Weekly Virgo Horoscope

Monday, February 17, 2020 - Sunday, February 23, 2020

The second week of July will begin with the transit of Moon taking place in the house of self, i.e. your ascendant house. The first house pertains to one’s character and body. Moon’s presence in this house will bring positive changes to your character. With your peculiar working style, you will leave a good remark on your peers. Health will also remain your biggest stable asset during this time. Very soon, the Moon will make its transit in your second house. Because of the influence of the planet Moon and its transit, your economic condition will become strong. Money, which had been given as loan to someone, may come back at this time. Your family may host a function, where some of your financial resources can be put to use. But, it cannot be termed as wastage of money. Soon after, Moon will make its transit in the third house, which represents one’s might. As soon as this transit takes place, you will achieve success in every sector of your life. Opponents will also not stand any chance against you. The supreme level of mental peace will be attained by you during this period. Student natives who stay away from their family members are advised to maintain distance from evil companions. Moon’s transit in your seventh house during the weekend will lead to happiness and prosperity prevailing in your family. Any persistent conflicts disturbing the harmony of your familial life will also come to an end during this time. Virgo natives may also spend some of their financial resources in decorating their houses. You will also spend extravagantly during this period.

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