Capricorn Horoscope for September 2021


Take care of your health. Chances of accident or injuries are there, so stay very careful. For avoiding all the major problems, you are required to take smaller problems seriously. Luck will support, but it may also remain unfavorable sometimes. You have to try hard to get the desired results. Long delays are possible in any important work, which will decrease its importance. Don’t take any financial risk. Disputes or ideological differences are possible with children.


Luck will not favor you in financial matters. Time is not favorable for those who are looking for a job change. So, try to maintain the same situations at workplace and don’t try for any change. Don’t make any investment also.


Health will not remain very friendly. You may not feel good from inside, but then also you will move ahead. Try Yoga and meditation for maintaining mental stability. Keep anger under control. Follow a regular daily routine.

Family & Friends

Luck is in a mood of playing hide and seek with you this month, sometimes you will get the desired result without putting much effort and sometimes desired result will not come even after trying hard. This will directly affect your intellect and personality. This month your behaviour will become unpredictable, you will feel angry at a moment and will cool down the very next moment. Stress will be there in domestic life, though it will not affect much. Expenses are also likely to occur for the fulfillment of domestic needs. You need to try hard to get success in education and competition, as your present efforts are not sufficient. Problems related to education of children are possible, so keep an eye on them. Make sure they use the facilities correctly and give sufficient efforts in studies.


Avoid taking oily and heavy food products. Worship Lord Ganesh. Perform Hawaiian for Saturn with black sesame seeds, wood of Shami tree (Prosopis cineraria) and Ghee (purified butter).