Weekly Aquarius Horoscope

Monday, October 14, 2019 - Sunday, October 20, 2019

As you are born under the zodiac sign Aquarius, you gain the influence of Lord Shani. As a result, there is stability and balance in your life. You take every decision before contemplating the goods and bads, which is why you dislike changing your mind so frequently. This sometimes leads to slow progress, although success is confirmed. This week, the effect of Rahu will change from 7th March as it will get placed in your fifth house, hereby intensifying your desire to move forward and sharpening your intellect. On the opposite side, you may become lethargic in your work. Moon is transiting in your twelfth, first, second and third house this week, whereas Mercury will debilitate in Pisces and make a transit. As a result, along with high expenses, there will be an increase in your income by midweek, which will help you fight financial challenges. According to the transitory changes and position of planets, you may have to face problems from your children. Due to your hard efforts, you can achieve success. If you are in sales or marketing, then this week is going to be mega successful for you. Your health will become better, and you will get rid of any chronic disease. If you are planning for long-term investment, you can get excellent benefits. In front of you, many opportunities to earn money will come, and you’ll make good use out of it with your understanding. Situations will be satisfactory within the family, and you’ll enjoy a pleasant time, which will also give you peace of mind. If you are a student, then the placement of Moon tells that you have to avoid taking any shortcut in studies as Rahu will influence you to go the other way round. Avoid doing such things, as it can put you in trouble. So work hard and earn good marks. There will also be a good spike in your earnings, and during this time, you will go on some trips which will prove to be beneficial. During this week, you will be ready to face any challenge with confidence. During this time, opportunities to go abroad for higher education can come across.

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