Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope

Monday, March 23, 2020 - Sunday, March 29, 2020

The second week of August will begin with the Moon making its transit through your sign. Due to the luminary planet residing in the first or ascendant house, Sagittarius natives may have to face health related problems. You may also worry about something during this time. Take care of your health and do not overthink about anything unnecessarily. This week will bring an increase in your inclination towards mysterious things and you can make attempts to get to the root of a certain secret or mystery. Natives associated with research work will attain success in their work. When Moon moves into your second house during the week, it will cause sudden yogas of financial gains and you will also succeed in saving money in the meanwhile. You will also need to take better care of your health. On the flip side, the Moon’s transit in your third house can become troublesome for your siblings as problems may arise in front of them. Some of you can go on a short distance trip, although obstacles in the same are also probable. Hence, if not utterly important, you should try to postpone trips in this interval of time. Moving on to your family life, the health of your parents can also be under the weather, ergo take care of them. However, once Moon moves through your fourth house during the weekend, an environment of happiness and peace will prevail over your household, hereby helping you relax. Those natives who are far from home may get the chance to spend some time with their family. The situation at work will also be in your favor. You will want to work and your productivity will increase. Venus and Sun will also make their transits through your ninth house during the weekend, and they both will impact your daily life. The influence of Venus will require you to go on a trip for some moments of joy. Benefits from this trip are possible. You will reap the benefits of your previous efforts and there are also chances of an increase in your income. This will strengthen your finances. On the other hand, the effects of the Sun will cause a decline in your father’s health, which is why you need to take more care of him. Conversely, your respect will increase socially and you may even rub elbows with some of the influential people of the society.

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