Weekly Pisces Horoscope

Monday, March 23, 2020 - Sunday, March 29, 2020

The second week of August will begin with the Moon transiting through your tenth house of Karma. Since this house is examined to determine about your workplace, job, business, etc., therefore, this transit will affect your area of work and you may have to face some ups and downs in the same. You will remain stressed about your work, but it is advised that you avoid doing so because it will only negatively affect your health. You will not feel like working during this time and may have to work harder at your job in order to attain success. Tensions can also prevail over your family life in this duration. After this, Moon will transit through your eleventh house of profits. This time will bring an increase in your income and good results in studies. But it can also prove to be inauspicious for your children, therefore you will need to take care of them. Your hindered tasks at work will finally be resolved. The Moon will then enter your twelfth house. Student natives of this sign can plan on going overseas for further studies. Economically, there are high chances of increment in your expenses. Socially, you will dominate your opponents. As for your health, mental stress is on the cards for you, during this time period. If there are any legal matters pending in the courts, it may be finalized in your favor as success in the same is indicated due to this transit. The weekend brings the transit of the Moon in your first house. Students will have to become serious towards their studies now. Your children will make you happy and satisfied. As you have attained riddance from your mental tensions, your health will improve. You will also be successful in speeding up your work plans. This week is also bringing the transit of Venus and the Sun. Venus’ effects can bring you physical problems as well as unexpected increase in expenses. Do not argue with women during this time otherwise you may have to face difficulties. On the flip side, the Sun’s influence will make you courageous and your name, fame, and respect will rise in society. With this you will also get the support of authorities. Working professionals will also attain positive results.

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