Capricorn Characteristics

Astrology for Capricorn (December 23 - January 20)

Know all about of Capricorn Characteristics

Rashi Character:Bho, Bhau ,Ja ,Ji, Jee, Jhi ,Khi, Khee ,Khu, Khoo ,Khey, Khay ,Kho, Khau ,Ga ,Gi, Gee, Ghee

Being the tenth sign of the Zodiac cycle, Capricorn is represented by the symbol of Goat. The residents of this sun sign are accountable, stable, realistic, self motivated, loyal, and patient. Capricorns are very ambitious and work for their success all alone. They do not need anyone for their help in completing their tasks. Capricorns are very encouraging and caring for their friends. They are very careful in time management and does all the things in proper and sensible manner. They are very good at business affairs also. The residents of Capricorns are of patient nature and does not hurry for anything in their life.

Capricorns are very much money-minded people. They are also egocentric in nature. Capricorns have lack of imagination and somewhat dull and unimaginative. They can not easily express their feelings to anyone. This lead them into the situation where depressions heavily surrounds them. Capricorns are introverted and pessimistic in behaviour. They want everything to be done in their manner and this makes them stubborn and bossy for the people around them.