Chinese Horoscope 2016 - Year Of The Monkey

Chinese astrological predictions have always been an interesting topic for the people around the globe. We are providing you Chinese Horoscope 2016 to let you know about your future for this Monkey year, to get maximum benefit out of it.

2016 is ruled by Monkey, from among all the zodiac signs available. This Metal Monkey Chinese New Year will start from February 8, 2016 and will end on January 27, 2017. The element for this year is Yang Fire. Metal Monkey is adversely affected by the year of fire which makes this year a bit unfavourable for the zodiac signs.

Here, we are providing you the Chinese Astrology solutions for your zodiac sign to answer your queries. So let's start...

Rat Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Rat Zodiac Sign

This time period is very favourable to complete your incomplete assignments. Relationships lost with time will be restored and moving to the end of this year, professional relationships will also increase. Making efforts in love life will reap sweet fruits for you with a better outlook. There may be some arguments with your beloved that may trouble you. Rest all seems to be ok with some extra hard work on your part. In your finances, everything will go fine. It is a good time to come out of your early debts, if any. There may be some health problems that will lower down your energy level. To avoid weight problems, efforts are required. Exercise and workout will help you a lot to throw away your stress. Harmonious atmosphere will be enjoyed by you and your family. Be careful about the unwanted problems that may arise anyitme. Handling them properly will save you from big troubles. For the whole year, you will enjoy a well founded position. It is the time to take action and implement your plans.

Ox/ Cow Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Ox Zodiac Sign

This year is all yours Oxen, so get the best out of it. You will find yourself capable to handle the problems coming to your way and finishing them off. Marital life may have some problems, but by the time conditions will improve. For the betterment, planning for a honeymoon is a good solution. You may also get the news of pregnancy. Love birds will enjoy their love life in full mood. In career, superiors will be a great helping hand to you. You will get huge success at your work front. Avoid going for shortcuts for earning money as you might get stuck in legal matters. For first half, you will enjoy your finances, for the rest you have to execute your plans to increase your funds. Months of November, December and January might lend you into troubles. Concentrate on savings rather than expenses. No health issues are there for you, this year. Some extra care is required from September to November months. Family life will also go very smooth.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Tiger Zodiac Sign

In 2016, you will notice a big difference in your personality which helps you to realize your strengths. You will find yourself in full energy to execute your plans, of the year 2015. Your stars will remain under the cast of Mercury and Venus influencing your overall behaviour. For married couples, harmony will prevail in the relationship and chances of being pregnant are also there. Challenges are there in your career, but your social contacts could open doors for new opportunities. Move with proper planning in terms of financial matters where you will surely get help from Planet Mercury. To lead a healthy life a proper schedule is required to keep yourself fit and fine. A proper diet and stress free atmosphere will help you a lot to remain healthy. You will go through a good time as far as family and friends are concerned. Love life might go through some tiffs. It is the right time to give a deep thought to your pans and then move further.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Rabbit Zodiac Sign

This year is going to be an emotional year for you. But to lead a better life you have to overcome these emotions and move forward with practicality in life. Special care is required by the married couples as their relation might go through hard times which will result in disharmony and fights with life partner. Situation will come under control, but after the mid of year. It is better to plan for pregnancy after this duration. Work according to your calibre and avoid taking such tasks which are out of your reach in terms of time. Set priorities and then move accordingly. Job doers will get an increase in their salary, but plan properly before spending the extra income. Avoid unwanted expenses and handle your financial matters carefully. Your emotions will affect you physically and mentally and have an adverse effect on your health as well as profession. Go for some relaxing mechanism to avoid stress. Improving your relations with your family members will be a good step, this year. You are witty enough to make money quickly, but be thoughtful before proceeding further.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Dragon Zodiac Sign

Your stars this year shows golden work opportunities with lots of wonderful events to go through. Be careful in your love life as problems might arise in the mid of the year. Your efforts will add a new charm to your love life. Travelling might be there due to job related matters. Your intellect and grasp over your forte will help you to get success at your work front. Businessmen will reap huge benefits in their fields and will move into partnerships and strong customer relationships. It is the time to think and plan about your finances. Investments made on long term basis will give huge profits. Doing expenditures is a part of living, but do not go over the limit. Health will remain fine until you keep on relaxing your mind and body as required. Save yourself from fatigue. This year of Monkey is not good for your familial relationships. In the nutshell, this year is quite good for you if you manage your emotions along with your health.

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Snake Zodiac Sign

Professionally, you will find yourself in a very strong position. Your influencing skills will help you to gain benefits in your field of work. Think carefully in love and romance matters as you are already quite intelligent in this field. Avoid falling for someone just because of the outer beauty as this may result in a broken relationship. You are very much expressive which will help you to satisfy your physical needs. Married couples will enjoy their life in full mood, but understanding is needed to keep your relation blossoming, always. Professionally, you will gain huge success which will lead to some rivalries with your colleagues just because of envy. Do not let your success run over your head and be polite to others. Go for savings rather than expenses. Financially, you will remain stable as far as you do not provide loans to anyone. Overall, your health life looks smooth resulting in an active and fit regime. Your health will support you if going for any sports activity. By the end some problems may arise regarding health, but proper care will bring you into fit condition. Family life may bother you a little as you need some space for yourself from them. With your children, you will spend a quality time. This year will pushes you in the right direction to achieve your set goals.

