chance to do so. An exchange of gifts will further sweeten the deal. The second half of February will be even better for your love relationship. You might enjoy a romantic trip with your lover. You will spend memorable moments with them that you will cherish all your life. The advice of your partner will help you in your professional life. Both of you might start something new with each others love and support. You might propose your partner for marriage if you really love them. Married life will be stressful. You should not share anything with your partner that might disrupt your relationship and create a rift between you and your life partner. Do not have high expectations from your partner. There might be some obstructions in your trips and journeys. Respect your partner and do not speak anything that might hurt their sentiments. Keep your temper in check. Problems in your married life will lead to stress, that will affect your health as well as your performance at your workplace. You will not be able to concentrate in anything. You should try to sort out the problems and find a solution to them if you want to end the problems in your married life and enjoy marital bliss.

Family & Friends

Your family life might be a bit tough during the span of this month. Petty issues with keep surfacing up every now and then and will create a tensed atmosphere in your home. Property related issues are likely to disrupt the peace of the family. It will be important to respect each other and understand them during tough phases. A lack of harmony will further elevate the problems. If you want to enjoy a happy life with your family members, you should make efforts to do the same. Maintain a balance between your personal life and professional life. Do not make your family members feel neglected. Keep your family together and try to sort out the differences. Clear the misunderstandings and do not let them seep into your bond. You will have an affectionate relationship with your parents. They will be your guiding force and will show you the right path. Respect them, serve them, and seek their blessings. You should fulfill your responsibilities towards your family. Taking care of the health of your parents is important. In case they face any health issue, you should consult a doctor and get it treated. Your children will be the apple of your eye. They will perform well in their academics and career. Taking care of them and guiding them with be important. You will move the heaven and the earth to ensure a better future for them.


You should practice yoga and meditation to achieve mental peace. This will also help you to concentrate. Donate black coloured objects on Saturday. Light an earthen lamp filled with sesame oil on Saturday. Worship Lord Shiva with unswerving devotion. This will help you to sail through difficulties.

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