Sagittarius Characteristics

Astrology for Sagittarius (November 23 - December 22)

Know all about of Sagittarius Characteristics

Rashi Character:Ye ,Yo, Yho ,Bha ,Bhi, Bhee ,Bhu, Bhoo ,Dha ,Pha, Fa ,Dhaa, Dhha ,Bhe, Bhay

Being the ninth sign of the Zodiac cycle, Sagittarius is represented by the symbol of Archer. They are adventurous, positive thinkers, intelligent, good entertainers and independent. Sagittarians are of independent nature and no one can bound them in any way. Freedom is their virtue and they can go for it to any extent. They are very honest and frank as whatever is in their heart is on their tongue. Sometimes their words pierce the heart of people but Sagittarians always takes the side of truth. They make very good friends because the basic funda of their life is positive thinking, hilarious nature and warm heartedness which brings people closer to them. Sagittarians are very good at business affairs and give best results when they are under pressure.

Sagittarians are very much prone to weariness which results in their unfinished work or projects. They are very impatient due to which they take decisions in a hurry and this brings them into difficult situations. They do not let others to know about their emotions and hides them in a very clean manner.