Chaul Mundan Muhurat 2017 - Chaul Mundan Sanskar 2017

Mundan Sanskar is an important Hindu ritual that is necessary for every child born in the Hindu community. Mundan Sanskar ceremony includes the shaving of child's head for the first time. It has various alternative names also like- Chaul Mundan Sanskar or Chaul Karm Sanskar. This Sanskar is performed when the child becomes 11 months old. This ritual is necessary as the hair from birth is considered to be the carrier of negativities from the previous life. Mundan Sanskaar Muhurat 2017 is the auspicious dates during the year when this ceremony can be performed.

Mundan Ceremony Procedure

The Mundan Ceremony procedure includes the things given below:

  • Preparations are done for the Puja and Havan.
  • Child's mother let him sit in a way facing towards west direction.
  • Child's father or the priest called to perform puja, initially shaves the head of the child.
  • After the complete shaving of the head, it is washed with Gangajal.
  • After the ceremony, the child's hair is drained away at some sacred place.

Mundan Ceremony is very beneficial for the child's health, prosperity and good luck, as the child gets blessed in the best way with the fulfilment of this ritual.

Date Tithi Day Comments
18 Jan Shashthi Wed In Hastha Nakshatra
19 Jan Saptami Thu In Chitra Nakshatra
23 Jan Ekadashi Mon In Jyeshtha Nakshatra
30 Jan Tritiya Mon In Shatabhisha Nakshatra
03 Feb Saptami Fri In Ashwini Nakshatra
06 Feb Dashmi Mon In Rohini Nakshatra
08 Feb Dwadashi Wed In Punarvasu Nakshatra
09 Feb Trayodashi Thu In Punarvasu Nakshatra
15 Feb Panchami Wed In Hastha Nakshatra
17 Feb Shashthi Fri In Swati Nakshatra
24 Feb Trayodashi Fri In Shravana Nakshatra
01 Mar Tritiya Wed In Revati Nakshatra
02 Mar Chaturthi Thu In Ashwini Nakshatra
08 Mar Ekadashi Wed In Punarvasu Nakshatra before 11:32
21 Apr Dashmi Fri In Dhanishtha Nakshatra before 17:01
22 Apr Ekadashi Sat In Shatabhisha Nakshatra (for vashya)
30 Apr Panchami Sun In Mrigashira Nakshatra (for brahmins)
02 May Saptami Tue In Pushya Nakshatra (for kshatriya)
08 May Trayodashi Mon In Hastha Nakshatra/ Chitra Nakshatra
13 May Dwitiya Sat In Jyeshtha Nakshatra (for vaishya)
16 May Panchami Tue In Uttarashada Nakshatra (for kshatriya)
18 May Saptami Thu In Shravana Nakshatra/ Dhanishtha Nakshatra
23 May Dwadashi Tue In Ashwini Nakshatra (for kshatriya)
27 May Dwitiya Sat In Mrigashira Nakshatra (for Vaishya)
29 May Chaturthi Mon In Punarvasu Nakshatra/ Pushya Nakshatra after 11:07
30 May Panchami Tue In Pushya Nakshatra (for kshatriya)
03 Jun Navami Sat In Hastha Nakshatra after 06:52 (for vaishya)
06 Jun Dwadashi Tue In Swati Nakshatra after 11:43 (for kshatriya)
20 Jun Ekadashi Tue In Ashwini Nakshatra (for kshatriya)
25 Jun Dwitiya Sun In Punarvasu Nakshatra (for brahmins)
26 Jun Tritiya Mon In Pushya Nakshatra
03 July Dashami Mon In Swati Nakshatra