Weekly Cancer Horoscope

Monday, March 23, 2020 - Sunday, March 29, 2020

The transit of Moon will occur in your sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth house. Additionally, the second house of Cancer natives will also host the transit of Venus and the Sun. The beginning of the week is not that good for you and you will have to face several problems. Your negligence towards your wellbeing will result in further issues, and a decline in your health can also create obstacles in various tasks. In addition, you also need to be careful concerning matters of the court as well as keep your head on a swivel around your opponents too, as they may be scheming against you. If you are in a dilemma, then you should talk to the members of your household. The Moon transit around the midweek will bring positivity in your life. You will spend some good moments with your family and express yourself in front of them better. At this time if you share your problems with a member of your family, you can receive good solutions from their side. The time is also good for business personnel as you can create a new plan to attain increment in your trade. However, before implementing the same, you need to take advice from experts on the same, otherwise you can also have to face losses. Some of your expenses can give you mental troubles and certain monetary losses can also become the cause of your stress. The weekend brings possibilities of a long journey for you and you can even go on a religious trip/pilgrimage with your family. During this time, your relationship with your father will improve. You will talk with your father like a friend, which will also remove all disputes and differences between you two. Some student natives can also get the chance to go abroad for further studies. The Venus transit in your second house can also bring relatives to your home for a visit. You will get the chance to savour delicious cuisines during this time and your way of speaking will attract others towards you. On the other hand, the Sun transit in this very house will cause problems in your clan (kutumb) and the members of the family can even get into an argument over some old and forgotten topic. Natives of this sign who are preparing for a government job have good chances of achieving success in their endeavours. Cancer natives can also look forward to profits through ancestral property. If you live far from your home, then you can ask your family members to visit you or may go home to meet them.

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