Weekly Aquarius Horoscope

Monday, March 30, 2020 - Sunday, April 5, 2020

Moon, in the week’s beginning, will remain posited in your second house, also known as the house of wealth. Due to this, there will be chances of monetary gains and any auspicious event or task can take place in your family as a result of Jupiter aspecting second house. There will be a stream of relatives coming and going, which will create an exciting and happy environment within the house. After this, the Moon will transit in your third house, and as a result, you may plan to initiate a business venture with your siblings. Also, there are chances of trips related to it as well. Your brothers and sisters may also financially assist you. During midweek, the Moon will get posited in your fourth house, due to which Jupiter will directly aspect this house as well. Consequently, a sense of unity and prosperity will prevail among the family members, and they will respect each other more. In this period, you will get rid of mental stress, and your performance in the workplace will improve. Your decisions will be appreciated, and your style of work will be praised. There are chances of you gaining benefits from a dispute. During the end of the week, the Moon will enter your fifth house, where Rahu seems to be already posited. With its influence, your worries regarding your children may increase, as there is a possibility of them falling into a bad company. The impact of Rahu and Saturn on the fifth house may result in physical suffering for your kids. There can be obstacles in your studies, which is why you must concentrate more and focus on your weak points. Talking about your income, time seems to be a bit difficult and challenging, as there can be a slight dip. But do not lose hope, as the future appears bright. Relationship with your elder siblings may get impacted, therefore treat them with love so that you can attain their affection.

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