Scorpio Horoscope for July 2020


This month is indicating good gains in Career. Positive results are indicated in love related matters. Students should expect good results. Health will be better.


Transit of Mercury over the 9th house with Jupiter is very favorable for you. You may get unpredicted and swift gains through partnerships. You will have premium sources of income. It is very magnificent period as far as monetary and career or business connected matters are concerned. There are high up chances of overseas job/gainful deals during this period. You will capable to clutch out your day to day pursuits effectively. Karaka for wealth, Jupiter is transiting over the 9th house of fortune, hence; you will have a marvelous assurance to hold your pursuits. It, will be a good quality month for business, career and finance interconnected matters. Your reputation and recognition will certainly be amplified. You will have a wonderful understanding with your superiors and associates. If, you are in business, definitely, you will get new deals and contracts. It is an auspicious period as well good time to invest in share market and other quick money making spheres.


Transit of ascendant lord Mars and other planets is in your favor. Therefore, besides minor illness, planets are not indicating about major disease.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

5th lord Jupiter is transiting over the 9th house. Saturn influences this combination. This is a favorable combination for love related matters. You will get ahead of through a lovely approach of life. Both you will enjoy your life with all comforts and happiness. It is a romantic month for lovers. Those who are in love will enjoy their life along with their partners. Who are looking for someone August get in this week. 1st lord and the 6th house lord Mars is transiting over the 12th. Therefore, you may have disputes with your spouse and colleauges. Attitude of family members will not be cordial.


4th lord of education is ruled by and is aspected by Saturn. There is an influence of Saturn with Mars in the 12th house. It is very favorable for those natives, who are students or pre-paring for any exam and interview. During this aspect of Saturn over Jupiter, you will be more capable to concentrate on study. Subsequently the consequences will be favorable to give good results for you.

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New Delhi, India, Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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