Aquarius Horoscope for September 2021


Your relationship will improve with life-partner, love will increase and you will also get his/her support. New love relationships are possible for unmarrieds. Money will come in a good amount. Luck is with you, but don’t take any risk. You will be able to gain the support of higher officials and seniors, despite some differences with them. Sharpness will be there in your ideas. Don’t take any risk for gaining quick profits. Disputes are possible with elder brother or with any close friend, so stay cautious. Stay cautious while driving, from electrical appliances and from fire.


Those who earn money by doing hard work, time is favorable for them. However, don’t depend on luck this time. Stay away from lottery, gambling etc., as losses are possible. Constant chances of job change are arising.


Take care of your health. Drive carefully, otherwise injuries are possible. Self-confidence will decrease. Ill health will create problems, especially seasonal problems like cold or cough.

Family & Friends

A flow of positive energy will take place in you. You will concentrate on works and complete them with full dedication. Try to maintain the same kind of attitude because result of hard work will come sooner or later. Long-going family complications will come to an end very soon. Your family members will support a lot in your improvement, special support will come from parental side. But, your brother may not give his support or a situation of disputes can also arise. Income will come, but expenses will also increase. You may think of changing your job, so go for it. If you get any right opportunity, it may not give immediate favorable results, but later the results will get better. You may go for some distant journeys, change in job or residence is also likely. Those who were experiencing reduction of love in their lives, will find a new partner. Those who want to get married, their wish will also come true very soon.


If there are many financial or health related problems, apply mustard oil on your body before taking bath, on Saturdays. Lit a lamp of mustard oil to please Lord Saturn. Remove all the old furniture from home.