Scorpio Horoscope for October 2021


Financial losses are possible, so don’t take any risk. If you are into business, income may reduce a lot. You will initiate something new in society, which will increase your influence. Respect and fame will increase. You will get an award from somewhere. Success will come in land and property related matters, or you can also try something new in this context. Anyone close may turn into an enemy, or some unexpected enemies may also come up. Patients of high blood pressure and diabetes are advised to take special care of themselves. Take care of your eyes while travelling.


Scorpions are going through the middle phase of Shani Sade Sati, so time is not favorable for taking any financial risk. Chances of financial losses are very high. Avoid any big investment or starting anything new, or if it is important to take risk, take it in a very small amount to minimise the effect.


Any old problem like diabetes or blood pressure may come up once again. Take care of your face and eyes while travelling.

Family & Friends

This month is going to be very good for those who are leading a social life. Your work will get appreciation, which will lead to increase in fame and respect. Politicians are also likely to get a better position this month, if position of Rahu is good in their birth-chart. There are constant chances of gaining profit in matters of ancestral property. Social life will be better, but some problems are possible in your domestic life. Disputes may arise with any family member or close friend, this will make you feel mentally disturbed. Try to maintain good relationship with life-partner. Love-birds may have to face some tough times. Those who are waiting to get married, they have to wait a bit more.


Stay away from alcohol or drugs completely. Visit to the temple of Lord Hanuman, Bhairav or Maa Maha Kaali before travelling.