Saturn Transit in 2016

Saturn transit in 2016 effects on your zodiac sign

Whenever the name of planet Saturn comes in the mind of any person, a fear surrounds the person immediately. This year, this planet Saturn will transit into Scorpio sun sign. Its effects will be seen in every zodiac sign by changing the lives of natives under these sun signs. Let’s have a deeper look into the horoscope of the twelve zodiac sign to know their fate according to the Saturn Transit 2016.

In 2016, zodiac sign Scorpio will be transited by the planet Saturn, which is known for its fairness and punishment. Saturn will stay in the Jyeshtha constellation i.e. Mercury which is the lord of third and sixth house. For all the zodiac sign natives it is suggested to give respect and honour to elders whether it be relatives or neighbors. Rather than depending on others it will be better to be self dependent, in 2016. Avoid taking loans from anyone. Their will be disputes around the nation which will adversely affect the rapport among citizens. People who are in the profession related to speech or communication have to keep a strict control on their words to get benefits.


In 2016, planet Saturn will stay in eighth house from the Aries sun sign which clearly depicts that Arians will remain under the effect of Shani Dhaiya. These planetary conditions shows that a very special care is needed for health and from enemies. Some difficulties will come in professional life but your efforts and dedication will bring success and promotion. Think carefully before investing money in any task and be alert for your finances. Family life needs attention and care. Be polite while talking to others. This year, you will not get good response from your love life as well as from children.

Remedies to follow:

  • Feed ants with flour
  • Give black clothes along with shoes to the poor


In 2016, Saturn will be posited in seventh house of Taureans. Your health will be affected due to this. If you are suffering from any health problem than be very careful towards it. Yoga and Ayurveda will be helpful in maintaining a proper health. Bring flexibility in your nature as it will be beneficial for your married life and will develop a good rapport with your spouse. Someone in your family may suffer from any health issue. For businessmen, it is a good to time to expand their work. People into jobs will have good understanding with their colleagues and seniors. Travelling to abroad is possible which will be beneficial for Taureans.

Remedies to follow

  • Offer food to black cow
  • To bring luck, wear ring of black horse’s horseshoe


In 2016, Gemini sun sign will be transited in sixth house by the planet Saturn. Mercury, being the lord of your sign will be resided by Saturn. Both these conditions will be very beneficial for Geminis. You will be lucky enough to defeat your enemies, making dirty plans against you. Throughout the year you will remain fit and fine. Possibilities are arising of getting unexpected wealth from some source. Better opportunities are waiting to enter into your life. Travelling to abroad might be possible which will bring huge profits.

Remedies to follow

  • Offer food to black dog
  • Offer seven types of grains and pulses to birds


Fifth house of Cancerians will be transited by Saturn which will be fruitful for them. You will reap benefits through your friends and workmates. Your creative thoughts will help you to make huge profits. Putting technicality into your tasks will be an add-on into your profits. Professionally, you will be enjoying new opportunities, but care should be taken while going for partnerships. Proper attention should be given towards love life and studies, as well. Maintain a good rapport with your siblings. Be flexible in your nature. Handle your financial matters very carefully.

Remedies to follow

  • Under Peepal tree, lit the mustard oil diya
  • Offering almonds in temple will be beneficial


Saturn will reside in the fourth house of Leo natives and Shani Dhaiya will also have its effect on your sign. Due to these planetary conditions, lots of efforts are required to get results according to the expectations. Mercury, being the lord of your second and eleventh house will be resided by Saturn which will generate favourable results in return of your hard work. It is the right time to fulfill your plans of buying a new house or property. Paying a proper attention towards your professional life is very much necessary. Good possibilities are depicted for the people who are into job. Your family life and health needs proper care.

Remedies to follow

  • Offer milk and rice to black cow
  • To bring good luck, offer sindoor to Lord Hanuman every Saturday


In 2016, Saturn will transit the third house of Virgos. Mercury is the lord of this sun sign and Saturn will reside in this constellation. These planetary conditions will generate favourable results in your tasks. Success will knock your door throughout the year and fill you up with self confidence. You will find yourself in a better financial condition. Professional life will also move smoothly. Businessmen will reap good benefits. Family life will also remain tension free. Lovers may go through some ups and downs in their relation, whereas married couples will enjoy their life. Travelling unintentionally might trouble you, so it is better to avoid it.

