Cancer Horoscope for May 2021


Thinking power may remain weak. In other words, you will think more about useless matters. Money will come from more than one source. Profits in business and promotion in job are likely. Your sisters will support a lot in matter of any problem. Sudden support will come from maternal side and in-laws. Luck will support you. This is going to be a good month for students who are participating in competitions. The unfavorable aspect of this month is negativity in thoughts and mental complications.


If you think positive, this month is going to be very good, financially. Excellent combination of planets will bless you with amazing business intelligence and work ability. Luck will also support; hence, good chances of getting success are there in every work. Now, you don’t have to wait for new opportunities, infact you will find them waiting for you. The same situation is foreseen for job seekers also. If you have applied for job or have been interviewed, results will come in favor. Good profits will come across for businessmen, chances of sudden profits and getting back stuck money are there. Overall, this is a favorable month, keep on moving ahead with full energy and enthusiasm.


Those who either had or have any kind of mental disease, their problem might trouble again. Those who are not having any mental problem, mental tensions are possible for them. Fear of injury in leg from iron or wooden objects is there, so stay cautious.

Family & Friends

This month is going to be very good in terms of domestic pleasures, happiness and prosperity will prevail at home. You will get chance to serve guests. Sisters will support in any big task. Profits will come by the support of father. Journeys will be enjoyable and fruitful. But, despite all good things, your thoughts may have some negativity. This will lead to mental complications. Unnecessary arguments in everything may disturb the people around. You will think more than needed over things and will exaggerate them. Avoid thinking negative, as there is no reason of doing this. This month will be good for lovebirds. Intimacy will increase with spouse.


Keep all the wooden and iron objects carefully. Make donations to placify Saturn. Ward off all the old furniture and useless products from home. Do Yoga and Pranayama regularly to keep your thoughts balanced. Worship Maa Bhagwati and offer her red flowers and a red Chunri (sacred cloth) on Friday.