Ketu Transit 2017 (Ketu Gochar in 2017)

Ketu, also known as the Dragon’s tail, is considered to be as a planet of ambiguity and doesn’t have its head. Ketu is a peaceful planet and position itself on the axis of Rahu. Ketu develops a thinking of isolation in one’s mind which pushes a person away from materialistic things. A person involves himself more into spirituality. When these planets dominates one’s zodiac sign, they directly puts impact on one’s thinking and emotions.


Ketu is posited in your Eleventh house which accounts for income and triumph. Ketu Transit will be responsible for an increased intellect and lots of wealth. You will become more active in society and amplify your humorous nature. Ketu will change its position to your Tenth house which is considered as a house of profession. Ketu Transit 2017 will make you wittier, but your cards are not showing good signs for your job. Your hard work will be your weapon to fight against all odds in your profession. Your domestic life will also face problems during this transit.


Ketu is transiting your Tenth house, the house of profession. Ketu will affect your determination of work and act as a hurdle for it. You will be distracted towards philosophy, scriptures and spirituality. It will also be responsible for misunderstandings in domestic life. Ketu will position itself in Ninth house, after September, which will affect your religion and foreign travel. You will find yourself helpless in taking correct actions and have an adverse effect on decisive power. You will show respect to the perspective of your elders. Your cards are showing the possibility of going on a pilgrimage. It is advised to take every decision after giving a careful thought.


Ketu is right now located in your Ninth house. Ketu Transit will heighten up your religious perspective and you might plan for a religious trip. Your father and siblings might go through some health problems. Ketu will move to your Eighth house, by September, the house of mystery and deep sciences. Ketu Transit 2017 will bring rise in your finances and fame through spirituality and occultism. You have to remain alert from getting involved into illegal matters. Keep a watch on your health as piles may trouble you. Your cards are showing some injury, so please be careful.


Ketu is casting your Eighth house which is considered as the house of mysteries. During this transit you will be attracted towards astrology and occultism. It is the right time for research scholars to go for new research and inventions. Past September, Ketu will move to your Seventh house which is responsible for business partnership and spouse. There may be disputes between you and your spouse and this transit will affect your spouse health. Your business partner might also come under the ill effects of Ketu Transit 2017. It is the time for you to handle the problems with wiseness and patience.


Ketu is posited in your Seventh house which is responsible for business partnership and spouse. Ketu Transit will create misunderstandings and will destroy the rapport with your life partner and business partner. The situation might go out of your control. Your married life will suffer a lot due to all this and your spouse might develop some health issues. After September, Ketu will move to your Sixth house, responsible for opponents and servants. Those who are preparing for some competitive exams will get favorable results. Your negligence towards your health might lend you into big trouble. Past this transit, your position will become very strong over your rivals.


Ketu is present in your Sixth house which accounts for servants and rivals. This period will help you to win over any of the legal matters. Those who are moving forward with full determination and planning in their studies, will definitely do well in competitive exams. Your cards are showing victory in every argument you have with anyone. Some genital disease might attack you during Ketu Transit. In September, Ketu will change its position to Fifth house which is accountable for education and children. You will develop interest towards scriptures, foreign languages and mystical sciences. This transit might become the reason for misunderstandings with your beloved. Your children’s health might be at stake, so be alert.


Ketu is present in your Fifth house which is accountable for education and children. You have to be very careful about your love relation as it might be at stake due to Ketu Transit. You will be inclined towards occultism, spirituality and mystical sciences. You have to take care of your children’s health too. Ketu will change its position to your Fourth house which is responsible for mother, comfort and health. Your cards are showing relocation possibilities. Your domestic life might go through some problems. After this transit, there will be serenity and peace in your life which will bring happiness and prosperity.


The position of Ketu is presently in your Fourth house, the house of mother, comfort and wealth. Your domestic life might go through some ups and downs. Ketu Transit Horoscope 2017 is showing some complications regarding your mother’s health. Some misunderstanding might come between you and her. Issues might also arise with other family members. To avoid this situation try to be keep yourself busy at workplace. Ketu will make a move to your Third house in September which is responsible for heroism and siblings. After September, there will be a flow of energy in your life which will make you physically and mentally, very strong. You will spend time in adventurous sports. Financial condition will become better. Ketu Transit will provide you valour and self-confidence. Your artistic and humorous nature will make you popular in your social circle.


Ketu is present in your Third house, the house of valor and siblings. You will put full efforts to attain the goals of your life. There will be an improvement in communication skills, potential and stamina. Natives related to marketing field will also get wonderful success. You will be involved more into religious activities. Siblings younger than you might suffer from some health issue. Ketu will reach your second house by September which is accountable for family, wealth and communication. You should be careful enough while conversing with others as your wrong words might create problem for you. You will spend money lavishly on different things during the Ketu Transit. To remain healthy, you to have keep an eye on your eating habits.


Ketu is posited in your Second house which is responsible for family, luxury and conversation. To keep yourself in fit condition you have to stick to your diet plan, exercise regime and proper workouts. You will spend time outside your house in search of tranquility. Your cards are showing loneliness in your life as you stay away from your family. Ketu will change its position to first house, responsible for persona and intelligence. Your attitude will change which will surely create doubt in people’s mind. Your behavior towards others will become discreet which will directly affect your sexual life.


Ketu is transiting your ascendant which will affect your health in many ways. You will physically feel low due to diseases like fever, headache, piles etc. These diseases will influence you mentally also. You will behave in a restrained manner during this transit. Ketu will move to your Twelfth house by September, the house responsible for friends and relaxation. You will spend money on spirituality and moral causes. You have to be watchful about your health in Ketu Transit 2017. You will go through uneven sleep format and life with less relaxation time in this transit.


Ketu is posited in your Twelfth house which is responsible for friends, bed comforts and abroad habitation. The effect of Ketu in this house will bring problems in marital life, health and love life. Ketu transit will make you inclined towards spirituality and religion. Your cards are showing travelling to abroad places. Expenditures will be there on mysterious pursuits. During Ketu Transit 2017, you must practice yoga and meditation to keep yourself mentally stable. Ketu will make a move to your Eleventh house which is accountable for profits, income and predictions. Your financial status will go to new heights through some unknown sources. You will spend quality time with your friends. Expansion will be there in your social circle. A huge magnification will be there in your intelligence and people will be attracted towards you due to your humorous and witty nature.