Leo Horoscope for July 2020


This month indicates fair success but you’d have to put your best efforts for the same. Love life shows mixed results for this month. Health may remain to be sluggish, while educational pursuits will give the desired results.


Ascendant lord Sun is transiting over the 12th house in the 1st half of the month. Therefore, you have to put your best foot forward and give your best shot in whatever you do. Success and status will not come effortlessly for you. Expenses will be more than earnings. You will feel spent due to lack of vitality. You will waste your energy in fruitless pursuits. Don’t take major decisions otherwise you may experience trouble. Your opponents may have an edge over you. Due to transit of DHANA KARAKA Jupiter over the 12th house and influenced by malefic Saturn mammoth and needless expenditures may also take place. Probably, you will not be able to utilize your money. It is advised, you should not invest your wealth in share market and real estate otherwise it would cause loss of money and it may in turn give rise to frustration.


Ascendant lord is transiting in unfavorable position. Hence, you have sluggish health and at several times may have to meet doctors. Your sick health may create a few barriers in your day to day routine.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Venus the karaka for love is transiting over the 11th house. It is a favorable transit of Venus resulting in love affairs. Your relationship will pass through a pleasant and finest way of life. You may spare a few memorable moments along with your lover/beloved. Transiting Mars is in the 3rd house with Saturn. Consequently, Mars may create hindrances and obstacles. Therefore, you should not take any major decision otherwise you would get adverse results. You would enjoy a conjugal life with all comforts and gladness.


4th Lord and 9th lord Mars is with Saturn in the 3rd house. As a result, you may fare very well in every subject of study. You might be rewarded for your extraordinary presentation. Till the 15th of August 3rd lord Sun will transit over the 12th and then it will move over the 1st. During this transit of planets, you may have a few chances of short as well as long distance journeys. It could be related to studies. Possibility of securing admission abroad is also indicated.

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New Delhi, India, Friday, July 10, 2020
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