Weekly Capricorn Horoscope

Monday, January 20, 2020 - Sunday, January 26, 2020

Moon, this week, will transit in your kundli’s eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house, whereas the Sun will enter your sixth house as well. You may gain from your in-laws’ side as a result of the Moon transiting in your eighth house. Although, there are chances of monetary loss during this week, hence, try to monitor your expenses and remain careful when doing financial transactions. Your health can suffer the malefic effects of this transit, and you may undergo mental stress. In such a situation, do Yoga and meditation and clear your mind. With the transit of the Moon in your ninth house, you may gain profits through your spouse or life partner. Also, you may go on a pilgrimage. You’ll enjoy this journey. Your father may attain some gains in this duration. There will be happiness in your family life as a result of Moon transiting in your tenth house, and your career graph will go up. Favourable results are also waiting for you in your career path. Your performance in your workspace will be appreciated, and seniors will praise your work. Moon in the eleventh house will lead to benefits in business partnerships. Also, unaccomplished tasks will get fulfilled. Due to the Sun transiting in the sixth house, you will dominate your opponents and succeed in competitive exams. However, due to the conjunction of Rahu-Mars-Mercury, there are chances of a decline in your health. Someone can find your talkative behaviour displeasing.

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