Aquarius Horoscope for May 2021


Your power and courage will increase a lot. Disputes are possible with father. You may feel tensed about your mother’s health. Money will come on a normal pace, but expenses will increase. You may buy a new home or vehicle. Property related disputes are possible. Journeys will be fruitful. Any fear may come into your mind unnecessarily. Some new enemies may develop. Health will not remain favorable. Despite all these opposite situations, you are likely to gain fame and respect in society.


If you were trying to arrange money for any big project, you will be able to do it now. If you are applying for a new job, do it with full confidence, there are great chances of getting success.


The time is very normal for health. But, injuries are possible in the lower abdomen and left leg. Females are likely to suffer from fever or eye problems.

Family & Friends

There will be a flow of new energy in you, you will be able to bend circumstances in favor. Domestic life will remain normal, support will come from life-partner and happiness from children. But, some disputes are likely to arise with father. Expenses will increase beyond a limit on maintenance of home. Property related dispute is likely to arise at home, and being a family member you may get tangled into it. You are advised to stay neutral. Journeys of far off places will produce some great results, so if you were delaying them from a long time, go for them now. Time will be favorable for those who are leading a social life, there respect will increase in society. Any unnecessary fear may surround you, if Moon is weak in birth-chart.


If you are in search of a job, offer water to Lord Sun and chant Gayatri Mantra. Offer Doob grass and coconut to Lord Ganesh. Stay away from addiction. Offering green fodder to cow throughout this month will produce some really good results. Drink lots of water and offer water to Moon for removing unnecessary fear.