Leo Horoscope for May 2021


Your influence will increase a lot in society. This month is going to be very successful for people related to politics, spirituality or social works. You will spend money on religious works as well as on luxuries. Good chances of success in education and competition are there. Support will come from father, government, higher officials, and state. Result of dispute related to ancestral property may come in your favor. Stay alert regarding your mother’s health. Pregnant ladies need to stay extra cautious. Time is very favorable for foreign relations or foreign-business.


Time is very good for starting any new work. You will earn a lot of wealth on the basis of your intellect. Halted works due to financial reasons will get fulfilled. If you are trying for a loan for business expansion, you will get it very easily. Time is good for business expansion and you will also get good results by doing it. Jobseekers will get the job and chances of getting profit from travellings are also very strong.


Time is good for your health, but problem is possible to any old lady of the family. Time is a bit weak for children too. Pregnant ladies need to be extra careful.

Family & Friends

Time is in your favor, but luck may not support much. Your diligence will be at its peak. You will gain lot of respect in society. People will appreciate your work. Family members will stay happy and prosperity will prevail at home. Possibilities of any auspicious work are also there. You will get a chance to participate in any religious event either at home or outside. Expenses are also possible on the same. Your will feel attracted toward luxury and may buy some luxurious items. You will get extreme support from your father and senior officials. You will work in pace with your seniors. Result of matters related to ancestral property will come in favor. You will feel inclined toward hidden and occult science. You will once again feel inclined toward spirituality and auspicious deeds. You will get appreciation and feel happy due to the auspicious works done by you. Time is favorable, keep on doing the good work and move ahead in life.


You may borrow money from someone, but don’t give your money to anyone this time. If very urgent, help according to your abilities, but don’t give money on debt. As chances of its retrieval are very rare and it may also become a reason of disputes.