Weekly Gemini Horoscope

Monday, January 20, 2020 - Sunday, January 26, 2020

During this week’s time, the Moon will transit in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth house of Gemini natives. Also, Sun will get posited in your own sign, i.e. in the first house. Due to the Moon’s transit in your third house, your siblings may get opportunities to visit a foreign country. Your courage and might will also increase during this period. To achieve your goals, you will speed up your efforts. You will also get rid of all your mental tensions and disturbances. As the Moon makes its transit in your fourth house, peace and happiness will prevail over your family. You can also finalize a property related deal. However, due to the Moon’s transit in your fifth house, some of your economic resources may get procured on your children. Student natives will excel in their studies. However, it is also necessary to work hard to receive the desired results in the same field. Due to any artistic talent of yours, your stature in the society may increase, and you may also receive economic rewards. Your savings are likely to get used up when the transit of Moon occurs in your sixth house. You may suddenly come across a challenge during this time. Additionally, the Sun’s transit is also taking place in your ascendant house. It will bring aggression to your personality. The vice of pride may also become a part of your character during this period, which can put a strain on your personal relationships. On the other hand, you may also gain benefits from the government sector. Your own efforts will also bring professional success in your life.

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