Aquarius Horoscope for July 2020


This month indicates average results in Career and gains. You would not feel confident while executing your plans. Not a favorable month for Love and Educational pursuits. Even health is going to give you a few problems.


Ascendant Lord Saturn is transiting over the 9th, it shows, you may have a lack of confidence. Things will not turn out in your favor. Failure in attempts would bring depression and tensions. Transiting Saturn over the 9th with Mars Ketu in the 3rd would also create hostile circumstances. Therefore, for every little gain and advantage you have to put tremendous efforts. In fact, during this period, you have to prove, you are genius and a hard worker. You must use your intelligence and skills. Now you have to boost your confidence. Unexpected and sudden expenditures may bring depression and tensions. Planets are not indicating, any promotion or increment. Hence, you should try to control your expenditures. It is not a right period for speculation. Plans of quick money making must be scrutinized first otherwise it may bring frustration and losing of money.


In this month, you may suffer due to various kinds of disease. You should take care properly of your health. Take diet regularly. Don’t avoid minor health related problems too.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations

Due to aspect of transiting Saturn on the 11th house, this is not an auspicious month for love and relationships. Your relationship will not pass through a very pleasant and romantic way. Both of you will not try to understand feelings of each others. 7th lord Sun will be near Jupiter and Mercury. Hence, it would be a favorable transit of planets. By virtue of these transits, you be August able to spend your time with your family members and other people. Family atmosphere will be full of all comforts and happiness. Your spouse will support you and would also bestow some precious information. 1st half of the month will be better than the 2nd half.


Due to unfavorable transit of Mars and Saturn, you August not be able to concentrate in study. There is a need to pay more and extra attention. Try to avoid indulging in unrewarding deeds. Only with your concentration and pre-planning you could get encouraging success. Transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Sun are strongly indicating about cherished and fruitful journeys. The influence of Saturn and Mars is favorable for successfully completing higher education.

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New Delhi, India, Wednesday, July 8, 2020
Month Vaisakha
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