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Horse Zodiac Sign

This year of Monkey is going to be a great success at your work front. No doubt the extra calibre put by you will reap huge benefits. By giving value to your partner's thoughts you can maintain a good understanding level in your married relation. Singles will find their partners with the start of this year. For a good beginning, a slight change in your lifestyle will help you to make your emotional ground strong and go for new relations. Travelling will make you feel more fresh. New bondings and partnerships are waiting for businessmen with lots of golden opportunities. Some financial problems may arise in business during the first and third quarter, in this year. Loans will surely affect your business but proper analysis of all the resources will take you out from difficult situations. Service doers have to put all their efforts to excel at their work front. Health life seems to be good going. Emotionally, you will find yourself in a better condition. During the mid, some health issue might trouble you which needs immediate observation. Keep a strict check on your weight and go for some outdoor activities. Giving time to your family will improve your relations with them. This year need hard work to be done from your side, but avoid exertion.

Sheep/Goat/Ram Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Sheep Zodiac Sign

This year will bring a new charm into your relations whether it be family or marital. A quality time will be given from your side to your family and life partner too. Lots of good possibilities of success is seen in your profession, but in the last quarter of this year. You will get full support from your family to grab these chances. Involve yourself in only those things which are into your reach. Love life is no doubt is very blossoming, this year. During the mid, some old relations that might trouble you, but in the end everything will be on your side. For singles, it is advised to search their love in social get-togethers. In the beginning you will enjoy your funds, but by the mid, proper planning is required to handle financial issues. Save your money for any upcoming investment and bring yourself in a balanced state. Health is all seems to set for you, this year, with lots of activeness and energy in your actions. Going for water sports will be an add-on in your fitness regime. At home also, you will enjoy with your family and children. Before going for any execution of your plans, careful analysis is necessary.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Monkey Zodiac Sign

You will enjoy your life at fullest during the first half of this year. You will get every opportunity to grow and get success in each and every field of your life. For the later half, your sign depicts that overconfidence will go into your head leading you to the wrong path. Realise your calibre and take only those tasks which you can complete on time. For singles, it is the time to search for their true love and spend time with him/her. Engaged ones might plan for marriage by the mid of this year. Travelling abroad for work opportunities might be possible. For businessmen, mid of the year seems favourable to enter into a new venture. Income will increase in the later half with a big increase in your funds. To keep yourself in a balanced financial state proper assessment of your expenditures as well as investments is needed. A balanced diet is needed to keep yourself healthy. Spending time with family and friends will be good for you. Lots of possibilities with golden chances are waiting for you, this year. Keep a watch on your rough behaviour which might spoil your relations with others. Chances are there of getting some property through ancestors or something like that from somewhere.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Rooster Zodiac Sign

This year is really good for you to make plans to achieve goals of life. The initial half seems to be favourable for this task. Some disputes may arise with spouse which will inturn affect your goals in life. Some ups and down are possible in love life, but take it casually. Married couples will enjoy love and romance and singles will also have a cherishing year with their new relations. Planning for pregnancy is good. The initial half will be good for you to get involved in the activities of skills enhancements. There may be slowdown from career point of view. New possibilities in business is waiting for businessmen with lots of new partnerships and interactions. Third quarter of the year is very much favourable for them. You will have enough funds to enjoy throughout the year, but focussing on savings will provide more ease. In the mid of the year, some heavy expenses might be there. Your health life seems to be good during the first half of the year with full enthusiasm to enjoy life. However, moving towards the mid you may feel low in energy. Some outdoor activities and relaxation exercises will help you a lot to improve your health. Coming to family, you are capable enough to handle any ups and downs coming to your way. This year demands higher level of energy to be put into actions which will surely bring success to your life.

Dog Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Dog Zodiac Sign

This year is going to bring peace of mind for you. You will also give preference to your relaxation of mind rather than anything else. Possibilities are there that you may lose some opportunities due to all this. Love life seems to be in full bloom for singles as well as married ones. Singles will enjoy a good time with their beloved while married couples will also have their life full of love and romance. Good support and cooperation level will be there in your relation with your companions and seniors. Your creativity will no doubt will make you stand apart from others. This year, lots of expenditures are waiting for you to lend you into trouble. A strict check is needed to bring yourself in a stable financial condition. Avoid going for any luxurious things which bring disbalance in your funds. Relaxing your mind and body is necessary for good health, so maintain that state and go for regular health checkups. Involve yourself in creative activities to get relaxed in the best possible manner. Extra care is required for career and love life to maintain a proper balance. Do not hesitate to put efforts to achieve goals of your life.

Pig Chinese Horoscope 2016

Chinese horoscope 2016 for Pig Zodiac Sign

This year demands your attention towards yourself. Situations may come that someone needs your help, but do not burden yourself in helping others. Love life seems to be all set and cherishing, this year. Married couples will find themselves in full mood of love and romance. It is good time to plan for pregnancy. Singles might find their loved ones from some abroad place, but be careful before moving into this relation, as this might be just a fake love entered into your life. Careerwise, you will gain success, all over. Keeping a check on your attitude towards your colleagues and seniors, will help you a lot to grow. Spending lavishly on your luxuries and family might lend you into trouble, so it is better to plan before going for such things. Try to take such steps which lead you to more income in a long run. By the end of the year you may face some health problems, otherwise you will enjoy a wonderful health throughout the year. Balanced and healthy diet will keep you fit and fine. Going for renovation of your home is possible to change the atmosphere around you and family. Taking planned steps to get success in your life will help you a lot, this year.