Scorpio Characteristics

Astrology for Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

Know all about of Scorpio Characteristics

Rashi Character:To, Tho ,Na, Nau ,Ni, Nee ,Nu, Noo ,Ne, Nay ,No, Nau ,Ya ,Yi, Yee ,Yu, Yoo

Being the eighth sign of the Zodiac cycle, Scorpio is represented by 'the Scorpion' sign. The traits of Scorpio sun sign are determination, charismatic character, watchfulness, sympathy, independence and loyalty. Scorpions are full of strong will power which helps them to be determined in achieving their aims. They are very instinctive and can easily read the mind of other people. They are very caring and protective about their loved ones. Scorpions are considered as a very good friend and always present for them whenever required. They have a very good sense of humour and that is why their company is enjoyed by the people around them. Scorpions loved to be at a status which brings power to them. They have a money making attitude in their life.

Scorpions are very pessimistic in nature and keep their thoughts to themselves. No one can easily understand what is going on in their mind as they always seems to be puzzled. They are very much possessive in nature. They always demand attention from others. The feeling of jealousy is strongly present in Scorpions.

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