Rahu Transit 2017 (Rahu Gochar in 2017)

Rahu is considered to be the planet of unpredictability, filling our lives with unexpected happenings. It is currently moving through the sign Leo, coming back to Cancer by Friday i.e. 18th August 2017. Rahu moves are religiously very important and it transit in every 18 months. Let us have a look what Rahu Transit 2017 is bringing for all the zodiac signs.


Movement of Rahu is seen in your Fifth house. This transit will enhance your creativity and new ideas will come to your mind. Students might get diverted from studies. There is a strong possibility of you becoming egoistic in behavior. This period will also affect kids and make them somewhat naughty and a little unmanageable. Rahu will move to Fourth house by 9th September and bring wonderful time as many of the issues bothering you will get resolved soon. Chances of relocating are also bright. You will also get success at your workfront and will implement new and fresh ideas. Mental stress might be possible due to overload of work. Family life is also seen a little interrupted due to the Rahu Transit 2017.


Movement of Rahu is seen in your Fourth house. Rahu Transit will affect your decisive power adversely. You will love to work more and keep yourself busy. You will work hard to achieve goals of your life. Travelling is possible due to any reason. As Rahu will cast Cancer, it will bring good luck to you. Spirituality might attract you and you will move towards it. Some problems might arise in domestic life. After September, a feel of positivity will charge you up. You will excel in every field of life.


Rahu will stay posited in your third house till September. Rahu Transit period will boost up your energy levels and will power. There are chances of short journeys seen on your cards. Your mental strength will help you to win the challenges coming to your life. Rahu Transit 2017 will bulge your income sources. After September, you might have to stay away from home due to work reasons. This transit is not showing any good signs for your siblings and also some health problems related to your dear ones might bother you.


Rahu is present in your Second house. This is will bring an expansion in your finances. As Rahu will move to your ascendant your thinking level will improve. Movement of Rahu in Cancer will help in perking up your intellect and decisive power. You will feel more energetic. Some family problems might arise which will make you feel low. To improve the adverse situations within the family a lot of efforts have to be put by you and with great patience.


Rahu is posited at such a situation in your ascendant that this year it will surely affect your personal life by bringing some ups and down. As per Rahu Horoscope Transit 2017 there will be some bitterness in your relations with friends, so better keep a watch on them. It will be hard for you to distinguish between your friends and enemies. Long distance journeys are also possible, this year. Some planetary conditions might affect your health as well as status. Expenses might increase and marital life will remain disturbed. Your cards are showing good signs after September.


Movement of Rahu is seen in your Twelfth house due to which your health might come at stake. Long distance journeys are possible due to work reasons or others. Your rivals will try to let you down in society. Some legal issues might also arise to bother you. Past September, Rahu will move to Eleventh house, bringing an upgrade in your professional, financial and personal life. You have to do efforts to make your thoughts reach your seniors in the correct manner. You might find some love partner during this transit.


Rahu will transit your Eleventh house due to which your financial life will flourish. New sources of income will enter your life along with wonderful career opportunities with remarkable growth. Some adventurous trip with your dear ones is also possible. Love life will also go through fabulous time. Some problems might arise at your workplace, but handling them with carefulness will help you a lot. Some change is expected in your workplace after September. You will go through a lot of work pressure during this transit, so divide your work and handle it smartly. Rahu Transit 2017 is not expected to bring anything good for your children.


Rahu is casting your Tenth house which is responsible for your karma and profession. It is advised to make proper career plans to work upon, as they will affect your future directly. You have to put great efforts to maintain a good balance between your professional and personal life. Travelling to distant places is possible. As Rahu will move to Cancer you will incline towards spirituality. Rahu Transit 2017 will affect your thinking and put an adverse effect on it. Keep a watch on your actions before it is too late.


Rahu is casting your Ninth house which accounts for good luck and popularity. According to Rahu Horoscope Transit 2017, your relation with your father might face some problems and he may also have some health issues. Your cards are showing that past September your interests will increase in occultism and spirituality. It will be better for you to stay away from offensive practices. This transit might lend you into some health issue or chances of facing an accident are also there.


The Eighth house which is responsible for mysteries is being casted by Rahu, this year. Rahu Transit will bring some fabulous and out of expectation gains in your life. Your inclination towards secret activities and hidden income generation will increase, noticeably. Natives involved in studies, research and invention will get unexpected and wonderful results. Career growth is seen on your cards due to this transit. As Rahu is transiting Cancer, it will affect your marital life, bringing it out of the track. Fights on petty issues with your spouse will trouble you. Staying calm and handling the situation with wiseness will be better. Your father might have some health issues.


Rahu is posited in your Seventh house which accounts for spouse and partnership. Due to this transit, your marital life will face problems and misunderstandings will arise in your relation. Those who are in partnership will also go through ups and downs. Petty issues might get bigger during this period. As Rahu will change its position to Sixth house, your career will reach to greater heights. Your enemies will be defeated. Natives preparing for competitive exams will get favorable outcomes due to Rahu Transit 2017. Legal matters, if any, will be settled soon in your favour. Keep a watch on your health as you might catch diseases easily during this period.


As Rahu is casting your Sixth house, this will make you courageous enough to handle all the challenges and hurdles with patience and firmness. You will always remain at a better position as compared to your enemies and win all the disputes over them. By September, your cards are showing the movement of Rahu in your Fifth house, bringing a hike in your income. Fields of IT and politics will fascinate you, during this period. It will be good to give a second thought to your ideas before implementing them.