Christmas 2021 - X-Mas 2021

With the start of December month everyone is galvanized and exhilarated with the thought of Christmas and New Year jollifications. People are filled with the thrill and excitement of Christmas and the celebrations do not even come to an end, henceforth arrives the New Year.

Counting every minute day by day, we are here to welcome 25th December the Christmas Day, 2021. Lot of decorations, merry, fun, and much more arrangements are done by people to enjoy this day. It is a very special Day for Christian community and is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm.

Significance of Christmas

Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ; the day when sanctitude of Christ ended the ignorance, pride, lust, and hatred from the land. His presence worked as a modification in thoughts and living of people. He filled the heart and mind of people with purity, devotion, and morality. He worked for the upliftment of human race with pure heart filled with pure feelings.

Rituals on Christmas

Christmas starts by decorating the homes with lights, frills, flowers, and candles. Gifts are exchanged and people sing Christmas carols. Christmas tree, the Tree of Life, is accessorized with lots of laces, stars, frills and many more decorations to make it a symbol of Christmas celebration. Ringing Christmas bells is also a tradition to keep away the evil spirits who are roaming around and to bring goodness and jubilation. Christmas greetings cards are exchange as a token of wishing goodness to family and friends.

Santa Claus

Christmas celebration is not complete without the presence of Santa Claus. It is said that Santa is a white haired, white bearded, smiling face gift bearer who comes riding Reindeers and Sleigh. Everyone waits for him on Christmas, especially children. They write their wishes in letters and waits for Santa to fulfill them. Santa Claus is considered as a messenger who spreads happiness and goodwill.

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You will not come out from the merriment of Christmas that New Year 2021 is ready to knock your door. This will double up your happiness and fill your life with excitement.