Cancer Horoscope for October 2021


Some unwanted tensions may occur this month. Lots of profit will come from father and higher officials. Domestic pleasures will increase and you will spend on maintenance of home. Over enthusiasm may lead toward negativity. Health problems of mother may bother you this time, some expenses are also possible on her health. Tensions will occur due to children. Unnecessary journeys are possible. Enemies will try to harm you. Stay cautious about your health, especially if you are a patient of diabetes or thyroid.


Profits will come from relationships at workplace. Those who are into business or government works will gain great profits. Success is likely to come for construction workers and contractors. Also, people related to business from abroad or business of marine or milk products will also get some unexpected profits. You will spend more on luxuries, health and domestic goods this time.


Keep your thinking in the right direction, no other problem will occur otherwise. Sometimes you start thinking in the wrong direction, which is not favorable for you. Your health will remain good and you will feel energetic. Health problems of female members of the family may trouble you, especially of your mother and daughter.

Family & Friends

Mental complications will remain there. Although, support will come from father and higher officials, but ill health of your mother may trouble you. You will feel reduction in domestic bliss or you also have to go away from the family for some time. Some tension may arise at home due to economic and health problems. Then also, life outside home will remain normal. Friends will support and you will feel happy by getting success in social and political works. You may plan for an auspicious task at home; however, it might not happen now, but plannings will be there for sure. There are great chances of journeys with life-partner. The time is very average for love-birds, those who are searching for a life-partner will have to wait for some time. Enemies will try to harm you, disputes related to property are possible. It would be favorable to find a solution by discussing things.


Offer coconut and Doob (grass) to Lord Ganesha. Worshiping Maa Kali will keep you away from opponents and hidden enemies. If enemies are creating troubles continuously, sit in front of Lord Hanuman’s idol and recite Bajrang Baan. Leave every kind of addiction, especially alcohol. Wear coral ring made in copper on Tuesday for increasing respect and fame. Take care of your parents.