Weekly Leo Horoscope

Monday, February 19, 2024 - Sunday, February 25, 2024

Regular exercise this week will play an important role in keeping you fit. During this time, there are a couple of changes that will be observed in your health. Time will be especially good for those who have obesity problems. Because some people will be able to get rid of some of their problems forever. All types of property-related transactions done by you in the past are likely to be completed this week. Which will benefit you, as well as you will be successful to a great extent in securing your future from it. This week, it is feared that the program of going on a trip with family in the past may be postponed for some time due to poor health of a member of the household. Because of this, you and the children of the house will look somewhat unhappy. Since a plan to go on a trip with loved ones made in the past can get suddenly cancelled, you may feel bad. Because it is possible for your beloved to get caught in some urgent office work, due to which s/he refuses to go on the trip. However, you must not lose your spirits and increase the morale of the lover. Your social esteem is likely to increase because during this week you will be involved in a lot of philanthropic activities, which will result in giving you advancement in your career. Students of this zodiac sign can spend all of their time to fulfill their comforts this week. However by the time you realize its negative consequences, it will be too late. After going through tough times in the earlier days, this week you will feel some relief, which will also relieve you from your mental stress. In such a situation, making plans to go alone on a picnic with your partner can bring newness to your relationship.