Weekly Leo Horoscope

Monday, March 23, 2020 - Sunday, March 29, 2020

This week, the Moon transit will be taking place in your fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth house, while the transit of the planet Venus and the Sun takes place in your own sign, i.e. first house. The beginning of the week can bring you physical problems in terms of health, which will trouble you. However, it will be a favorable time for student natives of this sign and those trying to go abroad for further studies will finally attain good results in their endeavours. However, your economic side can be weak, and if you do not control your expenses, things may go out of hand. After this, as the Moon moves into your sixth house during the midweek, the working professionals of this sign will perform well at their jobs. You can even remain distant from your colleagues in order to complete your tasks properly, and while your coworkers may become upset with you due to your behaviour, your boss, on the other hand, will be very happy. There are chances of receiving some good news during this time. If you had helped someone financially in the past, then that person can come forward to thank you, now. This time will require you to pay even more attention to your children. In the third quarter of the week, Moon will transit in your seventh house, due to which the business people will receive fruitful results. Some of your hindered tasks may finally begin again, and it is even possible that it progresses rapidly as soon as it restarts. Always remember that your hard work never goes to waste, something you will believe in after some events occur this week. There will be an increase in the romance in your conjugal life as well. However, you may have to make unwanted trips at the end of the week and even have to spend without wanting to. The Moon transit in your eighth house will bring positive results from your in-laws’ side. Additionally, the Venus transit in your own sign will make your personality attractive. There is also a good probability of increment in your materialistic amenities. In the meanwhile, the Sun transit in the same house, i.e., your first house can cause an increment in your ego, while bitterness in your speech can become the cause of distance between you and your dear ones. There is a possibility of profit from the government side in this time and this transit will help raise the honor of your father in society.

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New Delhi, India, Sunday, March 29, 2020
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