Scorpio Horoscope for May 2021


You will feel a great reduction in domestic happiness. Disputes may increase with life-partner, so stay calm and don’t initiate anything by yourself. Some health problems are also possible to him/her. Journeys will be difficult; hence, travel only if very necessary. You may also lack of funds. Rely more on your actions than luck this time, stay away from gambling, stock-market and lottery. Don’t involve in anything that solely depends on luck. Problems of cough, headache, and stomach may trouble you a lot. Siblings and close friends will give their support. Your patience and diligence will remain maintained, but dedication and courage will increase.


Expenses may increase, especially on health or disputes. Luck is not in your support. Ups and downs will come in your financial life, sudden gains or losses are possible. Try to complete all your routine works on time. Time is very average for making new investments and for business expansion, don’t take any major financial decision this time.


Take care of all the female members of the family, especially your mother. If you are suffering from any kind of allergy or blood pressure, stay very careful. Some problem is possible in your private parts; headache, stomach problem or cough is also possible.

Family & Friends

This month is not suitable for domestic and personal happiness. Also, stay aware about your love relationship. You will come in contact with the higher officials or influential people of society. Your working style may change this month, which will affect your work efficiency. You will feel reduction in domestic happiness and some laziness is also possible at workplace, which will lead to decreased productivity. Your decision making abilities will not remain that good, so don’t take any major decision this time. Malfunctioning of electrical appliances is possible. This time you have to try hard to get success in education and competition.


Patience and calm are the biggest cure of any situation, keep this in mind. Chant Rudra Gayatri Mantra.