Leo Horoscope for October 2021


You may have to go away from home this month. Difficulties may come in domestic life. You may have to stay away from life partner due to increased disputes or because of some other reason. Try to resolve all the disputes. Your friends and siblings will support a lot in the difficult situations at home. Don’t take any decision in a hurry, if possible delay the major decisions related to family. You will face difficulty in gaining money, but gain of respect and honour will be there. People associated with the field of arts will get appreciation and their reputation will improve. You will get new contracts. Your children will support and success will come in education. Keep a control on your words and avoid any kind of addiction.


Time is not very favorable regarding financial matters. Expenses will remain high, but income will either stop or decline considerably. You may loose some very good opportunities due to your mistakes. Businessmen are advised that don’t take any decision in a hurry and also don’t make any investment this time. Situations will remain the same for those who are in job, sudden expenses can come up for them. Chances of promotion are very rare this month.


Health will remain good, but you may feel some mental tensions. Possibilities of health problems of father or elder brother are there. Blood loss is possible to them due to an injury.

Family & Friends

Lions are the owner of a very strong personality, if they don’t get into any kind of addiction. If the condition of planets are not in favor, also they will be able to achieve a lot because of some natural abilities and amazing tendencies. You also belong to the same situation. Planets are constantly indicating that if you do not maintain a distance from anger or any kind of addiction, family atmosphere may become worse. Possibilities of going away from home are there. There are indications of problems in domestic life. Ideological differences may increase a lot with life-partner, try to resolve all the problems by having a discussion. You are advised to work for the improvement of your relationship with life-partner or with the one you love. However, parents and siblings will support a lot in difficult situations. You will gain position, name and fame in society. Difficulties will be there in personal life, but professional and social life will remain smooth. Those who are associated with arts, glamor, media etc. will get immense success.


Make donations to please Saturn. Perform the fire Hawan for Saturn using black sesame seeds, jaggery and purified butter (Ghee).