Pisces Horoscope for May 2021


You may feel a bit restless. Tensions are possible regarding child’s education. Take care of your relationships. You won’t be able to concentrate in works. Unnecessary tension or fear may surround you. Journeys will be tiring and fruitless. Tensions will arise in domestic life, relationship with life-partner may worsen. Take care of your health, and don’t take any tension.


Planetary situations are extremely unfavorable. Expenses will increase a lot, due to losses in business or because of any dispute or legal matter. Luck is very weak, so do everything with extreme cautiousness. Either stay away from stock market or don’t take any risk.


This time may create some tensions and stress for you. So restlessness, sleeplessness, impulse and depression may occur. Time was very favorable previously, so you should not get disheartened and understand that time never remains the same.

Family & Friends

You will feel reduction in domestic happiness, because planetary situations are not favorable at all. Specially, if Dasha (period) or Antardasha (sub-period) of any auspicious planet is not there. Differences are likely to arise with life partner. There are also great chances of disputes with anyone outside home. Result of any legal issue may come against you. If you have done any mistake in past, this time may give you its result. Try that any dispute will not reach to police or court, otherwise great losses are possible. Sleeplessness may disturb and any unnecessary fear may surround you. Don’t go on journeys this time, because it may not result in favor. Those who are working abroad will get success in financial and work related matters.


Abandon alcohol completely. Donating yellow products will produce extremely benefic results.