Weekly Virgo Horoscope

Monday, December 9, 2019 - Sunday, December 15, 2019

Your expenses will be slightly higher this week, as Moon transits in your sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth houses, whereas, Mercury will be transiting in your eighth house. In the beginning of the week, with Moon will be transiting in your sixth house, you will achieve success at work and defeat your enemies. Take care that you spend according to your income. When Moon transits to your seventh house, you will get good profits in business and your relations with your business-partner will sweeten. This transit will especially be good for people associated with the field of import-export. Working professionals will gain respect at work and your health will be good as well. However, Moon’s transit in your eighth house can be slightly troublesome, as your health can decline and lack of funds can cause you mental stress. You need to take care of your father’s health as well. This Moon transit can also reveal some old secrets. The Moon will be in your ninth house as the weekend approaches, and this transit will fill your life with happiness. Money will increase during this time and working people can get a hike in their salary, but you may have to travel for work. Mercury’s transit in your eighth house can cause problems at work, which is why you need to avoid getting involved in disputes with your seniors. You will taste success in works related to esoteric science, however, an unwanted trip may also be on the cards.

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