Pisces Horoscope for February 2020


You may be sceptical of your actions. Due to anxiety, there might be a bad effect on your area of work. Although you have an incredible ability to think and understand, there might be an incapability to make important decisions. There is a possibility of achieving success due to works undertaken with self-confidence. You can ensure success in any work due to your stability and seriousness. However, for this, it is essential to be determined and have a good thought process. Jupiter is transiting into the Scorpio zodiac, which can be good for building interest in spiritual areas and a strong attachment to spirituality. Conditions are likely to remain favourable from the perspective of money and real estate. There is a good possibility of earning heavy sums of cash. Also, you may achieve immense success in your area of work. Relationships with close relatives are expected to remain good. There might be a possibility of attaining a higher position at workplace due to a task undertaken with a lot of enthusiasm. By being self-dependent, there might be a chance of achieving the desired position at the workplace. There is a good likelihood of purchasing house, vehicle etc. You are also expected to receive respect and honour in the society and will hold a firm grip in the society because affinity towards spiritual areas would bring in social gains for you. There is a less chance of receiving political gains. If you are a politician, then you should work carefully during this month because the opponents might open up against you and may put you in trouble. Conditions regarding the children might remain stressful. You might have to encounter some specific kind of problems related to your romantic relationship. Relationships with parents might remain good. The enemy side will usually stay in normal condition. However, there is a need to be extra cautious. Any kind of health-related problem might arise during this month. During this month, you may have to travel quite frequently. Due to extensive travelling, there might be a negative effect on your health and monetary condition. Situations regarding your marital life are likely to remain favourable. In this month, luck will accompany you. You may achieve immense success in the areas of work. If you’re into a job, then there is quite a possibility of attaining a higher position according to time. If you own a business, then conditions from the perspective of business are likely to remain favourable. There is also a good possibility of receiving economic benefits pertaining to work and business. You are expected to receive commendable benefits from the perspective of finances. You should try and work in accordance to the time and circumstances. During the second half of this month, conditions are likely to remain favourable. Do not rush into any kind of work. During this month, the dates viz: 4th, ,5th, 14th ,15th , 23rd , 24th and 26th might not be favourable for you. On these dates, you shouldn’t start any new project and also shouldn’t hold any kind of critical meetings. Try and keep these days aside when deciding about an auspicious time to start a new project. This would ensure huge success in the area of finances and conditions regarding your finances would also remain favourable.


During this month, the economic conditions will remain favourable. You will be able to achieve good success through all kinds of efforts made for receiving economic benefits. You can notice a considerable progress in whatever kind of business you’re running. This would also ensure additional benefits. If you’re into a job then in addition to a higher position, you might also receive an impressive increment, which will strengthen your financial position. Try to maintain your morale throughout the month, which will ensure that the conditions pertaining to work remain favourable. If you want to give a new direction to your business, then you can proceed ahead with the same during the second half of the month. If you want to switch to a new job or are craving for a better position in your existing job, then putting in efforts would allow you to reap benefits during the second half of the month. If you want to make any kind of investment in anything, then you can proceed with the same according to time. There is a need to be cautious during financial transactions. If there is an objective to achieve real estate during this month, then it can be fulfilled by investing the right kind of efforts. During this month, there is a good likelihood of receiving opportunities that would enable you to receive economic benefits suddenly. Hence, your effort will allow you to achieve success. So, continue putting in the required efforts.


In this month, there is a possibility of any kind of infection related to abdomen. You might complain of a stomach ache or indigestion, diabetes etc. Therefore, you should be very careful about your eating habits and receive proper treatment for any kind of health ailment.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

During this month, problems pertaining to love relationships might arise. Due to deteriorating mutual disharmony between the couple, there might be stress within the romantic relationship. Lack of synergy between the two of you might also result in a situation wherein you may have to live separately. Hence, make every possible effort to maintain a warm relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You should have a conversation only if required. You shouldn’t expect too much from each other. If you want to express your feelings towards your boyfriend or girlfriend during this month, then you should wait because conditions are quite unfavourable in the first half of this month. You should refrain from sharing details about any plans with your romantic partner or else the same might result in unnecessary findings. There might be some tension in your marital life. However, the situations are likely to improve at a later point of time. Any of your overseas travel plans might get affected. However, an abroad tour might get successful during the second half of this month. There is also a possibility of receiving your spouse’s support in matters related to an overseas work. In addition to the area of work, you can expect your spouse’s cooperation in family matters as well. There might be a possibility of some tension due to ill health of your life partner, which will lead to higher expenses as well. Under such a scenario, make sure to take very good care of your life partner.

Family & Friends

In this month, there is a possibility of tension within the family. Due to poor health of a family member, there is a chance of an unexpected expenditure or any kind of unnecessary travel etc. might also trigger tension within the family. Fulfilling all your responsibilities towards the family and maintaining mutual coordination with each other would prove to be tremendously advantageous for you. It is your responsibility to find solutions for problems arising in the family. This can be done by maintaining good relationship with the family members. Abiding by your duties would prove beneficial for your household and would also increase your respect and honour in the family. There is a strong possibility of receiving support from your parents and your relationship with them would also remain quite good. Your relation with friends and colleagues is also likely to remain good. However, conditions pertaining to children might continue to remain unfavourable. There are chances for stress arising due to health, education and career of your children. Due to an unwanted domestic dispute, the balance of the entire household might get distorted. Therefore, in addition to remaining cautious about your work, you should also be careful about your family relationship. You should have a feeling of ruling the hearts of everyone within the family.


On every Thursday, observe a fast, pray to the Gold and donate yellow colored items. Serve or offer support to a poor person. Also, feed cow with gram and jaggery. Make sure to serve your guru on Thursdays. Doing this may resolve all your problems.

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