New Year SMS and Messages for 2016

  • Beauty..
    This is beginning of a new year!
    My best wishes for you!
  • Lets Us Start The Year 2016 Full Of Positive Energy And Ready To Enjoy All That Life Brings In Our Path.
    Happy New Year
  • A New Dawn Has Come,
    The Sun Is About To Sprout In The East,
    What A Jubilation To All Of Us,
    Yeah Wish You A Cool New Year.
  • Expand Your Circles As You Welcome This New Year,
    Turn Your Friends Into Benefits And Let Your Friends Also Benefit From You.
    Be Ready To Share With Others And Learn As You Say Good Bye 2016 And Welcome 2016.
  • 2016 Might Have Been Torturous,
    But 2016 Is Different.
    Take The Challenges And Convert Them To Motivation.
    Do Not Let The Past Year's Challenges Affect Your New Year.
    Good Bye 2016, Have A Victorious 2016.
  • May the new year that follows be the best you have ever had.
    Have a blissful new year!
  • May you celebrate and enjoy the simple pleasures of life in the coming year.
    Happy New Year 2016!
  • Wishing you good health,
    happiness, and success in the coming year and always.
    Happy New Year!
  • May you have new hopes,
    aspirations, and resolutions for the coming year.
    Have a happy new year!
  • May this New Year be an adventurous journey for you to explore new avenues and reach heights of success.
  • May the New Year be as special as you are to me.
  • May each day of the New Year be as vibrant and beautiful as you are so that they touch your life as sweetly as you touch the hearts of those around you.
  • May each day of the New Year be full of fun, merriment, festivity, and happiness.
    Let no dark cloud mar your happy spirit.
  • This New Year,
    may you be blessed with hope for better tomorrow,
    love to fill up your heart,
    warmth in your hearth,
    and happy smiles of your family.
  • Let the New Year bring you welcoming embraces,
    pretty presents, and happy rejoicings.
  • This New Year may all your troubles vanish like magic.
    May you reach out to great glories and achieve all that you desire.
  • With all the Rose's Perfume & with all the lights in the world & with all the children Smiles..
    I Wish U that your all dreams comes True.. *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016*
  • New is d year, New are d hopes And d aspirations, New is d resolution, New are d spirits and Forever my warm wishes are 4 u.
    Hv a promising n fulfilling New Year
  • In 'The Universal Bank of God'...
    God stores his blessings & deposited 365 days full of love,
    faith & happiness for you...
    So, enjoy spending... Happy New Year
  • Oh my Dear, Forget ur Fear,
    Let all ur Dreams be Clear,
    Never put Tear, Please Hear,
    I want to tell one thing in ur Ear Wishing u a very "Happy NEW YEAR"!
  • Ten Great Tips For 2016
    1. Stay Out Of Trouble.
    2. Aim For Greater Heights.
    3. Stay Focused On Your Job.
    4. Exercise To Maintain Good Health.
    5. Practice Team Work.
    6. Rely On Your Trusted Partner To Watch Your Back. Take Your Time Trusting Others.
    7. Save For Rainy Days.
    8. Rest And Relax.
    9. Always Take Time To Smile.
    10. Realize That Nothing Is Impossible.
  • As The Year 2016 Draws To An End,
    I Want To Thank The Special People,
    Who Touched My Life With Their Concern & Made My Life More Meaningful,
    You Are One Of Them,
    THANK YOU For Your Contribution To My Life.
    May ALMIGHTY JESUS Continue To Give U GOD Blessing & Happiness In The Coming Year 2016! Ameen.
  • There have been many time in 2016 when I may disturbed you troubled u irritated u bugged u today I just wanna tell you I plan to continue it in 2016.
  • Little keys open big locks Simple words reflect great thoughts Your smile can cure heart blocks So keep on smiling it rocks.
    Happy New Year 2016
  • My Wishes in 2016 God gives You...
    12 Month of Happiness,
    52 Weeks of Fun,
    365 Days Success,
    8760 Hours Good Health,
    52600 Minutes Good Luck, 3153600 Seconds of Joy...and that's all!
  • All the Stars wish u a Very Happy New Year.
    And The Celebration Of Life."
  • My wishes for you,
    great start for Jan,
    Love for Feb,
    peace for March,
    No worries for April,
    fun for May, Joy for June to Nov,
    happiness for Dec.
    Have a lucky and wonderful 2016