Pisces Horoscope for July 2020


This month is indicating good gains in Career. Positive results are indicated in love related matters. Students should expect good results. Health will be better.


Due to transit of Jupiter’s over the 5th house and its aspect over the 11th house, you may have sources of gains and income. However, due to transit of Rahu over the 7th there could be unsteadiness. Financially, you could face complicated situations. Professionally, planets are not indicating positional or salary increments. Success will not be very easy for you have to do immense hard work to achieve your desired goal. This period should be taken with utter caution as it could lead to some undue results. It is advised not to invest in any major project during this time. This will not be a favorable time for you. However, transit of 4th and 7th lord Mercury over the 5th house with Sun and Jupiter could boost your confidence. You may receive unexpected income. You will be inclined towards, learned and well educated people. Your efforts will provide some good news. You would also get some good news through communication. Transiting Mars over the 8th house with Saturn is not capable to boost your life style completely. However, however, you will go through a harmonious mode of life. Your opponents will not able to harm you.


Transit of ascendant lord in exalted position is likely to give a few minor diseases otherwise planets are not indicating about any major disease or injury.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Mercury is transiting over the 5th house during the month with Sun and Jupiter. Hence, you may get positive response from your lover/beloved. Your communication with your lover will improve and it will be satisfying. You will enjoy your relationship with all comforts and contentment. If, you’re single and searching for a love partner, probably, you would be able to find someone in this month. Till 15th of August Sun will transit over the 5th and Saturn will be aspecting to Sun as well as 5th house. As a result, you may have problems in your domestic life. You may loss your concentration and mental peace. Hence, you should try to concentrate on your work. Due to heavy work pressure, your personal life is likely to spoil. There is a need to improvement and better adjustment with your spouse.


Transit of Mercury over the 5th with Jupiter on will definitely boost your education sphere. You will perform very well. If, you’re going to appear for any interview or competitive exam, luck, success will come in your part.

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