Karnvedh Sanskar 2017 - Ear Piercing Muhurat 2017

Karnavedha Sanskar is another very important Sanskar from the 16 major Sanskars that are considered to be very essential in Hindu Community. As per Hindu tradition, Karna vedha Sanskar ceremony is done by piercing the ear of the child. This ceremony is mainly done at the age of 1 or 3 year. The Karnavedha ceremony is considered to be beneficial for child's health as ear's lobe is an acupuncture point with several therapeutic factors in it. Karnavedha Sanskar Muhurat 2017 means the auspicious dates, days and Nakshatras during the year when this ritual can be performed.

Measures in Karnavedha Sanskar Ceremony

The Karnavedha Sanskar ceremony have certain steps to be followed:

  • The earrings of the child should be nickel free.
  • Proper care should be taken in sealing the earrings, so that they become safe for the child.
  • It would be beneficial for the child if a small Neem twig is inserted into the pierced hole. It will speed up the healing process.
Date Tithi Day Nakshatra
06 Jan Ashtami Fri In Revati Nakshatra
09 Jan Dwadashi Mon In Rohini Nakshatra
18 Jan Shashthi Wed In Hastha Nakshatra before 12:49
19 Jan Saptami Thu In Chitra Nakshatra
20 Jan Ashtami Fri In Swati Nakshatra before 12:35
23 Jan Ekadashi Mon In Anuradha Nakshatra
30 Jan Tritiya Mon In Shatabhisha Nakshatra before 11:31
01 Feb Panchami Wed In Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra
02 Feb Shashthi Thu In Revati Nakshatra
03 Feb Saptami Fri In Ashwini Nakshatra
06 Feb Dashmi Mon In Rohini Nakshatra before 14:53
08 Feb Dwadashi Wed In Ardra Nakshatra/ Punarvasu Nakshatra after 12:14
09 Feb Trayodashi Thu In Punarvasu Nakshatra before 09:22
13 Feb Tritiya Mon In Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra between 08:59 to 16:45
16 Feb Panchami Thu In Chitra Nakshatra after 07:24
17 Feb Shashthi Fri In Swati Nakshatra before 09:26
24 Feb Trayodashi Fri In Uttarashada Nakshatra/ Shravana Nakshatra
27 Feb Pratipada Mon In Shatabhisha Nakshatra before 05:50
01 Mar Trititya Wed In Revati Nakshatra
02 Mar Chaturthi Thu In Ashwini Nakshatra after 13:04
08 Mar Ekadashi Wed In Punarvasu Nakshatra before 11:32
09 Mar Dwadashi Thu In Pushya Nakshatra before 08:59
13 Mar Pratipada Mon In Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra
15 Mar Tritiya Wed In Chitra Nakshatra before 10:30
23 Mar Dashmi Thu In Uttarashada Nakshatra after 13:28
24 Mar Ekadashi Fri In Shravana Nakshatra
29 Mar Dwitiya Wed In Revati Nakshatra
21 Apr Dashmi Fri In Dhanishta Nakshatra before 17:01
24 Apr Trayodashi Mon In Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra before 07:22
01 May Shashthi Mon In Punarvasu Nakshatra
08 May Trayodashi Mon In Hastha Nakshatra
12 May Pratipada Fri In Anuradha Nakshatra, Dwitiya
17 May Shashti Wed In Uttarashada Nakshatra/ Shravana Nakshatra before 16:32
18 May Saptami Thu In Shravana Nakshatra/ Dhanishtha Nakshatra
22 May Ekadashi Mon In Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra/ Revati Nakshatra
29 May Chaturthi Mon In Punarvasu Nakshatra/ Pushya Nakshatra after 11:07
05 Jun Ekadashi Mon In Chitra Nakshatra after 09:43
12 Jun Tritiya Mon In Uttarashada Nakshatra before 12:19
19 Jun Dashmi Mon In Revati Nakshatra before 14:20
26 Jun Tritiya Mon In Pushya Nakshatra
30 Jun Saptami Fri In Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra after 05:53
03 July Dashmi Mon In Swati Nakshatra