Pisces Horoscope for October 2021


Give special attention to your married life. Handle your relationship with love and care, spend time with your life-partner and keep a check on your behavior. Don’t hurt him/her in any situation. Financial losses are possible. Stay away from deep water bodies. Enemies will try to dominate. Your partnership is likely to break, or it may bring some losses. You may feel tensed about your child’s health. If you are about to take part in any competition, increase your efforts. Keep a control on unnecessary expenses and journeys.


Luck is not favoring this time, so don’t start anything new and also don’t take any financial risk. There is a need to stay very careful in financial matters because chances of losses are arising constantly. Try to maintain cordial relationship with business partners, because any dispute may lead to some big financial losses. Don’t get involve in anything that totally depends on luck.


Health problems are possible to your children and female members of the family. Keep a control on your anger and impulse.

Family & Friends

Planetary situations are very unfavorable. You will feel restless and uncomfortable at home. This time will only be favorable for those who stay patient and calm, but those who are having an impulsive nature may have to face some problems. Relationship with life-partner may worsen. If any problem is already there, you may have to face many unfavorable situations. Chances of disputes are also there with close ones and with colleagues. Useless and unwanted journeys are possible. Stress may come from children. A tendency of moving away from home will occur. Your work will demand full dedication. But, due to instability of thoughts you will neither be able to work nor will give as much attention as required. Try to maintain good relationship with partners.


The biggest treatment for this month is keeping your anger, impulse, words and excitement under control. Don’t eat hot products and don’t wear green and black clothes while travelling. Worship Lord Shiva.