Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope

Monday, February 24, 2020 - Sunday, March 1, 2020

This week, the transit of the Moon will be taking place through the first, second, and third house of your zodiac sign. As the week begins, Moon will be posited in your first or ascendant house. This is the house of self, and is considered to learn about the native, their body, characteristics, public image, and so on. As the significator of your mind, the luminary planet Moon moves through your first house, your interest in spiritual subjects will increase. You may start researching in this direction, read spiritual books, and some of you can even get in touch with a spiritual mentor. In addition to that, this transit may bring with it, liberation from old diseases for Sagittarius natives. If you have been struggling with an illness for a long period of time, you may finally be able to beat it, or at least will find some reprieve from the distress. The second house or the kutumb bhava in a native’s birth chart pertains to our accumulated wealth, speech, primary education, family (kutumb), mouth, food, and taste. Now, with Moon making its transit through this house in your zodiac sign, its effects will bring an improvement in your communication skills. As a result of this, your speech will become sweeter and that will help you successfully attract others towards you. You will be the centre of attraction as a result of your dialogue style. On the flip side, the Moon, the husband of the nakshatras, will also bring an increase in your expenses during the middle of the week. To bring a stop to unnecessary expenditure, you need to devise a good budget plan and ensure that you follow it. By the time the weekend approaches, Moon will once again change its placement in the kundli, thereby getting posited in the third house of the birth chart of Sagittarius natives. Your house of siblings, valor, and courage or Parakram Bhav signifies your communication skills, will power, curiosity, younger siblings, overall energy, ambitions, short trips, passion, zeal, interest, effort, skills, and hobbies. Due to the movement of the Moon, son of sage Atri, through this house, some of you may have to undertake a short trip in this duration. The yoga in your kundli suggests that a work related trip or a short vacation over the weekend may be on the cards for some of you. In addition to this, working natives can expect the support of their colleagues. Your working environment will be good, and so will be your professional relationship with your coworkers. On the whole, this week will bring good results for natives born under the sign of the archer. However, as the Sun makes its transit through your eighth house, some Sagittarius natives can face health related problems. The eighth house, also known as the Ayur Bhava or house of longevity is hosting this transit which signifies that you can have to face certain diseases in this duration, whereas on the other hand, natives in the field of research can achieve good results due to the same planetary movement. Those natives, who are far from home for the purpose of further education need to avoid eating oily and fried food otherwise health issues can occur for them.

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