Capricorn Horoscope for May 2021


If you are pregnant, stay cautious. Success will come in competition. You may have to go away from home or life-partner for some time. Financial situation will be normal. Disputes are possible with brothers. If any ancestral dispute is there, avoid it for some time. Mother will support you, but you may get annoyed from your father. Confusion will be there in your mind, try to handle situations very calmly. Journeys will be tiresome and wasteful. Take care of your stomach and stay cautious about your diet.


You can go for a job change. Don’t take any major financial decision. Time is not very favorable for doing investments. Chances of losses are there, so don’t take any financial risk. Stay cautious from your colleagues at workplace, as they may try to cheat you.


Time is a little weak for your health. Pregnant ladies are advised to stay extra cautious.

Family & Friends

Try to take the maximum advantage of time. Stay careful in matters related to new job, childbirth, and health of your child because time is weak for them. Modernity will be there in your thoughts. Expenses will occur due to ill health of any family member. Interruptions and irregularity will be there in work, which will annoy you. Losses may occur in your business. You will feel difficulty in taking decisions due to contradictory ideas. It would be better to take the help of a friend for taking some important decisions. Any good news may come from your sister’s place or due to her. Give time to yourself and work on your personality. Spend time with a knowledgeable friend and go for entertainment and rejuvenate yourself.


Take bath at any religious place and offer food to poor people. Float coconut in running water.