Remedies to follow

  • Taking veg diet and avoiding alcohol will be beneficial
  • Feed monkeys and black dogs with ladoos, on Saturday


Librans will have the transition of Saturn in their second house which clearly shows that you will be under the effect of Sade Sati. Alertness is required in each and every matter of your life. Travelling as well as matters related to abroad will be very beneficial. Financial issues need proper attention. Funds will increase due to some unknown source, but acting without thinking might create problems. Path of success is not easy, but your dedication will bring benefits, for sure. Maintain harmony in your family and be polite in your speech. It is not the right time to move to some new place or investing in some new ventures.

Remedies to follow

  • Offer services to patients of Leprosy
  • To bring good luck, take a black cloth and wrap 1.25 coal and one iron nail in it. Float all the material in running water after rotating around your head.


Scorpions will have their first house transited by Saturn due to which you will remain under the effect of Sade Sati. The lord of your eleventh and eighth house is Mercury which will be resided by Saturn. This brings you in a condition where you will not get results upto your expectations. Every task will demand more time than expected. Your enemies are waiting to lend you into problems. Success will surely come at your doorstep, but after overcoming lots of hurdles. In professional life, it will be better to maintain a good rapport with your seniors. Better go for savings rather than wasting money uselessly. Handle the money related matters very carefully. Give importance to the feelings of your life partner, so as to lead a happy life.

Remedies to follow

  • Offer jaggery to monkeys
  • Follow a veg diet and avoid alcohol


Saturn will transit the twelfth house of Sagittarians which clearly implies that your sign will remain under the effect of Sade Sati. Mercury is the lord of your tenth and seventh house and will be resided by planet Saturn. Your daily routine will be affected due to these planetary conditions. This doesn’t means that nothing good will happen. You will surely get success in your tasks and get good outcomes. Your health needs attention, so it is better to visit your doctor regularly. Some already existing health problem might create issues. Your opponents are waiting for a chance to trap you. Take care of your funds. Be polite to others.

Remedies to follow

  • On Saturday, recite Hanuman Chalisa and offer sindoor to Lord Hanuman
  • To bring good luck, take eleven coconuts with husk and float in running water, on every Saturday


In 2016, Capricorn natives will have the Saturn transition in their eleventh house. Constellation Mercury will be resided by Saturn, which is the lord of your ninth and sixth house. Some problems will disturb you, but your luck will help to overcome them. This year, you will remain fit and fine, but this doesn’t mean to take any careless actions. You will have full support of your nears and dears, but don’t feel over confident due to it. Financial life will have jerks that will surely trouble you. You will enjoy every minute of family life. This enjoyment will affect every aspect of your life, positively.

Remedies to follow

  • To reap benefits, donate mustard oil
  • Give importance to moral values and avoid alcohol


In 2016, Saturn will transit the tenth house of Aquarians. Saturn will reside in constellation Mercury, lord of your fifth and eighth house. Your expertise and intellect will bring a huge success in your life. Do not take any step without proper planning. There will be an increase in your funds. Saturn will favour you in each and every task. Businessmen will enjoy profits and make good money. Aqaurians doing job might get promotion, this year. You will spend a quality time with your friends and will celebrate your success with them.

Remedies to follow

  • As per your convenience try to serve the blind people
  • Offer food to black dogs on Saturday


Pisceans will have Saturn in their ninth house. Saturn is posited in constellation Mercury, lord of your fourth and seventh house. Your married and family life will bring happiness in your life. It is the time to think for the expansion of your business. Chances of profits are there from some far away source. Be very sure to fulfill every task, in your hand, properly. You will lead a healthy life, this year. Friends and family will become the reason of happiness in your life.

Remedies to follow

  • Floating rice in running water will be beneficial
  • Offer ghee roti to black cow

What Saturn transit 2016 have for you in store, is revealed here. To avoid problems and difficulties it is better to think seriously about your future plans. Following the given remedies will help you a lot to overcome difficulties.