Weekly Aquarius Horoscope

Monday, January 20, 2020 - Sunday, January 26, 2020

This week, Moon will transit in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth house of your sign. Along with that, the Sun will enter your fifth house in its transitional state. With the presence of the Moon in your seventh house, there are chances of profits in business from your maternal side. During this time, you may earn more from work done in partnerships. If you’re into import-export, then you’re likely to gain profits. On the other hand, you may suffer from water-borne diseases. Hence, drink boiled and clean water only. You may suffer from mental stress due to Moon transiting in the eighth house. In such a situation, remain calm and try not to get indulged with anyone unnecessarily. During this week, you’ll be successful in repaying your loan, but try not to get yourself under debt once again. With the transit of Moon in the ninth house, you’ll attain success after lots of struggles. There will be obstacles in work, but you’ll be able to overcome them and move ahead. During this time, you may have to go on unwanted trips. Your father’s professional responsibilities will increase. Also during this week, your relations with your father may turn sour. The transit of the Sun in the tenth house will bear you the fruits of the hard work done earlier. Your visionary thoughts will take you forward in your career. On the other hand, there can be ups and downs in family life. Your children can suffer from health-related issues due to the transit of Sun in your fifth house. Hereby, take good care of their health. Business partnerships may reap benefits. Also, your life partner will gain profits, and your income will increase.

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