Weekly Scorpio Horoscope

Monday, February 17, 2020 - Sunday, February 23, 2020

During the second week, the luminary planet Moon will remain posited in the eleventh, twelfth, first and the second house of your zodiac sign respectively. The week’s beginning will be tremendous for you. You will witness the influx of economic resources due to the impact of Moon’s presence in your eleventh house. Financial resources can be lent if the person you are dealing with is trustworthy. Otherwise, there are probable chances that the money may never come back into your hands. After the eleventh house, the transit of the Moon will take place in your twelfth house. This time will be quite rewarding for the student natives of this zodiac sign. Those who have appeared for the competitive exams will also get desired results. There are also some student natives who wish to pursue their higher studies in a foreign country. Such natives can also witness the fulfilment of their dreams during this period. Soon after, this planet will march forward to take nest in the first house of the Kundali of Scorpio natives. The house of self is also taken into account to navigate one’s health, physique and much more. You will take an interest in spirituality when the transit of Moon takes place in this house. Along with this, you will also make attempts to bring harmony in your domestic life. Despite everything, a certain type of chaos will reside in your mind and heart. Moon’s transit will take place in your second house during the weekend. During this time, your economic problems will come to an end, and a peaceful environment will prevail at home. Those natives who are studying and staying away from their homes can now plan to come back to their native places. Your involvement in social activities will also give you rewards. You will be able to attract people with the help of your pleasant communication skills.

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